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제19권 4호 (15건)

영어조동사 do와 중세영어 문법변화에 대한 추론


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.1-19

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The aim of this paper is to offer an inductive account of the emergence of auxiliary do throughout the Early Middle English period. The previous accounts mainly attributed the rise of auxiliary do to various grammatical changes occurring in Middle English, such as the loss of the V2 constraints, re-categorization of pre-modal verbs, the loss of morphological cases, and the loss of V-to-I movement. In this paper, it is argued that these grammatical changes in Middle English as well as the rise of auxiliary do can be understood as a consequence of the change of phasal status in the native speaker's internalized grammars from monodic phase (CP) to dyadic phases (CP, vP) with the introduction of TP and vP in the Early Middle English. Moreover, it is argued that this phasal change also led to the loss of the V2 constraints, the loss of V-to-I raising, the general decline in verbal inflection, and re-categorization of pre-modal verbs. Finally I propose to demonstrate that auxiliary do is base-generated in the light v of vP in the framework of the minimalist program and also try to show that auxiliary do arose with the introduction of vP in the Middle English clause structure, which explains how the different sentences with the same meaning such as I did not speak, I not spoke and I spoke not appeared simultaneously at that time.



소절의 최소주의 분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.21-41

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This paper is to review the analyses of the syntactic category and internal structure of the small clauses and to propose an analysis based on Chomsky's Minimalist Program. For this study, I take a theory - Pollock's Split INFL Hypothesis and Chomsky's Minimalist Theory proposed AGRP as a category of small clauses. By viewing the category of small clauses as AGRP, the accusative case of the subject of the small clause is checked at the spec of AGRoP in a spec-head relation and the unification of subcategorization is also maintained. Therefore, I can say that the analysis of the small clause as AGRP in the framework of the minimalist theory is more reasonable.



절주어의 범주적 비대칭에 대한 비교연구와 병렬이동


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.43-64

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In this article, I analysed the syntactic properties of clausal subjects from the structural perspective between English and French. In fact, whether the finite clauses are DP or CP is a very vague question which doesn't denote, in a sufficiently clear manner, the function between the structure of a category and its syntactic function. I observed that finite clauses might have not only syntactic properties of DP but also those of CP. In the course of this comparative analysis, I also verified that French clausal-subjects have more properties of CP than those of DP. Based on these syntactic distributions, I proposed that clausal subjects be moved on the left of a sentence. In consequence, I adopted the parallel movement of Chomsky(2008) and introduced this system in the clausal subject movement. I concluded that the parallel movement could account for the double properties of clausal subjects in these languages which represents not only argumental characters (A-movement) but also non-argumental characters(A'-movement).



한국어 형용사 ‘착한’의 연어(collocation)에 관한 단기 통시적 고찰


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.65-87

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This paper diachronically investigates the noun collocate of the Korean adjective chakhata in the collocation of ‘chakhan + NOUN’. Literally, chakhan is for expressing positive evaluation on human nature. Therefore, the adjective has a strong semantic preference for the semantic components related to people, their actions and attributes. However, the analysis shows that the semantic preference of chakhan has been changing during the last 22 years: the adjective started to demonstrate another semantic preference for the semantic features that are not directly relevant to human nature. This type of collocative clash indicates that chakhan is used not just literally but metaphorically in certain contexts and that the metaphorical meaning seems to reflect a collective intentionality of the Korean discourse community.



오피니언 극성 전환 장치 ‘너무’와 공기하는 서술어 유형에 대한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.89-123

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This study aims at the description of predicate types co-occurring with the adverb nemwu which can reverse the opinion polarity in subjective documents. In linguistic tradition, the adverb is usually known as a device intensifying predicates in excess, and therefore expressing a negative judgement of speaker. However, it can appear as a simple intensifier for a positive opinion expressed by some predicates without adding any negative effect. Since the adverb nemwu does not affect only the prior polarity given by opinion key words, but is also one of the most frequent adverbs of degree in online opinion documents, a serious study on the adverb nemwu is required for implementing accurate opinion classification systems. Nevertheless, not much attention has been paid to uncover what types of predicates are required for the appropriate interpretation of nemwu. In this study, predicate types co-occurring with nemwu and the diverse semantic functions of nemwu related to predicate types are analyzed and described in detail.



