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제13권 제1호 통권 38호 (8건)

호텔레스토랑의 물리적 환경, 종사원의 심리적 반응 그리고 조직몰입과의 관계

고석면, 유양호

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제13권 제1호 통권 38호 2009.03 pp.1-24

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This study was to investigate the effects of physical environment factors of hotel restaurants, mediated by employees' psychological responses, on their organizational commitment. First, through the factor analysis on physical environment and employee's psychological responses, five factors of physical environment and two factors of employee's psychological responses were identified and labeled as ambient factors, spatial layout/functionality, aesthetics, safety/cleanliness, convenience; emotional response, cognitive response, respectively. All 15 hypotheses on the influential relationships among physical environment factors of restaurants, employees' psychological responses, and their organizational commitment were accepted. In addition to the contribution to development of further theoretical foundation, this research will make a practical contribution to hotel management by supporting that the effective design and management of physical environments produce a positive effect on employees' psychological responses and finally increase employees' organizational commitment.



호텔 교육 성과에 대한 동기부여가 직원의 경력유효성 및 만족도에 미치는 영향 -서울시내 특급호텔 기업을 중심으로


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제13권 제1호 통권 38호 2009.03 pp.25-49

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The purpose of this study is to identify the influence of employee satisfaction and career effectiveness through employee motivation from hotel training programs result. Recently, most companies try to create new strategies in order to compete in the business and overcome economic crisis. Hotel training programs make the employee's career development as well as employee satisfaction. The results of this study showed that the influence of the training motivation affects the career effectiveness and employee satisfaction. In order to get the result, SPSS ver 14.0 were used for data analysis like frequency, reliability, factor analysis, regression as an analysing tools. The results of this study emphasized that the employees training motivations should reflect human resource management systems which were applied very clearly to every employees, also the hotel company should establish employees training program plans as HR system to manage employees training histories and employees training evaluation effectively.



카지노 서비스품질이 고객만족과 충성도에 미치는 영향 -제주지역 외국인전용 카지노를 중심으로

양영근, 김의근, 강숙영

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제13권 제1호 통권 38호 2009.03 pp.51-70

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This research focuses on the followings. ⅰ)The research considers whether there is a relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. ⅱ) The research focuses on providing a positive data to establish marketing strategy for Jeju Island's casino industry through the considerations of Jeju Island casino users' service quality recognitions. To achieve the research objective, the survey was executed targeting foreign tourists whom uses casino in Jeju Island (sample size : 125 Japanese , 107 Chinese) and, using SPSS 12.0, frequency analysis, reliability analysis, factor analysis and regression analysis was executed. The result of the analysis shows established thesises were proven to be true that there is a positive relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Also, the conclusion includes the limitations of the research and proposes the way of improve the service quality of casino industry.



국외골프상품 선택속성과 고객행동 연구

유기석, 최윤근

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제13권 제1호 통권 38호 2009.03 pp.71-94

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Although customer`s desire for traveling in association with golf is high as well and many studies associated with sports tourism have made noticeable progression thus far, but there has not been any study on the development and the improvement of a distinctive item so called golf tour. Therefore, this study examines and analyzes effects of golf tour customers attribution selection, customer satisfaction and customer response on targeting customers of golf tour in outbound. The major findings obtained from this study were as follows; First, as a result obtained from the analysis of each variable on the outbound golf tour attribute selection according to the demographic information of golf tour customers all factors shows statistically differences except number of experience. Second, according to the result of regression analysis to examine the effect of attribute selection of golf tour influences upon customer satisfaction, accessory service factor influenced to customer satisfaction. Third, according to the result of regression analysis to investigate the effect of customer satisfaction influences upon customer response, customer satisfaction has significantly a positive effect on customer response. The study addresses key relationships between attribution selection of golf tour customer in outbound, customer satisfaction and customer response and thus, establishment of marketing strategy is necessary to obtain new golf tour customers and to attract customers continuously on the basis of obtained results.



항공사 서비스회복 공정성과 신뢰도의 관계에서 관계마케팅 요인의 조절효과 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제13권 제1호 통권 38호 2009.03 pp.95-119

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An equity theory-based framework is present to further our understanding of customer evaluations of the service failure and recovery process. Three moderators are presented that are proposed to influence the relative importance of distribute, procedural and interactional justice on consumer-based service recovery processing and to effect customer trust. Three moderators include customer orientation, bond and communication which come from relationship marketing. This research investigates the effects of three moderators between equity theory and trust. Relationship marketing is beneficial to firms because it can foster customer loyalty and re-patronage behavior. therefore customer relationship management has become an increasingly important issue for airlines. A face to face interview of passengers waiting for their flight was administered at Incheon international airport in Dec 2008 and of the 230 questionnaires distributed, 180 were deemed useful. This research used moderate regression analysis to find out effect of the three moderators. The results show that when customer orientation is high, procedural justice will be more effect to customer trust and when bond with customers is deep, all three justices will be more effect to trust and finally when communication with customers is well, procedural justice will be more effect to trust.



