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제25권 4호 (11건)

영어읽기 보정교육(Intervention)을 위한 심층진단(In-Depth Diagnostic Assessment) 사례 연구

우길주, 정은숙

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 4호 2018.12 pp.1-20

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The purpose of this study was to diagnose students with reading difficulties in English, in order to provide them with reading interventions applying with DIBELS Next(Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) and other diagnostic assessments. The research subjects were 3 students of elementary school of the intensive summer English reading program. The results are as follows: Case 1 showed that the subject needs additional review and practice on VCC, CVCC, CCVC words and words ending“y”. Case 2 revealed that the subject needs explicit instruction with two syllable words etc. An intervention for Case 3, showed the subject’s progress should be monitored in order to observe the developmental phase of reading fluency. This information was used to adjust subjects’ intervention plan to focus more explicitly on these particular skills.



팝송을 활용한 영어 학습 스트레스 감소를 위한 실험 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 4호 2018.12 pp.21-40

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The purpose of this study was to find out how to reduce the learning stress that can occur in English learning for foreign students in a Korean university. By the use of the effect of music on human psychotherapy, singing a pop song was used in EFL class and salivary cortisol concentration was analyzed. Twenty foreign students (ten from the control group and ten from the experimental group) at Inje University participated in this experiment. In a naturalistic before-after design, samples of saliva was collected. The average Cortisol concentration of the control group increased from 4.709ng/ml to 5.178 ng/m ( p=0.8203) while the average cortisol concentration of the experimental group decreased significantly from 6.151ng/ml to 4.627ng/ml post (p=0.0156). These results suggest that singing a pop song has positive influences on reducing EFL learning stress.



탈락과 장음화 효과에 의한 영어 겹자음단음화 분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 4호 2018.12 pp.41-60

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The purpose of this study is to try to redefine the aspect of the perceptual view that English geminates experience degemination through the lengthening effect caused by deletion. When an English geminate considered as two adjacent identical consonants comes to emerge by morphological process or assimilation, it has been interpreted to be deleted by phonological rules. Recent studies, however, show the data that degemination comes from shortening effect by overlapping or lengthening for certain reasons. This study argues that degemination is not so much shortening as lengthening effect. Based on Steriade(1999, 2000)'s theory of perceptual cues, it is explained that the segment which lacks perceptual cue compared to neighboring segments tends to be deleted and the very neighboring segment fills the empty slot by lengthening.



한국인 학습자들의 영어 장거리 wh-의존성 처리 메카니즘에 관한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 4호 2018.12 pp.61-82

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This study aims to investigate not only a degree of linguistic knowledge and its utility but also the process of processing English long-distance wh-dependencies. Forty-eight Korean learners proficient in English participated in two experiments: an offline task and a self-paced reading task. The results of these two experiments show that first, Korean learners have a high degree of syntactic knowledge, and the ability to process long-distance wh-dependencies similar to native English speakers'. Second, Korean learners, using the active filler strategy instead of the intermediate gap, appeared to attempt to link the wh-filler to the object gap position behind the potential verb to assign the thematic role rather than waiting for the object gap position behind the subcategoring verb to establish the dependency. These findings do not support the shallow structure hypothesis.



개념도 활용 독해 전략이 영어 학습자들의 사실적 및 추론적 독해에 미치는 영향


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 4호 2018.12 pp.83-109

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This study aims to examine the effect of the use of concept mapping on Korean college students’ English reading comprehension depending on the text complexity and English proficiency. It also investigates whether or not concept mapping has an effect on reading comprehension test scores according to two different types of test item types(bottom-up items and top-down items). Two hundred one college students(high, middle, low English proficiency groups), who were divided into the control group and the experimental group(concept mapping group), participated in the study and experimental group students only used concept mapping as a top-down reading strategy. One-way ANOVA was employed to analyze the collected data. The results showed that first, the concept mapping strategy had significantly positive influence on English reading comprehension of the complex text. Secondly, there were interactional effects between the concept mapping strategy and English proficiency on English reading comprehension. Lastly, the concept mapping strategy improved the students’ top-down test item scores of the complex text. Pedagogical implications were also presented.



영어 비속어에 대한 한국인 영어학습자의 인식 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 4호 2018.12 pp.111-136

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This study investigated Korean English learners’ awareness of English swearword use. Forty six Korean college students and 15 English native speakers participated in the study and two questionnaires designed to examine the frequency of swearword use in daily life and the awareness of swearword rudeness in conversations were implemented. Results from the analysis of One-way ANOVA and Pearson Correlation revealed that there were statistically significant differences between Korean English learners and English native speakers in the awareness of swearword rudeness in conversations and there were mild correlations between the frequency of swearword use in daily life and the awareness of swearword rudeness. The directions of further studies were discussed with the limitations of this study.



