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호텔종사원의 직무동기와 창의성에 관한 연구

류인평, 김정준, 김기범

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제12권 제4호 통권 37호 2008.12 pp.1-19

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Organizations are required to be creative and innovative to the extent that their environment is unpredictable, unstable or threatening. This study aims to identify the job-related motivators to employees' creativity and employees' creativity to performance as perceived by manager and supervisors in the hotel industry. From a sample of 302 hotel employees, correlation indicated among job-related motivators, creativity and performance. Factor analysis of principle components analysis with varimax rotation was conducted and two dimensions of motivators, creativity and performance were identified each other. The dimensions were (1)intrinsic motivators and extrinsic motivators of job-related motivators, (2)creative thinking and risk-taking of creativity and (3)employees' ability and efficiency of performance. The main results were that (1)intrinsic motivators was positively correlated with creativity. (2)intrinsic motivators was positively correlated with risk-taking. (3)extrinsic motivators was positively correlated with creativity. (4)extrinsic motivators was positively correlated with risk-taking. (5)creative thinking was not correlated with efficiency. (6)creative thinking was positively correlated with employees' ability. (7)risk-taking was positively correlated with efficiency. (8)risk-taking was positively correlated with employees' ability.



한국의 식도락 관광 진흥 방안 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제12권 제4호 통권 37호 2008.12 pp.21-44

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Culinary tourism, defined as the pursuit of unique and memorable culinary experiences of all kinds while traveling, is emerging as an important component of the rapidly growing cultural tourism market. Although food has been strongly linked to tourism in European and Asian destinations for years, Culinary tourism is a relatively new phenomenon in Korea. According to 2007 Visiting Korea tourism market survey and International visitor survey, 'Culinary tourism in Korea' has a great potential and needs more attention and effort to develop. This research tried to understand the meaning and importance of culinary tourism and get some implications from exemplary models for culinary tourism through 100 foreign web sites. And it reviewed the current situation of culinary tourism in Korea, through interviews with 20 inbound travel companies, 2007-2008 Best Korea travel program and 100 Japanese web sites found under the search word of "Korean tourism". To promote Culinary tourism in Korea, culinary tourism travel program encompassing various components of culinary tourism, effective internet marketing for culinary tourism, establishment of restaurant accrediting system and authoritative evaluation system, globalization of Korean food, development of various culinary tourism resources, and efforts of individual restaurants attracting culinary tourists are needed and should be harmonized



내국인 카지노도입에 대한 제주 지역민 태도 연구

윤지현, 최동석

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제12권 제4호 통권 37호 2008.12 pp.45-68

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Casino gaming is the most rapidly growing force in tourism development in the 1990s. Many research point out its benefits in the form of tax revenues, employment opportunities, tourism and community development undertaken by casinos. Although, it remains controversial as a social policy because of its perceived association with negative impacts such as crime, bankruptcy and traffic congestion. This research has the objective to understand the dimensionality of perception of casino impact and the host community's attitudes toward casino development. The model proposes that support for casino development is influenced by the perceptions of its economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts via conflict and collaboration. Based on the theories proposed the prior studies and social exchange theory, the 8 hypotheses were proposed. As hypothesized, evidence was found to support the direct relationship between the negative socio-cultural/environmental impact and conflict. And inverse relationship existed between positive socio-cultural impact and conflict. Also, positive economic impact had an significant effect on conflict. In case of collaboration, positive economic/socio-cultural impact was found to have an significant effect on it. With the respect to support, it was existed the direct relationship between conflict and it. And inverse relationship existed between conflict and support. These results provide managerial implications for tourism planners and policymakers.



축제품질이 참여의지와 축제만족에 미치는 영향

전상남, 배기철, 신학진

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제12권 제4호 통권 37호 2008.12 pp.69-87

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The purpose of this study was to find what are the effects of festival to the intention of participating the festival and to the participant's satisfaction. A survey design was adopted to collect the required information and a random sampling approach was utilized to select the respondents(N=220) at Namwon herb festival. SEM(Structural equation modeling) was used to examine relationship among quality, participation, and satisfaction. We found the quality of festival has a positive effects to the intention of participating the festival(standard regression weight=0.466, t=4.905, p<0.01) and to the satisfaction(standard regression weight = 0.730) at statistically significant level. The findings lead to an improved understanding of the interrelationship among the satisfaction, participation and quality of festival



한의학국제박람회 참가자의 중요도-만족도 차이 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제12권 제4호 통권 37호 2008.12 pp.89-109

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One of that the Exposition&Exhibition evaluation method is ISA(important - satisfaction analysis) by Tonge and Moore(2005) has been regarded as a useful technique to identify priority with visual chart and matrix without complicated statistical analysis. this method can evaluates quality of participant's perceptive experience. Therefore, This article adopted ISA to evaluates Exhibition on Oriental Medicine 2008. The Purpose of this study investigates Participants's Gap of importance and satisfaction to Exhibition's operational service quality for improving the quality level. To accomplish the study purpose, this survey was conducted with participants in The Exhibition on Oriental Medicine 2008. The results is following. The strategy is classified of Keep up the Good Work, Concentrate Here, Low Priority, Possible Overkill According to traditional ISA. Keep up the Good Work has Profit and 13 items. Concentrate Here strategy has a convenient Parking facility and 5 items. Possible Overkill Strategy has a price of Experience program and the others. Low Priority strategy has no items.


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