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제5권 제1호 통권 11호 (13건)

2002년 월드컵을 대비한 관광 및 숙박대책 - 인천지역을 중심으로

고석면, 박경호

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.3-25

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For the world cup 2002, it is required to focus our efforts on propagandizing Korean culture and providing chances for visitors to understand us correctly. Especially the games will open at various cities, Incheon has to prepare a lot for the event, developing new tour sites, accommodation facilities and also service manner for all Incheon citizens as well as tourism employees. So this paper suggests how to improve tourism and accommodation quality in Incheon, because this city was not well-known to the foreigners. As Incheon Airport newly opens, this city becomes the main Gate to Korea and connecting point to the world. The city authorities setup 7 projects including various tourism marketing and special events for the World cup. For example, Tourism complex in Yong-yu and Mu-eui, comprehensive tourism project for Kang-hwa, special tourist zone in Jung-gu, and character project for Incheon. In order to enhance the projects, it is highly required to establish investment environments, designate good hotel with low price and arrange home stays, and also systemize reservation and information, in addition, good tourist attraction such as various tour courses, special events, service quality, publicity and so on. In conclusion, all these will be accomplished only when all Incheon citizens as well as city authorities and tourism industry do their best for the World cup 2002.



전문대 관광학과(전공)의 경쟁력 향상을 위한 방안


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.26-44

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For the last 5 years there has been a massive increase of 200% in terms of the number of Tourism Departments without considering the balance between need and supply in the tourism industry. Recently, the problems have been due to the rapid decrease in the number of students and the faded economy, which has resulted in weak business in tourism industries. Therefore, this article provides the factors which can overcome the uncertainly of future employment for tourism students and improve the program and training system in the department. These factors will allow students to concentrate in an area, have support interest groups in their majors, systemize educational technologies, supply information technologies, develop faculties' abilities of using IT, offer further education opportunities to faculty, develop internship programs, and train students' to have skills to fit which meet the needs of industries.



대학생의 여행문화지수 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.45-62

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This paper aims at providing fundamental data available for developing the program to make the model of Korean university students' travel culture by evaluating and diagnosing the travel culture index focused on the travel ethics. The items for analyzing the travel culture index are classified into two fields;'tourism public order index' and 'tourist attraction purity index'. The two items above are evaluated by three criteria, 'always'( 5 points), 'often'(2.5 points), and 'rarely'(null) respectively. Every points calculated from the criteria are summed up. The analysis of Korean university students' tourism culture index shows the following results. The tourism culture index indicates 69.0(common index) despite that Korean university students are in the group maintaining average educational and cultural level in general. Especially the purity index indicates 67.4(below average index) which is lower than that of the advanced countries. It is required to provide the students some liberal arts subjects such as 'Global Etiquette', 'Modern Tourist Principles', and 'Tourism Culture and Etiquette' so as to improve their tourism culture and attitude. Furthermore, it might be suggested that tourism value and manners be taught to the students in the pre-schools and the elementary schools in order to foster their tourism etiquette and their tourism cultural understanding since the early age.



호텔 식음료 룸서비스업무 운영의 개선방안에 관한 연구 - 대전지역 관광호텔 식음료 부서를 중심으로

류경민, 이동근

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.63-81

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The service is the most strategic and competitive way in the hotel industry. Also food & beverage department with high quality service is the most important point that can make hotel image and profit more competitive. Specially "room-service", it can be the standard of the service mind of the hotel and the service education for the hotel staff. In these point room-service is a very essential part of the hotel industry. With the resonable management of room-service, we may get the much better image of the hotel. At the same time we can have the higher profit with it. So I have looked in to the market of the room-service and collected the sales amounts of almost hotels around Tae jeon so that we can compare them. With these data I would find out how they manage room-service for getting the higher sales amount, what it is problem if it has the very low marketing and what is the way of solution. Then I would present the best way of the successful room-service management with improving the quality of the service.



