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제20권 4호 (13건)

영어에서 접사화로 인한 마찰음화의 최적성이론 분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.1-17

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The purpose of this study is to analyze the spirantization in English suffixation with Optimality Theory. In Lexical Phonology, spirantization is explained with the rule ordering, based on the Siegel’s(1974) affix classification and ordering hypothesis. Spirantization rule is applied after the class 1 affixation in stratum1(Mohanan, 1986). However, several scholars point out that classification of affixes has a few problem such as bracketing paradox, stress assignment and so on(Selkirk, 1982; Mohanan, 1982; Booij and Rubach, 1984; 이용성, 2010). This paper also points out that not all the class 1 suffixes beginning with /i/ change the final stem /t/ sound into /s/, and Lexical Phonology cannot identify a reason why some of the class I suffixes transform /t/ into /s/. Therefore, this paper proposes that spirantization can be analyzed within the framework of OT and a plausible reason for the occurrence of spirantization can also be presented.



초급 한국어 학습자를 위한 연어교육 방안 연구

김동국, 이상률

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.19-34

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the basic level of Korean collocation and suggests the educational measures of Korean collocation for the beginners of Korean Languages. Since little attention has been given to the studies on Korean collocation, it is necessary to define the domains of collocation in Korean in order that the beginners of Korean Language can understand and use them properly. In this study, based on the survey of the Korean Collocation by the foreign students studying Korean at Youngsan University, it is found that a different use of predicate for a related noun to generate a collocation is related to Korean's internalized or conventionalized customs. Therefore, a useful educational tool should be to teach these customs to the beginners of Korean Language. This study also indicates that the choice can be accounted for by postulating ‘order of priority,’ which says that the choice of predicate depends in part on the related noun. The expected outcome of teaching Korean collocation through the proposed measures would be to help the beginners of Korean Language understand the relationships involved in collocation, so that they can properly generate Korean Collocation



제2언어 한국어 화자의 발제 담화에 나타난자기수정 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.35-56

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This study aims at exploring self-repairs and retrospective self-repairs of L2 Korean speakers. 10 of L2 Korean speakers performed two types of tasks which were an academic presentation and a retrospective interview on their presentation. Self repairs of L2 Korean speakers were compared with those of another 10 Koran native speakers. The current study sub-categorized self-repairs into simple repair, error repair, and checking up. Retrospective self-repairs were sub-categorized into repair on discourse structure, information repair, appropriacy repair, error repair, rephrasing, and repair on checking up. We examined whether two groups of participants had used the self-repairs in a different manners and strategies. We have found that the types and frequencies of the self-repairs showed a similar pattern among both groups; however the examples of self repairs of L2 speakers often failed to accomplish their initial intention of self-repair and resulted in another type of errors.



초등 영어 교사의 단기 해외 연수에 대한 인식 변화 연구 : K도 초등 연수 참가 교사를 중심으로


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.57-77

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The purpose of the paper is to explore the way in which Korean English teachers at an elementary level experienced a teacher training program in the U.S. Five in-service elementary school teachers participated in this study through in-depth individual interviews, writing journals, Skype interviews, as well as classroom observations. As the result of data analysis, Korean English teachers had transformed attitudes toward the program in the U. S. Before joining the program, they did not originally expect much from the program. As the program went by, they became satisfied not only with the improvement of their language proficiency, but with the understanding of English language and cultures. Unfortunately, they felt sorry that they did not have enough opportunities to practise speaking in English. Also, they complained that the program in the U.S. did not have enough understanding about Korean English teachers and their needs. Nevertheless, they could build their own confidence in their teaching through the experience in the U.S. At the same time, they worried about the gap between what they have learned in the U.S. and what they would teach in Korea. In conclusion, this paper investigates the pedagogical implications in regards to teachers' overseas intensive training program.



