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멀티채널 환경에서 호텔 소비자의 채널선택에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.1-21

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The purpose of this study is to find out the effect of channel choice of hotel consumers in multi channel environment. This researchers set up hypotheses referring to theoretical backgrounds and conducted a questionnaire for customers who have looked for hotel information. The findings are as follows. The first, hotel consumers are multi channel consumers who search information using an average of 10 information sources. Second, there were significant differences in the information search channel choice according to the hotel reservation channel. This fact shows that majority of the hotel customers are multi channel consumers using various distribution channels but they preferred online channels at reservation stage. Third, depending on the consumer's shopping orientation, there were significant differences in information search and reservation channel choices. Consumers searching for information were divided into three clusters. This result shows that each cluster had a different shopping orientation. Multi channel search cluster were more likely to pursue convenience and pleasure seeking. The offline search cluster showed a tendency to pursue convenience and the online search cluster showed the highest result in the price pursuit tendency. And the choice of the reservation channel of the hotel consumers showed a significant difference only in the convenience pursuit tendency. These results suggest that it is useful to analyze the multi channel shopping based on consumer's shopping orientation. And hotel companies will be able to develop more effective marketing strategies on the basis of this empirical results.



축제 핵심프로그램의 감성편익과 상징편익이 축제애착도와 충성도에 미치는 영향 연구

김창수, 하정우

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.23-44

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For local festivals to keep growing themselves and gaining success, it needs to make visitors feel different emotions and provide special experiences with differentiated programs; however failing to do this make those festivals turned away from visitors, leading eventually to numerous integration or deletion of these festivals. Therefore, the research intends to figure out how the core emotional benefits and symbolic benefits of the festival program have an impact on the attachment and loyalties toward festivals and to suggest ways to make festivals more attractive to festival visitors. To achieve the goal of the study, the variables were examined theoretically and the empirical study was conducted on the family - run participants, the core program of the 2017 Si-heung Tidal channel Festival, based on the previous research. As a conclusion, firstly, the emotional and symbolic benefits of the festival core program were found to have a significant effect on the festival attachment. Second, the festival attachment have a significant effect on the loyalty. Third, he emotional and symbolic benefits of the festival core program have a significant effect on the loyalty. Through identifying and studying these influence relations, it is considered to be useful data for developing and operating the core programs that would play an important role in the success of local festivals.



NCS기반 바리스타 직무능력단위요소의 중요도와 만족도에 관한 연구 : 직무교육 이수기간을 중심으로

강경미, 유형숙

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.45-68

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This study analyzed the level of importance and performance of coffee consumers considering the importance of barista education and competency unit element required to work as a barista during barista training period based on NCS - now rapidly expanding as an industry and job market in Republic of Korea. For this study, a survey was performed of coffee consumers in Busan that experienced coffee training more than once. The survey was made from Oct. 1 - Nov. 5 2017, and 223 valid samples were collected for empirical analysis(IPA) purpose. The summary of this study is as follows: First, the estimation result of importance and performance by the competency unit of research participants was that both milk steaming for coffee and coffee grinder were highly recognized in importance and performance. It seems to be that the visible performance is noticed by the same items during the training of research participants. Second, as for competency unit element of the research participants, level of importance and performance was high in coffee grinder operation/cleaning and espresso extracting etc. This is not only the most essential competency element in practical course of barista but also a basic element in coffee menu preparation, so it shows that the level of importance and performance is high both in basic course and in expert course.



축제 참가자 참여동기, 매력성, 관여도, 만족도 연구 : 한ㆍ일 야간축제를 중심으로

류인평, 정총화, 손진동

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.69-97

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Although the development of local festivals has led to many scholarly studies on festivals but there are few studies on night festivals. The purpose of this study is to suggest the implications of improving the quality of Korean festival by participation on motivation, attractiveness and involvement of festival, focusing on Korea and Japan night festival. For the empirical analysis of the survey, the spatial range was limited to the venue where "Gamaek Festival" was held Jeonju in Korea and "Yosakoi Festival" was held Kochi in Japan. The time range was from Aug. 10 to 12, 2017, when the "Gamaek Festival" was held, and "Yosakoi Festival" was held from August 11 to 13, 2017. During this period, 105 copies were distributed for each festivals to visitors. The content scope is composed of 5 chapters. First, Participants in Korea and Japan will have different motives for participation. Second, the attractiveness of Korean and Japanese festival participants will be different. Third, the involvement of participants in Korea and Japan festival will be different. Fourth, the satisfaction level of participants in Korea and Japan festival will be different. The result of Analysis is First, motivation for participation was significant in significance and deviation. Second, only the convenience was significant in the analysis of attractiveness difference. Third, in the analysis of difference between involvement and satisfaction, all results were significant.



