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건축설계교육에 대한 학습자의 심적부담감 인지 및 개선에 관한 연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.5-14

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The purpose of this study is to provide a basic data for effective teaching methods in the field of architectural design education by investigating the perception and mental burden of Chinese students with respect to architectural design studio. For this purpose, a survey was conducted with 150 Chinese Students(5th grade) from June 1, 2013 to July 15, 2013. The survey method was a 5-point Likert scale ranging from "strongly disagree(1 point)" to "strongly agree(5 point)“. The results of this study are summarized as follows; First, 133 respondents experienced high levels of mental burden from architectural design studio. Second, 133 respondents were divided into two groups according to gender (male & female). The result of this study reported that male students experienced higher levels of mental burden than female students. Finally, the research divided the students into two groups. Group "A" received information on basic architectural design studio before starting architecture school. Another group "B" did not have any prior knowledge about architectural design studio. The research revealed that students in group "B" experienced higher levels of mental burden than group "A".



청소년의 기업가정신 함양을 위한 개인역량 걍화와 정책적 지원방안


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.15-27

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The goal of this project was initiated to provide basic documents for strengthening the personal competency and supporting the policy to cultivate youth entrepreneurship. The survey was conducted and analyzed regarding the perception of entrepreneurship and start-up of youth(n=6,612). To compensate for the quantitative survey, one-to-one interviews(n=14) were implemented. Implications drawn through the survey's results are as follows: 1) developing and distributing programs related entrepreneurship and start-up; (2)cultivating experts in entrepreneurship and start-up; (3) strengthening connections with related centers in community and forming consultation groups; (4) supporting and strengthening the current law and institutions to build the entrepreneurship and start-up courses; (5) expanding training programs for teachers of this area; (6) forming and invigorating experiential activities connected with curriculums in school grade levels; (7) developing and distributing programs that enhance cultural values and levels of self-leadership. To this end, efforts need to be made to change the overall perception of society in order for young entrepreneurs to be sought after as a key growth engine driving the national economy. A main strategic point is to establish a life-cycle entrepreneurship education system and develop education models reflecting objectives and education content corresponding to each stage of development starting from elementary schools all the way to universities. The efficient implementation of the process requires consensus and cooperation among students, parents, teachers, educational institutions, and related government ministries and agencies. At the same time, companies and educational institutions need to work closely at the local level.



여자 청소년의 부모애착과 정서적 섭식행동 : 정서조절과 인지왜곡의 매개효과

김혜원, 이지연

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.29-42

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The present study aimed to confirm the mediating effect of emotional regulation and cognitive distortions on the relationship between female adolescents’ parental attachment and emotional eating. The data were collected from 272 middle and high school students, and were analyzed through structural equation modeling. The main research findings were as follow: First, greater secure attachment was associated with greater emotional regulation, less cognitive distortion about weight and eating and less emotional eating. In addition, greater emotional regulation was related to less emotional eating, while greater cognitive distortion about weight and eating was associated with greater emotional eating. Second, secure parental attachment did not necessarily led to less emotional eating. Rather, secure attachment led to female adolescents’ greater emotional regulation ability, which in turn predicted less emotional eating. Third, the more secure parental attachment was, the less cognitive distortion about weight and eating was reported. Moreover, fewer cognitive distortions was related to less emotional eating. In summary, emotional regulation and cognitive distortions mediated the relationship between parental attachment and emotional eating. The result of the present study suggested that parental attachment by itself is not a significant predictor for emotional eating, but that emotional regulation and cognitive distortions are linkage between them. The significance and limitations of the present study and directions for future research are also discussed.



초등학교 고학년 아동의 친구관계 만족도에 대한 갈등해결전략과 배려의 영향

김희화, 김선희

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.43-52

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the interaction effect of conflict resolution strategies and care on friendship satisfaction according to gender of early adolescents. The subjects of the study were 404 early adolescent who were selected from fifth and sixth grade of elementary school in Busan. For data analysis, t-test, Pearson’s correlation coefficient, and multiple regression were used. The results were as follows: first, there were significant gender difference in compromising-integrating and dominating conflict resolution strategies, and care. Second, interaction effects of obliging resolution strategies and care on friendship satisfaction was significant for the boys. Third, interaction effect of compromising-integrating and obliging resolution strategies and care on friendship satisfaction was significant for the girls. The results suggest the importance of increasing compromising-integrating and obliging conflict resolution strategies as well as improving care in increasing friendship satisfaction of early adolescents.



성학대 아동의 진단평가도구로서 인형치료

선우현, 최광현, 이진숙, 정미희

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.53-61

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This study will examine whether the Figure Therapy can be used as initial interview tool for sexually abused children ans present the diagnosis model and suggestions for improvement of Figure Therapy as an evaluation tool. Trauma Family Therapy developed Figure Therapy, a therapeutic process that helps to restore peace and healing to family members entangled with the fates of those from previous generations. Trauma Family Therapy revolutionized family systems therapy by illuminating the hidden, and often destructive, loyalties within families. The author concludes that Figure Therapy work can be used to help child and adolescents become aware their patterns of thinking and acting. Further studies are required as suggested to establish the tool instruction ans to verify the validity of diagnostic tool through structuring of Figure Therapy proposed in this study.