영상매체를 통해 노출된 관광목적지 이미지 - 영화⋅TV드라마를 중심으로

손대현, 이지은

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.82-98

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The purpose of this study is to examine the destination image placed in visual media, specifically in movies and television dramas. For this purpose, theories related to a destination image are viewed. In fact, the related literatures have stated that destination image plays important role in destination choice behavior. In short, tourists make a decision to visit a certain destination mostly based on its image which tourists have in their mind. Therefore, the most basic purpose of destination marketing strategy is to develope, transform and sustain its image. As a result of empirical study via frequency analysis about the open-ended question, it was found that visitors at a film location tend to relate its image not only to visual features, such as natural scenery or location's physical features, but also to a single event, a favorite actor(actress) or a theme. Besides, it is discovered that this image differed by the influence of demographic variables and the sources of information. Understanding of the image of which the visitors have the destination placed in visual media will help opening an effective way of promoting a destination. This implication is important not only for personal perspective but also for local governments.



호텔 부대시설 이용 고객의 호텔 선택요인에 관한 연구

손삼호, 윤대균, 정연국

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.99-112

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This study was undertaken to find out significant factors that encourage the customers to choice the hotel and to suggest the management strategies which can satisfy the customer's needs and increase the customer's visit. The research method to accomplish the purpose of this study carry out the field survey on the customer's choice factors about Other facility department which based on the document study and previous study. The empirical findings of this study & this thesis try to suggest the following management strategies are as follow: older respondents consider service factor than younger one. service strategies for old generation should be developed. A professional man & house wife are consider about all factors. it is necessary to offer special image & children's facility to satisfy house wife. It needs to be offered special other facility's service & image to satisfy customers. It is necessary to offer various group DC & program to satisfy group customers. Guests who received good image for hotel have impact on effect of word-of-mouth communication which recommends their neighbors. So to be offered presents & DC coupons etc. The findings of this study intend to establish the efficient and rational management strategies and draw customers and scheme out development of hotel industry.



남원의 광한루 내국인 방문객의 선호요인 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.113-137

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This study analyzes the various preferential factors of the tourists on Namwon and Kwanghallu from the social, economic, cultural, various points of view. The analyses of the preferential factors of the tourists, which make it possible to activate the local economy of Namwon, present the important informations to open a new tour market for the ones who run a lot of various businesses on the various types of tour. The theoretical consideration in parallel with the demonstrative study to accomplish the purpose of this study has been carried out. The survey through the questionnaires on touring has been taken for the one hundred fifty Korean tourists who have toured Namwon and Kwanghallu. According to the result through the demonstrative study, first, on the motive of touring and the choice of touring route the tourists who tour Namwon and Kwanghallu by their touring experience and family take the tour on the periods of the various events in Namwon and Kwanghallu, therefore the tourist agents should try to establish or develop the various tourism strategies on the events for the tourists. Second, the cultural relics tour demonstrated on the factor of motivation is the most preferential factors among the tourists. This analytic result brings about the essential materials to create the plan for developing Namwon and Kwanghallu. Third, the analysis of the rate of appreciated service shows that the harmony of the surroundings is satisfied most, which gives a vital factor to set up a strategic plan for the environmental development of the surroundings.



전시이벤트 운영계획에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.138-155

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Exhibition-Event as means of a struggle for existence marketing for company or nation have become ones in witch spectators actively take part in the aspect of a scheme and event factors have been emphasized in planning theme since the beginning industrial society. In this situations, exhibition-event has been a plan of efficient marketing promotion and displaying to make objects consumers and buyers. This thesis is aimed to verify exhibition-event effect, to be considered in the course of administration planning exhibition. Therefore the administration planning obtained are as follow : establishing of planning, preparing in advance, a work of participation books, preparing the opening, managing of an exhibition, analysis of result, and exact calculation. This study endeavor to present a administration planning about the increase of exhibition-event in quantity and quality which will grow. I hope that this study will give some help to producer and enterprise managers.



