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제25권 2호 (11건)

한국어 시각단어 재인시 형태소와 표기 정보의 영향

권은진, 이선경, 이윤형

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 2호 2018.05 pp.1-16

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of the orthographic and morphologic information on Korean visual word recognition. While some previous research suggests the inhibitory effect for the orthographic priming and the facilitatory effect for the morphological priming, it is difficult to know clearly whether the inhibitory effect is merely an effect due to orthography information since morphological information and orthographical information are compounded. By using a repetition priming paradigm, two experiments with different SOA(60ms, 200ms) were carried out to compare the priming effects of three repetition conditions (orthographic, morpheme and simple word). The results showed significant inhibitory effects in single word and orthographic repetition condition in both SOA conditions. Inhibitory effects of the orthography and facilitatory effects of morphology seemed to be canceled out for morpheme repetition condition. These results suggest that both of the orthographic and morphologic information have an effect from the early stage of visual word recognition.



단기토익특강프로그램 실태연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 2호 2018.05 pp.17-39

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This study attempted to reveal how the participants’ satisfaction level with the program can contribute to their higher achievement of a TOEIC score. The 164 participants who attended the Short-term TOEIC program from 2016-2017 were asked to answer questions regarding their achievement on the TOEIC score, motivation for their participation in the short-term TOEIC program and their satisfaction level with the program. Through the statistical analysis of that data, the following was revealed. 1) There were no statistically significant correlations between the participants’ achievement of their TOEIC score and satisfaction with the program, and 2) Overall, the students’ TOEIC scores improved. Therefore, it is reasonable to state that the short-term TOEIC program was effective in helping participants improve their TOEIC scores. Hopefully this study sheds some light on designing more effective curricula for the short-term TOEIC programs for EFL college students in the future.



영어 서술형용사의 의미명세화와 한국어 대응형에 미치는 효과에 관한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 2호 2018.05 pp.41-60

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the processes of the meaning specification of predicative adjectives in English and their effects on the corresponding forms in Korean. The three facets of meaning specifications for English adjectives are proposed in this paper. The first facet concerns the specification of dimensions for multidimensional adjectives, which is composed of the choice of suitable prepositional phrases in English and the nominal or verbal equivalents in Korean. The second facet in English concerns the specification of animacy. The English adjectives have three inherent degrees of animacy for subjects, which have an effect on the choice of different adjectives in Korean. The third facet concerns the specification of markedness for unmarked adjectives in English, which is made by the use of how-interrogatives or measure phrases. The specification of unmarkedness in Korean is done by the use of nominal expressions in Korean



중세프랑스어 운동동사 구문의 어순에 대한 연구

백미혜리, 김신호

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 2호 2018.05 pp.61-77

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The purpose of this study is to analyze movement verb structures observed in Middle French(MF)(14-15c) and compare them with Modern French(ModF) counterparts with regard to structural differences and their functional characteristics. First of all, we will outline unique constraints in the ModF structural operations in movement verb constructions, excluding their general restrictions. Second, we will verify how these operations can be observed in the MF structures, allegedly considered as forming the keynote of ModF. This study deals with the following three parts: First, the analysis of word ordering in the MF constructions will be conducted. The next step will be observing the presence/absence of the subject of the principle clause, the presence/absence of the subject in the infinitival clause, and the distribution or operation of infinitival verbs. Finally, this study will analyze the difference /similarity of the cliticization from the syntactic point of view. The texts utilized in this paper are Vie de Saint Louis: Roi de France(14c) and Les Quinze Joies du Mariage(15c)



자음 간 영어 설단폐쇄음 변이양상 : 단어 경계를 중심으로


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 2호 2018.05 pp.79-100

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It is well-documented that coronal stops among others are subject to consonantal lenition such as deletion. Based on the Buckeye Corpus of Conversational Speech, this paper analyzes variations of coronal stops between consonants over a word boundary. Results showed that coronal stops were commonly deleted across words. Specifically those in superlative and derivational suffixes were very often deleted, which is contradictory to the previous result. The underlying voicing contrast played a significant role in the variation in which voiceless coronal stops often underwent glottaling whereas voiced counterparts did not. When the preceding consonant was a lateral whose strength was inherently low, a coronal stop tended to be weakened to the glottal stop. When the following consonant was a stop, however, it was often deleted to minimize the effort to articulate. Also, word frequency was proven to be one of the most significant factors with regard to coronal stop deletion in the sense that low-frequency words were prone to resist more to deletion.



