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관광관련 전공 대학생들이 지각하는 진로장벽이 대학생활적응에 미치는 영향에 있어 회복탄력성의 조절효과에 대한 연구

방한승, 최우성, 임상헌

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.1-28

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This study aims to understand the relation between career barriers and college life adaptability with resilience as moderating variable. The results of this study are summarized as follows: First, career barriers were found to lower the college life adaptability. Especially, it was found that indecisive personality and external barriers lower the adaptation to college life. Therefore, at the individual level, they will have to make efforts to strengthen their self-confidence so as to overcome their indecisive personality and to have confidence in their bold career decisions. In order to overcome external barriers, they will have to have self-centered thought which prioritizes their own preciousness. And, in order for the students to overcome the indecisive personality, universities need to develop educational programs that enable them to have bold and confident decision-makings and will in any situation through the development of various subjects and non-subject programs for each major. Second, resilience was shown to have moderating effect on career barriers and college life adaptation. In other words, it is found that, though the perception about career barriers is high, if the perception about resilience is also high, the adaptation to college life gets high. Therefore, students will have to be able to adapt well to college life by strengthening their resilience.



글로벌 호텔 체인의 위기관리인식에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.29-53

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This study is regarding The Perception of Crisis Management in Global Hotel Chain. I applied the Onion Model of Pauchant and Mitroff to conduct this study and to emphasize the understand and management of crisis and disaster of hotel. The results of the survey are as follows. The first, Onion Model 1 step is to investigate a personal protection system. The result shows that the all atmosphere of hotel would rather seem to avoid dangerous situation or try to protect oneself than to prepare crisis by oneself when dangerous situation appears. The second, Onion Model Ⅱ step is a organizational belief system and cultural factors relative to efficiency of crisis management. The result shows hotel organization culture is very sound organization. The third, Onion Model Ⅲ step is a organization structure of hotel affected to crisis is including the standard, rule and procedure regarding it. With the result that analyze a organizational structure about crisis management, hotel is composed of not professional staffs who manage effectively it. The fourth, Onion Model Ⅳ step is that strategy issue of organization structure invests level of crisis management strategy. all hotels of investigation need to level up their system and integrate with main management strategy. Finally, All hotels of investigation have to check and rebuild crisis management strategy about all aspect.



관광지스토리텔링에 따른 러브마크형성이 관광객 만족도 및 충성도에 미치는 영향 : 경기도 수원화성 지역을 중심으로

류인평, 양영관, 최정효

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.55-77

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the cause-effect relationship between creating a love-mark through storytelling on tourist sites, focusing on 'Suwon Hwaseong Fortress' designated as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and it is aiming at verifying the relationship on how the love-mark influences on level of satisfaction and loyalty of tourists. In order to accomplish the purpose of the study, the questionnaires were distributed to the tourists visiting Suwon Hwaseong to obtain 259 final copies for facilitating in the study and SPSS.18.0 Program was used for the analysis. Following is the summary of result of this study. First, from the factors of storytelling on tourist sites, it was analyzed that the education factor, description, uniqueness, and sensitivity had a significant positive effect on creating the love-mark for tourists. Second, the love-mark is shown to provide positive (+) influence on the level of satisfaction and loyalty of tourists for the lower factors of the love-mark with respect to the cause-effect relationship on the tourist satisfaction and loyalty. And third, the analysis showed that the satisfaction level of the tourists influences positively on the loyalty as a result of verifying the cause-effect relationship of satisfaction on loyalty of the tourists.



항공사 승무원의 무형식학습 활동, 자기효능감 및 적응성과 간의 관계 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.79-98

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To maintain a sustainable competitive edge in the rapidly changing management environment, business are faced with the situation in which they should constantly innovate and change themselves. In this of change and innovation, organizations need to have employees who are capable of adapting flexibly and quickly to environmental changes. The study is aimed to confirm that it is important variables in human resource management by empirically testing the relationship between flight attendants of informal learning activity, self-efficacy and adaptive performance. For testing research hypotheses, this study collected and analyzed data from 145 questionnaires targeting the flight attendants of major domestic airlines. First, this study shows that informal learning activity(learning with others, self-experimentation, external scanning) was found to positively relate to self-efficacy. Second, self-efficacy was found to positively relate to adaptive performance(solving problems creatively, dealing with uncertain and unpredictable work situations, handing emergencies of crisis situations). Based on the results of this study, it was confirmed that informal learning activity of flight attendants is an important factor of self-efficacy and that self-efficacy plays an important role in changing the adaptive performance. Therefore, it is suggested airlines should consider informal learning activity and self-efficacy to improve adaptive performance.



