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제22권 1호 (11건)

한국어 증거성 표지의 화용론적 추론 의미


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 1호 2015.02 pp.1-22

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This study investigates the meanings of Korean Evidential markers in terms of pragmatic inference. For this purpose, it is essential that we divide the meanings into three layers; basic, explicature and implicature meanings. In basic meanings, evidential markers indicate information sources about propositions. The other two meanings come from pragmatic inference. First, as for explicature meanings, it is an explicit meaning occurred by pragmatic inference. At this layer, evidential markers represent ‘dis-assertion’, which denotes a speaker’s attitude toward a proposition. It means the speaker is not sure the proposition is true. Evidential markers form a hierarchy by strength of dis-assertion, as follows; ‘direct



학위논문 초록의 move 관련 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 1호 2015.02 pp.23-48

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This study analyzed the characteristics of move in dissertation abstracts of three groups(NSD, NNSD-F, NNSD-K). A total of 90 abstracts in the field of applied linguistics were collected and analyzed based on the Pho’s(2008) abstract move analysis framework. The results showed that there was no significant difference regarding the frequency of the moves. However, there were some differences in move patterns: NSD and NNSD-F showed various move patterns, but NNSD-K showed only three dominant move patterns in their dissertation abstracts. Moreover, this study revealed that Move 2, 3, 4 were the most frequent moves in every group. Also, there were a variety of lexical expressions in all three groups' abstracts and they helped all abstracts flow smoothly in their structures. In terms of the tense, simple past tense was most frequently presented in Move 2, 3, 4 and this was the opposite results compared to those of studies on research article abstracts. In case of the text length of abstracts, NNSD-K had the tendency to write abstracts longer than other two groups, but the results revealed that the text length did not affect diversities of move patterns of abstracts. Implications are suggested based on the findings of this study.



외국인 학습자를 위한 한국어 관용표현의 교육방안 연구 - 동물명이 포함된 관용표현을 중심으로 -

김동국, 이상률

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 1호 2015.02 pp.49-70

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The purpose of this study is to investigate Korean idiomatic expressions with an animal name and to suggest the educational measures of Korean idiomatic expressions for the foreign learners of Korean language. After reviewing the previous studies on this subject we, first, classify the idioms into 4 types based on the two unique criteria, namely the degree of an idiomatic usuage and of the understanding the meaning of the idiom’s constituents. We also propose two types of educational measures-meaning-related and meaning-inferred educational measures and apply them to teach the idioms to the foreign students at Youngsan University. The results of this experiment say that the proposal gives us a more desirable outcome than the previous one. Hopefully, this study helps to understand and recognize the meaning of an idiom and will be expected to be referred to teach the Korean language and Korean culture, too.



표준 영어 및 표준 한국어에 대한 한국 대학생들의 언어 태도 및 인식 : 언어교육 및 사회언어학적 접근


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 1호 2015.02 pp.71-93

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This study explores Korean university students' language awareness and language attitudes toward standard English and standard Korean. Based on the questionnaires conducted among 348 Korean university students, this paper examines their perceptions on the notions of standard language, standard English and standard Korean, and investigates their language awareness and attitudes toward standard English and standard Korean. It is found that Korean university students demonstrate a wide range of opinions and perspectives on the notions and uses of standard language, standard English, standard Korean, and World Englishes.· This study discusses some implications with regard to the critical language pedagogy and paradigm shift in teaching and learning English, Korean, and World Englishes in the era of globalization.



감정표현 색채어 연구 : 영어와 중국어를 중심으로


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 1호 2015.02 pp.95-118

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The purpose of this paper is to compare the usages of basic color terms expressing emotions(anger, joy, sadness, fear) in English and Chinese. There have been several researches studying color metaphor for emotions like EMOTION IS COLOR,ANGER IS RED. Those studies have paid attention to limited color words such as red and white, also they concentrated on universality of languages. The data was collected from several dictionaries and corpora in English and Chinese. In this paper, it is observed that red and white are used for anger and fear in both English and Chinese. Because those two colors are metonymic expressions related with the physical reactions like blood and nervous system. It is also found that the other colors such as yellow, blue, black have the differences between in English and Chinese. It is claimed that to appreciate various usages of those colors, cultural factors should be considered. Under a cognitive perspective the possible factors which could affect the meaning extension of the color words are suggested: 4 humors theory of the body, the way Chinese characters were made, the influence of the Romantisism.



