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제20권 3호 (12건)

영어 it 분열구문에 대한 RRG 분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.1-16

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This paper aims to provide a Role and Reference Grammar(RRG) account of it-cleft construction in English. The followings are claimed in this paper. First, it is claimed that English it-cleft construction is considered as the construction in which the cleft pronoun it serves both specificational and expletive functions and the cleft constituents are not the parts of the predicates. Moreover, the cleft clause is claimed to be a kind of relative clause. This claim leads us to postulate an alternative Layered Structure of Clause, which is different from the one proposed by Pavey(2004). Second, the be' predicates should be doubly marked at the Logical Structures to reflect two functions, in which the first one is for the semantic function, and the second one, for the pragmatic. Third, the cleft construction is different from the it-exptraposition construction, in that the mixed approach does not apply to the it-exptraposition construction, and the function of be predicate is predicational.



언어처리에서 범언어적 변이에 대한 PDC 이론적 접근


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.17-35

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Research on production preferences in languages has revealed that animacy-based accessibility plays a crucial role in determining the choice of passive sentence in relative structures. English speakers, for instance, show a tendency to produce more passive sentences with animate head nouns than inanimate head ones. This tendency, however, is reduced in Spanish, and even more so in Serbian. This paper examines structure choice in relative clause production of Korean, which is similar to Spanish and Serbian with respect to the systematic syntactic function marking, and to Japanese with respect to SOV basic word order, and shows how language specific constraints interact with production mechanisms in producing complex structures. It turns out, in fact, that animacy based accessibility is not necessarily equated with subject function in languages other than English. Rather, the preference of object case deletion over subject case is claimed to play a prominent role in determining active relative clauses in Korean.



프랑스어 à/de-구조의 비교연구

백미혜리, 김신호

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.37-54

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The main object of our study is to analyse some parametric variation involved in prepositional à/de-structures in French. These French constructions, generally considered as involving prepositional phrases, manifest a variety of structural independences in their syntactic operations. After observing the distribution of ‘à/de’ in non-infinitival constructions, we revised the existing arguments related to both of them. In order to support our revised proposal, we compared the analyses of the Modern French infinitival constructions with those of Old French counterparts. Finally we concluded as follows: The fact that, differently from the ‘de’, the ‘à’ is transparent to an A-type movement and a certain kind of locality condition is not because they have different parts of speech status, but because they imply, in addition, different kinds of syntactic behaviors.



명시적 설명 및 참여 학습 기반 영문법 수업에 관한 학습자 인식 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.55-73

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The purpose of this study is to explore how Korean college students feel the ways of explicit explanation and participatory learning in English grammar course. For the study, 34 students who enrolled in a grammar course for 2012 spring semester were encouraged to explain their own personal history and expectations of learning English grammar. After 16 weeks of the classes based on explicit explanation and participatory pair or group work, the students were asked about their feelings of the ways of learning English grammar. They showed positive attitudes of explicit explanation by the teacher, discussion with their classmates in the class, and group presentation. They were especially challenged by the task of finding some sentences in authentic materials. However, they learned how to negotiate and to collaborate in order to complete the task successfully. As a result, they enhanced their grammar ability at the same time. Pedagogical implications of this study are also addressed.



초등 5, 6학년 영어 교과서 문화요인 분석 및 문화수업에 대한 학습자 인식도 연구

신찬이, 권선희

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.75-97

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The purpose of this study is to find out how cultural contents are reflected in fifth and sixth grade elementary school English textbooks from the 7th revised Korean National Curriculum. To achieve the purpose, all culture sections of fifth and sixth grade elementary English textbooks were analyzed by; cultural themes suggested in the revised 7th National curriculum; cultural patterns which consist of material, behavioral, and spiritual culture; the ways of presenting of cultural contents. In addition, a student survey was conducted to understand student preferences about cultural contents education. The results from this study are as follows: First, the analysis of the cultural themes showed that themes like ‘comparison of Korean culture with other countries’ and ‘understanding of other countries' lifestyle’ were found in higher quantities than the themes of ‘verbal or non-verbal communication’ and ‘understanding Korean culture.’ Second, it was found that frequencies of three cultural patterns, such as material, behavioral, and spiritual culture, were not balanced. Third, almost all the textbooks used only about one page to show pictures, videos, and research activities. Finally, the results of the survey showed that students’ preferred presentation methods, activities, cultural backgrounds, and subjects are picture with explanation, game playing and video watching, Korean culture, and leisure, food, and clothing. These findings suggest selection of various and in-depth materials, an well-organized of cultural contents, and the balance and presentation of cultural contents according to student preferences



한국인 학습자의 영어 의문문 발화에 나타난 가장자리 성조와 의미의 연관성

안소희, 김수정

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.99-117

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This study is to investigate whether Korean English learners can associate the meanings of questions with their intonational contours. Different tunes convey different meanings with respect to speaker and addressee commitment, degree of assertability and anticipated answers. Various types of English question sentences were selected from a TV drama, and speech of high school students was compared with that of actors to examine whether the meanings of questions are correctly merged with intonational contours. We found that English learners did not properly manifest the intonational contours in questions with respect to their different pragmatic meanings. We assume that this is due to the unidirectional instructions given in class regardless of contexts. Our results further suggest that contexts should be incorporated in teaching intonational contours of questions so that learners can correctly associate the different intonational configurations with their meanings.