특급 호텔 종사원의 동호회 활동 만족이 심리적 안녕과 조직시민행동에 미치는 영향

권나영, 박수정, 신형철

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.99-122

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The purpose of this study is to analyze and verify the effect of satisfaction of club employee's activities on the psychological well-being and organizational citizenship behavior of the hotel restaurant workers. For this purpose, 300 questionnaires were distributed and collected in Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon, and finally 234 questionnaires were used for analysis. The results showed that relaxation satisfaction and satisfaction of education were significantly (+) on the psychological well-being of satisfaction group activities of the hotel restaurant workers. The satisfaction of relaxation satisfaction among the group activities of the hotel restaurant workers in the express hotel shows a positive (+) effect on altruism, which is a sub-factor of organizational citizenship behavior. Satisfaction, and relaxation satisfaction showed positive (+) influence on citizen's behavior. In addition, psychological well-being has a positive (+) effect on organizational citizenship behavior. In this study, theoretical and practical implications are suggested based on the results of this study.



네트노그라피를 통한 자원봉사관광(Voluntourism) 경험의 구성요인 분석

김예지, 김홍범

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.123-148

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The present exploratory study aims to deduct the components of Voluntourism experience using Netnography which utilize the SNS online community and to analyze the Voluntourism experience which would be differentiated from Mass tourism. A Naver cafe site named ‘Enjoy Work Camp’ was selected for exploratory data gathering and 60 online reviews from Jan. to Dec. 2013 were analyzed using Netnography, the on-line based ethnographical method. According to preceding research, the Voluntourism experience was categorized by physical experience and social․psychological experience and the experiences were examined by top components and sub components. Physical experience components were found to be consisted of Destination(5 sub-components), Activity contents(3 sub-components), People(3 sub-components). Next, social․psychological experience components appeared to be consisted of Activity-oriented(3 sub-components), Relationship-oriented(4 sub-components), Environment-oriented(3 sub-components), Education-oriented(2 sub-components), Psychology-oriented (8 sub-components). Based on the results, the characteristics of Voluntourism experience which differentiate from Mass tourism were delineated. First, there are Unique experience components which cannot experience in Mass tourism. Second, various types of interchange among people were shown. Third, it was seen as not single social․psychological experience, but complex experience. It proves that Social․psychological experience varies with physical experience components. This study is expected to be possibly utilized in policy making for activating Voluntourism and in travel business for suggesting the standard of Unique Selling Point of Voluntourism.



호텔레스토랑의 서비스회복공정성과 호텔이미지, 고객충성도 간 관계


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.149-168

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This study has researched the relationship between image formation and service recovery justice that customers of hotel restaurant recognize and verified how the hotel image contribute to customer loyalty by ensuring service recovery justice. According to these purpose, the survey aimed at 386 samples has conducted for one month from May 14th to June 14th in 2018 and the implications were deduced as follows. First, the service recovery justice customers of restaurant recognize proved to have stronger influence on cognitive image than emotional image in the formation of hotel image. Second, when it comes to the effects of the service recovery justice customers of restaurant on hotel image, it has a strong effect on interactional justice; especially, it significantly influence a cognitive image. Lastly, in the relationship between hotel image customers of hotel restaurant recognize and customer loyalty to a hotel, emotional image has stronger influence. This study has a significant implication in that it focused on the formation of hotel image by service recovery justice aimed at customers of hotel restaurant based on existing researches. However, this study has a limitation in that it limits the image to cognitive and emotional image and its generalization is not perfect because of defective sampling. The consideration on various hotel images is required in further studies. If a variety of performance variables are utilized in addition to customer loyalty, it would provide academic and practical implications for the service improvement of hotel restaurant.



