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관광관련학과의 관광일본어 교육개선에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.5-23

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We are living in the era of trade war. Tourism industry accounts for important part in trade. Since tourism is categorized as service industry, fostering tourism experts is very important for the development of tourism industry. Thanks to the government policy of fostering tourism industry as key strategic industry for the nation, tourism business has experienced great improvement so far and is now viewed as one of the most prominent business sectors with further growth possibility in Korea. Due to the limited time given for the research, the study is not conducted for the universities nationwide and the scope is confined to tourism Japanese education given by tourism related industries of junior colleges and universities located in Kyounggi and Kangwon province. It does not provide accurate in depth analysis on regional differences. A survey on graduates of tourism related majors who are currently working in the field is not sufficient enough to cover whether the tourism Japanese education conducted in Korean junior colleges and universities is effective and efficient in the field. The theoretical limit of this part should be overcome so that more systematic and continuous follow-up research may be conducted.



관광호텔 관광자의 선택행동에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.22-44

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The purpose of this study is to find out an important attribute of the practical benefit connected to the sightseer's choice behavior through the positive analysis on the visiter's tourist hotel. The confrontation plans on the choice behavior of the tourist hotel visiter based on the result of the positive analysis are as follows. 1. It is VIP card/ a main cause of the price for the tourist hotel visiter to think much among the main causes on the choice behavior. Therefore we need to establish a proper price which can make a value the greatest and develop a various of pay membership cards. 2. Because the source of information is from a family, friends, colleagues(it covers 43.5% among sources), we should lure out the greatest of the management of the customers satisfactions. 3. Among causes on selecting a tourist hotel, for a re-visit decision is decided by the price and the promotion factor. And so we have to hold the power of competitive price by the interception of business loss, resonable cost price control, the removal of unnecessary price rise factor and resonable price establishment. This has the limitation that it has been studied on only for personnel and domestic sightseers and which can't reach multifarious and subdivided causes. Therefore the more systemic and constant study is asked to overcome this critical point.



호텔 마아케팅 수단으로서의 GDS 활용 방안 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.45-64

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Today, the travel marketplace is a global arena with hundreds of thousands of buyers (travel agents) and sellers (hotel, airlines, car rental companies, etc.) working with each other to reserve and deliver services to the ultimate buyer-the traveler. Considerable progress has been made in developing ever more sophisticated and reliable global distribution systems and hotel central reservation systems. With the speed of the global distribution systems, and the depth and accuracy of hotel data they hold, travel agents now favor the fast search-and-selection process made possible by their GDS computers instead of hotel indexes, toll-free numbers or hotel direct contact. Accordingly, the number of worldwide hotel reservations booked electronically by travel agents shows rapid growth since 1992. As the result, hotels are active in their use of the full range of descriptive and promotional opportunities in these systems to find themselves strongly positioned and to capture high market share in the electronic marketplace. In this study, I touched some commandments of selling a hotel in GDS as a sales and marketing tools in order to provide better understanding on property description and advertising in GDS.



관광산업 전자상거래의 소비자 만족에 관한 연구

김천중, 윤자일

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.65-86

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Economic activity of traditional market is developing as the type of EC(electronic commerce) with marketing activity through internet In tourism industry the recognition about EC is raised and most tourism sectors are extending their boundary to virtual area. Comparing to the other industry, tourism industry is better position for the success of EC. Internet EC cost about distribution is less than that of general EC because Internet EC sells digital product. Even though now EC of tourism industry in Korea has a good system like developed countries, there are many problems in consumer satisfaction which is the same in traditional market. The reason is that system introduction was prior than consumer satisfaction. I investigated the state of general and tourism EC and researched about consumer satisfaction. The result of this research showed that most consumers were satisfied with EC system but EC operation. For the EC activation of tourism industry the consumer dissatisfaction of traditional market is to be removed and new basis of economic activity has to be constructed through marketing strategy and government support.



호텔內 집단간 갈등의 해소방안 연구 - 서울지역 특1급 호텔을 중심으로

김형철, 지계웅

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.87-108

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Since hotel businesses rely highly upon quality services compare to other service industries, this particular business characteristic often brings complications among the people in the organizations. Due to these complications, overall reduction on benefit to the business and bring down on hotel's reputation are inevitable. The purpose of this study is to make solution to settle complications raising among the people in the hotel organization by targeting complications among different posts in the hotel and grasping influential factors that cause complications through analyzing actual proof.



