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관형사형 어미 ‘-을’에 대하여


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.1-24

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The study has tried to reveal that the relativizer ‘-eul’ has experienced undergoing changes on the basis of combining restriction and functional meaning. The change shows various aspects according to the syntactic structure or combining elements. The relativizer ‘-eul’ becomes a morpheme resulting from combining ‘-ri-’ and ‘-eun’. ‘-Ø-’ and ‘-eoss-’ can be combined with ‘-eul’, while ‘-deo-’ and ‘-gess-’ cannot. ‘*-deol’ which is the combination of ‘-deo-’ and ‘-eul’ doesn't appear because of the error of combining order of ‘-ri-’ and ‘-deo-’. Also, ‘*-rireon’ which is the combination of ‘-ri-+-deo-+-eun’ does not appear because it cannot combine a pre-final ending in a morpheme. The reason why ‘-gess-’ and ‘-eul’ cannot be a combination is resulted from the overlap of functional meaning. There is a restriction in combining ‘-eul’ and the adjective. In the relative clause, ‘-eul’ cannot be combined with the adjective, but in the NP complement, it can be combined. In the NP complement, it is in the course of change ending like ‘-eul geosi-’, or the combination ‘-eul’ and ‘time noun’, which restricts event time in the main clause and can be combined with the adjective. In following the determiner clause, ‘-eul’ can be combined with the adjective. ‘-eul’ and ‘-eun’ cannot be together because the former is, regardless of event time, an order of meaning while the latter conveys ‘antecedent event’. It doesn't come together with ‘-eun’ that has no functional meaning of modality as it continues to imply the functional meaning of the combined element ‘-ri-’. Although the combination ‘-eul geosi-’ is in the course of change ending, it has been combined with the adjective without any change of functional meaning. As the composing change of ‘-eul+time noun’ is restricted to the combination with the adjective in NP complement, it is not the change of ‘-eul’ but the change ending of ‘-eul+time noun’. (Silla University)



고대 프랑스어 장소구 도치구문의 자질계승과 매개변인에 대한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.25-47

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This paper is aimed at analysing the Locative Inversion(LI) Constructions in Old French from modern syntactic point of view. For this purpose, we adopt the feature inheritance proposal of Chomsky (2008) and its revised and reinterpreted version of Goto(2008), which will be slightly modified for our analysis. The problems we have to solve are summarized by the following three questions. First, what can be an attractor triggering the finite-verb movement? Second, what will move a locative phrase to the position of Spec-CP? Third, can LI with null subject and LI with lexical subject have the same syntactic procedures or do they have to be distinguished from each other? After analyzing these problems with above-mentioned proposals, we conclude that they can be addressed by the parallel movement and our revised version of feature inheritance system. Finally, we make a comparative list of Old French LI Constructions in order to observe differences in parametric variation. (Youngsan University)



배수 표현의 통사-의미 불일치 현상에 대하여


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.49-67

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The research is on the grammatical mismatch phenomenon found in multiplicational expressions that are inadvertently but widely misused in modern Korean. The multiplicational expressions are such phrases composed of the noun ‘배’(bae, meaning ‘multiple times’) with its case-marker and a verb that follows denoting the change of original sum or amount. In this expression the sense shift of the noun ‘배’ is supposed to have some peripheral influence with regard to the meaning confusion. The most problematic usages are found among the phrases with the case-marker ‘-가’(-ga, subject case-marker) and with null-marked noun. In these cases almost all the usages bring about the effect of meaning confusion in that the actual amount does not match with the amount that the speaker originally intended to express. In this paper some preliminary prescriptions are offered to amend the phenomenon, among them are the meaning settlement of the noun ‘배’, and the substitution of the case-marker ‘-로’ for ‘-가’ and null-marked case. (Youngsan University)



