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호텔종사원이 지각하는 직장 내 언어폭력이 분노표현, 대인관계시민행동 및 비생산적 업무행동에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

박소정, 최우성

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제2호 통권 75호 2017.03 pp.1-28

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This study verified the effect of workplace verbal-violence, as felt by employees working in the hotel industry, on anger expression, interpersonal citizenship behavior and counterproductive work behavior. The survey method was used for this paper, and data from a total of 302 hotel employees were used for the analysis. And structural equation model was used to analyze the data. The results of this empirical study is summarized as followings. First, verbal-violence have positive effect on anger expression and among verbal-violence, only self-conception damage had a positive(+) direction of influence on anger-in. Second, anger expression have negative effect on interpersonal citizenship behavior, among anger expression, only anger-in had a negative(-) direction of influence on interpersonal citizenship behavior. Third, anger expression have positive effect on counterproductive work behavior, among anger expression, only anger-out had a positive(+) direction of influence on counterproductive work behavior.



관광목적지로서 제주도 브랜드 개성과 관광객의 자아일치성, 전반적인 만족도 간의 관계 : 자아일치성의 매개효과를 중심으로

박은경, 서용건, 최병길

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제2호 통권 75호 2017.03 pp.29-55

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This study examines the relationship among the brand personality of tourism destination, tourist’s self-congruity and satisfaction. The subjects of the study are tourists who visited to Jeju island. 143 data samples were collected from July to August 2014. The results of analysis showed that the brand personality factors significantly influence tourist‘s self-congruity and satisfaction. Also, the actual and social self-congruity played mediating roles in the relationship between the brand personality and satisfaction. Specifically, sophistication, competence and sincerity factors among the brand personality factors significantly improved tourist's satisfaction through actual and social self-congruity. The findings indicate that sophistication, competence and sincerity factors as a brand personality of Jeju should be offered in order to correspond with tourist’s self-congruity as well as to increase their satisfaction after travel in Jeju. Therefore, the brand personality of tourism destination plays an important role in making a useful marketing strategy.



중국인이 지각하는 외국인관광 도시 민박업 이미지, 지각된 품질, 지각된 가치 및 태도 간의 관계에 대한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제2호 통권 75호 2017.03 pp.57-83

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This study tried to define the characteristic of Home stay targeting foreigners, which have sharply risen among alternative accomodations, and to research how the pre-perceived image and quality influence attitudes and consumer value toward Home stay. Highlighting alternative accomodations itself is significant that former studies mainly focused on hotels. Foreign tourists desire memorable experience family-intimacy and the local culture with the host through the stay which they can hardly get from hotel or other accommodations. The implications of the study are as follows : First, the pre-image of the Home stay does affect tourists’ perception on quality and value of the accommodations. Between the images, intimacy maintains bigger portion. Second, systematical supplementation is required for enhancing safety management level, which is the most important element of perceived quality. Considering 'Home stay insurance' may be a meaningful option. Third, perceived service quality affects perceived values and attitudes. Therefore, the 'diplomatic' host may be required. As a result, the main objective of this study is to provide a new marketing perspective that can be used to reinforce customer service, and to suggest effective ways on increasing the effectiveness of the proposed Home stay. In this study, only Chinese tourists were focused, and difference among various types of accomodations(e. g. guest house, youth hostel) were not considered.



지속가능한 문화적 관광지 재생 활성화 방안

이재곤, 임경환

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제2호 통권 75호 2017.03 pp.85-104

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This study suggests an implication for tourist site regeneration invigoration plan throughout 3 levels of analysis. First, using Top-Down approach, we extracted main features of foreign sustainable tourism and domestic regeneration, and using Bottom-Up approach, we extracted preliminary traits for the sake of foreign and domestic sustainable tourist site regeneration perspective based on preceding study on historical and cultural tourist site regeneration. Second, in order to extract tourist site regeneration according to the domestic status-quo, we promoted deep interview with 6 professionals, and by establishing opinions of the professionals, we corrected traits in each category. Finally, with Top-Down & Bottom-Up approach, based on the outcomes, and targeting 15 professionals(academic, civil servant, researcher, tourism related businessman) we analyzed relative significance and priority by using pair wise comparison method for AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process). Final results were analyzed with the order of upper attribute society, environment, and economy. Middle attribute was analyzed with the most crucial aspect with the order of sustainable traffic system formation, succession of historial and cultural local traits, and economic influence. Lower attribute was analyzed with the most crucial aspect with the order of preparation for motivation and joint participation from local citizens, maintenance of historic and cultural assets, and execution of tourist environment program. This study is to prepare a plan for tourist site regeneration invigoration according to domestic status-quo through preceding foreign and domestic and foreign study and Top-Down & Bottom-Up approach. Also, the study tries to suggest practical implication for future policy making and potential tourist site regeneration invigoration business.



