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제22권 2호 (10건)

영어와 한국어의 개념적 은유에 사용된 근원영역의 보편성에 관한 연구 : 워드넷의 명사 최상위 범주를 중심으로


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 2호 2015.06 pp.1-24

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In the conceptual metaphor theory, metaphor is regarded as not simply a device for rhetorical ornamentation, but an important process that affects concept formulation. For this reason, Korean and English conceptual metaphors have been compared in previous studies; however, only certain target domains have been investigated. In addition, since most samples of metaphorical expressions were made by the researchers themselves from their experience, their studies seem to have included their prejudice. In order to compensate for these two weak points, on the one hand, Wordnet’s top-level nouns were used as their target domains in the two languages to find out whether there is any universality in the source domains; on the other, data were collected from the 21st Sejong Corpus and the Open American National Corpus. From the corpora, concordances of the top-level nouns were extracted and then were examined to check whether they were used metaphorically. The results showed that the universality in the source domains varies according to the target domains.



현대/고대 프랑스어 운동동사(Vmt-Vinf) 구문에 대한 비교연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 2호 2015.06 pp.25-39

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The purpose of this study is to verify parametric variations in syntactic operations between Modern(MF) and Old French(OF) movement verb constructions. The OF word-order has been considered as having verb-second properties with some different opinions in regard to structural differences between root and embedded sentences. The study of OF infinitival constructions was done by Pearce(1990), who distinguished causative from non-causative structure in a comprehensive manner, yet the movement verb constructions were not profoundly taken care of. we will therefore focus on a comparative study of OF movement verb constructions with MF counterparts, extracting these constructions and observing their syntactic phenomena. In particular, our study does not concentrate on the verb second properties of OF, but does pay attention to the internal structure of movement verb constructions. Finally, we will make a comparative list of OF movement verb constructions in order to verify an assortment of parametric variants.



한국인 학습자들의 영어 전치사구 부가 모호성 해결 책략에 관한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 2호 2015.06 pp.41-61

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This study investigates how Korean learners resolve prepositional phrase attachment ambiguities in English verb phrase-noun phrase-prepositional phrase(VP-NP-PP) sequences. In the methodological approach of study, there is difference between previous studies and this study. Previous studies focused on linguistic performance through the on-line task, whereas this study focuses on linguistic competence by the off-line task. However, task sentences are similar to those by previous studies. The findings indicate that to resolve prepositional phrase attachment ambiguities, Korean learners in this study show different processing mechanisms with respect to argument status(argument/adjunct). When prepositional phrases are arguments, Korean learners use processing strategy based on lexical information, which supports the theory of argument preference strategy. However, when prepositional phrases are adjuncts, they depend on language-specific recency strategy. Generally, attachments as argument are preferred to attachments as adjunct.



한국어 시각 단어재인 모형의 모색 : 기존의 연구문제와 추후연구 방향

이창환, 이윤형

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 2호 2015.06 pp.63-75

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This review discusses about the critical topics of the Korean word recognition study during last 30 years and suggests the directions for constructing a Korean word recognition model. In this review, some questions that were intensely investigated are introduced, and the directions for the future studies are suggested. In addition, some topics that were not studied as compared to other languages are introduced. This review contains letter perception, processing unit of word processing, influential variables, and the quality of information processing. The review has concentrated on the main theoretical perspectives and the directions of the future studies on each topic.



은유의 문화 다양성 기술 : 한국어와 영어의 [얼굴] 은유를 중심으로


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 2호 2015.06 pp.77-97

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The purpose of this paper is twofold: One is to describe Korean and English metaphor of [DIGNITY IS FACE] through DAMCA, which Yu(2008, 2013) proposed as a grammar of metaphors to decompose complex metaphors into their primitive components; The other is to examine whether and how Yu's claim on the cultural difference of metaphors holds with DAMCA descriptions of [DIGNITY IS FACE]. Although Korean culture is known to be more concerned about [FACE] than English and its language elaborates [FACE] much more, the DAMCA analysis shows that the two languages share many basic components and mappings of [DIGNITY IS FACE]. Korean [DIGNITY IS FACE] has more mappings between the domains than English does. Yu's claim on the cultural difference of metaphors mostly holds with the DAMCA descriptions of cultural variants of [DIGNITY IS FACE]: They share the basic composition but differ in the additional composition with different numbers of mapping.



