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제24권 4호 (10건)

경남 방언의 ‘빨리’류 어찌씨 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제24권 4호 2017.11 pp.1-13

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In this study, we examined morphological types, semantic types and cultural characteristics of the ‘ppalli(fast, quickly)’ group in the Gyeongnam dialect. Morphological types of the ‘ppalli(fast, quickly)’ group in the Gyeongnam dialect are divided into simple adverbs and derived adverbs. Simples adverbs are ‘bari, eoyeo, eolleon, paenaekki, peotteuk, haettak, huttak’ and derived adverbs are ‘nallae, danjmae, daeqanseo, baeppi, ppallang, ssage’. Semantic types of the ‘ppalli(fast, quickly)’ group in the Gyeongnam dialect are divided into the following types - ‘It means a short time’, ‘It means without delay’, ‘It means one time.’ The meaning of the short time type are ‘nallae, baeppi, ssage, peotteuk’. The meaning of the without delay type are ‘bari, eoyeo, eolleon, paenaekki, huttak’. The meaning of the one time type are ‘danjmae, daeqanseo’. Cultural characteristics of the ‘ppalli(fast, quickly)’ group in the Gyeongnam dialect reflect emotional traits as well as the active and vigorous feelings of the Gyeongnam people



대학생 토익성적향상을 위한 단기토익특강의 효과분석 - Y’sU 특강사례 중심으로 -

김동국, 김병렬

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제24권 4호 2017.11 pp.15-32

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This research study was designed to examine a statistical evaluation of the effects of a short-term TOEIC camp for a 4-year private university in Busan. The 54 participants were selected out of 80 students who attended the short-term TOEIC camp. During the 4-week camp, they took a TOEIC test on the first and fourth weeks, and the scores of the two TOEIC tests were analyzed. Through the statistical analysis of that data, the following was revealed. 1) Over all, the students’ TOEIC scores improved. Therefore, it is reasonable to state that the short-term TOEIC camp was effective in helping students improve their TOEIC scores. 2) The results of analyzing both of the scores pointed that to improve of the score of Listening Comprehension(LC), vocabulary acquisition is more important than grammar acquisition although both vocabulary and grammar abilities proved to be key elements in improving LC and Reading Comprehension(RC). Hopefully this study sheds light on designing more effective curriculum for short-term TOEIC camps for college students in the future



대학 신입생의 협동학습에 관한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제24권 4호 2017.11 pp.33-54

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The purpose of this study is to explore the relationships among learning style, academic achievement, and learning satisfaction in cooperative learning among first-year university students. Data was collected from 154 first-year university students. Major findings of the study were as follows: First, the learning style affecting academic achievement was only the competitive type. Second, the learning styles affecting learning satisfaction were collaborative and participant types. Third, major opinions on cooperative leaning were found – three positive (colleague’s help, information exchange, and friendly classroom atmosphere) and three negative (shortage of time, free ride effect, difficulty getting together). The directions of further studies were discussed with the limitations of this study.



텍스트 마이닝을 통한 셰익스피어 학술논문 영어초록 코퍼스의 토픽모델링 분석

장세은, 이수상, 송원문, 정해룡, 이성민, 김재훈

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제24권 4호 2017.11 pp.55-82

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This study explores a Shakespeare Research Article Abstract Corpus through topic modeling, a machine-learning technique that automatically identifies topics in a corpus. First, we identify which topics are prominent through the entire corpus. We also investigate the top 20 topics in each particular decade such as the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s and examine patterns, trends and ranking changes such as falling, rising, and curve contours over time. In addition, we extract corpus keywords using the cross-validation method on Wordsmith tools 6.0. in order to compare similarities and differences between topic modeling keywords and corpus keywords. We also select each group of absolute keywords which have zero frequency in reference corpora to examine which words are associated with new trends in each period and to explore which shared common words are found in topic modeling and corpus keywords. Finally each group of non-absolute keywords extracted from the three corpora is discussed to check patterns and trends identical to topic modeling. The results of this comparison conform that it is hard to assert that topic modeling keywords are well grouped into certain research subjects over corpus keywords and show better trends over time than corpus keywords. This is because both topic modeling keywords and corpus keywords show their own respective merits.



Comparing Implicit and Explicit Instruction in the Learning Gain of the Linguistic Features

Hee-Jeong Hwang

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제24권 4호 2017.11 pp.83-108

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The study addresses the issue of language instruction and aims to examine the facilitative effects of different types of instruction, i.e., implicit and explicit, on the acquisition of English present perfect tenses. The 83 university students who participated in the study were assigned to three groups: 28 students in the implicit group, 29 in the explicit group, and 26 in the control group. The two experimental groups received grammar instruction with different conditions: the implicit group was provided with input enhancement, clarification requests and recasts, and the explicit group received language instruction with metalinguistic explanation feedback while completing rule-search tasks. The results indicated that the explicit group outperformed the implicit group in both awareness and production post-tests. Based on the results, insight into form-related pedagogical implications is provided along with the limitations of the study.



