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여행사의 인터넷마케팅전략 구축에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.1-18

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The purpose of this study was to provide objective and basic suggestion for successful Internet marketing strategy by close examination on travel agency Internet marketing, Internet marketing strategy, Internet homepage and Internet advertising. The results of this study indicate as follows: First, Information packaging is needed for effective Internet marketing and personalized service and digitalization are needed for customer loyalty. Second, Technology and Security-method should be improved for distribution and Travel agencies should use income-distribution network to insure potential customers. Third, The concept on product price should be changed. It means some kind of system avoiding price war, price based on customer value and differentiated price. Forth, Utilization of Banner-ads, e-mail, sponsorship, continuous advertising and concretization of advertising objects are needed for Internet marketing promotion. Finally, in this study it has such limits as insufficient literature research, limited questionnaire, unvaried travel agencies.



문경 전통 찻사발 축제 평가 및 개선방안에 관한 연구

남태석, 안태현, 정연국

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.19-36

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This research carries and analyse a survey for visitors who participate the 2th 2000 Mungyeong traditional tea bowls festival. It shows how to draw up a better plan which leads henceforth festival to be succeed. This study aims at establishing the cultural identity of the area of Mungyeong by developing the cultural tourist industry representing the region. In connection with this objective, the writer is going to summarize the result of the survey as the ways of making the Mungyeong area are tourist attraction and of giving the tourism of the area vitality. The executive committee has been organized to drive the 2th Mungyeong cultural festival for the display of traditional tea bowls, but the division of the committee into subcommittee and the introduction of letting each small committee play its own role in the efficient operation and opening of the festival. The programs for strategic cooperations with other festivities of other regions and effective public relations through journalism is to be established and pushed forward. Taking the initiative in holding the festival by none governmental personnels is desirable and setting up the project for raising and accumulation of the funds for festivals will be necessary. Training professional personnels and the extraction of opinions from them for the successful staging of the festival, and the mutual cooperation between citizen's organizations for the citizens's positive participation in the festival will be necessary.



여행사의 On-Line과 Off-Line 통합마케팅에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.37-56

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This study sets travel marketing as an object for analysis to understand the importance of internet for efficient integrated marking communication of On-Line & Off-line each travel agencies. Therefore, in this study, some literature and data on some travel agency were inspected and reviewed. The point at issue from the finding of this study are as follows: It appeared that Off-line promotion method factors were 'sales promotion', 'sales by Human', 'advertisement activity', 'enterprise P.R.', 'customer management', 'on-line reduce expense', 'on-line sales promotion', 'on-line operation'. The major result of this study is that the importance of integrated marketing communication has a great effect on the importance of On-line & Off-line IMC marketing and internet is recognized as a very important by travel agencies. That means internet will be general marketing method in travel agencies and integrated marketing communication will be their marketing competitiveness in the near future. As you can see, personal in tourism agencies think highly of On-line operation ability, but it is not performed well in terms of importance. That means integrated marketing communication is thought to be very important, but it is not performed properly in travel agencies. But if it is shows in overall aspects, important and performances have significant selections each other. This study shows IMC is significantly related to travel agencies, but many tourism companies utilize internet as a advertisement method and corporate image and it is not use very well in term of facility or corporate circumstances.



전문관광인력양상을 위한 교육프로그램 개선방안 - 여행업의 교육훈련제도를 중심으로


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.57-80

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This study aims to observe and analyze the dynamic relationship between the education training of the travel agency employees to measure expectation and satisfaction level. This study compare and analysis expectation and satisfaction factors of travel agency employee's education training, the summary of this results were as follows; First, the expectation factors of travel agency employee's education training have been analyzed that the employees expect very strongly. Especially, sex, education background, and department of education training are significant of work factor. And age, the period of work are significant of mental factor. Second, the satisfaction factors of travel agency employee's education training have been analyzed very strongly. Work, age, the period of work, department of education training are significant of inside factor, the contents of education training are significant of essential factor. Third, the satisfaction factors of travel agency employee's education training are influenced strongly by the expectation factors. I hope that the next study would keep high study as theoretical study and some more needs as statically analysis by closely questionnaire contents.



