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제16권 3호 (12건)

불어의 이형태 선택에서의 불투명성: 후보연쇄 최적성 이론과 대조유지 이론의 비교


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제16권 3호 2009.10 pp.1-24

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This study compares two different approaches to the opacity occurring in the allomorphs of morphemes le/la and les located before h-aspiré words in French: One is based on Optimality Theory with Candidate Chains (OT-CC) and the other is on Preservation of Contrast (PC) Theory. This comparison shows that the OT-CC-based approach correctly predicts the occurrence of opacity whereas the PC theory-based approach does not. It also shows that the constraint called PREC(MAX(subseg), MAX(ʔ)), one that evaluates the optimality of derivational process, plays a crucial role in the allomorph selection and its opacity. Consequently, this study provides us with crucial evidence for the argument that the opacity in the French allomorph selection does not occur as a result of contrast transfer and preservation but occurs as a result of the most optimal derivation for the input-output mapping.



영어영상광고매체가 영어학습자의 정의적 요인과 어휘향상에 미치는 영향조사

김수정, 주미진, 구승회, 권기양, 남정미, 장세은, 최성묵

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제16권 3호 2009.10 pp.25-44

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The present study was conducted to examine the effects of video commercials on EFL learners' affective attitudes and vocabulary ability. A total of 259 students from three universities and one high school were asked to take the pre-, first post- and second post- vocabulary tests after treating them with different vocabulary instruction methods: one with a video commercial and one without a video commercial. The students from two of the schools also filled out attitude questionnaires. The findings of the study were that the students' affective attitudes to the instruction using a video commercial were very positive. In spite of the positive attitudes, both groups of the learners treated with different instruction methods received significantly higher vocabulary test scores on the first post-test, and significantly lower scores on the second post-test than their pre-test, irrespective of whether the video commercial was used or not for the vocabulary instruction.



‘-아 잇-’의 융합과 ‘-습-’의 기능의미 바뀜


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제16권 3호 2009.10 pp.45-62

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The purpose of this paper is to show the diachronic change of ‘-습-’ in the ending ‘-습니다’. The diachronic change shows that, in the 15th, ‘-앗-’ resulted from the fusion of ‘-아 잇-’ changed functionally as a pre-ending, which caused the change of ‘-습-’. According to the process of the change, first, ‘-앗-’ became the pre-ending. This change influenced on the syntactic function of ‘-습-’. It means that the functional meaning of ‘-습-’ changed as an honorific ending to the listener. In the 17th century some of the fusion sequences was not orderly. It seems that the syntactic structure of ‘-시-’ had been recovered. And the fusion of ‘-아-+-잇-’ showed in the corpus of the 18th century seems to be occurred by the same cause. The new functional meaning of ‘-습-’ was overlapped with the function of ‘-이-’ and it lost ‘-이-’, which triggered the ending to have an honorific function for the listener. This change seems to influence on the fusion of ‘-습-’ with the ending. In the corpus of 18th century, the order of ‘-습-+-앗-’ appeared in the conjunct clause and an included sentence. It is resulted from the reason that the persistence and connected place of ‘-습-’ could not represent an honorific function to the listener



온라인 상품비교문 추출을 위한 형용사술어 비교 구문 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제16권 3호 2009.10 pp.63-95

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In this paper, we describe comparative sentences based on adjectival predicates and classify them into 6 syntactic classes: there are 3 types of complex sentences obtained by combination of simple sentences and 3 types of simple sentences lexically containing comparative meanings in their adjectival predicates. These 3 types in each case correspond to the adjectival sentences in English like "as Adj as N", "more/less Adj than N", "the most Adj among N". In this study, these classes are formally defined by syntactic structures like ‘Na Nb-mankeum Nc-ga Adj', ‘Na Nb-boda Nc-ga deu Adj', ‘Na Nb-jungeso Nc-ga gajang Adj', ‘Na Nb-wa Nc-ga Adj', ‘Na Nb-boda Nc-ga Adj', ‘Na Nb-jungeso Nc-ga Adj', and named , , , , , and respectively. The other types of comparative sentences which are not treated in this study should be analyzed as well to complete a global description of comparative sentences in order that we extract automatically comparative opinions from on-line documents.



영어와 한국어 삼항 술어 구문 비교 분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제16권 3호 2009.10 pp.97-118

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This paper aims to provide a comparative analysis of three-place predicate constructions in English and Korean. First I provide the classification of three-place predicates in English and Korean. In Korean, the scope of three-place predicates is confined to the constructions with the structure ‘X-ka Y-eyk(ey) Z-lul P-hata’. Second it is claimed that it could be a good analysis to posit double object constructions and dative constructions for English three-place predicates, while it is not desirable to posit the two constructions for Korean three-place predicates. Third, I discuss monosemy and polysemy theories on the meaning differences between double object constructions and dative constructions in English and Korean. Fourth, I compare the superiority effects of 'recipient' or 'patient' arguments in some syntactic processes