불투명성은 급진적 변화를 차단한다


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.119-141

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Opacity phenomena defy an easy and systematic explanation in OT. There have been a considerable number of proposals to attempt to incorporate the opacity in OT but each of the proposals was criticized by others. The most recent proposal by McCarthy, OT-CC with precedence constraints, though fairly elaborate and complicated, still has its own problems. This paper revises the OT-CC and introduces Gradual Harmony instead of the original proposal, Precedence Constraint, and limits its application to the overapplication opacity. The basic claim is that the underapplication opacity can be explained with the local constraint conjunction and the overapplication opacity can be dealt with with the ban on the radical harmonic improvement. Though two different approaches are adopted for overapplication and underapplication opacities, one thing in common between them is that opacity blocks radical departure from the input. The underapplication bans the violation of two or more faithful constraints in a given domain and the overapplication is to block two simultaneous satisfaction of markedness constraints in a single step.



알츠하이머형 치매환자의 동사 사용 양상 분석

황순희, 최진남

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.143-173

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This research aims to explore several aspects of verbal semantic degradation in Dementia of Alzheimer Type(DAT) patients. In this paper, the semantic deficit concerning [SEPARATION] verbs in DAT was studied in 12 DAT patients, compared with 12 matched control participants during an action naming task based on video-clips, an experimental design called APPROX. Concerning the related works of the language disorder in DAT, the majority of studies have focused on nominal production. Little is known about action semantics and verb production. However, there is growing evidence that verbs' related knowledge could be impaired in DAT as nominal concepts are. The responses produced by patients and healthy subjects were analyzed focused on the following distinctions: ① validity, ② specificity, ③ expectancy and ④ approximation. Our findings suggest that DAT patients have a progressive loss of the more conventional lexical items with a relative spare of approximative ones. We thus confirmed that non-canonical and anomalous responses reflect a progressive lack of both specificity and semantic relatedness regarding the target responses.



An Analysis of ELT Textbooks : Methodological Options in Grammar Teaching Materials

Young-Ju Han

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.175-196

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The present study was inspired by Ellis(2002)’s claim that grammar teaching materials are characterized by explicit presentation supplied and controlled production practice. Grammar has made a comeback and holds a central place in language teaching and it is worth investigating primary features of grammar teaching materials in addition to Ellis’s arguments by examining contemporary ELT textbooks. This study attempts to conduct a methodological analysis of the instructional options incorporated into grammar practice in some of the published ELT textbooks. To investigate methodological options in the grammar practice in ELT textbooks, the system of methodological options developed by Ellis(2002) is employed. The results showed that textbook writers used fairly all of the methodological options although characteristics of traditional approaches to grammar teaching still prevailed. In the process of examining methodological options, consciousness- raising(C-R) tasks were identified and those tasks were found to incorporate recent developments in SLA research. Finally, those results are discussed in terms of research developments in SLA.



Reading Strategy and Actual Performance : A Case Study of a Korean Student

Sang Kyo Lee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.197-220

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The purpose of this study is to investigate a L2 learner’s patterns of reading strategy use and the learner’s actual strategy use while reading English texts. Three methods were employed for data collection. The strategy checklist was used to figure out the participant’s awareness of strategy use; recall protocol was used to examine the participant’s actual strategy use; and the interview was carried out to find the participant’s perceptions of reading strategy use. The results revealed that the participant employed a wide range of three types of strategies(global reading strategy, problem-solving strategy, and support strategy). She used global reading strategy more frequently than the others. She used seven types of global reading strategy, five types of problem-solving strategy, and three types of support strategy. The results also showed that the participant’s self-awareness of strategy use well matched with her actual strategy use while reading.



The Diachronic Development of Grammatical Function of That and That-clauses

Jimi Song

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.221-238

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The purpose of this paper is to explore how the grammatical function of that-clauses has been changed since Old English. The diachronic development of that-clauses shows that the complementizer that was developed from the determiner that from the Germanic period, then the complementizer that in Old English extended to the relativizer that of relative clauses from the early Middle English period. In addition, from the late Old English period, to-infinitive clauses began to substitute that-clauses and usage of to-infinitive clauses spread in the Middle English period at the expense of that-clauses. Meanwhile, gerund clauses as well as to-infinitive clauses started replacing that-clauses in the early Modern English period and keep this trend going on. As a result, the diachronic developmental processes in the grammatical function of that are as the following: the determiner that>the complementizer that in that-clauses>the relativizer that in relative clauses, and to-infinitive clauses and gerund clauses were substituted for that-clauses.



Making Instructions Comprehensible in CLT Classes : Focused on Manipulating Task Cmplexity and Difficulty

Heajin Suh, Sang Do Lee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 3호 2013.08 pp.239-253

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The purpose of this study is to find practical strategies to make instructions comprehensible in the Communicative Language Teaching(CLT) class. CLT emphasizes the role of the interactions between students in the process of completing many different tasks. Task complexity and difficulty are the main factors in giving comprehensible instructions. Based upon relevant research, six different techniques are identified to lower the complexity and difficulty of tasks. These strategies were tested in the CLT English class with six regular students. Transcriptions from audio/video recordings and data from field notes and an interview were qualitatively analyzed to determine whether or not those techniques were effective. The results show that adapting task complexity and difficulty appears to be helpful in making instructions comprehensible.


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