한식당의 고객만족을 위한 가격과 가치의 상관성 분석에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.81-94

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The market of eating out shows rapid increase at home. Eating out in the past took a serious view quantity and quality of food, but recently it tends to take priority of the value as services of restaurant and mood along with quantity or taste of food. This is due to recognition that the paid price for eating out contains not only just food but also even services and images. Namely, the value on payment price was diffused. The purpose of this study is to present improvement direction of services that middle price's Korean restaurants have to offer to customer by analyzing paid price, offered services and customer satisfaction's correlativity after grasping what is the attribute that customers want. Therefore, actual proof that analyze price and service value and customer satisfaction's correlativity was practiced for the purpose of achieving it. This study says that Korean restaurants have to offer more various menus and services through price, value and customers satisfaction's correlativity. Also this kind of study may have to be continued forward for them.



여행업종사자의 경력특성이 경력만족과 직무만족에 미치는 영향

박희일, 이기은

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.95-110

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This study examined the relationships between career-related characteristics, including growth opportunity, expected utility of present job, and career plateauing, and career satisfaction and job satisfaction in a sample of 141 travel agent employees. The findings revealed that while growth opportunity and expected utility of present job were positively related to career satisfaction, career plateauing was not. And then, the more growth opportunity and the lower career plateauing the employees perceived in their careers, the higher job satisfaction they felt. But expected utility of present job was not related to job satisfaction. Finally, the implications and the limitations of this study were discussed and the directions of future study on career-related characteristics were suggested.



국내와인산업 발전사에 관한 소고

방진숙, 조경숙

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.111-122

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Though the history of Korean wine industry is short, domestic wine market was formed by producing domestic wine Majuang in nineteen seventies thanks to government assistance in grape farming and wine production. I reviewed its history for 30 years classifying the development processes into 5 stages. 1. Introduction period(1970 - 1986) : Formed the winery complex and introduced wine into Korean alcohol industry by producing domestic wines like Majuang and Chateau Montbleu. 2. Import Wine Market Period(1987 - 1991) : As a result of negotiation on wine import with U.S.A, Korean wine market is open and foreign wine products were actively launched. 3. First Growth Period(1992 - 1996) : Wine market, especially red wine was expanded due to the improved living standard and increased interests. 4. Recession Period(1997 - 1998) : Due to the economic crisis from the 1997, wine consumption shrank dramatically, Accordingly, wine import companies and wine sales networks were seriously challenged. 5. Second Growth Period(1999 - present) : Consumption has been recovered along with economic recovery. Therefore, wine demand has been recovered along with economic recovery. Therefore, wine demand has been increased. Especially activated wine lover's societies and specialized wine education institute among young consumers and professionals in influenced many positive effects in Korean wine industry in this period. Wine is very sensitive to the economic situation compared to other alcohols. And major consumers have certain level of incomes and interests in wine. The forecast says that wine consumption will increase stably for the next 10 years, but it will increase rapidly from then on.



항공사의 전자상거래에 관한 연구 - 국내항공사 경쟁력 방안 중심


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.123-140

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According to Phocus Wright report, the number of customer looking for on-line travel site reached 10% in 1998, 19% in 1999 and 27% in 2001. On the other hand, the number of customers looking for off-line travel agencies has reduced to 39% in 2000, down from 53% in 1998, so that Airlines investment in on-line market should be reinvigorated. Travelers logging onto internet site want to pay for hotel, rent-a-car and travel packages on-line. Additionally, according to a recent survey, on-line buyers in travel market prefer airlines internet site. In other words, it means that Airline should display ticket fares at every hour and travel packages on its own site. However, there is a limit that the airliner just displays its own commodities even though its on-line site is equipped with 24-hour reservation system. In this process, other airlines are preparing to set up total travel portal site altogether. As for the case of Orbitz which is to be shown up in June 2001 and made by six u.s. major carriers, they developed strong search engine replacing CRS and save booking fee for CRS, provide customers with lower priced tickets as such, displays reservation lists of travel providers including 450 airlines seats and fares, hotels, make possible 24-hour reservation, enables customers to choose high quality products in Orbitz without spending much time on searching because it shows various kinds of airfares . In order to achieve those objectives, technical development has already been done. In this regard, I want to suggest that Domestic airliners should set up travel portal site based on developing search engine and induce traditional travel agencies to move into on-line ones.