농촌관광체험이 지역주민의 애착과 만족도에 미치는 영향 : 세종시를 중심으로

김성근, 배은주, 권순호

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.169-193

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The study desires to offer basic information about invigoration of the rural tourism experience and marketing strategy to promote satisfaction of not only local residents but also tourists by understanding measured variables including types of the rural tourism experience that rural tourism has at present, revealing a connection of the effect on community participation, community affection, and participation satisfaction, and stating how a image of tourist attraction is controlled by community participation community affection. This study applied theoretical concept and frame by collecting materials related to types of the rural tourism experience, community participation, community affection, participation satisfaction, and image of tourist attraction for documentary research. An actual investigation analyzed 326 valid samples except for 24 non-validated samples by interviewing local residents personally and distributing 350 questionnaires targeting local residents during about 30 days from August 31 2015 to September 31 2015. As a result, first, as a result of analyzing the effect of types of the rural tourism experience on community participation, experience, rest, and convenience of the rural tourism experience have an effect on community participation, so the effects on local residents are different by types of the experience activity. Second, as a result of analyzing the effect of community participation on an community affection, it was analyzed that community participation has an effect on an community affection, and the more local residents participate, the higher an attachment to community is. Third, as a result of analyzing the effect of an community affection on participation satisfaction, an community affection has an effect on participation satisfaction. The higher an attachment of local residents, the higher participation satisfaction of local residents.



테마파크에서 지각된 가치가 인적 서비스, 구전 및 재방문 의도에 미치는 영향


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.195-215

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of perceived value of theme park on human service, oral effect, and revisit. Factor analysis revealed five factors of perceived value, human service, word-of-mouth, and revisit intention. The following conclusions were drawn from the regression analysis. The perceived value of theme park was statistically influenced by human service, word-of-mouth, and revisit intention. Through the positive maintenance of the theme park through continuous maintenance, it affects human service and the customer decides the word-of-mouth and revisit intention. In addition, human services also have an effect on word-of-mouth and revisit intention. From the manager point of the theme park, providing high-quality human service through continuing education for employees can be seen as a way to enhance word-of-mouth effect and revisit intention. The result suggests that this study could be used to improve the word-of-mouth effect and revisit intention of the theme park.



서핑관광객의 진지한 여가 동기, 몰입, 행동의도 간 영향관계

최호수, 최재우

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.217-235

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This study aims to prove the relation among serious leisure motives, flow and behavioral intention of surf tourists. First, the serious leisure motives have been verified to have strong relationship with surf tourists’ emotional flow. Among four factors of the surf tourists’ serious leisure motives, three factors of serious leisure motives ,which are leisure career motive, personal effort motive, continuous benefit motive, are significantly influence on emotional flow. Second, the serious leisure motives have been verified to have strong relationship with surf tourists’ emotional flow. The four factors of serious leisure motives, which are expertise in lesure motive, leisure career motive, personal effort motive, continuous benefit motive, are significantly influence on cognative flow. Third, the surf tourists’ flow, which consists of emotional and cognitive flow, has a directly positive effect on the behavioral intention. The emotional and cognitive flow are significantly influence on the behavioral intention.



다크 투어리즘 대상지 평화의 소녀상에 대한 경제적 가치추정 : 2단계 가상가치평가법(CVM) 활용

김영선, 김현수, 김봉석

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.237-258

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The purpose of its study is to evaluate the construction value of Statue of Peace through dichotomous choice contingent valuation method. This study used two steps approach in order to reduce hypothetical bias: the first step for hypothetical setting and the second step for real setting. Also, this study is to find explanatory variables that influence the probability of willingness to pay for construction funds for Statue of Peace. For this goal, onsite(211 sample) surveys were conducted. The outcomes of the study show that the construction value of Statue of Peace is estimated at KRW 48,649 per individual and its amount of total value to be KRW 2,519 billion. It also reveals that hypothetical setting overestimates to the willingness to pay for the construction funds for Statue of Peace as compared to the real setting. Finally, the outcomes of logit model reveal that demographic information, bid, patriotism, support, and involvement are critical explanatory components in estimating the probability of willingness to pay for the construction funds for Statue of Peace