호텔 종사원의 감정노동 유형별 직무소진의 차이 연구 : 대전지역 호텔을 중심으로


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.99-121

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This study conducted an empirical analysis focusing on a hypothesis in order to verify difference in burnout due to emotional labor of hotel employees. According to factorial analysis of emotional labor, it was classified into surface acting, control mechanism, and deep acting; according to cluster analysis of deduced factors, it was classified into surface acting cluster, control mechanism cluster, and deep acting cluster; and, verification was made on difference in burnout of hotel employees between the 3 clusters. Academic implications pursuant to the analysis result revealed statistically significant differences in hotel employees' burnout of emotional labor between the 3 clusters and therefore, it adopted the hypothesis suggested through a theoretical ground of advanced research. Burnout was shown differently as per emotional labor cluster of hotel employees and therefore, it was found what they considered as per emotional labor cluster. Some employees have well adapted to emotional labor from the aspect of human resources management of hotel employees while some have evaded it, which results in an adverse affect to the organization owing to personal difference between variables of cause and result, and therefore, the result of this study suggested a way to reduce the burnout. In addition, it is expected that quality of life of hotel employees can be improved not only through continuous interest in emotional labor but also through an institutional strategy for improvement of their human rights in order to contribute to creation of sound labor culture.



부산의 여가 전공 대학생들과 비전공 대학생들의 여가라이프스타일이 삶의 만족에 미치는 영향

박희정, 김정은

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.123-139

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This study was aimed at investigating the impact of leisure lifestyle on life satisfaction in comparison with the major among college students in Busan, Republic of Korea. To achieve the goal of the study, total of 370 surveys were distributed to the college students who were willing to participated in the study. About half of the survey(161 students, 43.5%) was collected from students who were majoring in tourism, leisure and hospitality, and about the rest of the half(209 students, 56.5%) was collected from different departments across the campus. Participated college students showed personality seeking, work-centered, indifferent to leisure, relationship-centered, family -centered and price-centered leisure lifestyle. The significant relationship was found between indifferent to leisure, relationship-centered, family-centered and personality seeking leisure lifestyle on life satisfaction. Their major and sex tended to have positive impact on the leisure lifestyle and life satisfaction. Implications were discussed based on the results of the study.



항공사 객실승무원의 마음챙김이 고객지향성에 미치는 영향 : 조직몰입의 매개효과를 중심으로

이주양, 유정선

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.141-163

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of mindfulness on organizational commitment and customer orientation focused on the mediating effect of organizational commitment. The data collected from a survey of 375 cabin crew working on international routes of domestic airlines was analyzed using exploratory factor analysis, multiple regression analysis and mediation regression analysis. The findings are as follows. First, it was found that attention concentration among the sub-factors of mindfulness had significant positive(+) influence on organizational commitment. Second, attention concentration had also significant positive(+) effect on customer orientation. It was certain that attention concentration is important factor for cabin crew. Third, organizational commitment positively effect to customer orientation. Lastly, organizational commitment fully mediated the relationship between attention concentration among the sub-factors of mindfulness and customer orientation. As a result, this study was conducted under different aspects, internal customer and external customer. In addition, it was significant that this study showed the importance of attention concentration among the sub-factors of mindfulness and organizational commitment for organizational efficient management and customer satisfaction.