단기집중 영어프로그램 사례 연구

남정미, 김재윤

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.69-88

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The purpose of this study is to examine the effects and satisfaction of short-term intensive English program at a 4-year private university in Busan. The participants are 149 students who took summer TOEIC classes. Their TOEIC scores were compared in terms of gender, major, English level, and types of classes, before and after the program. The results of this study showed that the students were strongly satisfied with the program, and their average TOEIC scores after completing the intensive English program were 96.39 points higher. Depending on their types of classes, students' perceived effects and satisfaction were significantly different. Possible reasons were explained. Based on this study, several suggestions were made for more effective intensive TOEIC program development and implementation. (Silla University)



스페인어의 ‘N + de + N’ 구조에서 나타나는 명사 생략 현상에 관한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.89-109

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In Spanish, DP headed by the definite article can undergo nominal ellipsis if the preposition DE (of) introduces the remnant element like ‘N + de + N’. It seems that the possibility of having nominal ellipsis is related to the null subject parameter (Torrego, 1987). Torrego supposed that the definite article in Spanish is able to retain the person, number and gender features necessary to license (via government) an NP pro. But this type of approach cannot explain restrictions on NP-ellipsis, since that ellipsis leads to ungrammaticality when some other prepositions are involved. The purpose of this paper is to examine the properties of the constructions ‘N + de + N’ with the definite article. It is supposed that the definite article, in Medieval Spanish, induces the movement of the element nominal to the Specifier, whereas, in Modern Spanish, it isn't possible. (Chonbuk National University)



영어 관계사 변이 요인의 코퍼스 기반 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.111-130

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The purpose of this study is to identify the factors that influence the choice between English relativizers which and that. This is a new approach to the presence/absence of relativizers in English relative constructions. Based on spoken and written data of modern American English from Corpus of Contemporary American English, three kinds of relative clauses, subject relative clauses, object relative clauses, and passive relative clauses, containing which and that were examined to investigate the overt relativizer variation. The corpus analyses show that structure of subjects in object relative clauses, antecedents in subject/object relative clauses and verb types in passive relative clauses can affect the choice between which and that. However, results suggest that the length of the Head NP in object relative clauses may not affect the relativizer variation. (Pusan National University)



초기 음소 지각 능력 발달에서 입력 언어의 역할 탐색

최미혜, 최영은

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.131-150

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Early phonetic perception abilities among newborns and infants have been considered to largely stem from inborn auditory perceptual capacities. However, recent findings have suggested that exposure to ambient language can play an early and critical role in shaping early speech perception abilities. The present study attempted to examine the role of input language in Korean-learning infants’ development of speech perception in two experiments, by using Anticipatory Eye Movement Paradigm that allows measuring individual differences in infants’ sensitivity to phonetic distinctions. In Experiment 1, native phonetic discrimination abilities of 10-11-month-olds were compared between those who were exposed to a foreign language during critical period(i.e., 9-10 months) and those who were not. In the second experiment, the relationship between socio-economic factors (e.g., maternal education) and individual differences in phoneme discrimination among 6-8-month-olds was explored. Although no significant relation between foreign language exposure and native phonetic discrimination abilities was observed, maternal education was found positively correlated with 6-8-month-olds’ phoneme discrimination abilities. Differences in maternal education are linked to the quality differences in input language to children. Therefore, these results suggest that the differences in the quality of input language can be the source of speech development differences from very early on. (Chung-Ang University)



한국어 음절말 중화의 과다적용과 명사-동사의 비대칭성


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.151-172

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This paper deals with the noun-verb asymmetry regarding the overapplication of coda neutralization in Korean within the framework of the Stratal Optimality Theory. Nouns, unlike verbs, involve the overapplication of coda neutralization in the interaction of coda neutralization and aspiration. It is proposed that the constraint ranking at the lexical level differs from that of the postlexical level particularly in the ranking between Align-R(ω, σ) and *h. Ranking Align-R(ω, σ) higher than *h blocks the effect of aspiration in nouns at the lexical level since noun stems form a prosodic word by themselves. Hence, only coda neutralization applies at the lexical level and then, aspiration occurs at the postlexical level. By contrast, Align-R(ω, σ) does not have any influence on verbs even at the lexical level as verb stems cannot form a prosodic word on their own. In consequence, aspiration can take effect at the lexical level in verbal inflection. (Seoul Womenʹs University)



