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중국 유학생의 문화적응 스트레스, 자아탄력성 및 낙관성이 우울에 미치는 영향

김후조, 손은정

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제9권 제3호 통권 제29호 2011.08 pp.3-12

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The purpose of this study was to examine the buffering effects of ego-resilience and optimism on the relation between acculturative stress and depression among international students in Korea. Participants of this study were 207 international college students coming from China. The current study found that acculturative stress, ego-resilience and optimism had significant effects on depression, and that the interaction of acculturative stress and optimism had an effect on depression. The findings of this study showed that buffering factors such as optimism can decrease the level of depression even though acculturative stress increases the degree of depression. This study provides the available knowledge for helping international students to adjust better to foreign cultures and new environments.



지역아동센터 교사의 역할인식에 관한 연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제9권 제3호 통권 제29호 2011.08 pp.13-23

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The purpose of this study is to analyze directors and front-line welfare workers’ role of recognition in community child centers. The result of the study is as follows. First, directors and front-line welfare workers in community child centers played a wide variety of parts, such as general works, outside duties, program planning, instruction of learning, routine daily-life guidance, counseling, and accounting, and the roles were often mixed. Directors and front-line welfare workers’ role has to be separated, and a professional role has to be conducted by receiving an expert’s help. Second, the qualification and career of directors and front-line welfare workersin community child centers were concentrated in social workers and child care teachers, and the qualification and career were often out of line with their actual work duty. Most of the students in community child centers are elementary and secondary school students. Few directors and front-line welfare workers have a certification related to teaching elementary and secondary school students, and the basic and continuing educations are also not enough. Actually, teachers feel inadequate when they understand and consult, or teach children and youths. The educational program for teachers in community child centers, such as establishing their identity and educational philosophy, understanding children and youths, and liaison betweenschools and their local community and them, has to be supplemented. Directors and front-line welfare workersin community child centers must have a certification related to adolescent education, such as youth specialist, youth counselor, and lifelong educationist. Third, most of teachers in community child centers give weight to the roles related to welfare. They first take care of youths, and are bothered about instruction of learningand routine daily-life guidance. In addition to the role, the approach of life long education to citizens they want to educate is more neede



진로탐색 프로그램을 통한 발달장애 중학생의 진로의사결정능력 연구

이상진, 최상미

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제9권 제3호 통권 제29호 2011.08 pp.25-39

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of career exploration program on career decision of middle school students with developmental disabilities. The subjects of this study were five middle school students with developmental disabilities and they participated in 18 career exploration program sessions. In order to see the effect of the program, the Career Decision Scale for Youth with Developmental Disabilities was administered at the end of each session. The results of this study indicated that career decision of students with developmental disabilities was improved after they had participated in the career exploration program. Their career awareness was also improved in the following areas : understanding of oneself, recognizing world of work, exploring one's future. Based on the above results, there are some suggestions for future studies. First, the subjects need to be extended to more diverse age groups for generalizing this study results. Second, it is required to develop career exploration programs which are appropriate to special education classes. Third, community-based career programs are needed to improve realistic careers decision of students with developmental disabilities.



청소년지도사 양성교육기관의 교과과정 실태분석

유진이, 조미솔

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제9권 제3호 통권 제29호 2011.08 pp.41-51

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This study is to identify the youth worker fostering system which has been performed in national level and to survey the connection to the curriculum in the university that fosters the youth worker through the general searching for the affairs of the youth worker at the field. For this purpose, the curriculum in 20 universities in Korea where the youth related department has been offered was analyzed via biblical study on the similar specialist fostering system, internet searching and phone interview. With regard to the frame for the analysis, the number of the class, credit, Y/N for the classification of the requirement subject and selective subject, the number of the subject offered for each field, the ratio of the subject for major of the youth and ratio of acquired full time professor were analyzed. The improvement method for the curriculum related with youth based on the results in the above was suggested as follows. First, the review and improvement of the qualification system for the applicable parts are necessary such as the curriculum standardization of the requirement subject, unification of the credit, appointing the practice as the requirement subject, unification of the hours and expansion of the qualification subject for the guider. Second, evaluation certificate for the youth related department and development of manual which evaluate the vision, mission, objective, curriculum, professor, student and educational environment, administration and evaluation are necessary.



청소년 시설 공간 계획 설계를 위한 감성 디자인 요소 적용에 관한 연구

공순구, 정아영

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제9권 제3호 통권 제29호 2011.08 pp.53-62

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In this study, the sensibility design has been applied as a conceptual tools for youth facilities composition plan. Accordingly, the emotional , cognitive and moral characteristics of youth were examined with the design approach method of sensibility. Based on this examination, the sensibility design elements were extracted. And this sensibility design elements was applied to layout plan, floor plan, elevation plan and section plan in A-san youth center and Gim-po youth center. Through this process of space planning of youth facilities by applying such sensibility design element, the need and importance were confirmed for applying sensibility design based on the sensibility characteristics of youth in the space design for youth.





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