여행업종사자들의 인터넷마케팅 인식 연구

성주연, 임광식

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.141-160

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The purpose of this research is to examine how travel workers perceive the external environment of the present traveling industry, their opinions about the influence on the existing travel industry by the internet travel business. The result of this research indicate as follows: First, travel personnel think that there are differences between the internet marketing and personal service marketing. Second, travel personnel think that the future of internet marketing for travel businesses is bright. Third, travel personnel do not view the prospect of travel businesses negatively on the ground of the increasing internet usage. Fourth, while the travel personnel who have a positive perception of internet marketing think internet marketing is more effective than personal service marketing, the travel personnel who have a negative perception of the internet marketing think personal service marketing is more effective than internet marketing. Fifth, travel personnel say that the serious problems of internet marketing are the lack of experts to maintain and update the home pages, the shortage of practical and accurate travel information and the low booking rate and profit rate relative to the high cost of home page installation and maintenance. Sixth, most travel personnel think that it is more desirable to introduce new systems, by considering the achievements and profits after utilizing the existing systems of travel businesses, rather than to invest disorderly and unreasonably to the internet travel businesses in the current situation.



디지털시대의 호텔 인적자원 계발 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.161-176

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Digital means a method of data processing in the form of numbers. Today the entire world is undergoing profound transformations brought about by digitalization, new information and communication technologies, and widespread use of computers. This is a so-called digital age, which is witnessing massive changes brought by globalization such as more powerful civil society, the rise in women's social status and more common phenomena of pursuit of pleasure. In order to cope with these enormous challenges triggered by new technologies, the companies are continuously expected to reform their human resource management. Without exception, the hotel industry is trying to promote expertise of personnel management. The recent trends and conditions for personnel management in the hotel industry are to find more diverse ways of recruitment and retainment of qualified human resources, to transform the pay system form rigidity into a new and flexible one such as performance-related pay system, to make labor-management relations more cooperative, to create more open and democratic working atmosphere. In the process of implementing innovation and reform, tackling challenges in the digital age, above all, the hotels should try to cultivate originality and creativity of their workers harboring more generous attitude towards differences among workers and some failures made by them. Secondly, the hotel industry should foster well-educated human resources with expertise who can share and skillfully utilize new information and knowledge, thus contributing to the company making a good profit. If the hotels are to secure more competent workers with expertise, they should respect each workers individuality and provide a good atmosphere where the workers can cultivate their originality and study themselves. And thirdly, the hotels should nurture highly-qualified workers who can even make up for the employers shortcomings. Fourthly, they should uplift the workers ability to deal with e-commerce. Fifthly, they should get the workers equipped with a variety of knowledge. Sixthly, they should improve and make a full use of potential capacity of women workers. Seventhly, they should encourage the workers to learn foreign languages by which they will acquire an international way of thinking. Among foreign languages, English, Japanese and Chinese languages are strongly recommended.



제주도 관광경제계정의 이론적 모형 개발에 관한 연구

양승필, 신기철

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.177-188

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The Main purpose of this study is to analyze and introduce the tourism economic accounts of tourism industry in Jeju. Tourism is projected to be one of the fastest growing global industries of the future. Significant progress is being made on measuring the benefits nation obtains from tourism. Much needs to be learned before information can be used for investments and business decision-making by individual enterprises. Tourism Economic Accounts will highlight the opportunities for developing and using such instruments. The main objectives of tourism economic accounts are to 1) raise awareness of stakeholder on use of economic accounts as a tool for making credible economic statements on the contribution, developing informed policies and national tourism strategies and providing informations for business decisions of individual tourism enterprises. 2) share knowledge and expertise of national tourism organization and statistical agencies in developing and implementing of tourism economic accounts and foster partnerships involving experts and industry leaders to undertake innovative research. 3) engage tourism industry world-wide and government in a concerted effort to develop and implement tourism economic accounts to ensure that they meet a wide community of interests.



특2급 관광호텔의 재무상태와 경영성과 분석 - S, K 호텔을 중심으로

원종혜, 채예병

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.189-210

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The many hotel in Korea have faced with turbulent environmental changes and globalization. Therefore, Hotel have to exert all possible efforts to raise the real value of a business enterprise than the growth in quantity of asset in 21st century. The purpose of this study was to find out the problem of managerial structure, financial structure, managerial performance and present the improvement plan of financial management of deluxe hotel on the basis of financial statement analysis. Results of sample hotel analysis were as follow; First, owner of sample deluxe hotel possessed exceed ownership. Insider ownership ratio was very high so owner's determination have influence on business management. Therefore constitution improvement of business enterprise is pressing through going public. Second, the problem of fund structure was the high reliance of the third-party capital(liabilities) and current liabilities, particularly short-term borrowing is high accommodation of the third-party capital. Borrowing is have to redeem through sales increase on the basis of aggressive marketing strategy and improve financial structure. Third, financial ratio analysis of sample deluxe hotel wasn't good in its all aspect, stability, profitability, activity, growth rates. Hotel manager have to establish management strategy through exact financial ratio analysis.