영어와 한국어 습관상에 관한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.125-140

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the habituals in English and Korean. Since there has not been much consensus on the studies on English habituals. it is necessary to define the domains of habituals in English. In this study I adopt Boneh & Doron(2008)'s classification of Hebrew habituals, and propose to divide English and Korean habituals into gnomic habituals and actualized habituals. It is claimed that the distinction in Hebrew is useful for explaining English and Korean habituals. It is also shown that the two kinds of habituals in English and Korean have differences in the scopes of modification for temporal adverbial phrases, and that the differences can be accounted for by postulating different Hab operators and their different positions in syntactic structures. It is also claimed that the differences between English habitual markers used to and would are partly due to semantic and pragmatic factors, and that the same is true of the three Korean habitual markers.



영어 to­부정사절과 내부 통사구조의 통시적 변화


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.141-162

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This paper analyzes the spread of nonfinite subordinate clauses at the expense of finite ones in the history of English. A typical example which underwent structural changes is the derivation of to­infinitive clauses from that­clauses. Corpus data show that finite complement clauses were usually the norm in OE, but infinitival variants emerged from the late OE period and started spreading in the early ME period. The ongoing changes as such are to meet semantic and paradigmatic regularities as well as legibility condition at interface and the condition of economy in speech production. The semantic regularity implies that a matrix verb with the [+future]­feature expressing an activity or a state of mind should be conductive to the realization of the event structure referred to by a to­infinitive complement with the same feature. The paradigmatic regularity connotes that the distribution of a to­infinitive clause is confined by the distribution of a DP or ‘for+DP’ which functions as the logical subject of a to­infinitive and by that of the to­infinitive itself which functions as the complement of a matrix verb too. The result of diachronic change in the to­infinitive clauses and their internal structures in English is proved by the general rule that most of the propositional matrix verb selects a to­infinitive clause as its complement except indicative and subjunctive that­clauses and gerundive clauses in PDE.



영어 통제구문의 논항이동과 의미역자질 점검

신흥택, 안동환

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.163-184

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This study attempts to reanalyze the Movement Theory of Control in terms of the Ɵ-role feature checking. Adapting Boeckx et al.’s(2010) idea that it is the Ɵ-role feature of the matrix verb that triggers the argument movement in the obligatory control structure, this study argues that the main reason for the movement is the Ɵ-role feature checking between the verb and its argument. It posits the conceptual structure in which all the Ɵ-roles are assigned to the individual concepts which are eventually realized as the verbs and their arguments. The result of the Ɵ-role assignment in the conceptual structure is that all the verbs and the arguments have the appropriate Ɵ-role features which guarantee the proper Merge and movement in the computation. In consequence, it becomes possible that the movement of the subject from the embedded spec-TP in promise structure to the matrix spec-TP without the violation of the MDP. As for the problematic examples of the original MTC, it has been shown that most of them are nicely explained under the modified idea of the Ɵ-role feature checking.



제약연접이론의 필요성-구개음화를 중심으로

이상도, 윤은정

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.185-201

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This paper is to analyze palatalization that has phonologically derived environment effects in English by means of Local Constraint Conjunction(LC), which is a way of combining constraints. In classic Optimality Theory, markedness constraints evaluate output well-formedness, whereas faithfulness constraints evaluate input-output disparity. Thus, markedness constraints have access only to the output while faithfulness constraints view both the input and output. However, current research in phonology suggests that the boundary between markedness and faithfulness constraints is no longer clear-cut. In this paper, We account for palatalization that has derived environment effects by using locally conjoined constraints of markedness and faithfulness. This paper argues that a markedness constraint is conjoined with a faithfulness constraint, so that the markedness constraint is active and able to compel a phonological alternation, only when the faithfulness constraint is violated.



Tough 구문의 책임의미와 성향귀속


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.203-222

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The responsibility reading found in tough constructions is also observed in middles and dispositional sentences. This paper argues that the responsibility reading of the tough and middle constructions arises because the two constructions are dispositionals. It will be shown that the responsibility reading is dispositional ascription and it arises because dispositional sentences contain some covert possibility modal force in their meanings. This dispositional approach to tough constructions provides a strong argument for analyses of tough constructions which view the matrix subject as thematic and base-generated in situ.