리조트 CRM과 고객충성도 관계 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.165-189

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As global competition intensifies in the 21st century, so many companies are trying to secure customer satisfaction and loyalty through building strong customer relationships. The domestic resort industry is becoming increasingly competitive as large companies, SMEs, and municipalities continue to open resort complexes, which increases the importance of CRM. However, research on CRM has not been active in tourism industry, especially resort. Therefore, in this study, we investigate which CRM activities are most effective to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. The results of the empirical analysis and implications are as follows. First, the CRM activities that affect the satisfaction of the resort users were the collaborative CRM activities and the operational CRM activities. In other words, communication with customers through various contact methods, customer inquiries, prompt and accurate feedback on complaints. In addition, it shows that differentiated benefits according to usage results, a congratulatory message, provision of supplementary services can increase the satisfaction of customers. Second, analytical CRM does not affect the satisfaction of resort users. Third, customers who have improved their satisfaction through resort CRM activities have significant influence on revisit of resort, positive word of mouth to other people. Fourth, CRM activities that promote customer satisfaction are different according to the leisure consumption propensity. Customer satisfaction had a positive effect on customer satisfaction only by collaborative CRM activities, but no CRM activity affected customer satisfaction by customers with efficiency consumption propensity.



박람회 환경단서의 중요도와 만족도가 참가기관의 재참가의도에 미치는 영향


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.191-211

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Industry exhibitions are solution to the seasonal nature of the tourism industry, there is the number of visitors to tourism industry exhibitions has been increasing rapidly every year. If the environmental cues provided by the host could satisfaction and reentrance intention of the participating organizations, growth of this industry can be expected. This research study is based on the difference between the importance and the satisfaction of environmental cues of a tourism exhibition, set of variables were examined. The survey was conducted organization in the 2016 Gyeonggi Tourism Exhibition. First, there was a partially statistically significant difference between the importance and the satisfaction of environmental cues of a tourism industry exhibition, and second, the environmental cue categories according to the 4 quadrants of the IPA matrix each had a partially statistically significant effect. Supplementing the results, limitations and research scope and direction etc. of this research study, by conducting various follow up research studies, it is expected that the results and findings will be beneficial to exhibition hosts and that the results can be referenced and carry academic significance.



항공사 객실승무원의 자기효능감이 자기개발 동기에 미치는 영향 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.213-233

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The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between self-efficacy and motivation for self-development by targeting cabin attendants of K Airline. As for research methods, the concepts and components of self-efficacy, motivation for self-development were analyzed, and preceding studies dealing with the relationships between the variables were reviewed. The components of self-efficacy were self-confidence, self-regulated efficacy, and task difficulty preference. Those of motivation for self-development were derived as intrinsic motivation, identified motivation, introjected motivation and extrinsic motivation. The study results revealed that cabin attendants’ self-efficacy turned out to have significant effects on motivation for self-development. Self-confidence, self-regulated efficacy and task difficulty preference had positive effects on intrinsic motivation and identified motivation. Task difficulty preference also had positive effects on introjected motivation and extrinsic motivation.



여행소비자의 경험적 가치에 따른 감정이 소비자-브랜드관계, 브랜드충성도에 미치는 영향


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.235-256

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Purpose of this study is to verify that the effect of Emotion, Consumer- Brand Relationship and Brand Loyalty on Travel Consumer's Experiential Value. The Travel Consumer's Experiential Value comprise pleasure value, economic value and functional value. The Emotion is consist items of a factor. Consumer -Brand Relationship comprise satisfaction and immersion and Brand Loyalty is consist items of a factor. A concent validity and a convergent validity of variables confirmed, also their reliabilities confirmed. It is summarized as follows that the result of hypothesis examined about influence relationship between the Travel Consumer's Experiential Value and the Emotion. Three factors of the Travel Consumer's Experiential Value have a positive effect on Emotion(H1,2,3). Emotion have a positive Consumer-Brand Relationship(H4,5). The Consumer-Brand Relationship have a positive effect on satisfaction(H6), but have a negative effect immersionl(H7). Accordingly, Travel Consumer can be influenced by psychological factors such as the Travel Consumer's Experiential Value in travel service encounter. Therefore, travel agency want to improve travel service quality need to provide the choice rights of travel experience.




