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제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 (20건)

부모의 양육행동이 초기 청소년의 학업지연행동에 미치는 영향 : 자기통제력과 시간관리능력의 매개효과

안은별, 김희화

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.5-14

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The major purpose of this study was to explore mediation effects of mediating self-control and time management capabilities on academic procrastination behaviors of early adolescence. The subject of this study includes children ages 11 through 14 years old(N=486); all of whom attend school in Busan, S. Korea. For data analysis, frequency, Cronbach α, Pearson’s correlation coefficients, hierarchial regression were used. Collected data were used analyzed by the PASW Statistics 18 Program. The major findings of this study were as follows: First, Mediating effect of self-control between parenting behavior and procrastination was analyzed. As a result, effect of parenting behavior and procrastination was perfectly mediated by self-control. Second, Mediating effect of time management capabilities between parenting behavior and procrastination was analyzed. As a result, effect of parenting behavior and procrastination was partially mediated by time management capabilities. These results were discussed in terms of parenting education program.



인터넷 및 미디어를 통한 청소년의 디지털 공간 사용연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.15-22

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Youth today are influenced by various digital media. Especially, internet environment provides new method of communication unlike the traditional way. At this point, we try to investigate two different aspects: one is experience what youngsters get within the digital environment, and the other is behavior what they influenced by basic characteristic of digital and its usage. Digital has various characteristics, such as open transcendence, easy of operation, virtuality, and etc, and they are well implemented within the internet environment. The objectivity of this research is to analyze how youngsters use internet and adopt them to new digital media, and what they are influenced by it. The results are as follows. For the purpose of internet usage when checking SNS, 30.2% respond that they use it very often and 20.3% also show regular use. The result shows that more than half(50.2%) of respondents use SNS through internet. Besides, our society appear to be insufficient to establish rules for internet use of youngsters and provide proper education on this issue to them. That is why it is need to prepare the policy how to educate adolescents on the issues of effective digital media usage and risk of addiction, and its prevention. For the follow-up study, gathering accurate data and implementing field research is required to suggest specific research model for analyzing digital usage of young people.



수도권 청소년시설의 복합화사례에 관한 공간통사론적 분석 - 광진 청소년수련관과 구민체육센터의 가시성분석을 중심으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.23-31

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This paper aims to investigate the spatial properties of a youth centre combined with sports facility for residential community. This facility consists of two separate buildings – one is designed for after-school activities, and the other is for sports, and interestingly these two buildings are connected to each other via a deck placed at second level. Based on the visibility graph analysis as one of syntactical techniques, it is firstly revealed that the deck has a critical role not only in increasing accessibility to both facilities, but also in making them more intelligible, because it provides an extra access point. Despite those advantages, secondly, the deck does not make the sports building intelligible. This is the reason that mega-spaces (e.g., basketball court, swimming pool, fitness centre, and aerobics) are placed at each level without any spatial consideration.



만족도 조사를 통한 중, 고등학교 급식시설 개선 연구 - 서울, 경인지역을 중심으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.33-42

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Since the food service had began from 1953, the policy's focus of government was on its quantitative increase. The government enforced the entire food service in school in 1998 and then recently the ratio of food service is 100 percent almost. But this rapid spreads in a short period of time have caused a lot of problems on the quality aspect. The purpose of this study is to figure out the qualitative problems through satisfaction survey and to offer improvement measures. The students' satisfaction depends on the location of food service facility in spite of its enough areas. Especially when its location is on the basement, students' dissatisfaction increase very steeply. The almost respondents satisfied the kitchen's total area, but room's divisions in detail was insufficient. Also the area of dining room met its criteria, but the satisfaction had many differences at each schools. These differences was caused to by waiting time and space. Despite of sufficient total area, the improper waiting space's layout lengthened the waiting time. Therefore in addition to its area's sufficiency, the more delicate attention to the layout of inner space should be needed.



