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청소년상담자의 문화적 역량향상을 위한 집단프로그램의 효과분석


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.3-13

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The purpose of this study is examining the effects of a group program designed to enhance youth counselor’s cultural competence on intercultural sensitivity. The research hypothesis formulated by the study is that experimental group's intercultural sensitivity score may increase more than control group's due to the program. Following the existing works on the issue, this study designed a program consisting of seven sessions (16 hours) for youth counselors. Both the experimental group and the control group consist of 24 youth counselors. In order to investigate the effect of the program, a questionnaire for examining the participant’s intercultural sensitivity was administered to each group at 3 different points, pre-training, post-training, and 3 weeks follow-up. The t-verification was carried out with the data collected to verify the difference between the experimental group and the control group. The result of the research indicates that the program has a positive effect on improving youth counselor’s intercultural sensitivity.



남녀중학생의 사회적 관계(부모, 또래, 교사관계)와 행복감의 관계 - 자아탄력성과 학교생활적응의 매개효과 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.15-26

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The purpose of this study was to investigate mediating effects and gender differences within self-resilience and school adjustment as well as any links between social relations and happiness in early adolescence. Data was employed from the Korea Youth Child Panel Survey (KYCPS) wave 1, consisted of 2,351 middle school students. Results show that first, parent and peer relations had influence on self-resilience, school adjustment, and happiness. Second, mediating effects of self-resilience and school adjustment between social relations and happiness were significant. Third, boys had differences in peer relation, school adjustment and teacher relation, happiness path while girls‘ direct effects were all significant. Forth, mediating effects were all significant for girls while boys had differences in school adjustment and happiness. Finally, limitations of this study were discussed with suggestions for further research.



중학교 신입생의 적응유연성 자기효능감 강화를 위한 이야기치료 집단상담 프로그램의 효과

김송희, 홍혜영

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.27-39

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The purpose of this study is to develop a narrative therapy counseling program for the enhancement of the seventh-grade students’ resilience and to analyze its effects. Working with all the seventh-grade students who entered a middle school located in the city of Ansan, Korea, in March, 2012, this research conducted a test on their resilience and self-efficacy on March 9, 2012. After 25 percent of them who belonged to the low bottom in terms of resilience were first selected, they were divided into an experiment group and a control group through their voluntary participation or their homeroom teachers’ recommendation. In order to confirm the effects of the program, the experiment group was provided with a group counseling program for the improvement of resilience and a post test was subsequently conducted by having both the groups take part in it. The group counseling program lasted over the period of time ranging from March 27, 2012, to April 28, 2012. The experiment group was composed of two subgroups and the group counseling program was administered to the experiment group twice a week with each session running for 90 minutes. The program consisted of a total of 8 sessions. With the help of SPSS/Windows 19.0, the collected data of this study went through Mann-Whitney test, which was used to confirm the homogeneity of the groups, and Wilcoxon test, which was used to verify the effects of the program. As a result, the research indicated that the resilience and self-efficacy of the experiment group were significantly improved than those of the control group. In addition, the quality analysis found that the narrative therapy program had the power to help the seventh grade students’ consciousness to convert a problem-dominant narrative ,which focused on problems, into a new alternative narrative.



청소년참여유형에 따른 정책활동 및 생활역량의 차이와 영향 변인


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.41-51

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This study is the future society and future youth of the Republic of Korea led initiative to enhance basic life skills for youth policy participation plan as part of the activities. According to the type of policy with respect to the nature of the search variables Youth Participation Committee and the Steering Committee according to the characteristics of policies, activities and life in order to compare the difference in competence of the National Youth Committee, 105 people participated, 97 person steering committee member questionnaire responses. Youth Activities examination, duration of the policy, satisfaction two groups showed no statistically significant difference in technical cooperation, But leadership skills, community capacity and competence in life is found to have statistically significant differences. In addition, each committee by variables that affect life in the navigation capability tests, demographic characteristics of both groups of youths living capacity showed no impact on the participation of the Youth Committee, affecting the ability of life variables activities for youth policy to actively participate in the degree of participation appeared, steering committee member youth competency variables affecting the lives of the youth policy is about the importance of the activities.



청소년의 디지털 활용문화 실태와 정책적 함의


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.53-59

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the actuality use of youth digital culture and political implication. It is in need of understanding true nature of youth for actual effects of youth policy. Sample size is 6,514 of elementary(4th~6th year) and secondary school on a national scale and sampling error is ±1.30. Main Use of computer of youth is listening to music and mobile phone is text message as a result of this research. Use of SNS is near about 90%, on-line chat is near about 50%. Also, awareness for helpfulness of internet use is very high. It was to draw youth political implication based on this investigation. It is necessary for youth policy first, to be reflected positive tendency of use of digital culture, second, to presume new communication type of using mobile phone and SNS, third, to educate copyright in digital field and harmful effects of internet addition. Finally, the youth policy doesn't keep a tight rein on using it but induces youth to use internet and mobile phone healthily even if it takes more time.