지역축제의 이해집단간 협력기대 효과 및 평가

이용철, 김창수

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제13권 제1호 통권 38호 2009.03 pp.121-140

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This study is focused on the research of stockholder cooperation which has not widely developed in the research of local festivals. In order to get success from local festivals, target expectation of stockholders and cooperation between stockholders should be harmonized. Thus, local festivals will have a major impact on the regional growth as sustainable local festival. Hence, this study should be examined local festivals in terms of the economic, social, and cultural influence on stockholders' cooperation as well as on the influence in tourism. This study is to contribute to establishing the cooperation system between stockholders for the success of local festivals and development through stockholders' cooperation. Finally is summarized the output of this study, is discussed the limits of this empirical analysis, and a discussion of those subjects related to this study which are in need of continued resea



지자체 온라인 관광 홍보 전략 -화성시 웹 사이트를 중심으로


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제13권 제1호 통권 38호 2009.03 pp.141-165

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the online marketing strategy of provincial governments. This paper focuses on the marketing strategy of online tourism of the city of Hwaseong in Gyeonggi province. It examines the tourism web site of Hwaseong and evaluates the site according to four criteria: marketing strategy, marketing information, web page design and technical quality. Each problem is accompanied by suggestions for improvement. First, in the marketing strategy field, raising the number of participation users and providing web 2.0 platforms to upload information conveniently are desirable. Second, information should be reorganized in a hierarchical structure based on users’ requests rather than just in a list. Third, express the concept of the web site clearly so that users will have positive experiences. Use of Open APIs from Google and Daum are considered for Mash-up services to provide digital maps. Finally, implementation of SEO (Search engine optimization) is essential to evaluate 'findability'. And improvement of Active X program compatibility also needs to be considered.



An Exploratory Study on the Malaysian Muslim Tourism Market to Korea

한희주, 이재섭

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제13권 제1호 통권 38호 2009.03 pp.167-196

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다민족, 다문화 국가인 말레이시아는 2006년 8월 현재, 인구 2,673만 명 중 말레이계(무슬림)가 61%, 중국계가 24%, 인도계가 7%를 차지하고 있다(조선일보. 2007). 해외여행 주 수요층은 소득 수준이 가장 높은 중국계이다. 그러나 지난 1971년부터 펼쳐진 부미푸트라정책(중국계 억제, 말레이계 우대) 덕분에 근년에는 무슬림 자산가 및 고소득층이 증가추세에 있고 중산층의 해외여행 또한 늘어나고 있다. 말레이시아 무슬림 관광시장조사(한국관광공사. 2006)에 따르면 말레이계 해외여행객은 전체 출국자의 약 20%에 이른다. 그러나 방한 말레이시아 관광객의 민족구성을 살펴보면 한류의 인기가 절정이었던 3-4년 전 전체의 10%를 차지하던 말레이계는 최근 5-7%(한국관광공사. 2008)로 감소한 것으로 나타났다. 이들의 해외여행 빈도 증가가 한국을 찾는 실제 관광객 수 증가로 연계되지 못했음을 말해준다. 이에 인바운드 관광시장 다변화를 모색 중인 한국은 신규 잠재시장으로서 이들 말레이계를 더욱 적극적으로 공략하는 것이 필요하다 하겠다. 본 연구의 목적은 방한 말레이시아 무슬림관광시장의 현황과 특성을 파악해 시장 진흥의 가능성을 살피고 이의 실현을 위해 앞서 고려할 점들을 탐색해 보는 것이다. 연구는 무슬림관광관련 문헌과 자료 검토, 국내와 말레이시아 시장 현지조사 및 관계자 인터뷰 내용분석 등의 방법으로 이뤄졌다. 결과, 무슬림의 종교율법을 이해하고 손님들의 요구에 부응하는 국내 수용태세 확충이 가장 시급한 것으로 파악되었다. 무슬림은 돼지고기를 먹지 않으며, ‘할랄푸드’로만 식사 한다. 기도의식 공간과 세정시설도 필요하다. 현재 7개 대체 할랄식당을 문 연 강원도(한국관광공사. 2006)와 서울에만 집중된 할랄식당을 전국으로 넓혀야하며, 한국은 이들이 편히 여행 올 수 있는 관광목적지라는 이미지를 확고히 심어야만 할 것이다.


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