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호텔기업 인적자본과 혁신행동의 관계에서 신뢰의 매개효과


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.1-20

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The purpose of this study was to reveal how human capitals of deluxe hotels located in Seoul affect corporate trust and innovative behaviors. In addition, it tries to find out the mediating effect that the trust among coworkers have contributed to human capital and innovative behaviors. The result of this study shows that human capital has a great effect on the trust among employees and innovative behaviors. And it has been outed that the trust between the company and employees is a mediating effect between human capital and innovative behaviors. The results of this research shows that for competitive advantage under the competitive environment of the hotel industry, in addition to human resource management and organizational management, the management system which emphasizes the importance of human capital and the trust among company members should be built.



대학생활 적응척도의 요인구조 분석 - 관광관련 전공 학생을 중심으로


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.45-66

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This study investigated the factor structure of RSACQ(Revised Student Adaption to College Questionnaire) using SPSS 11.5 and AMOS 4.5 program that supply estimation method for data. The participants consisted of 277 tourism major's students aged 18-51. The results showed that student's adaption accessed by RSACQ has for factors. individual and emotional adaption, scholastic adaption, adaption of university's general environment and social adaption. This strengths of this study include the application of more rigorous questionnaire methodology than has been used in previous studies. Also, this result that tourism major's students accessed by RSACQ has four factors is possible to used in clinical settings as well as future researches.



HMR 이용객의 식음료 정보인식수준의 세분화에 관한 연구 - HMR 영양정보를 중심으로

배준호, 신현규, 이준재

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.67-82

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The food industry is growing faster and absorbing variety fields. Despites this developments, HMR industry is not concerned as well. In this situation, need to focused in HMR. So, the purpose of this study is to segment Home Meal Replacement(HMR) customer for marketing based on F&B Information Recognition. Using the factor analysis, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, and ANOVA to find out different behavioral intention in each clusters, the result elicited some implications. First, Using factor analysis to reduct F&B Information Recognition variables and analyzing the level of recognitions for the grouping by cluster analysis. The results showed that 3 clusters(High, Mid, Row recognition of F&B information) were founded and had difference in behavioral intentions. Cluster 3 which is higher recognition group has higher satisfaction of F&B information recognition and purchasing their favorite stores. The customers who have row level of recognitions lead to low satisfactions and repurcahsing. The result shows that market researcher in food and berverage should approach different marketing strategy and provides various information might customer want. This research need to survey broad populations for generalizing the results and using diversity variables to reveal relations between information and another variables.



체인호텔의 시장지향성, 조직학습, 경쟁우위, 시장 감지능력 및 반응능력, 경영성과의 영향관계


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.83-103

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This study analyzed effects that market orientation of chain hotels influences to business performance through mediating variables of organizational learning, competitive advantage, and market sensing & responding capabilities. Fifteen research hypothesis based on the literature review were suggested, and 226 questionnaires were surveyed from the six deluxe chain hotels in Seoul. The empirical analysis was carried through the covariance structure modeling with LISREL(8.52), and three important facts were deduced as a result. First, chain hotel is required organization and task systematization related market orientation to dimension of total marketing in the future. Second, market orientation of chain hotel have to more emphasized for differentiation maintenance now and other differentiation in the future. Third, organizational learning of chain hotel plays very important role in the market-oriented management system, and it leads to competitive advantage and market sensing & responding capabilities, and it influence to elevation of business performance ultimately.



항공권발권 수수료 효율화 방안 및 서비스수수료 타당성 연구


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.105-131

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Almost Airlines in US and many European counties have either set travel agent commissions at a very low level or removed them altogether. Also K Airlines, one of Korean National airlines decide to remove travel agent commissions from Jan of 2010. So travel agent need to build new business model in travel market through the study on the effectiveness of travel agent commissions and validity of Service Fee. This paper provides an overview of the travel agent business model through overseas case(US, European counties and Japan) and revenue structure, an alternative business mix, new business model in Korean travel market through the survey of travel agent's expert. Conclusion as to the removal of travel agent commissions, suitable for the Korean travel agent business model is presented.



