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제19권 제1호 통권 63호 (16건)

특급호텔 서비스 품질이 소비자의 사회적 지위가치, 웰빙지각도 및 프리미엄 지불의사에 미치는 영향관계 고찰 - 브랜드 인식의 조절효과와 함께 -

김인신, 강영애, 유예경

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.1-21

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This study aims to examine which factors may enhance status value of consumers’ social status among service qualities perceived by consumers who use 5-star hotels, explore a relationship of consumers’ status value with well-being perception and decision making of willingness to pay a premium to these hotels, and finally identify moderating effects of brand consciousness when 5-star hotel consumers make a decision on willingness to pay a premium. The results of the analysis revealed that both relational quality and environmental quality had a significant effect on status value and status value had a significant effect on well-being perception and willingness to pay a premium. In addition, well-being perception appeared to have a significant influence on willingness to pay a premium. Moreover, it turned out that brand consciousness played a role of a significant moderating variable between brand well-being perception and willingness to pay a premium. Despite this study's effective theoretical and practical implications, this study has limitation that luxury hotel is regarded as 5-star hotel without consideration for hotel price's variation.



축제에 관한 국내학술지 연구동향 분석 연구

김창수, 장형빈

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.23-42

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This study focused on the studies on festivals among the studies published over the past 5 years from 2010 till 2014 in two widely cited domestic journals specializing in tourism, 'The Journal of Tourism Science' and 'The Journal of Tourism Management Research', and analyzed 44 papers in total which had the term 'festival' in their titles and sub-titles. The analysis showed that, first, 24 festival-related articles had been published in 'The Journal of Tourism Science' and 20 articles in 'The Journal of Tourism Management Research' over the past 5 years, and the number of festival-related articles showed similar increasing and decreasing trends over the years. Second, the analysis of the studies published in both journals in terms of their methodologies showed that the portion of quantitative approaches was overwhelmingly larger than qualitative ones, and for analysis method, they used regression analysis the most followed by structure equation modeling analysis. Third, the analysis result in terms of study subject, the biggest number was for the studies on the tourists over the past five years, followed by local residents and festival experts. Based on these study results, this study provides implications and directions for future research.



관광 및 레저를 위한 경마, 승마 등 말(馬) 관련 경영 활동이 국가 경제에 미치는 파급 효과 분석 - 산업 연관 분석을 중심으로 -

김창희, 강희재, 김수욱

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.43-61

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The object of this study is to analyze the national economic impacts of horse industry, a new emerging tourism content, which includes production, ownership, racing and business related to training, breeding, distribution and consumption of the horse. To achieve the goal, we carry out a survey targeting employees in horse farm, horse-riding and racing facilities, horse owners association and horse related business. Also we analyze output value and added value using input structure, input coefficient and indirect induction effect of each part of horse industry. The result shows that national economic impact of horse industry. We found whole calculation scale of horse industry was approximately 3.1 trillion (KRW) and gross value added of horse industry was roughly 2.4 trillion (KRW).



축제 자원봉사자의 참여동기, 성취감, 참여몰입, 참여성과와의 영향관계 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.87-106

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The purpose of this study is to provide implication for constructing or applying festival volunteer management system through influencing relationship analysis about festival volunteer's participation motivation, achievement, participation commitment and accomplishment. From results of the study, no relationship in "influencing relationship between social responsibility and achievement" , positive (+) relationship in "influencing relationship between self-realization and achievement" and negative (-) relationship in "influencing relationship between "personal achievement and achievement" had been analyzed in hypothesis No. 1. Positive (+) influencing relationship in "influencing relationship between social responsibility and participation commitment" and "influencing relationship between self-realization and participation commitment" and negative (-) influencing relationship in "influencing relationship between personal achievement and participation commitment had been analyzed in hypothesis No. 2. Hypothesis No. 3, "influencing relationship between achievement and mental comfort", hypothesis No. 4, "influencing relationship between achievement and recommendation from others/continuous participation", hypothesis No. 5, "influencing relationship between participation commitment and mental comfort" and hypothesis No. 6, "influencing relationship between participation commitment recommendation from others/continuous participation" had been analyzed to have positive (+) influencing relationship.



