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제9권 1호 (9건)

15세기 국어의 홀소리 체계와 홀소리 '이'


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제9권 1호 2002.02 pp.1-18

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The purpose of this paper is to clarify a cause that changed the vowel system from the 15 century to the 18 century in Korean. For this purpose, a series of phonological events in Korean that occurred from the 15 century to the 18 century, that is, ‘ㅿ>i, ㅿ>a, a~?, o~u, ?~o,i~u’were analysed. As a result, it was found that 'i' is related to the change of vowel system after the 15century. However, the function of 'i' in Korean history is not well known. Therefore, priority should be given to clarifying the function of 'i' in Korean history.



The Passive with an Accusative Nominal : A Semantic Account


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제9권 1호 2002.02 pp.19-31

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The representation of Case-marked semantic functions is necessary in describing and explaining the properties of the passive in Korean. The function of a passive is to convert action to state. It may encode the potential modality and have the effect produced by its own initiative. However, the passive with an accusative nominal (PAN) does not have these properties. As it has an entity highly affected by the action and therefore Accusative-marked, the PAN has the implication that the action was initiated by an actor, either implicit or explicit.



중ㆍ고등학교 교과서에 사용된 구동사의 인지언어학적 분석 : 효율적인 학습을 위하여

김은일, 박매란

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제9권 1호 2002.02 pp.33-55

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This paper examines English phrasal verbs used in secondary school English textbooks in Korea from a cognitive point of view. The goals of the study are first to find out how English phrasal verbs are presented in the Korea secondary school English textbooks in order to identify the difficulties learners undergo in learning English phrasal verbs. Second, based on the cognitive analysis, the authors will suggest a more effective way of teaching them. The data consisting of 30 phrasal verbs were obtained from 30 middle school and high school English textbooks. In analyzing the phrasal verbs, the authors have adopted the two approaches suggested by Dirven and Verspoor (1998): the form-based approach (semasiology) and the concept-based approach (onomasiology). Based on the analysis of the data in terms of the four cognitive categories, it has been concluded that the comparison across textbooks and cognitive categories have shown more differences than similarities. In order to teach English phrasal verbs to Korean secondary school students more effectively, the authors have made several suggestions. First, English phrasal verbs should be presented in both the prototype meaning and the abstract meaning. Second, both the idiomatic meaning and literal meaning of English phrasal verbs should be provided to learners. Third, the polysemic nature of language transfer of phrasal verbs from learners’ first language to the target language should not be overlooked. In order to understand a variety of meanings of English phrasal verbs, they should be presented through various example sentences of their use. Lastly, English phrasal verbs should be presented together with other phrasal verbs related to their meaning, to systematically understand the behaviors of English phrasal verbs.



Inner Island Effects and NegP


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제9권 1호 2002.02 pp.57-70

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Rizzi (1990) derives inner Island effects under the assumption that phrasal negation occupies SPEC(TP). Adjunct raising past Neg then violates antecedent government requirement of elements within a chain headed by an element not bearing a referential theta role. In this paper, the structure advocated by Rizzi simply cannot provide a general, explanatory account of the syntactic properties of negation and the interaction of A' SPEC's and X0 movement. I suggest an alternative theory in which Neg heads the phrasal projection NegP, as argued in Chomsky (1991), Iatridou (1990), and Pollock (1989). Within this structure, Inner Island effects derive from Neg's inability to properly govern a VP adjunct trace.



색인어 추출 시스템 개발을 위한 제안- 이름씨 추출을 중심으로 -


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제9권 1호 2002.02 pp.71-84

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This paper proposes a method that improves retrieval speed of an index term extracting system and shows its experimental results. This paper takes into consideration the characteristics of Korean noun syllable structures and their distributions for the higher speed of the system. For example, "꽜" ([k'at]) does not appear at the first syllable of a Korean noun. The proposed constraint on syllable structure excludes from the noun candidate list the words that contain such syllables. The distributional constraint can extract a noun stem by excluding the other forms that combine with it. This method improves processing speed because it can avoid the morphemic analyses. The proposed method is better than other ones for the analysis of sentences in the internet where many coinages and misspellings occur.



영어 구동사의 화용론적 접근


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제9권 1호 2002.02 pp.85-108

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Nowadays English phrasal verbs tend to be more used in colloquial English. They have caused much difficulty to students who study English as a Foreign Language(EFL) because most people think that their meanings are arbitrary. However, recent pragmatic studies make us learn English phrasal verbs easily. In this respect, this study is to show that English phrasal verbs can be presented to EFL students in a more meaningful way through pragmatic approach. This study aims at suggesting two important things in understanding the essentials of English phrasal verbs. That is to say, one is new information theory or end-weight maxim of processibility principle(Leech 1983); and the other is proximity principle(Quark et. al. 1972) or transparency maxim of clarity principle(Leech 1983). In conclusion, the pragmatic approach to English phrasal verbs can be an effective alternative to the traditional method of teaching phrasal verbs because this approach helps EFL students to learn phrasal verbs in a more motivated and creative way. So it is recommended that further studies on the pragmatic approach to learning languages be carried out to provide effective understanding of idiomatic and arbitrary phenomena like phrasal verbs and other idiomatic expressions.



Optional EPP and Focus Licensing


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제9권 1호 2002.02 pp.109-123

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The analyses of focus licensing in Korean have long been controversial since focus markers, in most cases, happen to be exactly the same forms as canonical Case markers even with the same kinds of morphological variants. In this paper I will explore from a minimalist perspective in what aspects focus licensing is differentiated from Case licensing, how the surface-semantic effect of focus is properly derived, and what makes Case/focus markers share the same morphological forms, based on the data drawn from the part-whole or inalienable possession constructions in Korean.



The morphological and phonological status of prefixes in Korean


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제9권 1호 2002.02 pp.125-135

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In this paper we are going to review the morphological and phonological characteristics of Korean "prefixes" and are going to propose that these pre-stem or pre-root morphemes are not really prefixes but parts of compound. We will provide evidence for this proposal both from the morphological and phonological perspectives. We will suggest that they be instead morphologically "defective" roots and the whole "prefixed" words be actually compounds.



편집위원회 구성 임기 및 기능 외

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제9권 1호 2002.02 pp.137-144

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