관광호텔의 수익성 영향요인에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.109-132

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The purpose of this study is to present improvement methods for enlarging profitability on hotel business by comparison and analysis of profitability by business environments and understand effective factors upon profitability of hotel. To accomplish the purpose of this study, I have run paralleled with both documentary study and empirical study. For empirical study, I sampled Seoul-based hotels and investigated their financial data and business showings from 1995 to 1999. The collected data were analyzed by SPSS WIN 7.5 program(mostly the correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis). The findings of this study research are summarized below. First, regarding analysis of variation and t-test, grade(second special grade), hotel history(under 15 years) and the number of rooms(200∼400 rooms) are willing on factors of profitability. Grade(first special grade), hotel history(under 15 years) and the number of rooms(under 200 rooms) are willing on internal effective factors. Grade(first special grade), management form(chain hotel) and the number of rooms(over 400 rooms) are willing on external effective factors. Second, regarding correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis, 'fixed asset turnover', 'room occupancy', 'personnel expenses rate', 'inflation', 'foreign revenue rate', 'incidental facilities rate', 'inventory turnover' and 'receivables turnover' have a effect upon profitability of hotel.



이벤트학의 개념에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.133-156

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Studies of Event Management have been actively approached by tourism view since 1970s in western countries, while various different approaches of special events were unsystematically made by event related fields in Korea. The purpose of this study is to examine the academic concept of Event Management studies related to special events and festivals. In this research, the general theories of special event, the development of event and tourism and research tendency of event studies were reviewed with the concerned document. Findings from the documentary study of special events and festivals were; 1. the basic components of special event are purpose, duration, place, participant and program with the characteristics of planning, positiveness and rareness. 2. event tourism will increase to meet the need of increasing tourist who pursuing the active holidays and cultural experiences. 3. the research of special events and festivals has been mainly done in Canada, U.S.A., Australia and New Zealand, focusing on the subjects of economic impact of event, marketing and sponsorship management.



스포츠이벤트여행상품개발에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.157-177

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The purpose of this study is to provide basic data for developing sports event travel product through researching participating motive factors of sports event travel. To achieve the purpose of this study, Korean & Japanese tourist-oriented empirical analysis is done. Through these steps, acknowledgement and the source of information of sports event travel. Based upon the result of this study, satisfaction plan of motive factor is presented, and it is to be the standard for improving sports event travel product.



여행사의 지식경영 도입방안에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.178-200

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This research starts under the object to make up for the difficulties on the management of the travel agencies. The alternative shown in this research is to adopt the management based on the knowledge but it's level does not reach the detail application but the introduction of it's application method. That will be dealt with the next research. The travel agencies are much related with the management based on the knowledge such as the fact that the asset of travel agencies are composed with more that of knowledge than real. But The actual management of them is not executed as such to the extent that they struggle only for the short term's ordinary interests. It's fundamental reason is their paltriness. The object of this research is useless to these small travel agencies in some aspect. But it is the undeniable reality. The management based on the knowledge is a developed pattern of general management concentrated on the informations. The informations added individual experiences and knowhow become knowledge and this knowledge will be the criteria to heighten these individuals' position. The agencies have to try to change and develop these individuals' knowledges into the agencies'. And they have to equip the system of education, recruitment and rewards for it and construct the infra structure for knowledge management as well as the change of headquarter understandings is required.



여행업종사원의 임금에 대한 공정성지각이 이직의도에 미치는 영향


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.201-219

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The primary objective of this study was to empirically explore the relationship among perceived pay justice, individual characteristics and turnover intention of travel industry employees. The study samples are 198 travel agency employees in Seoul, Korea. ANOVA and regression analysis were used for this study. Regression results show that the perceived pay justice have a significant effect on turnover intention. Especially perceived procedural justice influenced more to turnover intention than distributive justice. ANOVA results show that perceived pay justice, turnover intention were partly found different by individual characteristics and company size. Female employees were found more sensitive on procedural justice.



강원 인제 빙어축제의 관광상품요인 분석과 개선방안 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.220-244

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The purpose of this study is research the problem and possibility of tourism product about In Jae local event festival in kangwon province. Local event festival is to establish cultural identity in local community and enrich local economy. But Kangwon local festivals have a lot of problems which are insufficiency of festival characteristic, uncertainty of festival theme and purpose consciousness, uniformity of festival program, festival management of leading public servant, concentration of festival period, small festival finance, insufficiency of independent management and festival expert, deficiency of festival tourism resource and the poverty of festival of festival policy. In this local situation, In Jae a pond smelt festival has established korean representative tourism festival in a short period. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to compare with other kangwon district and research some problems and improvements in In Jae county.



관광호텔 조직유효성 제고방안 - 직무만족요인을 중심으로


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제4호 통권 10호 2000.12 pp.245-265

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The purpose of this study is to provide the data for improving the organization validity through analyzing the effective factors which affect the organization validity. Totally 7 factors are extracted and those are "Promotion and Working condition", "Salary and Stability", "Communication in organization", "Job itself", "Job ability acknowledgement", "Relationship with senior", and "Relationship with colleagues". Effectiveness between Job Satisfaction factor and organization validity is tested. Among them, "communication in organization" and "relationship" are really important. So, improvement of human relation in hotel organization seems to be more important than working condition and salary in terms of current situation.


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