The Morphosyntax and Morphothematics of Voice

James P. Blevins

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제24권 4호 2017.11 pp.109-164

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Inversion constructions appear to invert canonical case and agreement patterns in Georgian. However, as long recognized in traditional accounts, the morphological properties of inversion constructions can be assimilated to the default patterns of the language if inversion is treated as a case of ‘thematic demotion’ in which a logical subject is realized as an indirect object. The analysis presented in this paper suggests how a general correspondence-based model of argument structure can capture and extend this traditional insight in a way that clarifies the organization of the Georgian conjugational system. In addition, this type of analysis sheds light on the theoretical status of the dependents that participate in inversion in Georgian. Whereas the ‘logical subjects’ that undergo demotion can be defined in thematic terms, the surface indirect objects that they are realized as constitute a distinctive type of dependent, one which is not reducible to thematically restricted objects



An Extensive Analysis of Studies on ESP in Korea : From 2007 to 2016

Yanghee Kim, Youngkyong Jong

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제24권 4호 2017.11 pp.165-187

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The main purpose of this study was to examine what research topics have been studied so far with regard to ESP(English for Specific Purposes) in Korea, what themes emerged from the research results, and what messages are delivered to foreign language learning and teaching. To answer the questions set up, the data was collected by searching for articles published between 2007 and 2016 on the Research Information Service System. Thirty five related journal articles were finally chosen to analyze; as a result of content analysis, three major themes(including following sub-themes) were generated. The themes are as follows: 1) curriculum and program evaluation; 2) needs analysis for course & program development; and 3) corpus-based analysis for ESP. In addition, study implications and limitations will be provided



Optimality Theoretic Approach on the Tone Patterns of the Blended Words of South Kyungsang Korean

Dongmyung Lee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제24권 4호 2017.11 pp.189-205

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The purpose of the current study is to examine tonal interaction patterns of blended words in South Kyungsang(SK) Korean in the viewpoint of Optimality Theoretic(OT) approach. From previous research of SK Korean (loanword) compound tone patterns(Lee, 2011, 2013), we observed that the tonal interaction of SK compounds shows fundamental constraints such as the prohibition of long monotone, word initial L tone sequence, and two pitch falls in a prosodic domain. From the basis of the previous study on the tonal interactions of SK blended words(Lee, 2017), this paper investigates whether the OT constraints that were utilized in the tonal interaction analyses of SK compound words can be used in blended word analyses. The results of the present study indicate that the OT constraints of the SK tone system(Lee, 2009), e.g. no word initial L tone sequence, and the prohibition of long monotone (H) words, and of two accents (pitch falls) in a prosodic domain can be utilized in the OT analyses of the SK Korean blended words as well.



A Psycholinguistic Measurement of Language Dominance in Bilinguals

On-Soon Lee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제24권 4호 2017.11 pp.207-223

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Assessing relative language dominance in bilingual contexts is both necessary and difficult. A variety of language questionnaires have been used in previous studies, but their results are inconsistent. This study instead takes a psycholinguistic approach to assessing bilinguals’ language dominance by using a phrase-building task to test seventeen Korean-American bilinguals. The study examines the relationship between the frequency of language use and lexical accessibility. The results demonstrate that the more frequently used language(i.e., English) was produced significantly faster than the less frequently used language(i.e., Korean). The study’s findings provide empirical evidence supporting a frequency of language use on lexical accessibility.



Peer Group Discussion Speaking Tests : A Study on Turn-Taking of Korean EFL Learners

Hye-Kyung Ryoo

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제24권 4호 2017.11 pp.225-249

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Assessing speaking skills of ESL/EFL learners has long been one of the critical issues in the field of language testing. How to measure learners' speaking skills effectively and successfully has always attracted keen interests from the teachers, learners, and others involved in teaching and learning English as a second/foreign language. The present study is an in-depth analysis of small group oral proficiency tests in terms of the ways in which the test-takers take turns and how they orient to the group discussions in oral proficiency tests. Close analysis of the talk in the discussion revealed some unique turn-taking patterns that are different from the ones of mundane discussions among peers. This paper raises an issue of the validity of the group discussion format as an assessment tool for language learners' speaking skills and suggests some pedagogical implications.


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