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지체장애인에게 문화관광의 가치는 무엇인가? - 수단-목적 사슬이론을 중심으로 -


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.1-29

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This study aims to uncover how the hierarchical value map (HVM) of the relationship between the value recognized by physically disabled person and the property of cultural tourist sites is consequentially formulated. It adopts the analyses of 233 physically disabled person living in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea. The survey was handwritten by the participants on APT matrix survey sheet. As a result of the analysis, three characteristics were identified. First, it is determined that physically disabled person recognizes ‘Experience with the traditional culture (n=273, 13.0%)’ as the most important property of the cultural tourism. Subsequently, they selected the most influential consequence of the cultural tourism to be ‘Understanding of history (n=255, 12.2%),’ while the most prestigious values from cultural tourism were ‘Preciousness of life (n=223, 10.5%)’ and ‘Sense of Accomplishment (n=207, 10.0%).’ Secondly, the most related aspect from the property-consequence step was on cultural tourism was ‘Historicity of artifacts-understanding of history (n=50).’ Meanwhile, it was ‘Understanding of history – preciousness of life (n=41)’ from the consequence-value step. Third, based on the most prestigious value ‘Preciousness of life (n=223),’ the most important ladder is observed to be ‘Historicity → Understanding of history → Preciousness of life.’ Because there were hardly any research on the value of the cultural tourism, the result of this study will definitely contribute to the beginning of a new field of tourism research.



항공사 객실승무원이 지각한 팀 내 조직정치와 혁신행동의 관계에서 조직공정성의 매개효과


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.31-50

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The purpose of this study is to review and to investigate the impact of organizational politics on innovative behavior and the mediating effect of perceived organizational justice. This study aimed to explore the relationships among organizational politics, organizational justice and innovative behavior of the airline flight attendants. In addition, it tries to find out the mediating effects that the perceived organizational justice have contributed to organizational politics and innovative behavior. In total, 280 questionnaires were distributed and 240 valid and complete questionnaires were collected for empirical data analysis. The result of this study shows that organizational politics have a great effect on organizational justice and innovative behavior. And it has been found that the organizational justice is a mediating effect between organizational politics and innovative behavior. The results of this research shows that for competitive advantage under the competitive environment of the airline, in addition to human resource management and organizational management, the management system which emphasizes the importance of organizational justice and perceived organizational politics among company members should be built.



호텔조직에서 리더십 스타일이 갈등관리전략과 팀 효율성에 미치는 영향

강헌주, 이주형

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.51-77

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This study was to investigate the effects of leadership styles on strategies of conflict management and team effectiveness in hotel service teams. The data were collected from a survey of 241 service team members in hotel industry. Structural Equation Models revealed that leadership styles had indirect effects on team effectiveness through strategies of conflict management(cooperative and aggressive strategies). In addition, cooperative and aggressive strategies of conflict management had mediating role between leadership styles and team effectiveness. These results suggest that transformational leadership may help team members manage conflicts for their mutual benefit. But transactional leadership may not help team members manage conflicts .for teamwork. Implications and suggestions for future studies were discussed.



외식종사원의 유머가 직무만족과 직무스트레스에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

신형철, 고봉호

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.79-96

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This study reviews how the humor of food service employee’s affects on their job satisfaction and job stress. First, it reveals that the humor of food service employee’s affects relevantly on job satisfaction. in which self enhancing humor affects positively on one’s job satisfaction and non relational humor affects negatively on one’s job satisfaction. Second, it is shown that the humor of food service employee’s affects relevantly on job stress in which self depreciating humor affects positively on psychological stress and behavioral stress unlike self enhancing humor affects negatively on psychological stress. Third, job satisfaction affects negatively on job stress which is meaningful statistically. Establishment should consider making the workplace better for employees where they can have smile on their faces cheerfully while on job by implementing programme to boost employees self-confidence and reduce their usage of self depreciative humor and non relational humor.