라깡 정신분석의 관점에서 본 아동심리치료의 이론과 실제 : 구조와 증상, 진단의 관계, 그리고 사례 연구를 중심으로


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.61-76

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This paper is dedicated to the study on the Freud's psychoanalysis and Lacan's clinical theory in order to clarify the basic meaning of the structure, symptom, diagnosis and case study. There is no clear-cut demarcation between normality and pathology. There is a considerable overlap between the different categories. The psychoanalysis elaborates logically psychological birth of the human being as a subject. Especially it shows the depth exploration and intervention to the symptom and pathology, with pulling down the boundary between normality and abnormality. Freud finds out the means of diagnosis by structure not by phenomenal symptoms, and availability of diagnosis, ferreting out the pathogenesis of hysteria and neurosis. He pays special attention to a forced and arbitrary interpretation. He contends that interpretation is carried out only after a full analysis and conviction. We can devise more appropriate and effective treatments due to a psychic structure and schema. The mirror in which the baby can see its own reflection determines an overturning of the baby's perception of the world. According to Lacan this event takes place around the sixth month of life. Lacan's mirror stage is the first key to the symbolic and triad. Its a successive passage initiates neurosis and normal category in human development. Lacan reintroduce the father and the importance of the Oedipus complex as the founding moments of the introduction of the child to the other, which is outside the mother- child enclosure. The father functions as a symbol, the symbol of the limit to one-to-one relation. The vignette in this paper shows the clinical application of a mirror stage. The boy in this case accepted the father's name and symbolic other, went into the Oedipal triad, and achieved the position of subject by a analysis. Thus, his maladaptive problems diminished.



고등학교에서의 창의적 체험활동운영 실태에 관한 연구 - 목동지역 고등학교 교사와 학생 의견 중심으로 -

백승림, 손진희, 최윤진

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.77-90

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Creative experience activity is another educational process to draw physical and emotional aspects, cooperative mind and creativity for the future global talent cultivation beyond existing education by route and grinding focusing on teacher. The purpose of this study is to prepare foundation for alternative to find and solve these difficulties in the educational field(school). Accordingly, based on main results of this study, to meet request and necessity of students, it would be necessary for school to examine what professional organization exists in neighboring areas and then, to do efforts to lure educational environment and expert personnel outside school to inside school. And 'organizations outside school' also should help adolescents to find their various temperaments, aptitude, career etc. inside and outside school through enough guide and PR about program and expert personnel. The ultimate purpose of Creative experience activity is to form good human relationship for adolescents by letting adolescents use their various desires in sound way, and to be committed to self-realization by selecting future direction themselves. To do this, school needs to have good communication with adolescent related organizations outside school under the recognition that school should go together with the organizations in cooperative manner.



청소년의 인터넷성매매 유입실태와 탈성매매 과정에 관한 문화기술적 연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.91-104

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This study investigated the process of how adolescents get caught into a net of online prostitution and get out of it. An in-depth interview was done with 43 adolescents who experienced online prostitution. It was found that 38 of 43 interviewees(88%) had an experience of running away from home and that 23 adolescents(53%) among them got involved in online prostitution for living expenses. Leaving home was a major route to prostitution. Fifty six percents experienced prostitution at the ages of 16 or 17 for the first time. The age group of 13-15 took 35%, which provided an evidence that most prostitutes experienced young. Moreover, the frequency of prostitution was shocking. Those who prostituted themselves 'more than 10, but less than 50 times(40%)' were more than those who did 'less than 10 times(37%).' Those who did 'more than 100 times' or even countlessly were 21%. Violation of human rights such as perverted sex, violence, sexual violence, threat, abduction, fraud, extortion by threats, and infection of sexually transmitted disease(STD) occurred quite often. In addition, the process of adolescent online prostitution categorized into the three stages: vulnerable stage, chaotic stage, and stabilized(out-of-prostitution) stage. It was possible that the three stages moved back and forth. The process shifted from the vulnerable stage to the chaotic one, and could get back to the vulnerable one. Or the speed of moving forward to the next sage could be accelerated if the individual management skills were coupled with support from many people and institutions.



<청소년성문화센터>운영실태 및 개선방안에 관한 연구

이명선, 백재희, 배화정, 최자은, 김애라

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.105-117

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The need for effective and comprehensive policies on adolescent sexuality education has been raised as adolescents’ sexual attitudes and behaviors have changed quickly and the sexual issues such as prostitution and sexual violence emerged as serious social problems. This paper analyses the policies on adolescent sexuality education by investigating the operation of the Sexuality Center for Youth which has been established in 2007 and suggests a direction for more expanded and specialized policies that overcome their current limitations. This paper finds that the Centers have shown noteworthy qualitative performances in their gender- sensitive and experiential approach, while achieving quantitative targets. However, it should also be noted that the substantiality and specialization of the Center is continuously threatened by its lack of legal and institutional grounds and loss of mid and long term visions. Based on these findings, this paper introduces a suggestion that will improve the efficacy and efficiency of the current policies and programs as well as make their quality and specialty better managed in the long term. This suggestion further implies that in order for the polices on sexuality education for adolescents to make a quantum leap institutionally and qualitatively, the Center should function as a substantial hub of advanced sexuality education for local communities.