신체어 ‘머리’와 ‘얼굴’의 의미확장에 관한 연구

한지형, 권연진

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.173-192

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This article examines the aspects of the meaning extensions of the body terms, ‘meri’ and ‘elkwul’, which are closely related to its central meaning, along with its peripheral meaning, due to its positional proximity. To do so, each of the ‘meri’ and ‘elkwul’ was studied in respect of their place, form, constitution, and function. The characteristics and differences of their meaning extensions were also considered. Through this study, it confirmed that the meaning extension of Korean body terms has a complicated structure, so that ‘meri’ and ‘elkwul’ in Korean cannot be explained simply as distinct elements which form their basic meanings. We also investigate the universality and distinctiveness as body terms. (Pusan National University)



The Influence of Partner Acquaintanceship in an EFL Speaking Test

Younghyon Heo, Hyowon Song

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.193-210

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This paper explores the effect of the familiarity between partners on their performance during oral proficiency tests in an EFL class. Not many studies about familiarity between test-takers and their partners have been conducted, but such sociocognitive factor appears to be empirical with regard to performance tests(O'Sullivan, 2002; Porter, 1991). Along the line of research conducted by O'Sullivan(2002) and Porter(1991), this paper investigates the role of interlocutors with respect to their familiarity with test-takers. Japanese and Korean learners of English participated in two speaking tests; paired with their friends in the first speaking test and paired with partners who they are not familiar with in the second speaking test. Under the two different familiarity conditions, the test-takers participated in two different types of English oral proficiency tests: 1) a task focusing on grammar(sentence formation) and 2) a task measuring their overall L2 proficiency(impromptu speech). The findings of the research are as follows. First, the overall results show that the test scores are positively correlated with familiarity. Second, the impact of familiarity is greater on the complex L2 tasks such as impromptu speech than the simple tasks such as sentence-forming. Third, Japanese participants exhibit more individual difference whereas Korean participants are more dominantly affected(positively) by being grouped with the familiar partners. (University of Aizu․Busan University of Foriegn Studies)



Native English Speaking Teachers' (NESTs') Teaching Practices in English Reading Classes for University Students

Seonmin Huh, Jee Eun Lee

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.211-240

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This paper investigated what types of classroom practices were being used in reading classes with native English speaking teachers. With the issues of NESTs' quality of teaching and lack of experience teaching reading over conversational English, understanding what went on in the actual classroom was urgently needed. Seven NESTs' classrooms were observed for teaching practices and were analyzed for their productivity. Findings covered: 1) meaning-oriented discussion; 2) accuracy over fluency; 3) no comprehension check as failed literacy pedagogical content knowledge; 4) activities without clear linguistic goals. It was found that while NESTs provided rich meaning-oriented discussion, they lacked their monitoring of students' comprehension and did not design class activities with strong linguistic goals. They tended to concentrate on accuracy over fluent reading. Based on these findings, the educational implications for NEST training and model classroom practices were suggested. (Woosong University)



University Students' Views on English Writing and Writing Coursebooks

Youngkyong Jong

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.241-265

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

For the purpose of finding better ways to facilitate university students' interest in English composition, this study explored how students in English writing classes viewed English writing and the composition class they took as a compulsory or an elective course. The study also investigated which elements of commercial English coursebooks have an impact on the students' learning of English writing based on their opinions. Data were collected over the course of two semesters and included a survey containing both close ended and open-ended questions. Analysis of the data showed that first, the students were well aware of the need to build a good ability in English writing; however, they were not willing to invest time and effort in it as they did not want to increase instructional hours or the frequency of receiving teachers' feedback on their writing. Second, while recognizing the significance of ‘content’ in writing, they still want to focus most on ‘grammar.’ Third, when English writing books do not contain topics that are not interesting, relevant or are culturally distant from them, they failed to attract students’ interest as well as meet their expectation. Finally, when too much content is contrived into a limited number of pages, it elicited negative reactions from the students, especially in the writing classes. Thus, the result indicated that there is a need to develop ELT writing materials suitable for university-level students in EFL settings by attending to issues found in this study. (Pukyong National University)