게스트하우스 서비스품질이 고객만족과 재방문에 미치는 영향 : 직원친절도 조절효과를 중심으로

김바다, 김정희, 심우섭

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.259-282

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Through the related research between the service of foreign tourists’ accommodations, hospitality of staff, satisfaction, revisit intention, this study analyzes the difference in the satisfaction of tourists on their accommodations service quality, and among those factors this study focuses on the result of how the hospitality of the staff affects the satisfaction of guests. The results of this study would foster middle-low price accommodations for foreign tourists in Korea such as hostels and city lodging and help guesthouse operators expand their understandings about the traits of tourists. The study would also provide practical suggestions and implications for the operators to manage their facilities rationally and strategically. For the actual research, the spatial range of the sampling was based on English speaking, Thai, Chinese and Japanese tourists who used city lodging located in Seoul Jung-gu and Jongno-gu. The survey was reconstructed by the researcher based on the preceding research and among 300 questionnaires, excluding the invalid questionnaires, 203 were used as valid data. First of all, the overall analysis content shows that the tourists who stayed at guesthouses considered the location of the place the most important motive of their choice followed by cleanness, economic feasibility, and facility conditions. Secondly, the location, cleanness, economic feasibility and facility conditions affected the satisfaction of the guesthouse. Third, the service quality selection property (location, cleanness, facility condition, economic feasibility) and satisfaction had a mediator effect with the hospitality of the staff. Therefore it can be said that among all the provided services, not only are the static features important but also the hospitality of the staff which can give emotional change after the visit, is also important for tourists in choosing a guesthouse. Fourth, the satisfaction had a meaningful effect on revisit intention. When the satisfaction of the tourists was higher the percentage of revisitation was also higher. The current Korean tourism business is only operated by focusing on the immediate profits without planning for a long-term systematic tourism market. However we should keep in mind that in order to gradually expand the tourism market to gain long-term profit, every facility, service and quality should be enhanced and making an overall plan will help Korean tourist business.



호텔종사원의 사회인지적 마음챙김이 주도적 의사결정에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

김지은, 김미경

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.283-307

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The antecedents of proactive decision making, systematic decision making with awareness of specific goal, need to be investigated to predict the level of creativity in the hotel industry. Based on the existing literature, it is assumed that proactive decision making skills are influenced by socio-cognitive mindfulness which means pursuing novelty through flexibility and cognitive skills. Focused on the hotel employees, this study aims to investigate whether socio-cognitive mindfulness influences employee proactive decision making skills. The number of 211 cases was used for final analysis out of 250 cases surveyed. The results were analyzed using structural equation modeling. The study results firstly indicate the hotel employees’ novelty seeking makes a significantly positive influence on proactive decision making skills. Secondly, novelty producing partially influences proactive decision making skills. Thirdly, the hotel employees’ engagement makes a significant impact on proactive decision making skills. As a result, the hotel employees’ socio-cognitive mindfulness is the identified as a significant antecedent to explain the level of decision making in the hotel industry. Finally, theoretical and practical implications have been discussed.



카지노 고객의 공격성이 소진에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구 : 자아탄력성의 조절효과를 중심으로

박슬아, 이수광

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.309-330

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The purpose of this study is to testify the effect of customer aggression on emotional burnout of casinos’ employees and the regulation effect of ego-resilience to overcome such effect. The results of empirical analysis are as follow: First, it was found that aggressive language and aggressive look among customer aggression have positive effect on emotional exhaustion, and hostile speech and aggressive behavior have positive effect on depersonalization. And, aggressive language showed positive effect on lack of self-fulfillment. Second, it was suggested that the effect of casino customer aggression on burnout (emotional exhaustion and depersonalization) is partly controlled by ego-resilience. However, the hypothesis that the effect of casino customer aggression on lack of self-fulfillment can be controlled by ego-resilience was rejected. As a result, customer aggression was found to worsen burnout of casino employees and ego-resilience partly control the relationship between customer aggression and burnout, but the result was different from the prediction of the hypothesis. Based on the result discovered through this study, we discussed the suggestions, significance, and limitations of the study.



오버투어리즘에 따른 정책적 대응과 지속가능한 관광산업 발전에 관한 탐색적 연구

손신욱, 박상훈, 이나현

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.331-354

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This study aims to investigate the overtourism between regional resident and tourist in the tourism attraction. In addition, we conducted an exploratory study based on the question of what factors should be considered to promote the overtourism and the sustainable tourism policy. For this purpose, the data explored the Touristification and Tourism-Phobia cases of Italy, Germany, and Japan and the evaluation index of WTTC overtourism. The results of the study are as follows. First of all, the viewpoints and countermeasures of overtourism in foreign institutions and countries have examined the policy areas and roles of overtourism in central and local governments in Korea and suggested the need to systematically and actively cope with and manage them. Second, it is necessary for respond to tourism legislation along with tourism policy for overtourism problem solving and sustainable tourism. Finally, administrative measures such as seeking ways to collect opinions of residents within the current tourism development planning system are needed.



