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제22권 3호 (15건)

영문 학술논문에 나타난 인식 서법에 관한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.1-26

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the characteristics of epistemic modality in English research articles. For this study, 200 English research articles written by non-native(Korean) speakers and native speakers were randomly collected and analyzed. The findings were as follows: First, two groups(NNSA and NSA) showed the similar frequency patterns in their use of epistemic modality and ‘modal verbs’ were presented as the most frequently used one in both groups. Second, there were considerable similarities between two groups in the use of epistemic modality based on grammatical categories. Moreover, both groups showed the strong tendency to use ‘modal verbs’. Third, this study revealed that there were no considerable differences between two groups in the use of epistemic modality based on semantic categories and both showed the same preference for ‘possibility’. Some directions of further studies are discussed and implications are provided



즉각적 말하기와 쓰기 출력에 나타난 한국인 영어 학습자의 동사구와 명사구 오류분석

강혜영, 조상래, 이용은

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.27-54

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The aim of this study is to investigate the types of verb and noun phrase errors that Korean EFL learners produce both in their spontaneous speech and in their written output. To this end, 20 participants―grouped into two proficiency levels, i.e., High Intermediate and Low Intermediate―were asked to orally describe as well as to provide written descriptions of two sets of paired pictures. They were also required to revise the transcribed version of their spontaneous speech. The results suggest as follows. (i) Subject-verb agreement errors in VP and determiner errors in NP accounted for the highest ratio in both speech and written outputs by both of the two proficiency groups. (ii) Self-revised data revealed that participants easily discovered verb agreement errors, while most of them failed to correct determiner errors. We conclude that the current errors reflect interlingual transfer to a greater extent than intralingual transfer.



관광영어 수업에 대한 학생들의 인식과 수업 만족도


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.55-71

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the students' perception and their satisfaction of Tourism English class. The objective of this study is to suggest how to improve the students' satisfaction by examining their perception of the general status of Tourism English class. The participants in this survey were 212 students who took Tourism English class last semester and the questionnaire consisted of 35 items concerning the students' perception and satisfaction. The study results are as follows: First, the class size should be reduced for the effective education. Second, the professors should develop a variety of teaching methods and improve the interaction skill to raise the students' interests. Third, there were some differences of students' satisfaction between 2-year-college and 4-year-university. The 2-year-college students showed higher satisfaction than 4-year-university students regarding the class management, the faculty, the classroom environment and general tourism english class.



한국인 EFL 성인 고급 학습자들의 담화 맥락에서의 대명사 이해

김민주, 안의진, 송현주

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.73-92

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The current research examined whether Korean advanced EFL learners understand pronouns in the same manner as native speakers of English do. Korean college students were asked to read 4-sentence stories and to rate how much the last sentence made sense related to the previous sentences. The stories differed on (1) whether the subject of the last sentence continued the subject of the previous sentences and (2) whether the subject was mentioned as a pronoun. The results showed that Korean EFL learners showed similar patterns of linguistic intuition to those of native English speakers, preferring pronouns for continued subjects and nouns for shifted subjects. The implication of this study lies on applying the discourse comprehension of native speakers from previous studies to EFL learners’, and on building the basis for on-line measures such as eye-tracking or reaction-time methods to discover the development of linguistic intuition of EFL learners.



고대 프랑스어 지각동사구문의 부정사 구조와 병렬이동


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.93-109

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This study aims at analysing the syntactic characteristics of perception verb constructions in Old French(OF) based on two texts “La Chanson de Roland(1090; CDR)” and “Le Chevalier de la Charrete(1179-1181; Ch)”, and observing the evolution and change of their V2-structure. We will sort out and analyse the structural distribution of these constructions from the modern syntactic perspective while comparing them with those of Modern French(MF). According to the results of comparative analysis between the two texts, we will verify which text complies with MF syntactic structure in a more precise manner. Finally, apart from the occurrences of null subjects in OF constructions, we will confirm that they are undergoing the development from V2 structure in order to form MF fundamental syntactic structures. We will also suggest the possibility that OF perception verb constructions can be accounted for by concepts of feature inheritance and parallel movement introduced in Chomsky(2008).