이벤트관리자 자격제도 도입에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.211-226

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The purpose of this study is to identify the related effect and priority of event sector for introducing event manager license in Korea, and to propose the subjects for examination with the qualification requirement to apply for the license. Through the analysis of the survey from 186 respondents of event professionals, students and educators, findings indicate 1. introducing the license of event manager will generate high quality event professionals, 2. event planner's license is to be preferentially adopted with the serious involvement of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 3. less limitation on age and education level and more limitation on work experience and professional education background are required for applying qualification, 4. proposed subjects for examination are principles of event management, event planning, event operation & coordination, event marketing, festival event, exhibition & exposition event, convention & conferences, cultural and performance events.



2002년 월드컵 경기장 관광상품 개발에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.227-244

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Several such Mega-sports facilities as Olympic or World-cup stadium have enough attraction to become good tourist attractions. Moreover, We can observe lots of cases that local communities tries to boom their economy through sports-related events. World-cup stadium has enough function to become a good sporting Facility as well as a good tourist attraction. So, Additional revenue can be created. The additional revenue is an important basis of economic benefit for each municipalities. Therefore, Concrete measure need to be made as soon as possible.



환동해권시대의 설악권 관광진흥에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.245-268

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The purpose of this study is to present political issues for tourism development of the Seorak areas through examining relations between recognition factors on tourism development of the Seorak areas at East-Sea Rim Age and tourism promotion factors in Seorak areas by systemizing the theories on the tourism promotion and East-sea rim age. To accomplish the purpose of study, theoretical study and empirical study are done. The result of this study suggests that there is close relationship between the recognition of tourism development of the Seorak area in East-sea rim age and tourism promotion. Therefore, following political plans for tourism promotion of Seorak area in Kangwon province; First, political alternatives for minimizing environmental damage due to tourism development should be presented rather than considering only the importance of development itself. Second, making tourism belt with specializing specific region through utilizing local advantages is urgently needed for tourism promotion of the Seorak area in East-sea rim age because the recognition and importance on tourism development is distinctly different in each areas. Third, alternatives for tourism promotion of Seorak area by leading private enterprise or inhabitants to participate in the process of decision making of the policies for developing tourism environment in the area. This study has following limitation. First, for more objective examination, research should be done in terms of inhabitants but sample group is only experts. Second, research is done before the recognition on the East-sea rim is known to people because of the time limitation. Therefore, more systematic and continuous study is required to overcome above limitations.



중국관광자의 시장세분화에 관한 연구 - 제주지역을 중심으로


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.269-290

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The purpose of this study is to propose the model for developing tourism products by market segmentation of chinese tourists visiting Korea. In order word, the research attempts to analyze chinese tourist's expectation for Cheju Island where is designated 'No-Visa Area', and to suggest useful marketing strategies for tourism market segmentation. To achieve the purpose of this study, this has theoretical study and empirical study. In theoretical study, this defined 'Chinese tourist', 'tourism market segmentation' and 'tourism products' in aspect of tourism through the documentary study. In empirical research was conducted based on the previous theoretical studies. 381 chinese tourist who visited korea were selected as samples of this study. And the answers were processed by SPSS PC Ver 10.0 to yield frequency Analysis, Reliability Analysis, ANOVA and Regression Analysis. This study results chinese tourists visiting Cheju Island have activity disposition, tourist convenience, and destination intention. In the view of tourism market segmentation, positive the rising generation was selected as a target market. They have many interest in visiting Cheju. In addition, this research suggests improvement for attracting more chinese tourist to Cheju Island in terms of law and regulations, accomodations, and marketing. It is believe that study will greatly contribute to obtain competitive edges of Cheju's tourism industry.