유닛모듈러 건축을 이용한 유럽 학생기숙사의 계획특성 - 독일과 네덜란드 사례를 중심으로 -

김미경, 길빛나

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.63-72

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The purpose of this study was to analyze architectural planning characteristics of unit modular housing products for development of student housing as case study. A document research and field survey were used to analyze and classify the architectural characteristics of four unit modular housing products, Spacebox, Keetwonen, Eba 51 and Micro Compact Home of Europe. The results of this study are followings; first, the types and characteristics of student housing by unit modular architecture in Europe were divided into three aspects such as general type, container type and compact type. Second, the multi-purpose and residence period for young residents' lifestyle should be considered in planning of student housing by unit modular architecture, break from the quantitative supply of modular housing. Various methods of units planning and combining must also be considered. This research can be a basis for the application of the unit modular housing to the affordable housings for college students, further, officer and workers.



대학생의 성인애착, 교수-학생 상호작용, 전공만족도와대학생활적응 간의 구조적 관계

고미나, 곽영희

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.73-84

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Using structural equation modeling with data from 556 college students, this study examined 2 mediators(professor-student interaction, major satisfaction) regarding the links between adult attachment and college adjustment. The findings of the study were as follows. First, it was found that anxious attachment and avoidant attachment were negatively related to college adjustment. Second, it was revealed that anxious attachment didn’t influence professor-student interaction directly. But avoidant attachment influenced professor-student interaction directly. Third, professor-student interaction didn’t mediated the links between anxious attachment and college adjustment. However, professor-student interaction mediated the links between avoidant attachment and college adjustment. Finally, it indicated double-mediated effect between avoidant attachment and college adjustment through professor-student interaction and major satisfaction. Implications of the findings for future research and counseling practice are discussed.



지역사회 청소년 통합지원체계(CYS-Net)의 젠더거버넌스 실행가능성에 대한 연구 - 지역사회 청소년 통합지원체계사업 모니터링 과정을 중심으로 -

배화정, 황은정, 송문이

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.85-95

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There appears a rising interest in the mode of coordination based on mutual trust, cooperation and partnership among the government, market and civil society beyond the existing policy process. In this context, the study would analyze Seoul Community Youth Safety-Net with gender governance as a framework. For this purpose, it defined gender as contents of a policy and governance in the process that conducted a case analysis of the characteristics of the participation in the Community Youth Safety-Net Project by the activists in a women’s organizations. The study discovered that the Community Youth Safety-Net Project is implemented and reinforced in a way of considering gender characteristics according its surface purpose and intent in terms of gender; however, there is a limitation in achieving the gender-interventive goal to identify and correct the power and differential structure between female and male adolescents. Depending on the field of business, there are rather, differences in concrete methods of intervention reflecting gender characteristics even among autonomous regions in Seoul. The study looked into the existing process of communications among the central government, provincial government and entrusted institution, by actively setting forth and reflecting the experience and perspective of female and male adolescents in the policy process, regarding the overall Community Youth Safety-Net Project. And the study emphasized that a plan for a citizens’ monitoring group’s strategic intervention could maintain the content balance in the gender governance project through sequential monitoring of the processes of planning, establishing and evaluating the project so that the business could be performed based on the viewpoint of gender, in the future.



행복집단상담 프로그램의 효과에 대한 메타분석


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.97-107

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This meta-analysis study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of happiness group counseling programs. A total of 41 studies published from 2000 through 2015 were selected. The results are as follows: First, a total of 97 effect sizes were calculated and the overall effect size of the programs was 1.140, indicating a large effect size. Secondly, effect sizes were compared in regard to moderator variables including program content, participant characteristics, various parameters of group operation, and dependent variables. As a result the most of content was the literatherapy, the most of group was the child, the most of group members ranges were 20 persons over, the most of total sessions was 15 sessions over, the most of term was 9 weeks over, the most of time for one session was from 40 over to 60 less minutes, the most of frequency a week was 2∼3 times or 3 times. Based on these findings, implications for future research and program implementation were discussed.



고구려의 인재양성제도와 한국의 청소년 교육개혁


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.109-131

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In its geographical conditions to be located between Chinese continent and southern countries in Korean Peninsula, Goguryeo has struggled to develop and sustain its own national territory from its very early history. Even though immense pressures from many neighboring competing countries, especially from Chinese dynasties including the great Sui and Tang empires, Goguryeo has successfully maintained its own identity, culture, socio-political system, and its largest territory in the whole Korean history over almost 700 years. There must be many reasons behind this amazing story of the great Goguryeo empire. This study assumes one of the key reasons for 700 years' dynamic Goguryeo to its healthy and dynamic educational systems and their rich human resources. This study also thinks that the rich heritage of Goguryeo's human resouce development system may possibly be a good starting point and wisdom for reexamining the current youth education in Korea which has been predominated by strong cramming education and competitive college entrance exam. Taehak and Kyungdang in Goguryeo would be a good resource for our Korean youth educational reform discussion. King Sosurim's(371-384) governmental management innovation would be also a good youth educational reform case to be reflected. The socio-politically responsible, holistically integrated, and creative character education have been emerged as three fundamental purposes of Goguryeo's education.