사회네트워크 구조가 혁신행동과 직무성과에 미치는 영향 - 여행사 종사원을 중심으로 -

유재희, 김정준, 이병철

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.107-127

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The purpose of this study is to examines the influence of social network structure on innovative behavior and job performance. Based on literature review, three main components of social network were extracted: a) network size measured by the number of relationship, the number of job-related associational memberships, and the number of non-job-related associational memberships, b) strength of relationship, and c) range of network measured by the extent of relationships with people working in different department and in higher work position. Sample data were collected from employees working at travel agency. A total of 197 samples was used for data analysis. As results, this study found the significant effects of job-related and non-job-related associational membership and the range of network on innovative behavior. Contrary to expectations, the strength of relationship and the size of networked people did not show significant effects on innovative behavior. Based on findings, theoretical and practical implications were discussed.



약선음식의 선택속성이 고객만족 및 충성도에 미치는 영향 - 지각된 가치의 조절효과를 중심으로 -

이가희, 윤덕인, 유승동

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.129-148

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In this study, the selection attributes of Yaksun food, customer satisfaction and loyalty was to identify any impact. In addition, Yaksun food choice perceived value, depending on the moderating effect of food affects customer satisfaction through empirical analysis to determine the structural relationship study. Studies conducted by the verification of this hypothesis results are summarized as follows. First, the "customer satisfaction Yaksun food selection attributions will affect the definition of a significant" factor in Yaksun food of selection attributions of sensory price factors, nutritional health define the factors that affect customer satisfaction appeared to be part of the hypothesis is was adopted. Second, the "Customer satisfaction is defined loyalty will affect a significant" as defined in the customer satisfaction is the loyalty shown to affect the adoption of the hypothesis. Third, the "perceived value and Yaksun food selection will regulate the relationship between customer satisfaction" factor in the perceived value of the perceived value of the select attribute factors, sensory price factors, nutritional health and factors regulate the relationship between customer satisfaction.



항공서비스 공정성이 관계품질과 고객의 자발적 행위에 미치는 영향


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.149-168

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This study was examined to identify the effects of airline service justice on the relationship quality and consumer's voluntary behaviors based on theory and practical results of established precedent researches. To achieve the purpose of study, data was collected through a survey in Incheon international Airport and only 336 questionaires were adopted and analyzed. The analysis results are as follows: First, we found out that distributive justice, procedure jusitce, interactional justice of airline service justice has a positive effects on truth of relationship quality(H1, H3, H5), and procedure justice of airline service justice has a positive effects on immersion of relationship quality(H4). Second, we found that truth of relationship quality has a positve effects on loyalty and cooperation of customer's voluntary behaivors(H7, H8). And immersion of relationship quality has a positve effects on cooperation of customer's vountary behaivors(H12). It means that airline service justice could be good antecedents of relationship quality and consumer's voluntary behaviors. Accordingly, Airline which want to improve service quality need to provide an opportunity of voluntary behavior during airline service delivery process.



관광동기가 리조트선택과 만족에 미치는 영향 - 추진요인과 유인요인을 중심으로 -

이재곤, 김은혜, 이은정

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.169-191

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The purpose of this study is to try to make a contribution to provide substantive information for resort management and develop relevant studies by study effects of tourism motivation on the importance of resort selection attributes, also satisfaction with selection attributes and the effects on overall satisfaction due to it. For an analysis, tourism motivation was classified into push and pull factors. And resort selection was measured by classifying it into the importance of resort selection attributes and satisfaction with resort selection attributes. And a regression analysis was carried out to examine the effect relationship between satisfaction with resort selection attributes and overall satisfaction. The analytical result based on the drawn data has found that the push and pull factors of tourism motivation have the effect on the importance of and satisfaction with resort selection attributes and satisfaction with resort selection attributes has the significant effect on overall satisfaction. This implies that tourism motivation is meaningful when selecting resorts and finding satisfaction. And it is the result which means that overall satisfaction is much more appreciated as satisfaction with resort selection attributes is higher.