학생 건축설계경기 참가작으로 본 건축형태 표현방식의동시대성 연구 - 한국청소년시설환경학회 주최 국제청소년공간대전 수상작을 중심으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.43-52

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Methodology and design techniques learned in the process of learning architecture will continue to remain as the basis of architectural, and the diversity of architectural style and trends since 1900s result in forming the environment of architecture. These design aspects of students majoring in architecture appear to be associated with the architectural style in the field of building construction, and in particular this study is carried out on the fact that it has a relationship based on the contemporary trend. The results derived from this are as follows. Looking at the trends of student work over the past five years, design trends appear on the basis of the dominant architectural style, and are relatively unstructured, such as limited morphological diversity. It also has the characteristic that architectural language and expression patterns are applied to plans with repeated similarities. This is because student's pursuit of morphological diversity has its limits through competition, and the institutional environment is a five-year certification training program. However, the lack of research and the educational system is considered the main cause. Atypical architectural design is still small in the field of construction, but it is gradually increasing. Atypical architecture in student contests is expected to increase gradually, but changes in the educational environment, including institutions and systems, are critically necessary. We can anticipate the achievement of significant contemporary designs through them.



청소년 행동 특성을 고려한 유니버설디자인 개선방향에 관한 연구 - 청소년수련관 중심으로 -

지광석, 부경돈, 주범

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.53-61

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Adolescence is a transitional period characterized by rapid physical, cognitive, and emotional changes. Youth training centers must provide various training programs that cannot be found at home or school and, thereby, promote balanced growth, character formation, aptitude inquiry, and value establishment, as well as satisfy various needs of users according to the developmental process and behavioral characteristics of adolescents. However, there is a lack of relevant laws and regulations. In this study, in order to identify criteria of analyzing universal design required for youth training centers, five analysis criteria – selectivity, convenience, safety, accessibility, and aesthetics – were established based on four principles of universal design and seven principles of universal design three architectural elements of youth training centers, and developmental and behavioral characteristics of adolescents. Also, regardless of the environment or cognitive abilities, anyone must have easy and effective access to information.



내면화된 수치심이 대학생의 관계적 공격성에 미치는 영향 - 역기능적 분노표현을 매개변인으로 -

임정우, 홍혜영

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.63-75

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This study aimed at verifying the mediating effect of relational aggression on the relationship between college students' internalized shame and dysfunctional anger expression. For this, a questionnaire survey was conducted to 642 college students in Seoul, Gyeongi, Chung-Nam, Pusan and jin 590 of them (males257, females 333) was used for analysis. The results of the study are as follows. First, the result of exploring the effect of internalized shame, dysfunctional anger expression on relational aggression showed that anger-in, anger-out have a significant effect on relational aggression. Second, anger-in fully mediated the relationship between internalized shame and anger-out, and anger-in fully mediated the relationship between internalized shame and relational aggression. Also, anger-out partially mediated the relationship between internalized shame and anger-in. Third, the higher the internalized shame, it appears the suppression of anger-in the lot to the effect of double parameters that anger-out affects the relationship aggression and increased significantly. These study results internalized shame as a college student relational aggression a direct influence as mediated anger-in and anger-out than to make an impact can see it.



부모의 과잉간섭이 대학생의 자살생각에 영향을 미치는 경로 - 자기인식과 행복감의 매개효과 -

조호운, 주은정, 김정일

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.77-86

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This study aimed to investigate the pathways from the parental over-involvement to on college students' suicidal thought with mediating effects of their self-awareness, happiness. For this purpose, this study used a data from the Korean Education Longitudinal Study, KELS, provided. The data was made up 2,500 participants(689 male college students, 1,811 female college students), who had already experienced the suicidal thought by themselves. For analysis of the data, this study applied to Structural Equation Modelling, analyzing in AMOS Statistics Program. The results of this study are as follows; First, in the female college students case, the parental over-involvement directly influenced their suicidal thought, but it did not have any effect on that in case of male students. Second, for direct effects to their suicidal thought, the self-awareness in female students influenced the their suicidal thought. Otherwise, the male students' suicidal thought was not related to the parental over-involvement. Lastly, both male and female students' suicidal thought had a effect from their happiness which was influenced by the self-awareness.