중 ‧ 고등학교 시기 핵심자기평가의 대학생 시기 삶의 만족에 대한 종단적 효과


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.133-145

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The purpose of the present study was in the followings. First, the present study examined the validity of the construct of core self-evaluations which can integrate self-esteem, general self-efficacy, and neuroticism which reflect evaluative aspects of the self, suggested by Judge, Locke, & Durham(1997) in adolescence. Second, the present study examined that the core self-evaluations which appraise the self in positive in a developmental phase significantly predict the life satisfaction in the future. The present study analyzed the data using the structural equation modeling to examine of the validity of the construct of core self-evaluations and the fir of the research model to the data. The results of the present study was in the followings. First, the measurement model of the construct of the core self-evaluation was fitted to the data. Second, the core self-evaluation in middle school students and high school students significantly predicted the life satisfaction(college students’ life satisfaction, leasure satidfaction, and global life satisfaction) in college students. The implications of the research model about the longitudinal relationship between core self-evaluations and life satisfaction in counseling and future research are discussed.



청소년시설 건립 타당성을 위한 기초 연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.147-154

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The feasibility study on the national youth facility construction has been performed according to the method used for the national cultural performance center. Obiously the youth center and the cultural center have its own purposes and have different benefits. Therefore, this study aims to investigate how a preliminary feasibility study employed by the Korea Development Institute (KDI) has to be modified to establish the youth facility construction. For this purpose, this study is to find an accurate way of making a fair and transparent Benefit/Cost(B/C) Ratio while reducing waste in a national budget for youth facility construction and operation. It is also expected to provide fundamental data to local governments nationwide which are very eager to establish the national facility to be built and would set up plans for the national youth facility.



농촌지역 결혼이주 가정 중학생의 학교생활 적응 연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.155-166

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The characteristics of adjustment of multicultural middle school students in rural areas depend on not only the environmental factors but also multicultural students’ strategies of acculturation. When these factors are considered properly, their school lives suitability can be examined concretely. The purpose of this study is to examine characteristics of school adjustment of multicultural middle school students in rural areas with acculturation attitudes. This paper contends that their strategies of acculturation affects school adjustment. Those students who has integration strategies, in other words, who tries to maintain their ethnic culture and also consider the value of maintaining relationships with larger society, generally did well at school. Secondly, in cases multicultural students experienced problems, as like perceived discrimination, it was found that these students had difficulties in coping with their problems. Lastly, when multicultural students could get support from their teachers, these students could get over their problems.



중등학교 Wee클래스 운영의 발전적 방안 연구 - 상담자의 역할을 중심으로 -

이지연, 조희연, 이영아

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.167-175

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This research analyzes the present condition of the secondary schools’ operation of Wee class school counseling, the purpose is to come up with an integrated operational plan to make improvements and advancements. To conduct the research we gathered 6 professional youth counselors inside and outside of schools and formed a focus group and interviewed them, then examined the contents. The current situation of the school counseling is, ‘ In the area of operational business; counseling, training, advisory, and connection are all amalgamated.’, ‘In the recent years, school counseling office are too much focused on advisory and social connections rather than on actual counseling.’, ‘The chief of counseling department has to serve number of functions and roles by him or herself which continues to make his or her tasks decentralized and weak.’, ‘The repetition of conflicts between the school bureaucracy and the counselors result in emotional exhaustion for both parties. Counselors also often feel they are overworked by the school’s administrative bureau”. These are some of the drawbacks the experts stated. To solve these problems addressed above “The school operating the counseling program should have an integrated knowledge of the counseling program they are operating and compromise to the terms.”, “School’s manager and other faculties should help one another and cooperate’, ‘It is necessary to have a strong communication between the school and the agencies outside of school’, In conclusion, each school operating the Wee class should have “an education community” or “a collaborative networks” from both in and outside of school so that school counseling can fulfil their fundamental purpose to the students; to help them adapt to their schools better and assist them to mature and grow properly as adults.



택지개발지구 내 초등학교 신축 계획 연구 - 제7차 교육과정에 대응한 초등학교 계획안을 중심으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제13권 제3호 통권 제45호 2015.08 pp.177-184

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A lot of development Districts in the new towns has been formed because of the growth of a city. Consequently, various types of elementary school have been constructed in the areas. Elementary school is one of the main units to consist of neighborhood unit, and functions as a local community hub. Education method has been changed based on several educational curriculum revisions in Korea. Main issue of 7th educational curriculum was to cultivate people of talent with creativity and personality and education spaces were required to change for practicing various educational methods. The Purpose of the study is to analyze problems in architectural planning of new elementary school and to design the new elementary school depending on 7th revised educational curriculum. Basically, there are the lower grades zone and the upper grade zone on the floor plan, and each zone has space organization to respond to its curriculum. Various courtyard spaces are designed to offer diverse learning activities.


페이지 저장