메가 이벤트 자원봉사자의 참여동기와 자기효능감, 자아성취감, 만족 간의 영향 관계 : 2018 평창 동계올림픽을 중심으로

신남주, 김해리

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.355-378

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Volunteers have become particularly vital for the delivery of Mega Events, as most events now depend to some degree on volunteers for event planning and operations. The growing dependence of the event industry on volunteers is aptly illustrated by the significant growth of volunteerism at mega events such as the Olympic Games. The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship among the participation motives of PyeongChang Winter Olympics volunteers and self-efficacy, self-achievement, and satisfaction and to investigate the factors that can make volunteers experience the satisfaction and the volunteer activities, and to help us recruit volunteers and establish the management strategies. As a result of this study, it was analyzed that the participation motives had a positive (+) influence on self-efficacy. The participation motives had a positive (+) influence on self-achievement. The self-efficacy had a positive (+) influence on self-achievement. The self-efficacy had a positive (+) influence on satisfaction. And the self-achievement had a positive (+) influence on satisfaction.



호텔 관리자의 카리스마 리더십과 일탈행동과의 관계에서 격려의 조절효과 : 서울지역 특급 호텔을 중심으로

박정하, 박호현

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.379-402

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The purpose of this study was to test empirically the moderating effects of encouragement on relations between hotel managers' charismatic leadership and employees' deviant behavior. For this purpose, the investigator employed the questionnaire technique in empirical study and conducted a survey with employees at deluxe hotels in Seoul. Collected data went through a coding process and frequency analysis with the SPSS Win 23.0 statistical package program. Validity and reliability analysis was conducted for charismatic leadership, deviant behavior and encouragement. In addition, regression analysis and multi-group analysis was carried out to examine influential relations among the variables and the effects of charismatic leadership on deviant behavior via the moderating effects of encouragement, respectively. The test results were as follows: first, charismatic leadership had positive(+) effects on deviant behavior; and secondly, encouragement had moderating effects on relations between charismatic leadership and deviant behavior. Based on these findings, hotel managers need to help employees have less anger and deal with their deviant behavior efficiently through their wholehearted encouragement based on stable labor-management relations and management by communication, thus maintaining their cooperative relations with the employees in which the employees will trust and follow them.



게스트하우스 인프라확충 연구 : 건축적 특성을 중심으로

김지한, 이재섭, 윤태정

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.403-423

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The purpose of this study is to expand the guesthouses, which are mid to low priced tourist accommodations, to meet the increasing demand of foreign tourists. Most of the previous researches have been limited in the viewpoint of tourism, so they have academic limitations in application and application as realistic alternatives. Therefore, in this study, in order to expand the guesthouse, which is a low priced tourist accommodation facility, various characteristics of the architectural aspects as well as the tourism aspects were examined and the practical results were suggested. In this paper, the foreign tourists, who are rapidly increasing in recent years, were selected as the subjects of the study, and the research was centered on the guesthouse, which is the most preferred low-end tourist accommodation facility. Therefore, using the past researches that are mostly done in relation to the guesthouse, the research data and current situation related to foreign individual tourists were analyzed. And the actual conditions, related laws, systems, and policies for foreign tourists were examined. In addition, various architectural characteristics related to tourist accommodation have been identified, and a practical expansion plan of a guesthouse, which is a mid - to low - priced tourist accommodation, has been developed, using architectural characteristics through laws and policies.



대학생의 셀프리더십이 취업스트레스에 미치는 영향 : 미래지향목표의 매개효과


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.425-445

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The purpose of this study was to examine empirically the effect of self-leadership on job-seeking stress and also the parameter affecting job-seeking stress through verifying mediated effect of future-oriented goals. To achieve this goal, a survey of 154 copies of questionnaires was conducted and the data was analyzed by SPSS18.0 and Amos 18.0 program. The results of this study was presented as follows: First, both of the self-leadership and future-oriented goals had significant negative effect on the job-seeking stress. Secondly, self-leadership was found to have significant positive effect on the future-oriented goals. Thirdly, as for the mediating effects of future-oriented goals in relationship between self-leadership and job-seeking stress, it turn out that future-oriented goals meet the mediation requirements as regression coefficients were found to be significant in the relation between self-leadership and job-seeking stress. As the result indicated, self-leadership and future-oriented goals were important variables that could reduce job-seeking stress for the undergraduate students. This study suggested the mind-based education as well as career-based education was needed for guiding the right career.