항공서비스 교육역량이 교육성과와 진로결정자기효능감에 미치는 영향

정영미, 김창수

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제2호 통권 75호 2017.03 pp.105-127

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Universities are demanded a change of paradigm due to changes in industrial structure and labor market environment since the year 2000. Therefore, much more emphasis has been placed on the role of universities as educational institutions that must resolve the careers issues of university students so that they are able to obtain the abilities required by the changing occupational environment. Therefore, the present study analyzes how the airline service education competence of university education institutions that open and operate departments related to airline services affects education performance and career decision-making self-efficacy. This allows the study to present an efficient plan of education for airline service majors and careers. The results of the multi-regression analysis conducted to verify the research hypotheses show th following. First, the education competence of airline service education institutions significantly affected education performance. Second, airline service education performance significantly affected career decision-making self efficacy. Third, the education competence of airline service education institutions significantly affected career decision-making self efficacy. In other words, as a result of education performance in airline service education institutions, the study will increase career decision-making self efficacy of majoring students and strengthen the education competency of university education institutions.



역할갈등에 따른 자원봉사 참여동기와 교육훈련이 만족과 자긍심에 미치는 영향

조태영, 박시원

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제2호 통권 75호 2017.03 pp.129-149

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This study is conducted to examine influence that participation motivation and educational training of volunteers who participate in local festival have on their satisfaction and pride, and to examine whether there is a difference between role cognition group and role ambiguity group depending on the extent of their understanding of given role. So as to attain the study purpose, this study sets up hypotheses and intends to verify it through actual analysis. The survey is conducted aiming at the volunteers who participate in Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival in 2015, and 242 out of the total 270 questionnaires are utilized for actual analysis. This analysis showed that there is a difference between those two groups. Specifically in role cognition group, both intrinsic reward and extrinsic reward have an significant influence on satisfaction and training-instructor factor significantly affects both satisfaction and pride. Whereas in role ambiguity group, only extrinsic reward has an significant influence on satisfaction. After considering all those results, it seems that the extent of understanding of the role is significant in relationship between general factors which are associated with volunteers at local festival. Therefore, following study had better come up with measures which make sure of understanding of the role. As a result, this study has a significance for providing the foundation in order to better understand volunteers at local festival and to manage the local festival more efficiently.



Q방법론을 활용한 자원봉사관광 참가자의 참가동기 탐색 : 중국 사막화 방지를 위한 식수자원봉사관광 참가자를 대상으로


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제2호 통권 75호 2017.03 pp.151-168

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Volunteer tourism is often positioned as an alternative to mass tourism. With the growing trend of volunteer tourism, it is very important to understand the travel motivations of volunteer tourists because it is the driving force behind their behaviors. In this study, Q methodology was employed to identify and categorize the types of motivations of volunteer tourists. Thirty nine of Q samples were collected and categorized through literature review, and thirty P samples who participated in tree-planting program for anti-desertification in China were interviewed. The factors are extracted by principal component analysis. Results identified four distinct types of volunteer tourists based on factors generated: (a) Type 1 is pursuing social value that emphasizes the opportunity of social participation and personal sense of responsibility. (b) Type 2 is pursuing career development that emphasizes the importance of individual development and technical acquisition (c) Type 3 is pursuing self-actualization that emphasizes the fulfil higher level of needs such as self-esteem. And (d) Type 4 is pursuing social participation that emphasizes the importance of solving a social problem through volunteering. This finding may provide useful information to related stakeholder and improve the quality of volunteer program. In the follow-up study, it is necessary to investigate the participants of various programs, and it is also needed to apply the various research methods to derive the results and actively reflect on the development of the volunteer tourism program.



커피축제 방문객의 경험적 가치가 지역이미지 및 행동의도에 미치는 영향연구

허영은, 박인영, 김운아

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제2호 통권 75호 2017.03 pp.169-191

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The main purpose of this study is to research the effects of experiential value on the local image and behavioral intention. The study was intended to verify the effects on local image and behavioral intention based on the experiential value of coffee festival visitors in Gangneung, to suggest direction of improvement with the perspective of the visitors, and to present practical implications about revitalization of coffee festival. A survey was done on the visitors of Gangneung coffee festival for 4 days from September 30 to October 3, 2016. The study was performed with total 197 copies of samples, and the result showed that experiential value had a positive(+) effect on local image and behavioral intention. This study indicated that Gangneung coffee festival established itself as a coffee festival of Korea, and that it had a positive image from visitors. Although this study only revealed the degree of significance in the exploratory level, it revealed the effects that experiential value has on local image, the effects that local image has on behavioral intention, and the effects that experiential value has on behavioral intention, and it aroused the importance that should be appealed to tourists who visit Gangneung. Therefore, this study can be important suggestion for future studies in that it presented practically meaningful implications. As shown in the result of this study, it is necessary for Gangneung coffee festival to find methods to secure tourists of various ages by specializing the theme of coffee and to continuously improve and change the festival for local revitalization through development of various coffee related products for those who have interest in coffee.


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