가정환경 변인이 영어 초기문식성에 미치는 영향에 관한 질적 메타 분석

박예슬, 김정렬

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.111-131

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The purpose of this study is to investigate how family background factors such as parents' academic level, income level, and home literacy environment, influence the children's early literacy in English. For this purpose, the qualitative meta analysis was conducted by synthesizing the results of previous studies. The subjects of this study were 12 researches from 1996 to 2014. The first finding of this study is higher parents' academic level tends to lead the children to a better achievement in English literacy. Second, with the parents' higher income level, the children tend to gain a better mean score in English literacy. Third, creating literacy environment had a direct positive effect on children's English literacy ability. However, affective support didn't have a significant effect on literacy development on the contrary to our expectation. The overall children's English literacy development was positively correlated with parents factors and home environments.



요한복음서의 은유 표현 양상 연구

염철호, 권연진

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.133-152

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This paper investigates various conceptual metaphors of John's Gospels, based on the conceptual metaphor theory of Lakoff and Johnson(2003). It discusses that the religious language conceptualizes the religious experience of God metaphorically and expresses it based on a conceptual metonymy THE SOURCE DOMAIN FOR THE TARGET DOMAIN. This metonymy is used in calling God which is the target domain with the concept of the source domain: Father! etc. It also analyses all metaphors and metonymies with which John’s Gospel conceptualizes and expresses the relationship between God and Jesus, God and the world, and between Jesus and the world. It shows that there are various metaphorical conceptualizations of religious experiences.



영어 공간 전치사구의 한국어 부호화에 관한 연구

이연우, 박기성

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.153-170

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This paper explores the two general properties of Korean codings for English spatial prepositional phrases. The first property is related to the codings into the two Korean postposition markers ‘-ey’ and ‘-eyse’. The choice of the two postposition markers is argued to depend on the container schema of the construction. The second property is related to the codings for English ‘be in’ construction and transitive verbs. The Korean codings for transitive verbs are argued to depend on the type of the transitive verbs: motion vs. non-motion verbs. The motion transitive verbs are shown to need additional codings through verbal elements for English prepositional phrases. This property has something to do with Talmy’s(2000) typological distinction between satellite-framed and verb-framed languages. According to Talmy, Korean is expected to add verbal elements for the coding of English prepositional phrases.



코퍼스와 언어네트워크 분석을 접목한 해양플랜트 산업 연구 주제와 동향 연구 : 영어 학술논문 저자키워드 사회연결망분석

장세은, 이성민, 이수상, 김재훈

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.171-198

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This article aims to identify themes and trends of global offshore industry research by examining 800 papers collected from international journals through incorporation of corpus and language network keyword network analysis. Themes and trends are discussed with important keywords representing each giant component of four five-year periods from 1995 to 2014. We visualized keyword networks based on the whole keyword nodes belonging to each giant component drawn by using degree centrality. We tried to explore how the important keywords have changed over time and what the recent important keywords are. The paper shows that frequency of keywords is subject to Zipf's law and degree distribution of keyword nodes also exhibits power law. Therefore keyword network analysis used in this paper will be useful to identify and understand themes and trends of global offshore industry research because of some patterns of important keywords by year as well as the visual connection between important nodes in giant components.



중간구문의 문제적 특성에 대한 성향론적 접근


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.199-218

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This paper investigates some properties of middles which seriously challenge the previous syntactic analyses of middles. First, it makes an account for the middles with an indirect thematic argument subject or a non-argument subject: Any non-Agent argument or a non-argument of the middle verb is realized in the subject position if it is ascribed a dispositional property. Second, middle formation is restricted to certain types of verbs because verbs that satisfy the two meaning components of the middle construction are limited, i.e., the responsibility reading of the subject referent and the possibility or doability of the action facilitated by the subject referent. Third, cross-linguistic variation of middles in their syntactic forms and properties is not problematic in the dispositional analysis of middles since middles are defined not in syntactic, but in semantic terms.



한국 · 일본 중학교 영어 교과서에 나타난 문화 양상 : Critical Pedagogy 이론을 중심으로


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.219-253

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This paper explores cultural aspects of Korean and Japanese middle school English textbooks based on the critical pedagogy. Specially, this study investigates cultural prejudices of the English textbooks in Korea and Japan following to the high frequency cultures, their sights and attitudes. The results of this study showed that middle school English textbooks in Korea still have cultural hegemonies just as centralism of the self culture, orientalism and cultural toadyism. Also Japanese middle school English textbooks reveal centralism of the self culture. The findings are discussed compared to both of the English textbooks in Korea and Japan and pedagogical implications are provided.