교육구조의 시대적 변화에 대응하는 기존 노후지역 학교 교사 재배치 계획 연구 - 교과교실제 전면 시행에 따른 수도권 중등학교를 중심으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.87-97

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City were formed due to the metropolitan 1st new city supply prior decades are unable to respond to the educational environment required by the society due to physical deterioration of social aging and buildings due to the movement of the population due to aging of the urban structure as a paradigm of a new area It is generated. Ideal for unique and creative education of the consumer center needed for current education policies for this purpose, while the 21st century, the future educational environment changes actively create a space that can respond to local residents Teaching and Learning area oriented training to meet the needs in the Cultural Center The school's existing retirement area for the purpose of building operating as a chapter of the enlargement of a building and renovation are new to the purpose of the research is done. The 21st century is not the type of resources is the driving force of social development knowledge, skills and resources that are intangible creation of human nature in the ability of information will be the driving force of social development. Therefore thus changes the day differently. To develop the knowledge, skills, changes in training for human resources with the values and behaviors that may be required. In addition, the future society is constantly evolving, and will be introducing the concept of the talent are bound to be changes required by the times, so rather than training for community members, ending a temporary schooling continuing education functions of such early New City Education School Facilities under the concept of multi- functional it would be to allow existing integrated school teachers enlargement of a building and renovation plans.



지역 문화거점으로서의 소도시 공공도서관 계획에 관한 연구 - 가평 중앙도서관 계획안을 중심으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.99-107

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Under the advent of the knowledge-based society and impact of the information revolution, libraries in the 21st century are required within this role as a base for new community facilities away from old paradigms of storage and the provision of information. In particular, local public libraries in small-town which cultural facilities are insufficient in compared to the big cities will have to respond to the diverse cultural needs of the community as a composite function. Under this background, this study seeks to derive design strategies to be reflected in the design of Gapyeong Central Library through the literature review related to various fields of study and apply them to the final outcome of this process and designs. Characteristics such as the role and function changed, the library's usage patterns and so on derived from the literature review will be tools to increase the relevance and effectiveness of the designs. The main keyword of the library design are presented as follows: Highlighting cultural functions: internal and external space that can accommodate a variety of events and storytelling: space zoning considering accessibility on information: user-friendly configuration space: public space of the potential capabilities and vertical extension of social space.



우울한 아동에 대한 인형치료 진단평가연구

노경희, 선우현, 최광현

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.109-122

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This study examined the characteristics of childhood depression that appear in figure therapy processes, and investigated the availability of figure therapy in the diagnosis/assessment of the problems. The following research questions directed the study: In this study, diagnosis-assessment of figure therapy were given to depressed children, the psychological characteristics that the depressed children showed in ego exploration, family relation structure, and hierarchial order among peers were investigated, and the figure therapy is to be used as a diagnosis- assesment tool. First, the level of child’s depression was reflected in an animal figure that a child represented as himself or herself. Second, the child’s depression was reproduced as it is in how a child determined the location, size, and appearance of animal figures in relation to family members. Third, the level of the child’s depression was shown in how he or she set up the location, size, and appearance of the animal figure in relation to peers. The significance of this study has laid the groundwork for further research to diagnose and assess childhood depression more effectively using the figure therapy diagnosis-assessment in the initial stage of therapy.



또래 괴롭힘 상황에 대한 귀인이 방관적 태도에 미치는 영향 : 관찰자 및 피해자 관점의 비교

장은영, 최윤경

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.123-132

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The purposes of this study were to investigate attribution biases, especially the observers- victims’ perceptions about bullying behavior, and to understand the maintaining factors of bullying by examining how the attribution biases may affect bystanders’ attitudes. The participants were 367 middle school students(188 boys and 179 girls) and they completed the Bullying Attribution Questionnaire and the Questionnaire of Bystander Attitudes. In this study, the Bullying Attribution Questionnaire was developed to assess adolescents’ attribution styles in the hypothetical bullying situations. The results of this study showed that participants tended to make external and unstable attributions for bullying situations. Second, there were significant differences of attribution between observers and victims for bullying situations. Specifically, the participants from the observer perspectives tended to attribute the bullying behavior to internal-stable causes of the victim such as personal dispositions. On the other hand, participants from the victim perspectives were more likely to attribute the bullying situation to external-unstable causes than those from the observer perspectives. Third, the internal-stable and internal-unstable attributions of the observer perspectives were significantly associated with bystanders’ attitudes. The limitations of this study and suggestions for future research were discussed.