대학축제의 진단과 대안모색 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.97-113

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As an effort to find desirable university culture to be promoted by university festivals, this study purposed to diagnose problems in university festivals and to suggest new directions for improving university festivals by examining the concept and development of university festivals so that university festivals may become future‐oriented, contributing to the students’ academic inquiries and the identification of university community. Major problems in current university festivals include huge festival budgets, uncreative events with invited celebrities, excessive drinking and resultant misdemeanors such as drunken driving and violence, merchandising of women, decadent, commercial, and lewd behaviors, stereotypical programs, and poor support from the school and resultant students’ low participation. As solutions for these problems, it was suggested to develop programs for pursuing the diversity of university culture, to involve communities in the festivals, and to make strategies for inducing students’ voluntary participation. As a university festival is commonly called ‘Daedongje’ (a festival for the unification of students), each university and its students should think about how to make their festival have the students as main actors and express desirable university culture. It will be the true meaning and value of a university festival to change the culture of festival by develop various festival programs with the active participation of both the university and the students and to promote healthy community and university culture together.



축제 체험요소(4Es)에 따른 감정반응(PAD) 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.115-134

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Purpose of this study is to verify that Festival Experience Factors influenced Emotional Responses. The Festival Experiences comprise Escape, Esthetic, Entertainment and Education. Then, The Emotional Response is consist of three factors which are Pleasure, Dominance and Arousal. Thus, a concent validity and a convergent validity confirmed. Also, their reliabilities confirmed. It is summarized as follows that the result of hypothesis examined about influence relationship between the Festival Experiences and the Emotional Response. Four factors of the festival influence, Escape, Esthetic, Entertainment and Education, have a positive effect on three emotional response factors: Pleasure, Dominance and arousal(H1-H9). Education experience, one of the festival influence factors, do not has relevance to Pleasure and Dominance, derived from Emotional Response factors(H10, H12). However, it has relevance to Arousal(H11). Therefore, Influence relationship between the Festival Experiences and the Emotional Response was verified in part. As a result, It was examined in advanced research that the experience factor partly influenced the emotional reaction. Therefore, a further study should focus on the experience factors and needs to be made with regards to apprehend nature and characteristic of object. Also, a further study should design to limit ranges which are only needed experience factors.



문화주도적 젠트리피케이션 지역의 도시관광자원과 만족도, 재방문의도, 추천의도 간 인과관계에 관한 연구 - 관광동기의 정도에 따른 차이 고찰 -


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.135-157

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This research is started with a necessity to maintain a continuance development of city tour and unaffected by gentrification's negative effect. So this research is focused on Itaewon-GyeongLiDan St. which is a cultural-led gentrification region. Because this region is a famous city tour place in Seoul. To accomplish a object of this research, both literature investigation and empirical analysis is used. For now, from a literature investigation, measurement item is deducted and survey is executed. From October 1 2015 to October 11 2015, Date were collected from 423 visitors of the Itaewon-GyeongLiDan St., which is a representative cultural-led gentrification region in Korea. Excepting a 92 insincerity & errored questionnaire, total 331 questionnaire is used to empirical analysis. Result of empirical analysis showed that the Cultural-Resource of Itaewon-GyeongLiDan St. is more effective than other factors. A Leisure-Resource and City-Resource is followed. And Overall Satisfaction is influence on Revisit and Recommend Intention. And a result of extra analysis showed that the effect relation of Overall satisfaction, Revisit and Recommend Intention of first visitors is lower than others.



전시박람회 참관객의 행동의도 예측력 비교 - 관계품질과 서비스스케이프를 중심으로 -

조지민, 김철원

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.159-176

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The purpose of this study is to compare two competing models predicting exhibition attendees’ behavioral intention. Based on literature review, relational quality and servicescape were selected as antecedents influencing behavioral intention. To find a better model, the study compared explanatory power(R-square) and effect size of relational quality and servicescape on behavioral intention. Servicescape was divided into four main components: convenience, ambient, attractiveness and human. For relational quality, commitment, satisfaction and trust were chosen as main factors. A total 320 samples was collected from attendees in 2014 Baby Expo. As results, Relational quality showed a better explanatory power in explaining behavioral intention than servicescpae. In terms of the magnitude of effect, satisfaction as one of relational quality’s main factors showed biggest impact on behavioral intention. Thus, this study suggested when predicting behavioral intention, relational quality provide a better result than servicescape.



실버계층의 관광참여동기가 만족과 행동의도에 미치는 영향 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.177-194

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The population is aging due to the higher life expectancy and increase of income resulted from the development of medical science & interest in health. More silver generation over 55 is participating in tourism industry and more studies of tourism product & marketing segmentation are required targeting silver generation considering health, economic power and education level. This study aims to systematize the relationship of tourism participation motivation, tourism satisfaction and tourism behavior intention of silver generation by grasping the influencing relationship of these three factors. First, it was proved that the pleasure factor and relaxation factor have significant influence on satisfaction. Second, satisfaction factor was proved to have positive influence on behavior intention. Dissatisfaction has no significant influence on positive recommendation and word of mouth. Third, pleasure, relaxation·health and socialization·friendship factors were proved to have positive influence on behavior intention. The purpose of this study is to provide practical strategy for the enhancement in tourism product sales and satisfaction increase of tourism participants by grasping influence factor which affects tourism participation satisfaction & behavior intention of silver generations.