리조트 서비스스케이프, 회복환경지각, 여가만족의 구조적 관계 연구

박민아, 윤세목

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.447-474

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This study investigated resort servicescape factors affecting on perceived restorativeness and how resort servicescape impacts the leisure satisfaction of resort users. It also studied the mediating role of perceived restorativeness factors between the resort servicescape and the leisure satisfaction. First, after reviewing the relationship between the resort servicescape and perceived restorative environment, it was concluded that social/ambient factor affects positively on all aspects of perceived restorativeness. Second, after reviewing the impact of perceived restorativeness on leisure satisfaction, being away, fascination and compatibility impact positively on emotional/restful satisfaction as well as educational/psychological satisfaction. Third, entertainment and esthetics, sub-factor of servicescapes, impact positively on emotional/restful satisfaction as well as educational/psychological satisfaction, but, social/ambient factor and functionality impact positively on emotional/restful satisfaction, but not on educational /psychological satisfaction. Fourth, after analyzing the mediating effect of being away, fascination, compatibility and extent between resort servicescapes and leisure satisfaction, being away, fascination, and compatibility mediates impact on emotional/restful leisure satisfaction. But, it was found that entertainment and esthetics partially mediates on educational/psychological leisure satisfaction.



중국 중장년층의 한국 관광동기에 따른 관광지선택속성과 라이프스타일 차이분석

노은정, 노정희, 저우요우

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.475-499

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Despite of various studies on Chinese tourists, there is a limited research focusing on elderly Chinese (mid-old aged cohort). Based on KTO’s market research(2011), Chinese mid-old aged cohort has strong spending power and eager to travel abroad. In order to attract them, it is necessary to understand their travel motivation, destination selection attributes, and lifestyle as a first step. In this respect, the aims of this study was to segment Chinese mid-old aged cohort tourists to Korea using tourist motivation and to determine whether there is a significant differences between destination selection attributes and lifestyle. On the basis of multi-step cluster analysis, four segment were found: culture and Knowledge expansion, routine avoidance/discovery, emotion conversion, self-actualization. Also, the result indicated that the differences between 4 Chinese mid-old aged cohorts are significative. It is revealed that there are differences between destination selection attributes and lifestyle by four segmented groups.



가정편의식(HMR)의 선택속성과 만족, 재구매의도 간의 구조적 관계연구 : 프랜차이즈 편의점 소비자를 중심으로


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.501-518

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The purpose of this study is to identify the structural relationship between selection attributes for home meal replacement (HMR), satisfaction, and repurchase intention. For the research, this study conducted a survey on people who recently purchased home meal replacement at a franchise convenient store by using the convenient sampling method among the non-probability sampling method. For the questionnaire, this study used the online questionnaire provided by Google and distributed the questionnaires to acquaintances and co-workers. Total 261 questionnaires were analyzed using structural equation model with SPSS 18.0 and AMOS 18.0 to verify the hypotheses. In hypothesis 1, the subfactor for selection attribute of home meal replacement, food quality, convenience, and price had positive (+) influence on the satisfaction. In hypothesis 2, among the selection attribute for home meal replacement, only convenience had positive (+) influence on repurchase intention. Lastly, in hypothesis 3, the satisfaction had positive (+) influence on the repurchase intention. This research result suggests operational implications for marketing strategy in food service company and provides theoretical implications for the theory on the customer behavior.



진로결정몰입이 진로준비행동에 미치는 영향에 있어 가족탄력성의 조절효과 : 환대산업을 전공하는 대학생을 중심으로

윤경, 김진강

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.519-540

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College life is a transitional phase from late adolescent to adulthood, in the development process. In order to move onto the next phase, people get familiar with special tasks to establish career identity, preparing for successful performance in the world of careers. To successfully carry out such tasks, the process of commitment to a career choice is needed, in which one collects necessary information about oneself and about careers and specifies such information through variety of experiences. This study is focused on the relationship between commitment to career choice and career preparation behavior. After a close review on moderating effects of family resilience, the variable that manages effect relationship between commitment to career choice and career preparation behavior. Empirical analysis to achieve the purpose of this study has concluded the following results: First, the higher the perception of commitment to career choice, the higher the career preparation behavior. Secondly, family resilience is found to have moderating effects on influence of commitment to career choice and career preparation behavior.



