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제21권 1호 (14건)

사역사건 유발에 대한 다른 세계관 : 유생성과 행위자성


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.1-19

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This paper discusses the acceptability of inanimate subjects in the transitive clauses describing causative events. Inanimate subjects are not allowed in Korean while they are in English. It argues that this typological difference reflects two contrasting viewpoints on instigating causative events. Korean focuses on the participant's inherent properties such as animacy while English focuses on the participant's actual role such as agentivity in a given situation. In Korean, inanimate entities are not allowed in the subject position regardless of their actual role in a given situation because they are not considered to have the inherent properties, viz. mental and physical capacities, to instigate causative events. In English, however, inanimate subjects are permitted in a situation in which inanimate entities play an agentive role like humans despite their lack of the inherent properties to instigate causative events. This paper also shows that the contrasting viewpoints are reflected in the typological differences between Korean and English in instrumental/associative and goal/recipient case marking system



경남방언 남·여 화자의 영어 고모음 발화에 관한 연구

명윤미, 이동명

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.21-40

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The purpose of this study is to examine characteristics of English high vowels produced by South Kyungsang(SK) Korean (Busan dialect) speakers. The 10 SK Korean subjects who participated in this study are 5 male and 5 female university students. English target vowels for the current experiment, /i/-/ɪ/ and /u/-/ʊ/, were acoustically analyzed based on the formant frequencies of the vowels using Praat speech analysis program. In order to observe the relationship between SK Korean single vowels and standard Korean single vowels, the formant frequencies of 7 Korean single vowels /ㅏ/, /ㅔ/, /ㅣ/, /ㅗ/, /ㅜ/, /ㅡ/, /ㅓ/ were also measured using Praat. The collected data of the present study were also compared to the formant frequencies reported in previous studies. The results are as follows: First, SK Korean speakers have difficulty in distinguishing English tense and lax pairs regardless of gender. Second, there was a statistical difference in terms of the production of English high vowels, /i/, /ʊ/, /u/ between SK Korean speakers and standard Korean speakers. Third, in the case of Korean high vowels, the difference of F2 values between SK Korean speakers and standard Korean speakers is more than 100 Hz, especially in the Korean high back vowel /ㅜ/. These results show that each Korean dialect causes variance in terms of the production of English vowels and Korean vowels.



쌍생아의 암묵적 언어습득 연구 : 발화오류와 자기교정의 분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.41-61

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This paper investigates on how children's implicit knowledge of their mother tongue helps their language development from 12 to 48 months. For the literature review, this paper discusses kernel theoretical aspects of language development regarding three themes: 1) the relationships between implicit knowledge and language acquisition, 2) the role of self-correction for language development, and 3) the significance of the error analysis of children's utterances. To discuss these themes by analyzing empirical data, the author observed and collected data for a couple of twins' verbal utterances. The targets of analysis are their utterance errors and the courses of self -correction in three prominent grammatical aspects-i.e., negation ‘an,’ subject particle ‘i/ga,’ and deixis ‘this, that, it’-which frequently appear and are crucial grammatical morphemes in child language. Based on the discussion, this paper emphasizes that children employ and test various hypotheses on the rules of their mother tongue as the part of their implicit knowledge, and they finally gain grammatical knowledge from ‘unseen’ efforts of self-correction



영어 무성치경폐쇄음의 성문음화 양상 연구 : 벅아이 코퍼스에서 나타난 미국영어를 중심으로

신승훈, 윤규철

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.63-83

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It is well-recognized that the voiceless alveolar stop undergoes many phonological phenomena due to its phonetic property. Nevertheless, glottaling in American English where the voiceless alveolar stop loses its place feature and thus weakens has seldom been examined. This paper sheds light on patterns of t-glottaling in American English based on the Buckeye Corpus of Conversational Speech. Results indicate that glottaling occurs very frequently in American English surpassing other relevant phonological processes such as oral plosion, nasal plosion and deletion. However, phonological environments, the gender and age factors hardly exert an influence on realizations of the voiceless glottal stop. Finally, this paper contends that such a frequent pattern results from stepwise consonant lenition by which consonant strength is weakened so that ease of articulation is sustained as other types of English weakening such as degemination, flapping, spirantization and deletion clearly illustrate