L2 어휘 학습에 나타나는 시각적 입력강화의 효과에 관한 종단적 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.223-250

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Previous studies on visually enhanced input have examined how input enhancement impacts L2 vocabulary learning. However, they have mostly conducted a short-term investigation into the effectiveness of input enhancement through one or two immediate test scores after a treatment. Filling this gap in the literature, the present study looks into effects of visual input enhancement on L2 learner's vocabulary learning based on a series of prolonged post tests. A total of 143 university students, consisting of four different groups (no enhancement and no repetition, no enhancement and repetition, enhancement and no repetition, enhancement and repetition), participated in the study. The data for this study were collected over one semester through four post tests after a treatment, and the results show that a repeated provision of the input enhancement has more positive effect on vocabulary learning than the provision of no enhancement or one-shot enhancement.



L2 독해전략 활용과 독해촉진요인에 관한 연구

지순정, 전지현

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.251-274

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The purpose of this study is to find reading strategies and factors enhancing reading proficiency for college students. Two hundred and forty four college students participated in the study and were categorized into three different groups(upper, middle, and lower) according to their reading proficiency. A reading strategy questionnaire and a questionnaire for affective factors for reading proficiency were developed. The findings were as follows: First, the most significant strategy on the reading proficiency was found to be the group of meta-cognitive strategy. Second, the most frequently used reading strategy employed by three different groups was a group of cognitive strategies. Third, the six factors(linguistic domain, schematic domain, affective domain, motivation, grader, overseas English training experience) except for gender and a period of studying had a positive effect on facilitating reading comprehension. Pedagogical implication was provided and some issues for further research were discussed.



러시아 이름을 통해 본 외래어 유래 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.275-294

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This paper tries to figure out the origin of Russian loanword in Russian’s names. Many of the Russian language and Russian’s names are derived from many countries. Old Russian accepted the Greek Orthodox Church in 988 from Byzantine. The Orthodox Church which came from Byzantine to Kiev principality, not only changed the many parts of culture of the Slavic, but also absorbed their cultures. We can find that there are many names, which are related not only with the Bible, a baptismal name, belief, but also with holidays of the Orthodox Church and foreign language from many countries. This shows that Russian people regarded religious culture as important part of their lives. After all in this article, we observe Russian religious culture through Russian names, which well and directly express influences of religious, culture, language, especially religion, desires, belief among them. The understanding of Russian culture through Russian name, in which Russian religion was deeply exposed, will help to understand well Russian today.



오류수정 피드백 : 학습자 인식과 강의자 자기평가 및 실제


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.295-317

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Error-correction feedback research has focused mostly on how students perceive their teachers’ feedback but much less has been done to ascertain L2 writing teachers’ perceptions of their own feedback practice. To address this research gap, three research questions were investigated: (1)what the quantity of teacher-written feedback is according to the type of feedback, (2)what the relationship is between students’ perceptions of teacher-written feedback and teacher self-assessment, and (3)what the relationship is between teacher self-assessment and their actual practice. Analyses of the survey data and students’ writing tasks with teacher-written feedback showed that the teacher’s self-assessment and students’ perceptions did not match well and the students perceived receiving more feedback than the teacher perceived giving. The accuracy of the teacher self-assessment was not high indicating that the teacher may not be completely aware of his own feedback practice. More importantly, the teacher provided more local feedback than global issues, which was different from what he perceived himself doing. Finally, the results and possible implications pertaining to ways to improve current error correction practices were discussed.



On the Constraint of Proper Government in GP

Heeheon Park

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제19권 4호 2012.11 pp.319-341

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In Government Phonology (henceforth GP), it is proposed that syllables are bound together based on governing relations. One of constraints in GP is the constraint of Proper Government. It requires two conditions: (i) the governor should not itself be governed, and (ii) the domain of a governing relation should not include another governing domain. Kaye, Lowenstamm and Vergnaud (1990, henceforth Kaye et al) appeal to this constraint of Proper Government and the Empty Category Principle in order to explain the vowel alternation of i/Ø in Moroccan Arabic words, such as [kittib] and [ktib]. In Minas Gerais dialect of Brazilian Portuguese, however, phonological process of palatalization occurs, despite the intervening of a governing relation between the two nuclei. It violates the constraint of Proper Government. Thus, by analyzing the data of Minas Gerais dialect, this paper explores how the problem can be solved in GP. The first part of the paper describes the outline of theoretical assumptions on Government Theory, explicating some basic principles and representations. The second part focuses on the process of palatalization of Minas Gerais dialect with relevant examples and centers on analyzing the phenomenon within this framework. Noting some problems which arise in Government Theory, I propose to analyze the palatalization of this language in Extended GP, which extends lexical representations in the Government framework along the lines of the Markedness Theory in the Syllable Structure approach.


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