鱼文英, 娄迪, 이주형

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.257-270

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With the intense competition and the increased cost of attracting new customers, companies are more focusing their efforts on customer satisfaction and switching barriers. Switching barrier can be defined as any factor which makes it difficult or costly for consumers to change providers. Using data of customers of China hotels, we examine the structural relationships switching barriers, relationship commitment, switching intention and customer loyalty. The results indicate that alternative attractiveness, switching cost and interpersonal relationship consist of switching barriers. Alternative attractiveness and switching cost have negatively impact on switching intention, but switching cost has no significant impact on switching intention. We also find switching barriers have positively impact on relationship commitment. Our results also show alternative attractiveness and interpersonal relationships are positively relation to customer loyalty, but switching cost is not significantly relation to customer loyalty. In addition, we find relationship commitment negatively impact on switching intention and positively impact on customer loyalty. More results and implications are discussed toward the end.



시계열분석을 통한 자연휴양림 계절별 이용수요 예측 : 계절ARIMA 모형과 지수평활 모형을 중심으로

최가영, 이정희, 유리화

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.271-289

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To cope with the rapidly increasing demand for Recreational Forest, the ability to provide accurate visitor flow forecasts became very important. The government would be able to invest properly and effectively to build various infrastructures and programs based on correct visitor demand forecasting. This study aims to identify the appropriate model and forecast visit demand of Recreational Forest, which is one of the representative infrastructures of forest recreation in Korea. In order to develop a forecasting model, the dataset of monthly visitors to Recreational Forest during 2009-2015 were used and two time series methods - Seasonal ARIMA and Exponential Smoothing - were employed. The results show that Winters Additive model was selected as the most appropriate model to forecast visit demand of Recreational Forest based on index of Mean Absolute Percentage Error. This study will make a great academic contribution to identify visit demand for Recreational forest by systematic and scientific methods. However, this model is not the only method available for forecasting demand. Since there are many other kinds of forest recreation infrastructures in accordance with different purposes, other kinds of forecasting methods should be adopted for better projection later on.



항공사의 조직문화와 객실승무원의 감정노동 및 직무소진 간의 영향 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.291-310

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This study aims to determine the relationship between airline’s organizational culture, emotional labor and job burnout of flight attendants. In order to accomplish the purpose of the study, the researcher conducted and analyzed the survey of flight attendants by using SPSS 22.0 statistics package and the data was collected from the flight attendants who work for FSC and LCC airlines in Korea. The findings are as follows. First, relation-oriented culture had a positive impact and innovation-oriented culture had a negative impact on inner behavior. Second, hierarchy-oriented culture had a positive impact on surface behavior. Third, surface behavior had a negative impact on reduced personal accomplishment. Fourth, inner behavior had a negative impact on emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment. This study can conclude that flight attendants’ inner behavior is very important to reduce their job burnout, therefore airlines should make up for fault of team system and provide mentoring, counselling for relation-oriented culture, which has a affirmative impact on inner behavior.



중저가 호텔의 시장지향성에 의한 조직학습이 직무만족과 경영성과에 미치는 영향

이범찬, 정유준

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제21권 제3호 통권 76호 2017.05 pp.311-335

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The purpose of this study is to suggest the implications for strengthening middle-low price hotels in S. Korea by analyzing the effect of organizational learning affected by market orientation on job satisfaction and business performance. In order to achieve this goal, 300 questionnaires were distributed, from June, 1st to June, 20th, 2016, to employees engage in middle-low price hotels in Seoul, and 287 sheets were collected. However 250 valid samples were analyzed for this study. For the empirical analysis, SPSS 18.0 for Windows and AMOS 18.0 statical package program were used. The results from the analysis are as follows; First, market orientation affects significantly on organizational learning in a positive direction(.997). Second, organizational learning affects significantly on job satisfaction in a positive direction(.895). Third, organizational learning affects significantly on business performance in a positive direction(.361). Forth, Job satisfaction affects on business performance in a positive direction(.475). In addition, this study analyzed the indirect effect of market orientation on business performance. Therefore, we could find that the influence of market orientation on business performance by mediating organizational learning and job satisfaction is much more powerful than mediating only organizational learning. The managerial implications from this research were suggested, and the limitations were also discussed.


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