국외여행상품에 대한 관광자 불평사례연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.291-308

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Tourism policy of the government centered on promotion of tours caused excessive establishment, excessive competition, unstable management, and creation of dumping, and tourists could not avoid negligence of obligation of prior explanation, shortage of air-seats, insincerity of local guides, unexperienced local staff, delay of issuance of passport and visas, compulsory sale of optional products by local land companies. Thus, in order to boost sound cultivation of tourism in terms of restrictive policies and customers for tourism, improvement and restriction of policies should be made. First, as the necessity for enactment of special tourism contract law is emphasized, a special tourism contract law is necessary for sound development of tourism. Second, restriction on tourism should be reinforced. As maintaining current approval system, new registration should be strictly reviewed for creating sound tour agencies. Third, business guarantee insurance should be compulsory, and adjusted upward. Comparing to damages of tourists expected, minimum amount of insurance deduction should be changed higher. Fourth, regular checking of relevant department should be reinforced. Fifth, voluntary salvation organization to protect tourists against damage should be activated. Temporarily called "Arbitration Organization for Dispute in Tour Products" a protection body against damages for tourists, should be established to realize social development, and "Damage Dept. for Consumer" with sense of social responsibility of travel agencies. The government, municipal bodies, and public⋅private consumer bodies should improve "Declaration Center of Consumers' Claims" for upgrading public welfare and confirming rights of consumers, and establish "Dispute Committee of Tour Products" to be easily accessible for consumers, and "Professional Consultants for damage salvation of Tour products" by analyzing the case of tourist complaining.



한국 관광진흥을 위한 국제회의산업의 육성방안에 관한 연구

정종훈, 류서정

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.309-324

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Convention contributes greatly to the improvement of international payments and the economic activation and establishment of status of the host region. So it has become a new high value-added kind of industry. Each country raises convention nationally as it is expected to affect the economic, political, social and cultural tourism greatly. The aim of international conventions is not only at the convention itself. But as it includes pre & post tour, exhibition and event, international convention has double objects. Therefore participants of international conventions are regarded as double-aimed tourists in the tourism industrial aspect. Holding international conventions affects the tourism industry in the aspect of invitation of many tourists, extension of their stay and the way out of the decrease in the number of tourists at off-season. Korea is now humming with the huge conventions such as "The 14th General Assembly in Korea/Japan(WTO)", "2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan" and " The 14th Asian Games, Busan 2002". Expansion of the convention facility, activation of holding the conventions, raising PCO and cultivation experts are needed to develop Korean convention. If we conduct these ways of development of conventions strategically and consistently , holding conventions will make the future of Korean Tourism Industry bright.



산업체 위탁교육의 내실화방안에 관한 연구

정찬종, 신석호

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.325-339

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This research is focusing in the development of human power that has proper abilities for the adaptation in fast development of industrial society. This research also grasped problems in the industry-trust-educational system and its operation, and analyzed the controversial points that appear in the process of question finding. Also this research presented following suggestions of improvement. First, some plans for activating the consumer-oriented education should be considered. Second, some plans for the development of human power of office ladies should be prepared. Third, the field education and cyber-education system without any restrictions of time and space should be solidified. Fourth, various consumer-oriented ways of education should be developed. Fifth, reinforcement of the three dimensional cooperation- of government, industry and college- should be groped. Sixth, this empirical study shows that there are some meaningful differences in the students' choice of college and department. and that in their purposes, satisfactions, and so on, studying in their colleges. Therefore, according to the conditions of college or department, a specialized ways of teaching must be groped.