최부 『표해록』의 관광학적 고찰


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.541-565

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This year marks the 530th anniversary of the landing of Choi-Bu on the coast of China after a rough time of drift. Choi-Bu left a diary of 135 days of personal experience in China. In the diary, he recorded not only the fear of drift and the overcoming process during the 14 days of drift but also what he saw, heard and experienced in the process of drifting, landing on China and returning to his homeland. When it was not easy to have exchanges with other countries, his records gave new information to many people and stimulated their imagination. The purpose of the drift records to deliver information fit the interest of the readers. While researching the drift records of Choi-Bu, I came to know that the drift of Jeju people, who mainly worked in the sea, occurred more frequently than I had thought and there were various records about them. So I investigated various drift records remaining in Korea to discover materials for humanity tourism. I thought the results of the researches made in adjacent disciplines such as sea literature and travel literature could be used as a part of tourism studies. In particular, I classified them by climate, traffic line, local image and cultural experience that are the main factors of tourism activities to use them for the discovery of global contents penetrating the past and the present. As a result, I was able to prepare basic materials that met my expectation. However, more further researches are necessary to find out the names of places in each era, types of road, changes in means of transportation, etc. in order to complement the connection between courses, marketability, experiencing programs, storytelling, etc. I expect that a new route for special purpose tourism connecting the places of drift, landing and return can be discovered as a tourism resource on the basis of sustainable cooperative research between Korea and China.



카지노 교대근무 종사자의 피로도가 직무만족 및 고객지향성에 미치는 영향

이종규, 차길수

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.567-587

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Casino companies, unlike general manufacturing and service industries, are characterized by a human-service-oriented service that responds directly to their customers and a sales personality that provides services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This study examined the relationship among fatigue, job satisfaction, and customer orientation of casino shift workers. The results of this study are as follows. First, the effect of casino shift worker's fatigue was found to relate negatively to job satisfaction. Second, job satisfaction was found to relate positively to customer orientation. Finally, fatigue was not found to relate negatively to customer orientation. Conclusions are then presented followed by theoretical and managerial implications of the findings.



관광이미지가 관광만족과 충성도에 미치는 영향의 메타분석 연구

이수미, 서진욱

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.589-602

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The purpose of this study is to comprehensively organize the relationships between tourism image and satisfaction, and between tourism image and loyalty, which are presented because the research subjects and intervention methods selected by tourism academy are different and their results of the analysis are heterogeneous. In order to conduct a meta-analysis, 57 studies, which are evaluated as quantitative research through doctoral theses and journal articles in Korea from January 2000 to December 2017, were collected; among these, we selected the papers that meet the criteria (correlation coefficient r value and N number are presented). The data used for the meta-analysis were found from 7 papers about tourism image and satisfaction, and 18 papers on tourism image and loyalty, and analyzed by converting the correlation coefficient r into Fisher’s Z value. A forest plot has been shown to visualize the effect size and pattern of individual studies. The effect of tourism image on tourism satisfaction and loyalty was positive (+). However, it appeared to have a large heterogeneity in terms of effect size between the studies. Also, as a result of publication bias analysis, it was proved that the research included in the meta-analysis did not represent the results of the entire study because there was no statistically significant relationship between the effect size and standard error. The reason for this result indicated that positive and statistically significant studies are more likely to be published than those that are not. Particularly, it suggested that most studies in the field of tourism do not submit the bivariate correlation coefficient, which is basic information. Therefore, in future studies, researchers should be able to provide such basic information about their analysis results and previous studies have to be reviewed to overcome problems with publication bias although this study did not include.