영어교육을 위한 e-Tandem 기능제안과 활용방안에 관한 연구


한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 2호 2015.06 pp.99-118

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By supporting of internet and development of computer system such as high-end tablet PC equipped a camera, network system, and network personal video recorder, there have been recently new approaches using computers in language education, which of them is e-Tandem system. The purpose of this study is to propose a method to make e-Tandem systems more efficient and a prototype to be a model for development of e-Tandem S/W. In this study, a new e-Tandem system based on the recognition of pattern will be presented to improve existing e-Tandem systems so that language learning might be more effective. This paper proposes a kind of e-Tandem system and its application for efficient English education. In other words, e-Tandem equipped with face detection and voice recognition can heighten the education effect. This study shows that this proposal can overcome the limits of time and space and that it is a feasible e-Tandem system employing current engineering by experiment.



Focus Types and the Presupposition Function of Korean -To

Sang-gu Kang

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 2호 2015.06 pp.119-137

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This paper aims to provide the semantics of Korean -to for its main usage as an additive focus particle, by considering its constraints on the immediate discourse. Previous studies on the particle have mostly focused on its syntactic and semantic characteristics on sentential levels. The traditional treatment of -to as a trigger of existential presupposition does not account for a wider variety of its uses, especially when the focus part is not an argument, but a predicate or even the whole sentence. I propose a proposition function specifying the relation between the sentence containing the particle and the sentence in the context which satisfies its presupposition.



A Study of Object Case Marking

Jae-yoon Kim

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 2호 2015.06 pp.139-154

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The purpose of this paper is to show the difference in the grammatical encoding of the cross-categorial semantic distinction ‘bounded/unbounded’, a distinction that concerns the dimension of quantity of objects and events. Czech encodes it on the verb with V0-modifiers, whereas Finnish in the NP with case suffixes. In Finnish, the accusative/partitive case alternation that expresses the ‘bounded/unbounded’ distinction in the domain of individuals is systematically exploited to indicate the aspectual distinction, a distinction in the domain of events. In Czech, the encoding system of V0-modifiers that expresses the ‘bounded/unbounded’ distinction in the domain of events is exploited for conveying certain meanings that are related to those of articles within NPs in such languages as English, for example. Czech and Finnish clearly differ in the language-specific schematizations that are associated with their respective linguistic representations. However, the interaction between verbal and nominal predicates in Finnish and Czech is based on the same general principles that can be best accounted for within the lattice-theoretic analysis.



Native English Speaking Teachers' Use of Metaphor to Describe English Education in Korea

Dal Young Lee, J. Scott Wigenton

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 2호 2015.06 pp.155-171

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In this paper we continue our study of perceptions regarding English education in South Korea through the analysis of metaphor. Our previous paper(Lee and Wigenton, 2012) took metaphors from over 400 newspaper articles collected over a five year period from 2007 to 2012 and found that the metaphors used most often were predominantly negative, with ‘English education is a burden’ being the most common. In this paper we solicit metaphors for English education from Native English Speaking Teachers(NESTs) at a midsize Korean university. We do this in order to gain insight into the beliefs and attitudes of NESTs. Again the result is that most of the metaphors submitted are negative in tone, but do not fit easily into the coding scheme devised for the former study of Korean print media. These results will be presented and discussed and then compared to the results from the study of print media from the previous paper. Finally we present our plan to analyze and compare metaphors solicited from Korean English language teachers as well as metaphors submitted by Korean English language students. Ultimately we aim to use metaphor analysis to better understand and compare the views held by samples from each of the populations of major stakeholders in English education in Korea.



On Interpreting Small Clauses in English and Korean

Sang-Hun Yoon

한국언어과학회 언어과학 제22권 2호 2015.06 pp.173-194

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This paper is concerned with interpreting small clauses in English and Korean and its implications. With the argument that the embedded subject of infinitives and small clauses is raising into the higher clause, based on the assumption that the syntactic configuration of small clauses correlates to their semantic interpretation, which in turn is considered to reflect the discourse/cognitive concepts such as thetic/categorical judgments, I propose that small clauses are a categorical statement and that the obligatory raising of the small clause subject is motivated not just by Case-theoretic reasons but also its need to get interpreted as presuppositional or specific. The advantage of this analysis lies in that it enables us to capture both the clausality or propositionality and the semantic import of the small clause relevant to discourse/cognitive facts.


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