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여행사의 축제여행상품 개발전략에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.3-21

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The purpose of this study is to establish the development strategy of festival travel product. In order to achieve the above purpose, I have run parallel analysis with both of the documentary study and empirical study. In case of the empirical study, I have adopted a questionnaire which is based on a documentary study basically. The target of this research was travel agents worker who were in Seoul. According to the result of this study, I can present the development strategy of festival travel product. First, by operation, in case of domestic tour, opportunism strategy and cooperation strategy are valid, in case of outbound tour, innovation strategy is valid, and inbound tour, technique application strategy is valid. Second, by position, most of travel agent's worker thinks the most proper strategy is technique strategy.



호텔종업원의 귀속의식과 성과와의 관계


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.22-39

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It has been well known knowledge that there is some relationship between employee's commitments and productivity. Until recently, the work commitments has been considered important in the management and tourism research. But It is possible that the kinds of employee's commitment related performance are varied depending on the culture of countries. From this viewpoint, I studied commitments of hotel employee comparing ones of the local hotels and the chain hotels related to foreign company. The 691 questionnaires were used to test hypotheses. I found major difference in the commitments between local hotels and chain hotels that influence the personal service quality. In the case of the local hotels, the organizational commitments were more important than work commitments, whereas the result in the chain hotel showed opposite result. I also found that the influential factors were different for work and organizational commitments.



호텔 구매현장에서의 고객반응 측정속성 개발

김장하, 이재섭

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.40-55

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The purpose of this study is to develop the Hotel customers' response measurement attributes. The procedures of this study is as follows: First, the attributes are developed through the rigorous analysis of literature review. Second, the attributes which have been developed are refined after the panel' discussion. Third, the attributes which have been refined are Hotel employees' opinion survey. Fourth, the reliability test is done for extracted attributes. Eventually, five attributes(money spend, duration of stay, number of buying and using items, liking, complaint) are extracted and discussed.



이용실태 특성에 따른 관광호텔 선택 요인에 관한 연구

김정만, 정연국

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.56-73

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This study was undertaken to find out significant factors that encourage the customers to choice the hotel in Kyungju, and to suggest the marketing strategies which can satisfy the customer's needs and increase the customer's visit. The research method to accomplish the purpose of this study carry out the field survey on the customer's choice factors about the major functional departments(Room, F&B, Other facility) which based on the document study and previous study. Data were collected from 300 guests who were staying at the hotel in Kyungju. According to research result, this thesis try to suggest the following marketing strategies. First, it is necessary to offer special service and event to satisfy women. Second, service strategies for young generation should be developed. Third, it is necessary to reinforce about F&B factor. Forth, various supplement service and event have to open by guest's market segmentation. Fifth, guests who received good image for hotel have impact on effect of word-of-mouth communication which recommends their neighbors.



축제방문객의 ‘기대-성과 불일치’ - 제주도 국제시민마라톤대회와 국제관악제의 비교분석

송재호, 고계성

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.74-89

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This paper provides a comparative profile of two different festivals, and analyzes the differences of the decisive variables in the process of participants' satisfaction-expectation→performance→disconfirmation. To find these differences, two festivals(International Civil Marathon and Summer Band Festival were held on Cheju island in 1999) are chosen and investigated. The survey is designed by an analysis of expectancy-disconfirmation model and a theory of participant's satisfaction. Based on the above processes, this paper analyses each influence of the expectation, performance, and disconfirmation, then comparing 18 expectancy decision variables with each these notions in two events. With this result, a marketing implication with participant's satisfaction is pursuing.



메가이벤트를 대비한 민박 가정 모집 제도 개선방안 - 수원시 민박 가정 모집 제도를 중심으로


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.90-110

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The purpose of this study is to research the problem and possibility of homestay offering system, which is organized to prepare Mega-event, such as 2002 World cup, by government. So far, there had been several times which homestay offering system was operated, for example, ’88 Olympics and ’94 Korea Visit Year. But the event was over, the homestay offering system was over. It was merely temporary device not systematic. So everytime new event would be held, the government try to find new homestay. Doing so, there are lots of waste of money, time and manpower. For this reason, this study try to suggest a better improved homestay offering system. The contents of this study are as follows : I. Introduction to the purpose and method of this study, II. Theoretical backgrounds of this study - Mega-event and homestay, III. Present situation of homestay offering system, IV. Problem and Improvement, V. Conclusion.



외국인 관광객 긴급전화서비스에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.111-133

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International travel is now an accepted way of life for an increasing number of people. Even though the traveller's insurance might cover the bills of accident and medical cure, they should first find a doctor or a hospital to get the right treatment during their stay in a foreign country. The purpose of this study is to obtain the basic information on the necessity of establishing active emergency assistance service for the visitors travelling in Korea. The exploratory study surveyed single random-sampled respondents of 300 travellers, and collected 248 usable questionnaires. The respondent's demographic characteristics were that Japanese travellers were 65.3%, and mostly aged twenties, thirties and forties. Findings from the survey were; 1. Most of the visitors considered robbery, lost of belongings, illness and accident as the most possible emergency cases that might happen during their stay in Korea. 2. Japanese travellers and pleasure tourist are associated in their mind with travel agencies when they encounter emergency or they purchase traveller's insurance, while western tourists and business travellers are associated with embassy for emergency, and with insurance company for purchasing travel insurance.