영어의 주절현상 및 조건절 도출에 관한 소고


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.79-98

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This paper discusses the restricted distribution of the main clause phenomena (MCP) and the movement derivation of temporal and conditional clauses in English. In English, some phenomena(so-called MCP), such as argument fronting, locative inversion, preposing around be, and VP fronting are restricted to main clauses and a subset of complement clauses. The argument / adjunct asymmetry in embedded clauses follows from the locality condition of movement. In this paper both temporal adverbial clauses and conditional clauses are analyzed as (free) relatives. In this analysis, argument fronting leads to severe intervention effects, while adjunct fronting does not. By analogy with the movement analysis of temporal clauses, this paper explores and elaborates on the proposal that conditional clauses can be derived by leftward operator movement to the left periphery of clause. This movement analysis is shown to account for the incompatibility of MCP in conditional clauses in terms of intervention effects



영어책 읽기가 읽기 세부영역에 미치는 효과


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.99-118

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The purpose of the present study was to analyze the effects of intensive reading and workbook intervention on five essential components in reading-camp context and its empirical application to English reading instruction. Participants were 146 students in Grades 1 to 6 from an elementary school participated in the study, and the testing period lasted about 6 months. The participants were divided into 4 levels according to pre- and post- tests of the DIBELS(Dynamic Indicate Basic Early Literacy Skills) test, as well as FSF(First Sound Fluency), NWF(Non-sense Word Fluency), DORF(Dibels Oral Reading Fluency), and DAZE(Dibels Maze) test scores. To measure the effects, the analysis of learners’ English reading ability, especially in the field of four specific areas(FSF, NWF, DORF, DAZE) and its correlation, was conducted. The findings were as follows: Four specific areas of the DIBELS test showed a statistically significant improvement between the results of the pre- and post- test scores. Furthermore, analysis of the test scores showed that there is a strong correlation between the four test areas. The study also suggested that the group which used workbook intervention with a storybook was more effective in improving the learners’ reading abilities than the group which only used a storybook



말더듬이 아동의 언어적 치료 방법 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.119-133

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between stutterers and linguistic therapy methods for three children. Data was obtained from a sample of three children who are having stuttering. They have no official disability rating or brain damage. However, they still have a number of problems of talking, reading, and making sentences. They were identified as a stutterer in the stuttering interview and the survey with the degree of ‘not serious’. There are two types of linguistic therapy methods for stuttering children. The first method is memorizing a game. The other method is making sentence game. Those two methods have a pre-test and a post-test. The survey results are as follows. First, the memorizing game can be useful for reducing the frequency number of stuttering. By doing so, children are able to feel confident of communicating with others. Second, making sentences was not a good solution for young children as they still have some problems in using grammars and making proper sentences



한국대학생 영작문 코퍼스에 나타난 오류분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.135-155

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This paper explores the patterns of errors which occurred in English writings of Korean university students. Specially, this study looked for the difference of error patterns between high level of English learners and low level of English learners as well as the change of error patterns as the level of English proficiency becomes better. The results of this study showed that low level of English learners showed more errors than high level of English learners in most error categories and that both high and low levels of English learners showed low frequency of errors as their English proficiency became better, although low level of English learners did not show improvement in content-related error categories. Directions of further studies and pedagogical implications would be discussed.



영어와 한국어 지속상의 관련성에 대한 연구 - 지속성 중심의 영한 번역전략 -


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.157-180

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The purpose of this paper is to minimize errors in translating between Korean and English through understanding on Korean continuative and English continuative aspect. In fact, there are many differences in the grammatical and usage of continuative aspect between English and Korean. To study and analyze them, from Lee(2002) about Korean continuative aspect, I am going to explore the constraint of imperfective ‘-ko it-’ and ‘-ə it-’ construction and perfective ‘-ko it-’ construction. I am also going to examine progressive and perfective in English and Korean continuative aspect from a variety of theories. And we together explore the differences and similarities between Korean continuative and English continuative aspect. Through the result, I will present the right translating strategies about both aspects. This article aims to explain the constraints on Korean continuative and English continuative aspect and to explain the principle of their aspectual interpretation.