테마공원의 물리적 환경이 도시이미지와 행동의도에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

이재곤, 이규상

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.603-633

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A study on the effect of physical environment of theme park on urban image and behavioral intention. The purpose of the study is to promote tourism in the area through the urban image and behavior intention by physical environment of the theme park. There are 2 hypotheses based on Environment, Image and Intention reviews. Then we tested the data from questionnaires using SPSS 22.0. the data were collected for a month from March 15 to May 28. First, according to analysed result, Two out of five as affective facts of The Physical environment influenced on Emotional(Unique) image of The Urban image. And five out of five as affective facts of The Physical environment influenced on Emotional (Dynamics) image of The Urban image. it is also four out of five as affective facts of The Physical environment influenced on Emotional (traditionality) image of The Urban image. Lastly, one out of five as affective facts of The Physical environment influenced on Emotional(Comfort) image of The Urban image. Second, Three out of four as affective facts of Emotional image of The Urban image on The Behavior intention(Revisit intention) and four out of four as affective facts of Emotional image of The Urban image on Behavior intention(Recommend intention). As the result of this study, Hwaseong-si will have to develop diverse tourism resources, and actively marketing activities, and develop unique and intriguing attractions. In addition, we should actively develop information systems, services, and public relations so that they can be easily recognized and comfortable to tourists. so when you want to get away from the routine, and when you search for cities you want to visit, and there will be times when you make a recommendation to revisit and to an acquaintance and relative. At that point, the perception and images of visitors may be reminiscent of Hwaseong-si.



관광제약요인과 관광만족의 영향관계 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.635-653

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The purpose of this study is to examine the types of tourism constraints, being perceived by potential tourists prior to a tourism decision making, the causal relationship between these constraints and a tourism satisfaction, demographical characteristics of segmented groups by economic constraints, and satisfaction differences by them. A total of 262 usable samples were collected having experienced a tourism. Exploratory factor analysis, multiple regression analysis were performed to achieve the research aims. An empirical analysis shows the results as follows. Firstly, by EFA, 6 tourism constraint dimensions were identified such as destination environment, internal, destination fears, economic environment, business, and tourism information. Secondly, there were demographic characteristics and differences between tourist destinations, sex, marriage, age, and income. Thirdly, as a results of multiple regression analysis, it has been shown that destination environment, internal, and economic environment affect the definition of tourism satisfaction, while the restriction on tourism information has a negative effect on the tourism satisfaction.



유학생의 스트레스가 대학생활 만족에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구 : 사회적 지지의 조절효과

이희승, 양웨이웨이, 곽춘려

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.655-690

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between daily stress and social support and campus life satisfaction of college students in South Korea and to examine whether there is a moderating effect of social support in the relationship between life stress and student life satisfaction. The results of analysis of campus stress and campus life satisfaction of foreign students showed that the factors of "professor - family relationship", "economy" and "friendship relationship" showed a significant negative influence on the quality of college education and facility satisfaction. In addition, "economic", "friendship" and "academic" factors of life stress showed a significant negative influence on satisfaction in overall campus life. And result that examined the relationship between daily stress by social support and campus life satisfaction(the quality of college education and its facility and campus satisfaction in general) showed that evaluation support by social support has partial moderating effect on the relationship among daily stress, quality of college education of campus life satisfaction and facility satisfaction. Therefore, emotional support, material support, and information support seemed to have a partial moderating effect on life stress and the quality of university education and facility satisfaction.



호텔조리종사자의 환경의식적 변수가 친환경경영활동 수용의도에 미치는 영향

류을순, 서상원

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제4호 통권 83호 2018.07 pp.691-717

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The environment is emerging as an important global issue, raising interest and inspiring a sense of responsibility to establish and adopt environmentally-friendly policies and practices in hotel restaurants that can have a serious impact on the environment. In this context, this study identified the factors that influence acceptance intention of green practices among hotel kitchen employees and proposed an effective way forward for companies to efficiently expand such activities and furthermore, develop into a sustainable enterprise. In an effort to attain the goals of this study, a contemplation of preceding research was undertaken to identify factors influencing an individual’s environmental behavior, namely, environmental knowledge, environmental concern, and perceived effectiveness regarding environmental behavior. These factors were applied to the Theory of Planned Behavior by Aizen (1991). The concept of moral norm was also administered to empirically verify the relation between variables. A parent population was selected among kitchen employees in five-star and four-star hotels located in Seoul. As a result of the verification, six hypotheses out of a total of thirteen were found to be meaningful, whereas seven hypotheses were not. Finally practical implications and suggestions for furture research are discussed.


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