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제8권 2호 (9건)

분리보문소구와 장소의 부사구 도치구문

박정수, 안동환

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제8권 2호 2001.08 pp.5-23

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The aim of this paper is to reanalyze the structure of Locative Inversion Construction(LI) and to suggest that the LI has the same derivation in the narrow syntax (Chomsky 1998, 1999) as the canonical construction and then has a further derivation to propose the locative PP to the left periphery. In LI the inverted constituents were assumed subjects. On the contrary, this paper will argue that the postverbal DP is a subject and that the preverbal elements are placed at the Spec of CP. To analyze the structure of LI, this paper will adopt the Split CP, which comprises include CP, TopP, and FocP. Since in terms of the checking theory of movement no free optional proposing can be allowed, this paper suggests that the preverbal element of LI has [Foc] feature and that to check the feature, the focused element that is, the locative PP should move to the Spec of FocP.



언어분석의 도상적 접근

성창섭, 김광현

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제8권 2호 2001.08 pp.25-41

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It has been generally said since Saussure's(1933) claim that there is an arbitrary relation between linguistic form and meaning. However, there are significant examples across the languages that show the relation is not completely arbitrary but iconic. The purpose of this paper is to show the iconic relationships between form and meaning in language and to examine the origin and development of the theory of iconicity Haiman(1980, 1983) distinguishes two kinds of diagrammatic iconicity: isomorphism and motivation. The former means a bi-unique correspondence exists between form and meaning, while the latter holds that the structure of language directly reflects some aspects of the structure of reality. Given this dichotomy, we can find several principles of iconicity such as quantity, distance and sequencing principles. Each principle reflects word order, form and tense etc. Iconicity is more explanatory than any other schema because it is based on human cognitive process. Language exhibits certainly both arbitrariness and iconicity. Therefore, it seems that various syntactic phenomena can be explained more explicitly when due attention is paid to the both sides of language.



Explaining Unaccommodatable Presupposition Triggers in English


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제8권 2호 2001.08 pp.43-62

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In this paper I address the issue of why some presupposition triggers in English, such as too and incomplete definite descriptions, are typically difficult to accommodate and require specific contexts to license them. I propose that non-accommo-datability of both triggers is due to the fact that one of their arguments is underspecified, which is logically represented as a free variable, and therefore, a specific linguistic or non-linguistic context is obligatorily required to assign a value to the argument: this explains why sentences containing them are infelicitous out of the blue. I suggest that too is a relational operator with two arguments, the sentence to which it is adjoined provides one argument, and the other is unarticulated, of which value is identified by a context. Non-accommodatability of incomplete definite descriptions is attributed to the fact that definite article the is also a relational operator of which two arguments are descriptive content and a contextually provided domain within which the uniqueness of their referents is warranted.



한국 대학생들의 영어 독해 및 작문 능력 향상을 위한 인터넷 활용방안


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제8권 2호 2001.08 pp.63-91

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Through the Internet, students can gain access to a great variety of resources and up-date information in the hypertext or multimedia format. The Internet can be a good tool for English language teaching in Korea in that it provides students with a rich amount of authentic material and opportunities of contact with native speakers. This paper suggests ways of integrating the Internet into the EFL reading and writing classes for Korean college students. First, this study discusses general features of the Internet including possibilities and benefits of using the Internet in the EFL classrooms in Korea and some elements of a well-designed program of Internet-based instruction. Then it proposes a pilot program for reading and writing through the Internet. The syllabus consists mainly of newspaper summaries, various rhetorical categories of writing, and participation in the International Writing Exchange. Most students who participated in the pilot classes for two semesters responded positively to the internet-based reading and writing classes. Finally, this study introduces some Web sites useful for the EFL reading and writing activities.



Compound Stress in English

이용성, 조용구

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제8권 2호 2001.08 pp.93-113

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This paper deals with English compound stress. It is generally assumed that English compounds have stress in the first elements as described in Compound Stress Rule in SPE. A closer look, however, shows that the general rule does not apply across the board and we frequently come across English compounds that have the primary stress in the second element. Based on Cinque (1993) and Lee (1995), this paper proposes that the assignment of primary stress in compound is the result of constraint interactions. StressComp, StressFH (Final Head) are proposed to integrate the observation that the syntactic and semantic head of compound plays an important role in the stress assignment. In addition, it is shown that the general stress constraint Nonfinality interacts with above-mentioned interface constraints to correctly predict the location of stress in English compounds.



논항이동과 영어의 통제구문 분석


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제8권 2호 2001.08 pp.115-132

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The purpose of this paper is to explore the possibilities of A-movement into θ-positions within the Minimalist theory and adapt them to Control Structures. Minimalist theory removes the D-structure and dispenses with θ-criterion. This enables us to take θ-roles as features that are able to license movement In fact, it has been argued in several recent works that there are grammatical instances of movement into θ-positions (Boskovic 1994, Lasnik 1995b, Boskovic & Dakahashi 1998). This can be explained within the Minimalist theory if θ-roles are formal features capable of driving movement. I will investigate the consequences of treating PRO as a NP-trace in Homstein's analysis(1999) and the proposal of Manzini & Rousssou(2000) that Control corresponds to a derivation in which one argument DP attracts two (or more) different predicates.



한국어 사역형에 관한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제8권 2호 2001.08 pp.133-148

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Many studies have been done to see if Korean syntactic causatives and morphological causatives have the same structure or not and this question is still controversial. The main issue is whether they have monoclausal or biclausal properties. For the syntactic causatives, researchers seem to agree that they have biclausal properties, whereas for the morphological causatives, there are many disagreements. This paper focuses on the morphological causatives, trying to explain why these disagreements come about. It is claimed that the Korean morphological causatives are ambiguous based on the causee's full agent vs. weak agent, and many disagreements in the literature are due to the ambiguity in the Korean morphological causatives.



영어 Wh-구문의 국부성조건


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제8권 2호 2001.08 pp.149-165

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the locality conditions of English Wh-construction uniformly within the framework of the Minimalist Program proposed by Chomsky(1993, 1994, 1995). First of all, in the Government and Binding(GB) Theory analysis, the locality conditions were analyzed in terms of Subjacency Condition, Condition on Extraction Domain(CED), and Barrier, But in the Minimalist Program, there is no concept like Subjacency Condition and Government assumed in GB Theory. Instead, it is assumed that the operation of movement is triggered by the need for features of the functional head to be checked. Especially, in Attract F Principle of Chomsky(1995) based on Rizzi's(1990) Relativized Minimality, only Wh-island Constraint can be accounted for and the remaining locality conditions(i.e., Subject Condition, Adjunct Condition, and Complex NP Constraint) can not be explained. So Agbayani(1998) and Ochi(1999), unlike Chomsky(1995), propose that feature and category move to different structural positions and that they observe different locality constraints respectively. But their analyses have a lot of problems in the empirical and theoretical aspects. Therefore this paper demonstrates that Attract F Principle put forth by Chomsky(1995), Chain Uniformity Condition proposed by the author, and the [+Specific] feature proposed by Kiss(1993) are needed to analyze the locality conditions uniformly in the Minimalist Program.



편집위원회 구성 임기 및 기능 외

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제8권 2호 2001.08 pp.167-174

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