한국 민담 텍스트(구복여행)의 서술-담화구조의 기호학적 분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.181-198

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The purpose of this paper is to suggest the narrative structure of a given text through the theory of Greimas and Courtés(1979, 1991) and to analyze the close interrelationship between the pragmatic dimension and the cognitive one in the given text. This text is composed of six continuous narrative events and the descriptive structure is relatively applied up to second event. The narrative structure of each event provides a suitable structure to a basic narrative scheme. The narrative discourse features of the given story is characterized by a two control(manipulation). That control, to be pilots in the dimension of the results in general - will be to win revealed a reward to the main character as an object to be destiny's ending, the happiness. The Correlation of two control has been described ‘contract of trust social (Contrat fiduciaire social)’ is inherent in the given story.



Clusters and Key Clusters in the Maritime English Corpus

Se-Eun Jhang, Sung-Min Lee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.199-219

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The purpose of this study is twofold. The first is to investigate how many 4-gram clusters should be considered in Maritime English and what portion of these clusters is associated with general English. Using WordSmith tools, we extracted and identified both clusters and key clusters in terms of frequency, dispersion text thresholds, and a log-likelihood test, respectively, comparing the Maritime English Corpus(MECO) II with the British National Corpus(BNC) Baby. Our second aim is to investigate the statistical relationship between syntactic categories and semantic functions of 4-gram key clusters using a chi-square test, and to explore their semantic functions, such as stance bundles, discourse organisers, referential expressions, and special bundles, by comparing their collocates with those of the BNC Baby. Furthermore, we attempt to graphically display dispersion plots where 4-gram clusters possessing each of their semantic functions have occurred in the whole text in order to discover whether the use of their semantic functions is different from general English in comparison to the dispersion plots of the MECO II and the BNC Baby.



A Study of Verb Category Switch and the Imperfective Paradox in English and Chinese

Jae-yoon Kim

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.221-238

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This paper examines the category switch between dyadic accomplishment verbs and activity verbs from the perspective of quantification of the internal argument NP suggested by Ferreira(2005) and claims that the function of determiners in this context has implications for a linguistically motivated solution(Douglas, 2000; Lascartides, 1991) to the ‘imperfective paradox’, i.e., to refine Montague's(1974) proposal by precisely defining Bennett's(1981) so-called mysterious closed intervals and open intervals in terms of functions of internal argument NPs' determiners. This analysis not only attempts to account for the different truth conditions underlying the two categories of verbs and the category switch, but may also provide insight into the relationship among quantification, time, and truth conditions in natural languages.



The Relationship between Spatial and Temporal Uses of Demonstratives

Hyowon Song

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 4호 2013.11 pp.239-255

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This study is an extended version of the previous study of H. W. Song(2011). The former study(H. W. Song, 2011) investigates the spatial and temporal uses of demonstratives in 16 languages and finds that i) in all the languages investigated, spatial and temporal demonstratives are identifiable in three syntactic positions such as adnominal, pronominal and adverbial positions; ii) the temporal use is found in the three syntactic positions; iii) the formal constructions of the adnominal and pronominal demonstratives are almost always identical in their spatial and temporal uses if the sample has the temporal use of the demonstratives. The study also presents a possible explanation for the findings: a conceptual metaphor meaning that the target domain (more abstract such as temporal terms) is understood through the source domain (more concrete such as spatial terms)(Kövecses, 2010). With the findings and the relevant explanatory factor, this current research attempts to present an additional approach to the results of the formal similarities between the spatial and temporal demonstratives: the basic function of demonstratives, joint focus of attention, i.e. the communicative partners’ recognition to the same thing(Diessel, 2006) may cause less change in the demonstrative forms when they are used temporally.


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