인천 송도경제자유구역 교육시설의 공공공간 계획방향 연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.133-139

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The opportunity provided for design method and strategy of public space for educational facilities in Songdo IFEZ, is the purpose of this paper. Public space is an important issue in educational facilities as it seeks to revive the public area in educational building and to renew the open space around the facilities as a multi-entertainment community space. The latest works of educational facilities, however, which are evaluated as well reflected the reality of educational patterns, are still deficient in that communicational elements in educational facilities are underdeveloped and inadequate. The cases of this paper, which are grown up as multi-purpose public space along the waterfront and green park, are suitable to offer the method of the creation of public space for educational facilities. This paper reviews an assessment of its success in public space for educational facilities connected waterfront public space and concludes with the establishment of design method for future educational facilities; extraction of the factors contributing to development of public space in educational facilities and proposal of design method; implementation of public space renewal with waterfront for the creation of identity considering both of study and play.



청소년 상담관련기관 상담자의 직무동기에 관한 고찰 - 허즈버그 2요인이론을 중심으로 -

박혜경, 백현옥

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.141-153

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The purpose of this study is to understand about their reason to choose a juvenile counselor and job motivation factors of counselor in juvenile institutions for raise performance. We conducted in-depth interviews with the nine counselors who had worked for more than three years in the juvenile institutions, which resulted in three categories and dozens of subdivision by using the data analysis method. The first category, ‘the motive for selecting counselors of the juvenile institutions’ is classified under 4 heads: ‘affection and interest about teenagers’, ‘personal experience’, ‘advisor and curriculum' and 'professional counseling & infrastructure counseling'. The second category, ‘Factors that evokes the job motivation’ is classified under 4 heads: 'praise as a counselor', 'people's recognition of compliment', 'responsibility as a counselor', effort to grow for counselor, and The third category, 'Factor that evokes the job dissatisfaction' is 'difficulties in peer relationship', 'poor working environment', 'lack of cooperation with linked agency' and 'grief for national policy'. The last category is classified ‘still as a consultant’. The study results are supporting the theory of Frederick Herzberg's 2 factors in job motivation of the counselor. On the basis of these result we present basic idea about the policy implications to upgrade motivation and reduce turnover of the counselor.



청소년의 학교주변 범죄피해 취약공간지표에 관한 연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.155-162

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The purpose of this study was to suggest juvenile’s spatial vulnerability measure of school zone crime and its implication procedures. Theoretical review examined environmental conditions in conjunction with school zone crimes targeting youths and behavior patterns expected from users’ daily routine activities on the basis of situational criminology theories. This study also examined and used agent-based model and simulation method to consider user behaviors including youths, attackers and supervisors that interacted with other users and environment. Environmental conditions with the overall street configuration were considered as per four different use types: school area, residential area, commercial area and open space area. The implemented juvenile’s spatial vulnerability measure of school zone crime was derived from the visiting ratio at each spot through agents’ simulated actions in the proposed model. Finally, the measure provided the meso-level information to evaluate quantitatively youth’s vulnerability to school zone crime.



교육환경 변화에 따른 기존학교 교사 증개축 계획 연구 - 수도권 신도시 교육환경을 중심으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.163-174

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Since such changes in the educational environment through the movement of solving housing shortage and population of the metropolitan area was the mother of New Town 1 group 2 group is currently planning a new city to be built. Due to the 1980 Housing abundant greenery environment and ensuring a relaxing public spaces, ease of metropolitan areas associated transportation 1st new city within a pleasant educational environment, etc. was newly formed as a planned city neighborhood units are small residential development of aging and the adjacent areas of the city structure due to physical deterioration with aging and social structures caused by the movement of the population does not respond to training needs in the social environment in which it is generated as a paradigm of the new area. The early-built training environment in the metropolitan 1st New City social, physical aging in the appropriate personality and creative education of the consumer center needed for current education policy, creating a space that can actively respond to the 21st century, the future educational environment change and local residents Education and learning are built into the center section of the local educational, cultural center to meet the needs. of the existing retirement area for the purpose of operating the newly enlargement of a building and renovation of schools the purpose of this study is to be made.



