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제20권 2호 (12건)

글 단어 읽기 이해에서 음운 정보의 활성화 : 동음이의어의 사건관련뇌파 증거

권유안, 조혜숙, 남기춘

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.1-12

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This event-related brain potential study investigates whether a visually presented homophone “옻” translates into phonological code /oud/ immediately, and it can activate two meanings “cloth” and “sap of poison oak” or not. To test this hypothesis, this study focused on the difference of N400 component induced by homophone and non-homophone. The N400 is a representative ERP component to reflect semantic activation levels in the brain. The ERP results of 23 subjects who conducted go/no-go lexical decision task show that homophone elicited larger N400 than non-homophone did. Hence, this paper suggests the involvement of phonological code before semantic processes in visual word processing.



고대영어 동사-불변화사와 어순


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.13-30

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The aim of this paper is to provide a unified account of Old English(OE) verb-particle orders that explains how particles in OE can precede or follow verbs in association with the main and subordinate clauses. In OE verb-particle combinations, pre-verbal and post-verbal particles both occur in OE main and subordinate clauses. However it is commonly accepted that in OE main clauses most particles are pre-verbal whereas in OE subordinate clauses particles can be pre-verbal or post verbal. Thus this OE verb-particle combination has been a difficult task to VO and OV phrase structure as well as Pintzuk(1999)'s hybrid INFL structure(INFL-final and INFL-medial). Based on the reinterpreted LCA that asymmetric c-command relations are intrinsically connected to linear order in PF, we propose that particles can be pre-verbal or post verbal in OE main and subordinate clauses by moving particles or verbs out of V in order to maintain asymmetric relations imposed by the reinterpreted LCA. In this account post-verbal particles in OE main clause can be best understood as due to the effects of a V2(Verb Second) rules. In subordinate clauses where there are no effects of V2 rules, it is assumed that particles can be pre-verbal or post-verbal by the reinterpreted LCA requirements



교양영어 및 그 팀티칭에 대한 인식 연구: 한국인 교수와 원어민 교수의 설문조사를 중심으로

김미영, 김재윤

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.31-56

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate Korean and native English professors' perceptions of general English and its team teaching and to suggest how to improve their program and make them more effective based on their opinions. Participants in the survey were 22 Korean professors and 24 native professors. A questionnaire consisted of 23 items concerning professors' overall perceptions of general English and team teaching. The results are as follows: First, Korean and native professors strongly recognized that SEP(Silla English Program) is important and necessary for students' TOEIC score and job interview. Second, both professors also recognized they should increase credit hours of SEP and reduce class sizes. Third, both professors need to develop appropriate textbooks and teaching materials to satisfy the needs of students. Fourth, both professors should encourage students to participate in the class activities more actively and make a constant effort to develop a variety of teaching methods. Fifth, there should be closer collaboration and partnership between both professors. Both professors together set the course goals and content, select common materials such as texts and multimedia, and develop tests and examinations. Sixth, it is essential for the education authorities to provide professors with regular workshops for team teaching techniques and practical guidelines based on continuous and supportive policies



언론 상에 나타난 일본어식 어휘의 사용 실태와 순화 방안

김민수, 권연진

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.57-77

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This study aims to examine the present status of the misuse of Japanese words in the media on the Internet and to suggest the proper methods to purify misused Japanese words. To obtain this goal, this study was based on a considerable amount of the data collected from the media on the Internet for one year. This study also analyzed the misused words that could be searched on the Internet. There were so many cases of misuse and abuse of Japanese words in the media. For example, the words are ‘nogada’, ‘chaap’, ‘barikang’, ‘churining’, ‘konsaek’, ‘inkopubu’, and so on. The number of these misused words turned out to be 312, 548, 659, 58, 160, 2,100 cases, respectively. This result suggests that a word like ‘chaap’ is purified into ‘apryu’ and words like ‘nogada’, ‘barikang’, ‘konsaek’ are purified quite a lot, but these words are required to be purified into ‘maknodong’, ‘ibalgi’, and ‘gamsaek’. A word like ‘inkopubu’ is better to purified into ‘wonyangpubu’. It is almost impossible for the media alone to purify the misused Japanese words, so that the government, the media, academia, society organizations and civilians would better to collaborate with one another to refine Japanese words in Korean language



고대프랑스어 의문문에서의 자질계승과 매개 변인에 대한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.79-102

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This paper is aimed at analysing the interrogative constructions in Old French from modern syntactic point of view. For this purpose, we adopt the feature inheritance proposal of Chomsky(2008) and its revised and reinterpreted version of Goto(2008), which will be slightly modified for our analysis. The problems we have to solve are summarized by the following three questions. First, what can be an attractor triggering the finite-verb movement? Second, what will move a wh-phrase to the position of Spec-CP? Third, how can the distinction between a nominal subject movement and a clitic subject movement be accounted for in inverted interrogatives? After analyzing these problems with above-mentioned proposals, we conclude that they can be addressed by the parallel movement and our revised version of feature inheritance system. Finally, we make a comparative list of Old French interrogatives in order to observe differences in parametric variation



2009개정 영어과 공통 교육과정에서의 학년군들 간 종적 및 횡적 연계성 분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.103-122

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The purpose of this study is to review the criterion of connectedness and to analyse the connectedness among grade clusters of the 2009 English National Common Curriculum. To achieve the purpose, the principles of designing this curriculum were reviewed. The English Common Curriculum was composed of 3 grade clusters including 3rd and 4th grade, 5th and 6th grade for the elementary school curriculum, and 1st to 3rd grade for the middle school curriculum. The connectedness is checked through a horizontal connectedness of the same grade cluster and a vertical connectedness among grade clusters. The curriculum emphasizes the connectedness of the goals, the achievement targets, the communicative functions, the language forms, and the teaching-learning methods among grade clusters. Particularly, the connectedness between primary and secondary school needs to be considered because it is important to continue the interest and the motivation of the primary school. Thus, in this paper, the characteristics and the limitations of the connectedness among grade clusters and their implication are presented based on the result of the vertical and horizontal analysis.