Remarks on Long-distance Control in Korean : Spec TP as a Locus of A-movement

Byong-Kwon Kim

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.267-287

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This paper presents a movement-based analysis of control in Korean, adopting Hornstein(1999). The typical pattern of the control construction has been assumed to be confined to infinitival complements. The null subject in the infinitival complement is construed to be anaphorically dependent on the antecedent in the matrix clause. However, control in Korean is observed in CP complements as well. The issue that arises is how to license the long-distance dependency between the null subject and its antecedent crossing over CP. I show that the control dependency in Korean can be best analyzed in terms of movement in the autonomous syntax. The generalization is that control movement takes place long-distance crossing over CP regardless of finiteness of the clause. This fact is accounted for under the hypothesis that in a language without phi-agreement like Korean, the thematic subject is not raised to Spec TP, which consequently is available as an escape hatch for A-movement(Kim, 2011). The guiding idea of my analysis is that the apparent long-distance A-movement is made up of a sequence of strictly local movement. My analysis is reduced to Rizzi’s(1990) Relativized Minimality. (Youngsan University)



A Comparison of Discourse Participants in the Press Release of Greenpeace Korea and Greenpeace UK

Chul-Kyu Kim

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.289-312

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This paper compares participants in the process of imposing obligation in the press release of Greenpeace Korea and Greenpeace UK. Since deontic modal expressions in discourse provoke assumptions about social positions between interlocutors, it has been argued that there are two participants in this process: ‘the obligation-imposer’ and ‘the obligation-imposed’(Kim and Thompson, 2010). The present analysis shows that there are roughly four different types of entities functioning as these two participants: environmental NGOs, nations(or governments), ordinary people, and companies. In addition, it is found that each corpus has its own preferred entity for the two participants. In line with the premise of critical discourse analysis, it can be argued that these contrasting results recontextualize the situations of how environmental campaigns are differently undertook in both discourse communities. (Kyungsung University)



Students' Affective Reactions to Demonstrating Communicative Competence in EFL Classrooms

Youngsang Kim

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.313-335

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The present research investigated university students' affective reactions to communicatively oriented classroom tasks when they were required to engage themselves in classroom learning activities and demonstrate communicative competence in English. To gain some insight into students' affective reactions to communication in English, the researcher conducted interviews with the respective EFL respondents. Three main themes that transpired from data collected were found to have negatively affected students' engagements in communication-based classroom tasks: (1) lacking self-confidence; (2) saving face through reticence; and (3) feeling apprehensive about speaking and writing. Based on the findings, some instructional suggestions pertaining to treatment interventions were finally addressed. (Kyungnam University)



The Diachronic Change of Particle Position from Preverbal into Postverbal in English

Sangsoo Park

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제21권 2호 2014.05 pp.337-356

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study aims to analyze the diachronic change of phrasal verbs from particleverb combinations in OE into verbparticle ones in PDE. In general particles in OE conformed to the underlying preverbal order, usually functioned as a secondary predicate, and kept lexical independence. The leveling and loss of inflections triggered the change of merger process from preverbal in OE into postverbal in PDE along with the grammaticalization of particles. Both word order reanalysis from SOV to SVO and the shift of case/Case system from inherent case realization into structural Case valuation also drove the change of phrasal verbs from particleverb into verbparticle sequences. A corpus study shows differences in particle position between OE and Old Norse. So it is possible to infer from the data that the verbparticle order of Old Norse influenced the change of OE phrasal verbs from preverbal into postverbal. In PDE, resultant verbparticle combinations as a close verbal unit denote a compositional meaning as well as the particle meaning itself varies from transparent to opaque or further idiomatic. (Busan University of Foreign Studies)


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