건축공학전공 학생들의 학습유형 조사연구 - 학년별, 학업성취별 -

이윤경, 이재윤

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.175-182

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The purpose of this study is analyzing the relationship among learning Style, grade, academic achievement of all of architecture majored student in one university. By using Kolb Learning Style inventory, we surveyed all 154 students in 4 grade and analyzed significant consequence. The findings of this study are as follows. First, the ranking of learning style of all students are Accommodator, Assimilator, Diverger, Converger. Second, The ranking of learning style in A group is Accommodator, Assimilator, Diverger, Converser and B group is Accommodator, Diverger, Assimilator, Converger. Third, for graded effective class, learning style change when students advanced to the next year and all of grade student prefer Accommodator and university have to program suitable teaching procedure and curriculum to student’s satisfaction and learning efficiency. Fourth, for effective class by school record, both of A and B group prefer Accommodators and have very few Converger. University has to offer special class that students can have many chance to new experience when learning. Based on this study, professors and educators should develop teaching method that fits architecture majored students learning style and properties of college curriculum.



강원지역 청소년 수련시설의 현황파악 및 공간구성 특성에 관한 연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.183-201

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The youth facilities these days plans proper space for each part in the youth point of view ad therefore enhance the usage rate of the facility and moreover enables the approach as a ideal type of man that the society demands through cultural desire satisfaction of the young people. In this means, the youth facilities of each region of Gangwondo shall be constituted and planned according to the operation plan and activity programs reflecting the characteristic of the region and the operation of facility specializing program can activate the use of young people of the youth facilities and can be diversified according to the program specialization. The program according to the systematic research reflecting the regional characteristic leads the voluntary participation of the young people and shall be an open program that the young people participating to the training activity can join together within the local community. It shall be connected with the local original education and cultural facilities rather than constitution of youth training space according to the uniform and itemized construction plan in order to reduce the expenses for the space. It is also necessary to plan the expansion of the cooperative operation between the facilities by preparing network operation plan between the youth facilities of each region. Also the space constitution shall enhance the personality of the young people through creative thinking and action by activating specialized small spaces.



학생안전지역 내 공공공간의 청소년 범죄예방을 위한 CPTED 가이드라인 분류기준 개선방안에 관한 연구

구나현, 권지훈

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.203-213

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The rate of crime victimizing youths have continuously increased in school surroundings. Practically from 2012, the crimes site involved with crimes victimizing youths became not to be limited within the boundary school facilities any longer. The social phenomenon got the public to concern about crime prevention in student safety zone. Crime-preventive environmental design in public space within student safety zone needs to be regulated to decrease the crime risk. This study aims to suggest the direction for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design guidelines after analyzing precedent studies, school CPTED guidelines of other countries and domestic CPTED guidelines. The suggested direction is to provide detailed guidelines as per street components categorized with physical conditions.



섬유마감재의 친환경적 소재 특성과 청소년 공간 적용에 관한 연구 - 20세기 섬유마감의 변화ㆍ발전을 기반으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제14권 제1호 통권 제47호 2016.02 pp.215-229

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The 21C is the era of Environmental quality and Sensibility. Of living spaces in this period, there are the most opportunities of sensory contact with occupants. So in this space, Interior finishing materials give a significant effect the indoor environment. That effects are phychological, visual and physical conditions for occupants and users. Through the human senses, the first and the most exposed finishings are the challenge for the designer best. In this study, Fabric finishing was selected as a material that will have the most impact for occupant's senses and images. And I analysized the material properties. In results, I confirmed the need selection of eco-friendly natural materials. Based on this, I sought the fabric finishing methods to apply the material characteristics as interior space design and imagemaking for Youth. In addition, through the mechanical⦁ chemical fabric finishes and functional⦁decorational fabric finishes, it emphasized complementary characteristics and vulnerability for ensuring the possibility of applying. In conclusion, I was to present the eco-friendly measures apply as contemporary challenges through the process of industrialization and diversification during 20C. And this study was intended to identity the youth's preference of interior finishings in their spaces and suggest the guidelines for the variety possibility of appliance for youth. As the application methods of designing and eco-friendly that contemporary proven, I make sure that fabric materials will serve as an important finishing for future generation.


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