국내 쇼핑관광지 이미지형성에 관한 연구 - 명동, 인사동, 동대문, 남대문, 이태원지역을 중심으로 -

장보경, 박찬영, 이정호

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.193-214

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This study is to propose that the shopping tourism as an independent sector is an important source of the domestic tourism industry recognized as the next-generation growth engine, on the basis of the shopping destination image. In the pursuit of this aim, we approached the issue from behavioral aspect focusing on results of conceptual difference between inbound tourists’ satisfaction and attitude of shopping destination image, which is not adequately addressed in the existing research. Specifically, we designed the structural model on relationship between shopping destination image, satisfaction, attitude and behavior intention of inbound tourists. As per the results, the shopping tourists’ satisfaction and attitude reacted differently according to shopping destination image types. Especially the shopping tourists’ behavior intention was influenced more by results of attitude than satisfaction on indirect dimension. Finally, this study is conceptually meaningful in presenting the different path of the shopping image types on satisfaction and attitude. In addition, this study suggests some useful implications for tourism industry workers and policy makers.



생태관광 해설의 교육적 효과

전주형, 임연우

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.215-231

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Nowadays ecotourism including the interpretation in ecotourism has a key role of understanding, experiencing, and managing the nature. Academy scholars and field researchers are focusing on the ecotourism. This study examined to acknowledge the educational effects of the interpretation in ecotourism and relationship between antecedents and consequences of the interpretation in ecotourism. Based on a literature study, a questionnaire was developed and a field survey was performed. A self-administered survey was conducted throughout 4 arboretums including Mulhyanggi Arboretum, Anmyeondo Arboretum, Kohwun Garden and Keumkang Arboretum. The 291 usable questionnaires were collected. A frequency analysis, reliability test, confirmatory factor analysis, correlation test and structural equating model were used. According to this research, antecedents and consequences of the interpretation in ecotourism are 3 factors each parts including interpreter's role, interpretation service quality, interpretation delivery systems and cognitive domains, affective domains, learning activity domains. In addition, the interpretation in ecotourism effects on the changing the recognition and attitude of tourist's behavior. Implications are as follows, ecological tourist system should pay more attention to human factors such as commentator's and guide's softwares than physical factors. Futhermore the development of interpretation materials including the educational and practical equipments of commentary, ecological resources etc. will be to increase the educational effect.



네트워크 분석기법을 활용한 해양관광 관련 국내 연구동향 분석 - 연구의 주제어 변화를 중심으로 -

정승훈, 남윤섭

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.233-248

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Identifying research trends in the specific field of the study is fundamentally insightful and meaningful in that in can help to understand the constantly changing research paradigm, as well as present future research directions in a particular field. This study attempted to identify trends and changes in domestic marine tourism studies. To analyze this, 245 previous related studies during the period from 1989 to 2014 were collected and reviewed. According to results from the network analysis using keywords of searched studies, overall, the word “development” was the most closely associated keyword with marine tourism. The second and third closely associated words were “sports” and “leisure.” “Resource” and “value” follow in that order. Nonetheless, results by the three study periods (1989-2000; 2001-2010; and 2011-2014) showed that keyword in domestic marine tourism research have been widely connected with new themes and many other issues including residents’ recreation, economy, culture, marketing, storytelling, festivals/events, visitors’ motivation, images, experiences, and satisfaction, and so on.



카지노 전자성과감시 시스템 특성과 절차 공정성 및 서비스 성과의 관계

조현수, 차길수

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.249-271

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Ever since it emerged on a widespread basis in the 1990s, electronic performance monitoring of employees has received significant scrutiny in the literature. This particular research examined the relationship among casino electronic performance monitoring characteristics, procedural justice, and service performance. In a sample of 237 casino employees, results are found to be consistent with the stated hypotheses. Feedback tone, whether the feedback was timely, specific, and constructive, opportunities to challenge, whether the company allows employees to appeal, and amount of monitoring, whether amount of monitoring is sufficient, were all positively related to perceptions of procedural justice. And perceptions of procedural justice were positively related to employee service performance.