성분통어의 제거


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.85-107

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Of the core syntactic relations in UG, nothing is more gregarious than c-command. It plays a key role in at least three different domains: binding, linearization and movement. However, in terms of the Minimalist Program, it is desirable for c- command to be eliminated from linguistic theory. This paper explores the syntactic properties of c-command in the phenomena of binding, linearization and movement. I argue some advantages of the analysis without recourse to the c-command relation and examine their problems. The proposal of this study is to discuss the possibility of eliminating the c-command relation in each case



영어 접촉절의 통사적 특성과 구조에 관한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.109-130

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This paper deals with the syntactic properties and structure of the English ‘contact clauses’ in the sense of Jespersen (1909-49). It first reviews the syntactic properties which distinguish between restrictive and non-restrictive full relative clauses in English and also their syntactic structures proposed in the previous literature. Then it discusses the syntactic properties and structure of the contact clauses in English. It is proposed in this paper that the category of the contact clause is TP, rather than CP. Contact clauses display the diagnostics of a syntactic A'-chain, and this paper argues that the relative head (the node to which the relative modifier is adjoined) is an A'-position which directly binds into the relativized position. Essentially, contact clauses are restrictive relative clauses which simply lack the apparatus of the syntactic operator movement



한국어 비교구문의 유형별 추론에 관한 실험화용적 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.131-150

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The purpose of this study is to provide an experimental pragmatic account of three different Korean comparative constructions: 1) uncommitted differential comparatives, 2) committed differential comparatives and 3) asymmetric equivalent comparatives. All the three types have a gradable adjective like ‘chwupta (cold)’ or ‘ttwungttwunghata (fat)’ as their main predicate and the first two types of comparatives employ what is called a comparative postposition ‘-pota (than)’ in common. However, type 2) contains a seemingly extra emphatic adverb ‘-te (more)’ which type 1) lacks. The present paper argues that this difference is not just a matter of emphasis but a crucial source of varying pragmatic inferences. Finally, the third type of comparative constructions that use the particle ‘-mankhum (as much as)’ is not only about similarity between the individuals compared but about further asymmetry between them. Little attention has been paid to this asymmetry by any formal semantic theory of comparatives. Since each type of Korean comparatives in question can have non -truth-conditional meanings like implicature, presupposition and asymmetry, this requires a pragmatic account. The present study conducts a series of experiments on native speakers' perception of different inferences that each type of comparative constructions may induce. The experimental findings are summarized and discussed to shed light on the pragmatic nature of these Korean comparative constructions



CALLA 접근법을 적용한 초등영어 언어-내용 통합교육 연구

임수연, 차경애

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.151-172

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This study aims to investigate the feasibility of implementing language-content integrated teaching through the application of Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach(CALLA). It is also based on content-based instruction in which language and academic content are integrated in a meaningful context. This study also examined whether the language-content integrated teaching using CALLA approach influences students' reading ability as well as the understanding of content knowledge of subject areas. Data for both quantitative and qualitative analysis were collected from students' journals, the teacher's field notes, interviews as well as test results. This study revealed that students can develop content knowledge as they develop language skills. Major findings are: (1) there was a significant improvement in their reading abilities and their content knowledge; (2) there was a difference between the two learners in their strategy use. Suggestions and based on the findings are discussed



해사영어 어휘의 통계적 연어 유형

장세은, 이성민

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.173-193

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The purpose of this study is to find which statistical test shows better results in collocating patterns of Maritime English vocabulary, along with exploring optimal window spans. We use frequency, hypothesis testing such as log-likelihood, z-test, and t-test, and information theory-based statistical methods such as Mutual Information and Mutual Information 3, looking at some samples of all the significant collocates of the top several keywords extracted from the Maritime English corpus against the BNC Baby as a reference corpus. To find a proper ‘cut-off’ span position, we observe average frequency of collocates of near synonyms like maritime/marine,ship/ships,andvessel/vessels. Our analysis of collocational patterns is both statistical and linguistic because we reclassify significant collocations into selected collocates intuitively judged by Maritime English teachers. A study of collocational patterns involving statistical and linguistic analysis will ultimately lead to a better understanding of how the Maritime English corpus works.