영어 분석적 사역구문에 대한 한국 대학생들의 인식


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.255-272

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The primary goals of this study are: (1) to compare and analyze the frequency of English causative verbs and (2) to explore the cognition of Korean college students on the various semantic features and usage of English analytic causatives. For the first goal, corpus data on English causative verbs were collected from the high school English texts and the BNC respectively. The result showed that there was a remarkable difference in the frequency of a causative verb get, compared with other English causative verbs. To achieve the second goal, a questionnaire was administrated to one hundred Korean college students. It was revealed that most of the questions were given correct answers of approximately 50% to 60%, whereas a couple of questions showed very low accuracy ratios from 13% to 27%. In addition, it was shown that high school English texts did not contain a variety of causative verbs. Finally, it was indicated that students were embarrassed by the subtle semantic differences and usage of English analytic causatives. The results of this study suggest that more authentic English examples including an array of usage of English analytic causatives should be written in high school English texts based on an English corpus in order to enhance the proper use of English causative verbs and that the appropriate teaching methods should be accompanied.



Roles of Grammar and Vocabulary Knowledge in L2 Reading by English Proficiency Levels

Yanghee Kim, Yousun Shin, Jihyun Jeon

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.273-305

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The purpose of the study aims to examine the roles of vocabulary and syntactical knowledge on L2 reading comprehension when learners' English proficiency levels were concerned. More specifically, the study investigates to what extent vocabulary and syntactic knowledge contributes to L2 reading comprehension regardless of learners' proficiency levels and whether lexical and syntactic knowledge makes differential contributions to L2 reading comprehension depending on learners' proficiency levels. To this end, 337(male: 153, female: 183) students attending two universities in Korea participated in this study. The participants took the tests in the same order: (1) a vocabulary levels test; (2) a vocabulary test; (3) a grammar test 1; (4) a grammar test 2; (5) a reading comprehension test; and (6) a recall task. A series of multiple regression analyses were conducted with SPSS 18.0 to mainly examine the research questions that set up. The results demonstrate that syntactic knowledge plays a stronger role than lexical knowledge regardless of the reading tasks. In addition, the study found that lexical and grammatical knowledge makes differential contributions in accordance with the participants’ proficiency levels. That is, grammatical knowledge, particularly grammar test 1, was shown to be a stronger predictor for high and intermediate proficient groups in performing both reading tasks. On the contrary, lexical knowledge was a stronger predictor for low proficient level students in both reading tasks. Implications are also discussed.



Notes on Subextraction and Labeling Algorithm

Kiyang Kwon

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.307-326

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The goal of this paper is to show the explanatory power of labeling algorithm in Chomsky(2013, 2014) and consider the correlation between subextraction and labeling algorithm. Especially, we will consider how the effects of Condition on Extraction Domain and Freezing effects can be made under the theory of labeling algorithm in Chomsky(2013, 2014) and Goto(2015). Especially, we will investigate the correlation between labeling and extraction phenomena in English under the theory of Goto(2015) and point out the problems of Goto’s(2015) analysis of correlation between extraction and labeling. After indicating Goto’s(2015) problems, we will propose that movement over the labeled syntactic object can be allowed, but movement over the unlabeled syntactic object can be disallowed. To prove our proposal, we will suggest the following empirical evidences as follows: (i) the grammatical contrast between PP-raising over wh-element which is the labeled syntactic object and PP-raising over topicalized element which is the unlabeled syntactic object in English (ii) the grammatical contrast between wh-subject raising over T with Agent Focus morpheme and wh-subject raising over T without Agent Focus morpheme in Kaqchikel, a Mayan language of Guatemala



Telicity and Event Cancellation in the ANA Construction

Doo-Won Lee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 3호 2015.08 pp.327-349

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In the languages such as Hindi/Tamil, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean, achievement of an intended goal can be cancelled even after it is apparently asserted. One type of challenge to telicity is the phenomenon of event cancellation. Adverbial phrases including resultatives and verbal morphology that marks the completion of an event serve to induce the telic interpretation. This induces the event cancellation to lead to contradiction. While keuy bears proximal interpretation, the action narrowly averted expression(ANA-expression) l ppen ha punctual and counterfactual meaning. The ANA expression l ppen-ha shows that the event was at the point of occurring but did not occur. Thus, the ANA expression l ppen-ha is not compatible with telicity. This is also the reason why it cannot appear with the verbal morphology that marks the completion of an event.


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