제주방문 중국관광자의 관광성향에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.156-173

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The purpose of this study is to find out Chinese tourist's disposition in Jeju where is designated 'No-Visa Area' for Chinese tourist and to suggest the marketing strategies which is able to satisfy Chinese tourist's wants and activate Chinese tourist's visit. For this, first of all, based on in depth understanding about Chinese tourist and structural problem in Jeju tourism, practical and effective strategies can be implemented, resulting in attracting more Chinese tourists to Jeju. So it should be inquired of preparation to receive Chinese tourist in Jeju and getting them satisfying tour service and Jeju's tourism public relation for chinese market which is called 'sleeping tourism giant'. The contents of this study are as follows : Ⅰ. Introduction to the purpose and method of this study, Ⅱ. Present situation of Jeju's Chinese tourism, Ⅲ. Problem and Improvement, Ⅳ. Conclusion.



일본 이벤트 관련산업의 특성에 관한 고찰


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.174-199

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This study focusing on an impact of the event industry on economy and industry describes the present situation and problems of Japanese event industry. After reviewing Japanese event industry, the study finds 1) the change in structure of Japanese event industry from government-driven system to private companies and civilian organizations-driven system and 2) considerable impact of event industry on Japanese economy and industry. The findings of the study suggest some applicable considerations to develope Korean event industry. Firstly, we need to understand and publicize a fact that event industry have a positive industrial effect on other industries that finally contribute to the development of our economy. Secondly, we need to develope event software for the level-up of event industry and the related industries. Thirdly, we need to train software specialist for development of software. Finally, we need to establish a event academy association and institution for development of software.



국제회의 참가자의 이용실태 특성에 따른 시설 만족도 조사에 관한 연구

조문식, 정연국, 최정은

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.200-223

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Conventions have become extremely important in today's business world. Every fields has its conventions : Professions, trade unionism, education, arts, commerce, politics, and fraternalism all rely on conventions to bring together the membership's cross section of ideas. At past studies, there were few detailed studied for the exhibition facilities in Korea even though they have taken several accesses to the international convention in the hardware aspect like facilities as well as in the software aspect. Whereas, for the activation of the international convention industry, this study shows the problem in exhibition facilities and how much the participant are satisfied with the service of the exhibition, and then presents the way out of tough conditions of Korean tourism as holding more international convention, which invites quality foreign tourists in large number. Therefore the object of this study shall be of help to the desirable development of international convention industry through the survey of the local exhibition facilities based on the positive investigation and the view of attendant. In consequence of the questionnaire survey, when a convention is tied to a trade show, delegates expect to see and hear about the newest equipment and supplies in their profession or industry, while it is high satisfactory with the scale of the international convention facilities in Korea(hardware aspect), it is dissatisfactory with the high-technological facilities and needs the improvement of the facilities in the software aspect. Now, it is time to bolster up the marketability and competitive power conforming to the future change in the international convention, which furnished with the high technology like the picture meeting using the ultramodern satellite communication as well as the external hardware filed studied and provided, which has the Korean unique character and produces a deep impression on the attendant.



호텔 비정규직 관리방안에 관한 실증적 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.224-243

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The objectives of this study are to understand the status of employment of labor of irregular job and management by hotels, and search the scheme to cope with it so that it can find the effective management strategy of laborer its irregular job. According to the result of study, it has been found that irregular job has not been active in five star hotels in Seoul area but internally almost all departments have contractual positions and out-sourcing has been settled in the area of housekeeping. In case of hourly work, people work relatively limited areas such as foods and beverage division and housekeeping etc. Particularly, in case of timely based work, problem resulted from inferior employment conditions and compensation has been found more than contractual job and service position. As it is scheduled to employ more jobs based on the time in future, labor conditions for them must be improved and compensation must be implemented foremost.



대학생의 인터넷 관광정보 탐색에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제1호 통권 11호 2001.02 pp.244-259

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In tourism, according to development of information and communication technology and the increasing use of the internet, the interest in the search for tourism information is increasing. In this study, I examined the previous research about tourism information and search for the information. I operated and analyzed the survey of actual condition about search for the tourism information on the internet to university students. Lately, university students are the important consumers on the tourist products market. The exact market analysis for the students might show the important current events about information service related with corporations which are supported nowadays with the internet and PC communication. I also researched and investigated the information and the sites which university students use frequently and the problems about tourist information. In addition, I examined the interrelation in these three elements; frequency in the use of internet information about tourism, accuracy of information, utility of information. I also presented the result of different examination among the frequency in use, gender, and the residential area.


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