고등학생들의 영어 학습동기와 학생들의 영어 학습지속의 연관성 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 4호 2018.12 pp.137-149

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Previous studies on L2 motivation tended to focus on the relationship between L2 motivation and L2 proficiency. While the prior studies contributed to examining the multifaceted aspects of L2 motivation in relation to its influence on L2 achievement, they showed a distinct lack of the investigation into learner’s motivation in the process of L2 learning. To fill this gap in the literature, the purpose of the present study is to shed light on the relationship between high school students’ motivation in learning English and their persistence of studying English. A total of 176 Korean high school students participate in this study and their data were collected through survey questionnaires. Results show that students with higher motivation tend to stay longer in studying English after they determine to study English to improve their proficiency.



Processing Filler-Gap Dependencies in Korean How Many-Constructions

On-Soon Lee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 4호 2018.12 pp.151-172

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This study examines the processing of Korean how many-phrase questions that include filler-gap dependencies. A corpus analysis and a reading time analysis were conducted. The reading time data were collected in an experiment employing a self-paced reading task with 43 native Korean-speaking adults. Korean question words can appear in situ or be scrambled to appear in various positions. The materials were sentences with how many-phrases and a variety of word orders. The reading time results indicate that the readers began to search for the gap as soon as they had identified the fronted how many-phrase in scrambled constructions. This finding tells us that the readers’ sentence processing mechanism is not guided by probabilistic expectations; that is, it is not shaped by the distributional patterns in their language experience. However, the finding is consistent with the prediction that the parser engages in an Active Filler Strategy, indicating that the processing mechanism is guided by an active process of dependency formation.



Subject Positions in Locative Inversion Constructions in English and Korean

Seong-yong Lee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 4호 2018.12 pp.173-199

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In this paper, we will show that multiple subject positions can also be found in the locative inversion construction(LIC) in English and Korean, associated with specificity feature of the subject. For this purpose, we will show that LIC and the inverted presentational there construction are basically the same construction, the only difference being that the subject position is occupied by a null expletive pro in the former, but by the overt expletive there in the latter. After that, we will show that the null pro and the expletive there occupy SpecTP and the fronted PP raises to SpecTopP via SpecFinP, and that the mixed subject and non-subject properties that the fronted PP displays can be reconciled under our analysis. We also argue that Korean has a limited number of LICs and the locative subject construction, which forms a multiple nominative construction, is one of the examples. We will show that LIC in Korean is derived exactly like LIC in English except that the former lacks a null expletive pro or an overt expletive there in SpecSubjP.



The Speech Act of Offering Advice in Learner English in Korean Context

Sujung Min

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 4호 2018.12 pp.201-219

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Taking a cross-cultural pragmatic approach, this paper compared the speech act of offering advice as realized by Korean L2 learners of English with that of English native speakers. The study investigated pragmatic transfer from L1 Korean while offering advice in L2 English. The study also aimed to examine whether Korean L2 learners’ perception of directness vs. indirectness in the realization of offering advice differs depending on their proficiency. The findings showed that Korean L2 learners of English were not as balanced as native English speakers in the use of indirect strategies of offering advice. The results also revealed that both Korean L2 learners and native English speakers are inclined to use similar strategies for the realization of offering advice. Findings call for further research on pragmatic transfer of the varied English proficiency level and considering appropriate pragmatic teaching methods.



Grammaticalization of the Plural Marker in Korean : From Object to Text to Stance

Seongha Rhee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 4호 2018.12 pp.221-249

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This paper addresses the Korean plural suffix -tul which started out as a noun with the meaning of ‘others (of a similar kind)’ or ‘these (just listed)’ and grammaticalized into a bound plural suffix. One peculiarity in Present-Day Korean is that it became reanalyzed as a formant whose function is not merely a pluralizer but also a discourse marker signaling the speaker's attitudes. Its development presents a number of intriguing aspects of grammaticalization. It shows not only the traditional [lexical > grammatical] change but also [grammatical > discourse] change. It also exhibits ‘persistence’ in that its presence usually implies plurality of the sentential subject. Further, it strongly suggests that language users often use intercategorial analogy in grammaticalization, a point argued for in recent literature. This paper shows the intercategorial fluidity that lingers around the grammaticalizing form and intersubjectification that constantly pushes a form into the interpersonal domain.


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