한국인 영어학습자의 영어 이중모음 인지 연구 : 경남방언 화자를 중심으로

이동명, 조항실

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 2호 2018.05 pp.101-118

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The current study is about the English vowel(diphthongs) perception of South Kyungsang Korean English learners. These Korean English learners are tested by writing the English words using the Korean alphabet, which they heard from a recording of a native English speaker. The results were expected that the Korean English learners may not have perception problems when they listen to the English dipthong vowels. However, the result seems quite interesting that these Korean English learners are not good at listening to an English diphthong, /oʊ/ especially, among five English dipthongs(/aɪ/, /eɪ/, /oʊ/, /aʊ/, /ɔɪ/). Actually, many Korean English learners pronounce this specific English dipthong as a monopthong, 오 [o], in the English words like go, so, no, ... etc in Korean. We assumed that this may be caused by problems of English (vowel) education in Korea. However, the results of the current study may argue that this monopthongization phenomenon of an English dipthong among Koreans may be caused from perception problems.



어휘결합과 언어습득 - 영어 ‘형용사+명사’ 표현을 중심으로 -


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 2호 2018.05 pp.119-141

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There are two main purposes for this study. One is to investigate the differences in use between the English synonymous adjectives silent and quiet through analysis of ‘adjective+noun’ expressions in BNC. The other is to look at native speakers’ knowledge of lexical combinations from the viewpoint of the cognitive process, rather than the end state, of language acquisition. According to the analysis of ‘silent/quiet+noun’ expressions, although the two adjectives are synonymous the use of them is considerably different. Based on the analysis of a variety of ‘adjective+noun’ expressions, the paper demonstrates that native speakers’ ability to distinguish proper/improper lexical combinations can naturally be explained only if language acquisition begins with word sequences, not with individual words, and discusses several implications for language acquisition.



EFL 학습자의 읽기 시험-수행 전략과 영어 숙달도


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 2호 2018.05 pp.143-166

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This study examined what kinds of reading test-taking strategies were used by Korean EFL learners in performing a TOEIC reading test and how their reading proficiency affected their strategy use. One hundred thirteen students of a Busan-based university took both a TOEIC reading test and a strategy questionnaire. Five students among them participated in a verbal report after the reading test. The results showed that the most frequent strategies were finding key words, checking questions before reading passages, and finding a correct answer while deleting incorrect options. The infrequent strategies were such test-wise strategies as avoiding consecutive arrangement of answers of the same number and choosing the longest option. Also, there was a statistically significant difference in the strategy use of the three groups with different English proficiency. It was suggested that instructions on effective use of reading test-taking strategies should be given to EFL learners.



A Sociophonetic Study on the Place of Articulation of Korean Affricates

Kyung-Im Han

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 2호 2018.05 pp.167-187

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The purpose of this paper is to examine the spectral properties of the two Korean affricates /ㅈ/ and /ㅉ/ produced by Daegu and Jeju speakers as a function of dialects, phonation types, gender, age, and the subsequent vowels. The results of the current study revealed that phonation type had a significant effect on spectral variance, showing that /ㅈ/ has larger dispersion of frequency than /ㅉ/, but dialect did not show a significant effect on peak frequency and spectral moments. Spectral peak frequency, center of gravity, and spectral variance could also distinguish affricates followed by different vowels. Gender and age also showed a significant effect on the peak frequency and center of gravity. Especially, a significant difference between the two genders for the young adult group was observed. This suggests that the frontedness of the place of articulation of Korean affricates may be interpreted as a gender marker as well as a mark of the speech of women in their 20's and 30's.



A Comparative Analysis of Resultative Constructions in English and Korean

Seong-yong Lee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 2호 2018.05 pp.189-219

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In English, resultative secondary predicates are mostly realized as adjectives, whereas in Korean they are realized as adverbials. We assume that this morphological difference between the two languages is due to different lexicalization patterns of motion events between verb-framed languages such as Korean and satellite-framed languages such as English. This morphological difference causes some syntactic differences between English and Korean resultative constructions. The previous analyses – small clause complement analysis, flat ternary analysis, adjunction analysis – all have syntactic and theoretical problems and are not adequate enough to explain the differences between English and Korean resultative constructions. Rather, in this paper we propose a new analysis of Korean resultatives, where resultative phrases in transitive and unaccusative resultatives are derived adverbs with the feature [+CAUSE, +telicity] and selected as an internal argument with the thematic role of Goal while RPs in unergative resultatives are adverbial clauses and adjoined to VP.



External Argument Non-heads in English Synthetic Compounds

Jongseong Lim

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제25권 2호 2018.05 pp.221-240

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English synthetic compounds have been regarded to be different from primary ones. As discussed by Spencer(1991), synthetic compounds seem to have three properties: (1) The heads of synthetic compounds inherit the argument structure of the verb; (2) the verb's internal argument is satisfied by the non-head; (3) it is impossible for the non-head to function as the subject of the verb. The first property has evolved into the thematic projection principle constrained by the second and third properties. The second property has been challenged as well. There has been no serious objection for the third one. I will show that there are synthetic compounds which need external arguments as non-heads. If it is the case, it implies that two important properties are not valid, and the first property is also dubious. We should consider synthetic compounding from other perspectives rather than the theory based on the thematic projection principle.


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