영어 이동동사 come과 go의 의미운율연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.195-214

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This paper explores the semantic prosody of come and go which are regarded as the basic motion verbs in English. Yet while collocation and semantic prosody have recently attracted much interest from researchers studying the English language, there has been little work done on semantic prosody in domestic and the possible causes of making semantic prosody are not much suggested. In this paper, it is observed that come has positive prosody from the collocates of alive, true, clean, clear, awake, alert, etc. while go has negative prosody made of mad, crazy, ballistic, several color terms, bankrupt, dead, blind, deaf, etc. Under a cognitive perspective, it is also discussed that the three features of come and go, deixis, potential anticipation that come has, vector which refers to the directionality probably affect the consistent tendency of semantic prosody of come and go.



국부성 조건과 that-흔적 효과 분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.215-233

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In the Minimalist Program proposed by Chomsky(1993, 1994, 1995), there is no concept like Subjacency Condition and Government assumed in GB Theory. Instead, it is assumed that the operation of movement is triggered by the need for features of the functional head to be checked. In detail, Attract F Principle of Chomsky(1995) based on Rizzi's(1990) Relativized Minimality requires attraction of the relevant feature of the closer element. This principle can account for Wh-island Constraint, but it has trouble dealing with the remaining locality conditions such as Subject Condition and Adjunct Condition. This paper aims to analyze the locality conditions of English Wh- construction uniformly and also explain that-t effect effectively. To do so, this paper accepts Attract F Principle of Chomsky(1995) and suggests Chain Uniformity Condition based on the Copy Theory of Movement. Under these two assumptions, this paper demonstrates that both the remaining locality conditions including Wh- island Constraint and that-t effect can fall under the proper account, and even Adverbial effect can be analyzed as well, even if it is required to pursue the further study in the future



동작 명명하기 과제에 나타난 알츠하이머형 치매환자와 일반아동의 분리성 동사 사용


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.235-262

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This research aims to investigate several aspects of semantic knowledge and naming ability related to the verb production in dementia of Alzheimer Type(hereafter, DAT) patients and normal children. In this study, the semantic approximation as well as cognitive flexibility concerning [SEPARATION] verbs in two groups were studied in 12 DAT patients, compared with 12 normal children during an action naming task based on video-clips, an experimental design called APPROX(Duvignau et al., 2007). Concerning the related works of the language disorder in DAT as well as ‘metaphor- like-utterance’ in normal children, the majority of studies have focused on nominal production. Little is known about action semantics and verb production. The responses produced by patients and children were analyzed focused on the four distinctions: ① validity, ② specificity, ③ expectancy and ④ approximation. Our findings suggest that DAT patients have a progressive loss of the more conventional lexical items(‘bottom-up breakdown’) and normal children tend to use the related and approximative responses regarding the target-action.



On the Middle Construction

Soo-Min Hong

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.263-280

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This paper concerns some crucial properties of the middle construction. It is well-known that middle constructions do not behave in a uniform way so that it is quite hard to characterize the construction. First, it refuses to be parasitic on the independently established structures including ergatives, unaccusatives and passives. Hence, it claims its own structure. Second, this paper deals with the generic reading and the agentivity in the middle construction. To empirically attest its generic reading, typical tests for stative are adopted here. The middle construction behaves just like statives. This paper also seeks to find where an agentivity reading comes from in the construction. If the agentivity has something to do with the presence of an agent. an agent should be either semantically or syntactically active. None of the evidence in the literature in favor of the existence of the agent turns out tenable.



L2 Learners’ Specialized Vocabulary Knowledge in ESP Texts

Sun-hee Kwon

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 1호 2014.02 pp.281-299

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The purpose of this study is to examine L2 learners’ specialized vocabulary knowledge in a particular subject of ESP-convention English. To this end, one hundred and thirty-two(N=132) EFL university students in Korea participated and performed two types of specialized vocabulary tests-a convention vocabulary test and an academic vocabulary test, along with a mock convention planner certificate test as a measure of convention English proficiency. The results have shown that 1) a participant’s convention vocabulary knowledge was significantly lower than his/her academic vocabulary knowledge, 2) a participant’s convention vocabulary knowledge was highly correlated with academic vocabulary knowledge, and 3) a participant’s convention and academic vocabulary knowledge had a strong correlation to convention English proficiency, with a stronger relation of convention vocabulary to convention English proficiency. Implications and limitations of the current study are discussed.


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