외식 프랜차이즈 기업의 브랜드 자산 구성요소의 영향관계 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.195-215

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the focus on brand equity on component in food service franchise business. Data were collected from the questionnaire completed by 300 domestic citizen through June 1, 2015 to July 31, 2015 for two month. For the analysis of data, descriptive statistics and multipartite statistics were utilized by using SPSS 18.0 for Windows. At the very first, construct validity was verified by exploratory factor analysis and reliability analysis was made to verify the reliability of the measurement scales through Cronbach's alpha coefficients. Next frequency analysis was used for examining the distribution of demographic variables. Test of the hypotheses was assessed that performed for the difference of domestic franchiser and global franchiser with brand equity. The main results are as follows; significance for the difference between domestic and global food service franchiser for brand equity especially, brand attitude to re-purchasing and also re-purchasing to public relations.



한식 뷔페 레스토랑의 서비스품질과 음식품질이 지각된 가치, 고객만족, 고객충성도에 미치는 영향 - 경쟁업체의 지각된 가치의 조절효과를 고려하여 -

서상원, 류을순

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.217-240

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This study was conducted in order to promote qualitative and consistent growth of Korean buffet restaurant. This study aimed at examining the interrelationships among service quality, food quality, perceived value, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in Korean buffet restaurant. Also this study examined the moderating effects of perceived value of competitor on customer satisfaction and loyalty as the environment changes rapidly. The findings of this study were based on SPSS 21.0 of a convenience sample of 169 respondents. The results demonstrated that service quality and food quality had positive effects on perceived value. Also, perceived value significantly affected customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Lastly, the moderating effects of perceived value of competitor on the association of perceived value and customer satisfaction and loyalty were not significant. The results indicated that Korean buffet restaurants should focus primarily on service quality, food quality, and perceived value. Finally, practical implications and suggestions for future research were discussed.



호텔종사원의 직무요구와 직무소진과의 관계에 자기효능감의 조절효과


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.241-263

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The purpose of this study was to examine the moderating effects of self-efficacy in the relationship between job demands and job burnout of hotel employees trying to establish through theoretical research and empirical analysis conducted by the central hypothesis of the research model. Theoretical background Two hypotheses were set up mainly in relation with the affected employees and the relationship between job demand and burnout and exhaustion of the hotel employees tried to analyze the moderating effects of self-efficacy. The results verify the proposed hypotheses through research model, job demands of hotel employees has explained that consider the factors influencing appear to affect the job burnout, and the regulatory effects, depending on self-efficacy between job demands and burnout of hotel employees that you get meaningful results in the regression coefficient for the interaction term efficacy has been verified identified as representing a moderating effect. Therefore, it has to carry out this research hypothesis suggested by the theoretical basis of previous studies to see that all adopted. Present your suggestions accordingly as follows. First, avoid role conflict and role overload of the organization it does not occur Organization Administrator presents clearly the roles and responsibilities to employees, and the second, called employee self-efficacy is somewhat lacking by the individual, even though challenging and autonomous job done Experience also go for an active and self-confident, so I'll have to remind your self-efficacy through.



소셜네트워크분석을 통한 캠핑에 대한 인식 변화 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제2호 통권 69호 2016.03 pp.265-288

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Camping has been getting attention worldwide, in particular, in terms of tourism promotion and economic benefit. The purpose of this study was investigate the changing perceptions about Camping by the general public, using social network analysis. Textom was used to collect text data from Naver, Daum, and Google search engines over the period of 2010-2014. A total of 578,187 words were accumulated for the analysis. The analysis focused on the relationships among the words selected. Semantic network analysis and CONCOR analysis provided some interesting results and implications. The general public tended to positively perceive camping as both leisure activity and travel destination. In summary, camping is a part of leisure culture. As time went, this tendency became stronger. Some implications related to camping policy stem from the result: development of standardized camping program and aggressive promotion of positive functions of camping. These policies are expected to contribute to building up the foundation of positive perception about camping as leisure.


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