미국 대통령 취임사에 관한 사회언어학적 접근 : 고빈도 어휘 사용변화에 따른 의사소통 전략 중심으로


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 1호 2015.02 pp.119-145

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This paper explores the change of high frequency words on presidential inaugural Addresses of the United States. Specially, this study investigates communication strategies of the presidential inaugurations following to the change of the high frequency words(personal pronouns and nouns). The results of this study showed that the presidents of the United States used the FTA(Face Threatening Acts) strategies on their presidential inaugurations as the generation went by. The results also reveal that the relationship between the president of the United States and the people who live in the United States is changed to be mutually cooperative with the period of time.



한국인 중ㆍ상위 학습자들의 n-gram 비교분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 1호 2015.02 pp.147-170

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The purpose of the study is to analyse Korean learners’ N-gram use between intermediate and advanced English learners. Since the use of N-gram is considered to be one of the key elements to present learners’ fluent language use, it is often discussed to judge language normality. In particular, the study is focused on different or similar use of N-gram in terms of learners’ level of language use. To this end, two kinds of Korean learner corpora (intermediate vs. advanced) are used to investigate a particular pattern from the two perspectives (grammatical and functional) and compare it with that of native learner corpus (LOCNESS). The results of study show that first, both Korean learners overuse a simplified grammatical pattern (NP+Verb: we should think about). This pattern is also distinctive between intermediate and advanced learners. Second, from the functional viewpoint, they have different patterns in the categories of Stance and Referential comparing to those of native learners.



A Study of Wordhood in Complex Predicates

Jae-yoon Kim

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 1호 2015.02 pp.171-184

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This paper is based on the two aspects of PV V compositions: the language's status as lexical compositions and the lexical units which often function as morphologically complex predicates but consist of syntactically independent words. With Ackerman (1997, 2003), PVs in Serbo-Croation(Algonquian) and Hungarian(Ugric), which parallel many of the phenomena cited by Craig and Hale(1988), are syntactically independent words. PV V compositions in the languages are lexical units and are sometimes complex morphological units. So, Conditions on (in)separability are morphological and independent of the lexical status of PV V compositions and the PVs are neither clitics nor bound morphemes.



Korean Native Speakers’ Semantic Representation of an Extrinsic Plural Marker

Soyoung Kim

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 1호 2015.02 pp.185-204

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This study investigates how adult native speakers of Korean interpret the sentences containing Korean extrinsic plural marker -tul. This morpheme has been known as a distributive marker, by which the element it is attached to is distributed over the agent denoted by a subject nominal. Despite its unique function and disparity in judgments by Korean adult speakers, there has little research to provide a evidence of how it operates in sentence interpretations. In a picture truth value judgement task, participants were asked to compare a target sentence with a picture that either matches or mismatches it, the results showed that adult native speakers of Korean were able to licence the distributive reading when the extrinsic -tul is attached to direct objects or verbs. In addition, the copied -tul attached to a verb was found to be able to restrict its scope only to the verb rather than the verb phrase as a whole. It indicates that the extrinsic -tul plays a role of focus operator to which the element is distributed.



Teaching Italian Passive Voice : The Syntactic and Semantic Approach

Sang-Do Lee, Joung-Hyoun Lee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 1호 2015.02 pp.205-230

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This paper aims to explore the teaching of Italian passive voice with the premise that absolute synonymity does not exist between two sentences based on one event and that the semantic approach of learning should be more regarded. For this purpose, this paper presents the pedagogical importance of spontaneous and cognitive activities from the standpoint of learners. Furthermore, the study highlights the difficulties in learning the passive voice in Italian language comparing English passive voice and its pre-existing disproportionate emphasis on the syntax-oriented way of teaching. In order to investigate these issues, 88 students and 8 teachers were surveyed through questionnaires including a test for students. As expected, the findings overwhelmingly confirmed that Italian passive sentences were being taught in the grammatical structure-oriented way and that there was a highly affirmative demand for a more signification-oriented way of teaching.



Effects of L1/L2 Word Definitions and Semantic Features on Vocabulary Learning

Miri Yoon, Byung-Kyoo Ahn

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 1호 2015.02 pp.231-250

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This study aims to investigate the effects that the L1 and L2 definitions and semantic features of words have on vocabulary learning. For this purpose, sixty-seven students were divided into the bilingual and monolingual definition groups. The bilingual group performed significantly better on the immediate post-test but not on the delayed test. The results suggest that the bilingual definitions are more effective for the initial learning of words but, the monolingual definitions could be more effective for retention. Regarding the effect of semantic features, the participants scored significantly higher for concrete nouns than for abstract nouns on both post-tests, suggesting that concrete nouns are easier to learn. Lastly, the bilingual group performed better for concrete nouns on the immediate post-test. No difference existed on the delayed test. Implications of the findings are discussed.


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