영어 동사의 보충절로서 to-부정사와 that절의 의미, 화용적 분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제16권 3호 2009.10 pp.119-141

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According to cognitive-functional grammar, it is said that meaning and form in a language are closely related to each other and that a difference in form leads to a difference in function and meaning. From this cognitive-functional perspective, this paper examines the semantic and pragmatic differences between to-infinitive and that-clause as the verb complement clauses in English. An attempt is first made to explore difference in meaning between two clauses in terms of subjectivity and objectivity from the perspective of the interest and involvement about the complement of the main clause subject. And the difference among potentiality, realization and factivity is shown from the perspectives of the realization and non-realization of the complement. It is also shown that the clear difference in meaning exists in directness and indirectness based on clause integration and proximity. Then, it is reviewed that this meaning and form interaction in to-infinitive and that-clause alternation is iconically reflected in the meaning of the subjectivity, objectivity, directness and indirectness.



영어 It-분열문의 분열성분에 따른 정보구조와 담화기능

최진숙, 안동환

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제16권 3호 2009.10 pp.143-162

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The purpose of this paper is to examine the English It-cleft constructions in terms of their discourse function and their information structure of the focused constituents using the classification of Johansson (2002) and Hasselgård (2002). The findings of this study can be summarized as follows. Firstly, the information structure of the majority of It-clefts in English involves a clefted constituent carrying given information and a cleft clause carrying new information. Secondly, clefts with various clefted constituents have a range of discourse functions; summative seems prominent with clefted nominals, topic linking with clefted adverbials, and thematization with clefted propositional phrases and adverbials. Thirdly, there are correlations between four patterns of information structure and their discourse functions: Type A (all given) is related to Summative, Type B(given+new) with Topic linking, Type C(all new) to thematization, and Type D(new+given) to Topic lunching.



Ellipsis in Computational Grammar

Jae Yoon Kim

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제16권 3호 2009.10 pp.163-184

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The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of referential dependencies in elliptical contexts. The facts of elliptical dependencies can be accounted for by two representational innovations. First, ellipsis is analyzed as the sharing of identically-composed thematic-structure between the overt structure and the corresponding null structure. Second, the two relations of referential dependency, link and obviate, are generalized to hold between positions in the thematic-structure as well as positions in the phrase-structure. The counter-example is that the null structure is not an independent copy of the overt structure. A copy operation naturally makes two predictions; neither holds in VPE. To resolve this problem, that copying is both necessary and impossible, I propose that the invisible VP shares the thematic-structure of the overt VP, but not its phrase-structure or phonology.



Grammatical Intricacies of English Verbs for Korean English Learners

Hye Kyeong Pae, Jessica Braine, Yeon-Jin Kwon

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제16권 3호 2009.10 pp.185-206

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Given a lack of references directly addressing obstacles in learning English as a foreign language, the authors attempt to fill the gap by identifying specific grammatical points that are particularly difficult for Korean English language learners(ELLs) to conceptualize. In connection with the first language(L1) characteristics and dual-language operations, lexical, phrasal, conventional, and psycholinguistic complexities of English verbs are discussed. A better understanding of ELLs' L1 properties and functions, negative L1 transfer, and ELLs' persistent errors made in the production of expressive English is a necessary condition, if not a sufficient one, for ELLs' escalating English learning and acquisition. Limitations and future directions are discussed.



On the Perception of English Cw Clusters

Misun Seo, Eun-Sook Kim, John Stonham

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제16권 3호 2009.10 pp.207-227

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In this paper we examine the perception of onset clusters containing /w/ in order to assess the ability of Korean learners of English to perceive syllable membership. Results of the experiment conducted here indicate that /kw/ sequences are more easily perceived than either /tw/ or /sw/ sequences. We maintain that, while measuring perception is a far more complex task than assessing production, it is a crucially important one for L2 acquisition and should not be neglected because of its inherent challenges. In addition to the theoretical importance of this research, there is also a significant pedagogical component: the ability to perceive syllables correctly bears on a number of issues related to the acquisition of English phonology, including the determination of stress placement, the formation of the comparative/ superlative, the (mis)perception of near‐minimal pairs and the hangulization of foreign words.



The Semantics of Epistemic must

Mean-Young Song

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제16권 3호 2009.10 pp.229-260

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The previous semantic treatment of epistemic must which is based on entailment from ‘what is known’ is not sufficient to provide a proper semantics of must, since it would have to predict that any irrelevant or uninformative proposition can be entailed by what is known, which will definitely lead to a crash of its semantic derivation. In order to remedy this, this paper argues that the evidential component involving the inference from a body of evidence should incorporate into the semantics of epistemic must, along with the epistemic component involving the agent’s judgment of the evidence. According to this analysis, an epistemically modalized sentence is understood to mean that the prejacent is a conclusion that the speaker can reach from the available evidence, rather than an entailment by what is known. The incorporation of evidentiality into the semantics of epistemic must will assist us in understanding how the speaker of an utterance like It must be raining concludes that it is raining when she hears rain drops and why the utterance sounds weird when she sees that it is raining out side.


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