여행사 종사자의 조직공정성 지각에 따른 심리적자본이 직무소진과 심리적 계약에 미치는 영향 연구

최재우, 이철진

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.291-317

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This study has been performed to verify whether organizational justice perceived by employees of travel agency contributes to psychological capital formation of each employee and to examine the influence of formed psychological capital on job burnout and psychological contract intention in terms of organization management. The results are as follows. First, the perception of distributive justice has proved to have a significant influence on whole sub-factors of psychological capital. Second, the perception of interactional justice has proved to have a meaningful effect on all factors of psychological capital except hope. On the one hand, the perception of procedural justice has a significant influence on hope among psychological capital. Third, the formation of psychological capital has proved not to have a significant influence on individual emotional exhaustion of employees while self-efficacy and optimism among psychological capital have a huge impact on self-achievement of employees. Lastly, self-efficacy and hope have proved to have a meaningful effect on psychological contract as a consequence variable. This study has implications in that it verifies the necessity of organizational justice which contributes to psychological competence of individual employees in travel agency from administrative aspects. If further researches on specific recognition factors proceeds, better suggestion for marketing will be available.



MICE 개최지경쟁력, 영향, 혜택 및 지지도에 대한 이해관계자의 인식


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.319-342

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Collaboration among stakeholders in the MICE industry is an important subject in both industry and academia. This study examines the relationships among competitiveness of Gyeongju as a MICE destination, expected impacts of MICE, perceived benefits, and support by MICE stakeholders. A total of 179 usable data were collected from MICE stakeholders in Gyeongju, including convention center, convention bureau, PCO, local government, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tourism-related businesses, and so on. Results of multiple regression analyses showed the positive relationships among MICE competitiveness, impacts, benefits, and support. Additional analyses were executed using t-tests and hierarchical regression analysis. The t-test results showed that there were perceptions gaps among MICE stakeholders regarding MICE competitiveness, impacts, benefits, and support. However, there existed no moderating effects of affection level between MICE competitiveness, impacts, benefits, and support. Implications of the findings and future research were discussed.




崔哲浩, 이주형, 이정자

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.343-359

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The tourism industry as an important pillar industry in Tumen river area, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists every year, tourism revenue increased year by year. South Korean tourist market is the Tumen river area of inbound tourist market, occupies the absolute superiority, has been growing in recent years the trend. This paper uses the on-the-spot interview and questionnaire investigation method, analyzes the structure and tourists in Tumen river area, South Korean tourist market behavior, based on this, puts forward some suggestions fo the Tumen River regional cooperation in tourism between China and South Korea. The main suggestions are put forward to improve the dining environment, improve diet quality; the development of diversified tourism products, enrich tourism connotation; increase the number of flights, charter flights travel product development; using the network propaganda, attract the individual market; strengthen the training and supervision, improve the service quality.



직무소진이 이직의도에 미치는 영향에서 조직동일시의 매개효과와 조직시민행동의 조절효과 분석 - 여행사직원을 중심으로 -


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제1호 통권 63호 2015.03 pp.361-397

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Organizational identification means that the employees of an organization feel belonging to and unity with the organization, look at themselves and the organization from the same viewpoint, and identify the organization’s success and failure with theirs, and organizational citizenship behavior, as an extra‐role behavior, means that the employees of an organization consider and cooperate with others and participate actively in organizational activities. This study purposed to analyze how organizational identification and organizational citizenship behavior affect the relationship between office workers’ job burnout and turnover intention, which are drawing people’s attention recently, and to suggest effective strategies for retaining competent workers and reducing their desertion and turnover intention. This result suggests that organizational identification is not a mediating factor influencing the effect of emotional exhaustion on turnover intention, but is an important factor for reducing turnover intention when travel agency workers identify their organization and works with themselves. This result suggests that travel agency workers’ civic virtue, which is their voluntary extra‐role behavior in the organization, is a factor that moderates the reduction of employees’ desertion and turnover intention.


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