호텔회계정보의 유용성 제고방안


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.134-148

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The purpose of this thesis is to study the way of usefulness increase for hotel accounting in Korea. The main results of the study are as follows ; 1. The establishment of hotel accounting standards are needed for comparability and matching. 2. Multiple financial reporting should be provided with the users. 3. Accounts should by classified in detail accounting to the characteristics of the hotel. 4. It is necessary for those hotel accounting experts who are the front line of the hotel industry 5. The establishment of hotel accounting association is urgently needed.



인사고과실행에 대한 호텔종사원의 인지도 분석


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.149-167

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The effectiveness evaluation is very important in terms that it plays a great role in the field of the personnel management in the modern hotel business system. An unfair evaluation would make the employee not only los the aspiration to work but also impede the effective work. To the best of our knowledge there are few findings from field research addressing personnel rating at department, from a demographic variables' perspective, in the hotel industry. This is the purpose of the this study. This paper examines the perspective of personnel ratings of demographic characteristics. Data from 215 employees in seoul hotels revealed that sex, age, education, length of employment with current organization, and employed hotel have different in rationality, equity, acknowledge of personnel rating. According to the analysis, the effectiveness to improve personnel management through the development of effective personnel rating evaluation techniques and method. The personnel management requires that it is to improve evaluation method's justice, training programs, feedback program, and so on. It is necessary to reduce unjustice of personnel rating on the human resource management in service industry. To satisfy employee will be essential element in future corporation environment.



미래 가계소득 기대치와 생활유형의 함수로서의 관광행태 분석


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.168-184

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The impacts of the recent economic depression in Korea were analyzed. The effects of the current household income level and the expected future income level were compared. It was revealed that tourism activity changes occur as a function of both current household income and expected future income level, yet the expected future income level has a greater explanatory power. It was also found that tourism activity changes importantly rely on the individual's life style.



관광호텔의 기업문화와 영향요인간의 관계


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.185-205

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This study is not to present explanatory or conclusive study results, but exploratory study. The purpose of this study is to establish a theory framework for the corporate culture in hotels and its influence factors, and to suggest research implications for the development of hotel corporate culture in the future. To accomplished the main purpose of study(relationship between the influence factors and the characteristics for hotel corporate culture), canonical correlation analyses were conducted. The influence factors of hotel corporate culture were very related to the factors of the characteristics for hotel corporate culture.



지역관광개발 투자재원조달에 관한 실증적 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.206-229

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This study is to show the suggestion point about logical and useful the way of supply investment finance for the improving regional tourism development. So that to systematize the theories related to supply investment finance that is a serious obstacle in time regional tourism development and to analyze opinion of supply investment finance direction and cognitive factor of specialist about condition in supply investment finance. The summary of the results of the study revealed in the above process is as follows. First, there are 6 factors, “thrust condition of a public section” “n institutional condition of supply investment finance” “n invite condition of private capital” “n investment finance condition of useful local self-governing” “ thrust plan condition of supply investment finance”and “ division of a role condition of individual supply investment finance”as regional tourism development of cognition factors to supply investment finance. Second, between cognition factors to supply investment finance and a direction of supply investment finance and a cognition condition of overall supply investment finance have significant relationship.



사회적 관광자원을 기초로 한 관광상품 개발방안에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.230-250

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There are four kinds of tourism resources. Those resources are based on Nature, Cultural heritage, Society and Industry. Social resources are the tourist environment. Social resources have various aspects of tourist attractions. For example: People, their way of thinking, life style and religion. These find their expression in culinary specialties, architecture, fashion and cultural activities. Social tourism can develop in these fields and visitors can enjoy their stay in a particular society. This will be the source of tourism. An well-organized social tourist strategy emphasizes on safety during the visit, wel-coming, hospitality, attitude of the host country. Without improving the level of social tourism resources, Tourism Industry can not develop as it wants to go. In the Korean Tourism Industry there are many factors which can be developed through the social tourism resources. To improve and develop the Korean social tourism resources we need to educate people about the awareness of Tourism, Legal control to limit excessive competition between travel agencies, positive promotion abroad, tax reduction for tourism related businesses and permanent education for tourist employee and employment of only licensed tour guides for the quality of the tour. Korean tourism industry can growing up only when we are conscious of our own social and cultural identity and put value on it.



관광호텔 식당선택에 미치는 상황적 영향 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.251-275

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The purpose of this study is to examine the features of situational influence in the hotel restaurant Choice and to help the managers of Hotel restaurant in marketing, management and sales promotion in such a competitive situation of the hotel industry. More specifically, it has investigated the differences between the restaurant choice and choice factors in situational influence and identified there are also differences between hotel choices and choice factors in situational influence and demographic variables. This study should be considered more since the sample was not completely random and need to develop the dimension on situational influence factors. Therefore, the more systematic and continuous study should be executed to overcome those kind of limits.



호텔 연봉제 도입에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제4권 제2호 통권 8호 2000.06 pp.276-302

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The purpose of study is to initiate the annual salary system for effective personnel management. The management of a modern corporation requires human resource, material resources, information, etc. And the need for management method of the corporation to develope main human resource is now greater than ever. The content of this study are as follows : Ⅰ. Introduction to the purpose and method of this study, Ⅱ. Theoretical background of this study, Ⅲ. Methodology and analysis, Ⅳ. Discussion, Ⅴ. Conclusion. This is the empirical study with questionnaire in hotel employees, but it has been completed with more empirical study for professional group of salary concerned in the future. Sincerery, I hope that this syudy will give some help to hotel manager and personnel department manager.


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