陰陽五行論의 色彩觀念과 食思想

조경숙, 방진식

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.340-355

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Culture is referred to as the daily way of life, throughway and worldview. The Korean eating cultural institution was formed by the traditional Korean Yin-Yang ideology. And the Yin-Yang and Five-Element thought, originating from the understanding that the principle of nature as the orderly principle of all things in the universe is consonant with the principle of the human being, is applicable to the eating life. And the color system in our food has developed in the process of being symbolized and institutionalized in the norms of the Yin-Yang and Five-Element thought. Farming consists in the ideology of Yin-Yang. Agricultural products obtained through the inherent coupling of heaven and earth are food materials. The earth, sea and mountain which become the source of all food materials, the foundations for the world of Yang and Yin, became the source of Taoism and the basis for Korean food culture. And health is the concept opposed to disease and the basis for the vital existence of human beings to be comprehensively treated. The desirable health status means being physically and mentally healthy, and further implies that man enjoys eternal youth in adaptation to changes in the natural and social environment. This is the manifestation of the eating philosophy containing the human desire across all ages and in all countries of the world. Like this, it is thought that the Yin-Yang and Five-Element thought started with the ideology of political, social and institutional enlightenment to educate and guide people on the eating philosophy of 'The source of drugstuffs and food materials consists in the natural system' Five tastes coexisting in the Five-Element principle are associated with the internal organs(five viscera) of the human body. Food materials for survival were institutionalized as the edibles composed of five colors. The edibles that five colors mean and symbolize are identical with five nutrients recommended to contemporary people in the experiment of food nutrition. Choice of food materials used for preparation according to the Yin-Yang and Five-Element thought, tabooed food starting with food sanitation, the concept of three meals per day and timed diet, abstemious diet, events by the ritual of passage and the like make use of the strict norms and eating utensils of food. This eating thought deeply rooted in contemporary people's eating life acts as the cooking code presenting health and tastes. Like this, investigation of the relationship between traditional colors proper to Koreans and food in this study rediscovered the aesthetic sense of applying our color of our native style to the eating life. It is expected that autonomy inherent in the concept of traditions coexisting in modern eating life will not be destroyed and modified but kept and revitalized. And it is hoped that further specific research will continue to be conducted.



관광호텔 브랜드의 인지/선호도 측정에 관한 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.356-376

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1. Results (of the study) First, the tourist hotel that was first recognized by consumers was Hotel Shilla and the tourist hotel that was secondly recognized by consumers was also Hotel Shilla. In addition, Hotel Shilla, special grade I tourist hotel, and Novotel, special grade II tourist hotel, received highest approval rates in terms of familiarity, preference and potential use in the survey of consumers. Second, in terms of familiarity of the tourist hotel logos, the logos of Hotel Shill and Holiday Inn(special grade II) were most familiar to consumers. Third, there was no significant difference in the analysis of the recognition, preference and loyalty of the tourist hotel brands depending upon the residential areas(Gangnam/Gangbuk). Nor was there any difference in the analysis of the recognition, preference and potential use of the tourist hotel logos. But in terms of familiarity, there were differences between special grade II tourist hotels located in the Gangnam area and the Gangbuk area. Therefore, it was proved that the logo recognition, preference and potential use were not influenced by the residential areas but the familiarity was influenced depending upon location. 2. Suggestions First, in the survey of the first recognized tourist hotels, Ramada Renaissance, Hilton and Marriot were least recognized by consumers and therefore these hotels need to seek ways to improve their familiarity and preference. Second, under the current situation where the competition for recognition is so stiff, tourist hotels need to make every effort to increase the purchase opportunity of their products by enhancing their brand recognition/preference. Third, it is necessary to newly establish the awareness of the brand recognition/preference of the tourist hotel industry by sharing the analysis results and at the same time the industry's efforts to improve the recognition and familiarity of the special grade II tourist hotels are needed. This study will become meaningful when the results are used to create more repurchases and revisits by enhancing the consumers' brand recognition/preference, familiarity and image through the implementation of brand-focused management as a new paradigm for an enterprise that can create new thinking, new strategies, a new organization and a new evaluation system.



한강 관광유람선 상품의 선호도 분석


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제5권 제3호 통권 13호 2001.10 pp.377-391

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Based on the result of this study, if I suggest the ways to activate the use of Han-river excursion ship, it is as follows. First, many respondents admitted the value of tour products regarding Han-river excursion ship. So using this multiplication effect, I think that convenient facilities should be expanded for the convenience of tourists. For example, one major type of tourists who take the excursion ship is the type that family members come together. So I think that it is needed to prepare convenient facilities like playing rooms for children. And also, because events in the ship are held mainly at night, we could see that tourists who use the excursion ship in the day time are not interested in such events. Therefore it is needed to prepare events that are proper in the condition of the daytime. For example, by using royal robe sailing ships, it can make them feel the life style of ancient ancestors. Or by performing Korean classical music in the ship, the unique zest of Korea can be shown. Finally, the tourists' evaluation result about the price and the cleanness of food & beverage shop was not good, so it is acutely necessary to recompose it. And also, to set up accurate guide signals for each language(English, Chinese, Japanese) for foreign tourists and to educate the crew should be strengthened. This study analyzes the various preferential factor of the tourist on Han river love boat. This research studies the following:


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