길찾기 행동에 있어서 관광지 환경정보, 인지도, 관광자 만족도의 영향관계에 관한 연구 - 테마파크를 중심으로

이재곤, 한금희, 이승언

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.133-158

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When tourists encountered some trouble in wayfinding at specific area, tourists would be stressed and couldn't be satisfactory. I raised some issues based on previous research. The purpose of this research is to suggest an effective management method for tourists' wayfinding behavior at tourist resort. Below are detailed purposes to be done. The result of analysis is as follows. First, I performed ‘multi regression analysis’ to check whether environment information influence on cognition or not. As a result, it was appeared that space differentiation and experience influenced on cognition meaningfully, while signage, asking help and landmarks didn't influence on cognition meaningfully. Second, I performed multi regression analysis to check if cognition influence on satisfaction. As a result, it was analyzed that cognition influenced on satisfaction meaningfully. The implications arisen from this study through analysis were as follows. First, when managers develop a tourism area, they should construct each area with differentiation. And, it will be very helpful for formulation of tourist cognition. Second, managers should give tourists special experience. This experience will be very helpful for formulation of tourist cognition. Finally, manager of tourist resort have to try to develop proper environment to make possible to easily form tourist’s cognition and this will facilitate for wayfinding at the same time can be a factor that make tourist satisfied.



지역사회자본, 지역혁신체계(RIS)와 관광거버넌스와의 영향 관계연구 - 강원지역을 중심으로

임관혁, 유창근

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.159-180

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The goal of regional tourism policy can be achieved by the activation of the regional area based on the cooperation of local residents, self-governing community, governments, and other related communities. Here, for the development and growth of the self-governing community's tourism, the social consent is needed. Hence, this study aims at the building of the regional innovation system based on the formation of social capital; and the construction of the regional tourist governance system through the cooperation and partnership among the innovation subjects. For this purpose, this study draws the causal relationship using a structure equation based on the research model. As a result, the community social capital has a positive influence on the regional innovation system (RIS) and RIS is significantly related to the construction of tourism governance. In detail, both cooperation of the social capital and the education for the residents have a significant influence on RIS, which in turn affects regional tourism governance including participations, transparency, trust for cooperation, establishment of the foothold and the capacity of the participants in general way. That is, the establishment of the regional tourism governance will be possible according to the settlement of the regional innovation capacity, confidence and cooperation.



패밀리 레스토랑의 온라인 구전, 신뢰성, 구전수용 그리고 레스토랑 방문의도의 구조적 관계

조원섭, 조문식

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.181-199

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This paper reveals the effects of on-line word of mouth on intention of family restaurant visit using structural equation model. For this research the sample group is students of university. A total of 261 responses provide the validated data for analysis. The model and hypotheses were verified through the multivariate statistics and SEM using SPSS 12.0 and Amos 4.0. The results can be summarized as follows. First, consensus had a positive effect trust. Second, vividness had a positive effect trust. Third, community interaction had a positive effect trust. Fourth, trust had a positive effect acceptance of word of mouth and intention of family restaurant. The results of this study can be used for further studies of on-line marketing. This study also provides the authentic data for the efficient management of on-line word of mouth at family restaurant.



Web 2.0 기술을 적용한 여행사의 웹사이트 시스템 구축 우선순위에 관한 연구

조효연, 정용해

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.201-222

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The purpose of the present study is to develop an evaluation model for constructing an efficient Web site system to travel agencies trying to develop a Web site system for strengthening of the company's business competitiveness and satisfaction of customers' desire by introducing Web 2.0 that is being represented as the latest internet technology to satisfy expectation and desire about web technology of enhanced customers. The domains necessary for development of the Web site system's evaluation model for constructing the efficient Web site system and the suitable items according to each domain based on the existing previous researches appeared as follows, namely, three domains of Core Process, IT Infrastructure and Based Environment, a total of 12 items from each domain such as 6 items of Community, Commerce, Communication, Customizing, Contents, Connection in Core Process, 3 items of hardware, Web 2.0 and network in IT Infrastructure, and 3 items of policy, organization and manpower in Based Environment.