영어 담화표지 though에 관한 코퍼스 분석연구

안동환, 배주용

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.123-143

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This paper examines an understudied area of Discourse Markers(DMs), focusing on the DM though found in the discourse-final position in English. Through the analysis of the ICE-GB corpus, this study shows that there is no occurrence of the DM though in the discourse-initial position and that, unlike most English DMs, the discourse-final position is most favored. It also discusses the discourse functions of the DM though and shows that there are no functional differences between its positions of occurrence. Though in both medial and final positions can serve the functions of introducing unexpected statements, mitigating the oppositions and face-threatening acts, and shifting the focus on the current topic. Therefore, it is multi-functional in that it has textual and interpersonal functions



한국어교육을 위한 기본문형 연구 - 필수논항과 격표지를 중심으로 -


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.145-168

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This study aims to establish the basic sentence patterns of Korean so that foreign learners can study Korean more efficiently. It is required for foreign learners to apply the sentence patterns to the certain communicative situations instead of obtaining just linguistic knowledge. Therefore, the use of the sentence patterns should be suggested in forms that reveal syntactical characteristics of Korean faithfully. The basic sentence patterns here are presented as born structures which can be a part of every sentence and foreign learners can transform and expand the patterns according to their expressive intention. The research sets the fifteen basic sentence patterns in conformity with the word order, essential arguments and syntactical and semantical characteristics of the predicate. The sentence patterns are based on the natural word order of Korean and the number of their essential arguments. The essential arguments are suggested in forms which specify the function and meaning in essential elements of a sentence by a part of speech and a mark of case.



접속법과 다음성 - Guillaume와 Ducrot의 이론을 중심으로


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.169-188

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Sung-jai Lee (2013), Subjunctive Mode and Polyphony - Based on the Theories of Ducrot and Guillaume. Journal of Language Sciences 20(2), 169-188. This paper proposes an analysis of the subjunctive mode in French based on the theory of polyphony(Ducrot, 1984). According to Guillaume(1971), the subjunctive, as a modal system, represents the time images of incomplete chronogenesis, and thus, retains the viewing idea in the domain of possibility. This interpretation of subjunctive can be explained as a maker of polyphony in agreement with Ducrot(1984)'s model. The subjunctive in itself carries the instructions for polyphony with two opposing viewpoints - one positive and the other negative - and the speaker may choose one or the other viewpoint or maintain the alternative. (Pusan National University)



영어 상 부류의 스칼라(Scalar) 접근법과 통사모델 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.189-212

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate a Scalar Approach and to develop a new Syntactic Model about English Aspectual Classes. To conduct this subject, this research was mainly based on Beavers(2006, 2008a,b, 2009)’ researches and closely linked to quantifying semantic definitions of aspectual classes. The results from this study would be applied to syntactic projection process. and through this study, I would like to establish a new method on a syntactic model of aspectual classes. Ultimately, it is hoped that learners and researchers on English can correctly understand compositions and readings about English. Based on conceptions of a scalar approach, quantification, and degree affectedness on aspectual classes, I would attempt to modify Demirdache and Uribe- Etxebarria(2005, 2007) in syntactic approaches.



문법형태소 습득의 자연순서 : 한국적 환경에서 초등학생들의 영어 말하기 수행에도 발견되는가?


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.213-236

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This study attempts to explore the proposition that there will be a natural morpheme acquisition order in Korean elementary school learners' English. A cross-sectional study was done to obtain the acquisition order of twelve English morphemes. The subjects were 30 students of age 9 in an elementary school in Daegu. Speaking tests were administered with pictures specially designed to elicit the English morphemes. The result is that a universal acquisition order was not found in the Korean situation. This study supposes that this is due to extralinguistic factors that hamper natural language acquisition in the EFL situation. Those hampering factors to the universal acquisition order are L1 transfer, previous learning, input frequency, exposure type, age difference, and semantic/syntactic complexity. To get a real picture of language acquisition in the EFL situation these factors need to be considered in future studies. However, it is noticeable that in this study a meaningful hierarchy of the morpheme acquisition order was obtained which reflects Korean elementary school children's learning processes.



Native English Speaking Teachers’ Inner Voices on English Teaching Experiences

Yanghee Kim

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제20권 2호 2013.05 pp.237-266

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This study investigated how the NESTs reflect themselves from their teaching experiences and how their reflections are implied to Korean English Education. The participants were the four NESTs who taught English conversation classes in one of the universities in Busan. The data were collected in the spring semester of 2010 by conducting personal interviews, email exchanges with the researcher, and open-ended surveys. The data were analyzed through content analysis. Salient patterns were identified through the coding. The themes(findings) include that: 1) perspectives on English education in macro and micro level, and on their own identity; 2) views on teaching pedagogy including pedagogical strategies, students' attitudes towards class engagement, and conversational styles and thinking processes; and 3) educational suggestions including for the government, teaching methods, and effective English learning. In the findings section, more detailed information for the themes is provided.


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