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부모의 양육행동과 부모-자녀 간 의사소통이 청소년의 리더십에 미치는 영향


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제1호 통권 제31호 2012.02 pp.3-14

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The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of parenting behavior and parent-adolescent communication on adolescent's leadership. The subjects were 218 middle school students from two middle schools located in incheon area. Data was collected using adolescent's leadership index, parenting behavior inventory, and parent-adolescent communication index, and statistically analyzed using t-test, one-way ANOVA(Duncan test), and multiple regression analysis. This study showed that there were some significant differences in adolescent's leadership according to the adolescent's gender, father education, economic status of the home. There were some significant differences adolescent's leadership according to the parenting behavior, autonomous and acceptance behavior, and to the parent-adolescent open communication. It was also found that adolescent's gender, father education, mother education, acceptance parenting behavior, open communication were all significant predictors of the adolescent's leadership. Implications based on this study are as follows : in order to increase the adolescent's leadership, parent should be more autonomous and acceptance and have open communication with their adolescent.



청소년의 우울과 불안 및 부모의 방임적 양육태도가 인터넷 중독에 미치는 영향에서 자기통제력의 조절효과


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제1호 통권 제31호 2012.02 pp.15-25

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The purposes of this study were 1) to investigate the effects of predictors(i.e., depression, anxiety and parents' laissez-faire parenting) on a criterion(i.e., internet addiction), and 2) to examine the moderating effects of self-control on this predictor-criterion relationship. It is hypothesized that self-control moderate the relationships between depression and internet addiction, anxiety and internet addiction and parents' laissez-faire parenting and internet addiction, respectively. Total number of participants was 1183(685 male middle school students and 487 male high school students). The results of the multiple regression analysis revealed that all 3 predictors(i.e., depression, anxiety, and parents's laissez-faire parenting) were significant to explain the criterion(i.e., internet addiction). These analyses showed the following results. That is, the higher the depression and anxiety, the higher the level of internet addiction of participants. Also, parents' laissez-faire parenting had positive relationship with internet addiction. The results implied that internet addiction could be mitigated by high level of self-control even under laissez-faire parents.



청소년수련시설 현황분석 및 건립 기본방향 연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제1호 통권 제31호 2012.02 pp.27-36

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Meanwhile youth facility has played a central role as the basis of youth activities and has continuously sought the activation measures to meet a normal training activities by properly providing environment which coincides with the adolescents' diverse cultural needs according to the social change and the future changes trends. But starting from 128 private facilities 20 years ago, the current number of youth training facilities is 721 in 2010 – it means that their securing percent is just 1/30 of that of the developed countries. In particular, in the case of youth training center in which activities of lodging type can be undertaken, currently available capacity of the 6.2 million young students is only 23 percent. Thus, this study was aimed to provide the basic materials about the needed quantity and the basic direction in the national policy of the construction of the youth training facilities through the analysis of their installation and usage.



뇌교육 명상 프로그램이 아동의 학교생활적응능력에 미치는 영향


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제1호 통권 제31호 2012.02 pp.37-46

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of child meditation program, Brain Eduation program that was applied to 83 higher grades elementary school student. Brain Education meditation program have been showing the positive effects. The scale was school adjustment. 48(24 boys, 24 girls) elementary school students completed the Brain Education meditation program over the course of 10 weeks. 35 students(21 boys, 14girls) in a control group participated in the other class. Pre-test post-test comparisons were conducted through repeated measures ANOVA, to evaluate the effect of the Brain Education meditation program on school adjustment. The results say Brain Education meditation program positively influenced teacher relationship, friend relationship, schoolwork. Results were discussed in terms of possible mechanisms of benefit and an alternative method of present school education that has many problems.



청소년쉼터에 관한 연구동향 분석

서보람, 현택수, 박소영

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제1호 통권 제31호 2012.02 pp.47-60

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This article aimed to analyze research articles published in Journals and dissertations regarding the Research Articles' Trends of Youth shelters. First, Youth shelter's historical development can be explained in three phases - the introduction, the legal institution, and maturity. In addition, the range of distribution of Journals and dissertations, the level of collaboration and academic value were analyzed. The research objects, titles and the methods were researched. There were 86 total articles including 52 dissertations and 34 journal articles. The results of research showed that the kinds of Journals, the research objects, titles and the methods became diversified from the introduction and the legal institution to the maturity and the trait of cooperation is steadily increased. The articles showed the content of the youth shelter and suggests direction for the future studies.



가시성 분석에 의한 초등학교 연계 유치원의 공간구성에 관한 연구

김상렬, 권지훈

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제1호 통권 제31호 2012.02 pp.61-68

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This study aimed to analyze the spatial composition of elementary-school-annexed kindergarten and propose the guidelines of planning improvement. The public elementary-school-annexed kindergarten has served for educational accountability and generated positive effect of continuing child education. Elementary school and kindergarten should correspond to their own educational performance with maintaining those positive aspects, which is the background for performing this study. Visibility Graph Analysis was applied to the cognitive environment examination on Daegu city's eight elementary schools with their annexed kindergartens. It clarified architectural problems from the perspective of spatial composition. Finally, this study presented guidelines for improving spatial composition the schools.


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