골프관광 참여자의 일반적 특성에 따른 서비스 품질 만족의 차이가 골프관광 재구매 행동에 미치는 영향

최윤동, 최조연, 박금숙

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.223-244

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In the contemporary society, sports tourism occupies very high weight in leisure. Especially, consumers’ desire for golf tourism connected with golf gets higher and a lot of overseas golf tourism goods are being developed. Now such a change of market and consumers’ desire for golf tourism are growing together. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to construct a strategic foundation to induce tourists who want to participate in golf tourism and to secure them as a customer by disclosingwhat difference there are in service quality satisfaction according to tourists’ demographical characteristics with golf touristsand analyzing what effect satisfaction for the service quality had on repurchase behaviors. The study carried out a survey through convenience sampling method out of non-probability sampling method with consumers who participated in golf tourism in 2009. The study used total 399 copies judged that there is reliability lastly as an effective sample, excepting questionnaires including data with poor or unrecorded answers out of collectedsamples. The study carried out frequency analysis, factor analysis, reliability analysis, correlation analysis and multi regression analysis with SPSS Ver. 12.0K. The conclusions through the above process were as follows. First, there were significant differences among each group in service quality satisfaction according to age and job out of demographical characteristics of golf tourism participants. Second, the service quality satisfaction of golf tourism participants had a significant effect on repurchase behaviors of golf tourism.



여행서비스 실패의 심각성과 고객감정반응, 서비스회복 공정성 및 결과와의 영향관계


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.245-267

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The previous other research has greatly advanced the understanding of service failures and recovery by providing a theoretical framework. Previous research has not, however, investigated the tenants of the framework across various service failure situations, specifically under varying levels of the severity of the service failure and customer's negative emotion in travel service. So, I investigate the main effects of customer's negative emotion and the severity of service failure with perceived justice on result with the service recovery. In this research has found that interactional justice and distributive justice are critical factors which are influencing customers' future behavioral intention after service recovery. Managers should also consider that customer perceived justice has a significant effect on recovery result. Thus, managers should make every effort to guarantee to the customer a fair complaint handling process and adequate compensation system. In general, the results presented suggest that studies dealing with service failure and recovery should take into account consumers' future attitude toward complaining as a way to improve explanation in the boundary conditions of the investigated effect relationships. Future studies should also investigate how magnitude of service failure affect real consumer complaining behavior, instead of intentions of complaining behavior and classify the service failure severity more variously. Also, new variables as like levels of switching costs should be included.



생태축제영향 인식이 지역주민의 태도와 참여의사에 미치는 영향


관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제14권 제2호 통권 43호 2010.06 pp.269-290

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This study purposed to examine the impacts of ecological festivals, which are held based on the environmental characteristics of eco‐tourists’ destinations, by surveying local residents’ perception of such festivals. For this purpose, we took the case of ‘the Reed Festival in the Suncheon Bay’ and surveyed the local residents’ attitude toward and intention to participate in the festival in order to understand how the local residents perceive the environmental, social and cultural effects of the festival on the community and to provide useful information for reducing negative impacts of the festival and increasing its benefits. According to the results of examining the effects of the ecological festival, the positive effects of the festival were perceived more positively and its negative effects were perceived less negatively. Thus, in order to enhance the positive effects of the festival and to induce local residents’ continuous participation in the festival, it is necessary to plan how to manage the reed fields and fishing grounds and to develop environment‐friendly profit‐making businesses. What is more, as interest in ecological environment is rising throughout the world, all the residents of the community with distinguished ecological resources should make active efforts to preserve the Suncheon Bay and environment education programs should be developed continuously in order to support the efforts.


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