주5일 수업제도 전면 시행 후 경기지역 청소년의 여가시간 실태에 관한 연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.119-127

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The purpose of this study is to research the practical conditions of Gyeonggi Province middle school boys’ leisure time at weekend and based on this to search the suggestions for activities of their leisure time since whole enforcement of 5 days a week school system. By sequence of this study the following registration points were come to a conclusion. First, the use of youth‘s leisure time is increased generally after whole enforcement of 5 days a week school system, and private education is also increased by students of wealth and high achieved performance records. Second, since introduction of 5 days a week school system they don ‘t make good use of their leisure time that is needed in youth development, because they stay almost at home without activities at school or youth facilities. Third, to take advantage of more increasing their leisure time not only school but facilities out of school must also develop various youth activity programs setting in interest of youth and their desire in highest priority.



가족놀이치료가 맞벌이 가정의 부모-자녀 상호작용에 미치는 효과

정현아, 선우현

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.129-140

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The purpose of this study is to carry out family play therapy targeting dual-income families and is to examine about components of the experienced parent-child interaction in the process of family play therapy and about a change in parent-child interaction before and after participation. The interaction on ‘emotional contact,’ ‘emotional giving and taking,’ and ‘emotional support & acceptance ’ was experienced through the family play therapy of dual-income families in this study. Family members experienced comfort, a naturally physical contact, and pleasure & sympathy of being together and experienced the wait for demand and the positive self-expression. In the meantime, the emotional interaction between parents and children came to be more active. Moreover, as a result of analyzing through MIM test before and after carrying out the family play therapy, the parent-child interaction in dual-income families was changed into the positive interaction in the dimension of structure, challenge, intervention and rearing. On the other hand, in the post-test, the parents were happened the emotional interaction such as accepting, encouraging and praising children naturally. Children were shown the natural expression and the demand, and well follow parents' suggestion with giving and taking pleasant activity. In conclusion, the family play therapy can be considered to be effective for positive influence upon parent-child interaction in dual-income families.



지역사회 청소년수련시설 이용 활성화 방안에 관한 연구 - 청소년지도자 및 시설 이용 청소년 대상 면접조사를 중심으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.141-155

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This study attempts to explore the ways of activating youths' use of youth facilities in the neighborhood. While the numbers of youth facilities such as youth training centers and youth cultural houses have been increased, their service qualities need to be checked and developed according to social changes and youth needs these days. For this, I adopted in-depth interviews with 15 youth leaders and 24 youths participating in these facilities. Youth leaders pointed out that youth facilities need support for building maintenance and decent equipments; youth programs need to meet current youth needs; youth leaders ask decent pay system and re-education opportunities; budget and public relations for youth centers are also required. Youths also suggested that youth facilities should be remodeled, modified and easily accessed; youth programs have to be developed based on youth interests, youth clubs and youth ages; more youth leaders should be accessible for their activities and in-depth interaction. In addition, youths proposed budget increase, guaranteed hours for youth activities, and strengthening relations with schools and pubic.



일본의 청소년육성시책과 청소년육성 환경정비에 관한 조사연구


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.157-170

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

To carry forward government's basic philosophy and policy on youth fostering, Japanese government puts efforts for improving youth environment by preparing youth policies in various aspects such as "Children · Youth White Paper" and "The Politic Plan for Youth. As a part of such efforts, Japanese government has been managing national and public youth education facilities such as Youth Outdoor Learning Center, Youth Exchange House, Children Culture Center, and Outdoor Education Facility with National Olympics Memorial Youth Center as the central figure through incorporation of national facilities as independent administrative corporations. On this account, this study looked into Japan's youth policy as a part of Japan's fostering policy and improvement of fostering environment for children · youth, and conducted case research on national youth education facilities centering around development, operational purpose and program of National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, 14 national youth outdoor learning centers and 13 national youth exchange houses. As a result, it is learned that Japan has been managing youth policies in various aspects considering connectivity between youth policy and improvement of youth environment, and such well-balanced directivity is considered to become a model suggesting positive directivity for Korea's youth policy and improvement of youth education facilities. Thus, Korea needs to establish directivity in youth policy reflecting youth's paradigm that its tendency and requirements have changed by being influenced by the social changes, and it is also required to develop experiential and accommodating functions variously targeting educational officials including youth and foreigners in respect of youth educational environment. For its consideration on the current conditions of Japan's youth education facilities, this study is expected to be used as preliminary data for establishment of Korea's youth policy and improvement of youth environment in the future.



고도보존지구의 교육시설이전계획을 위한 기초조사 연구 - 부여 특별보존지구내 교육시설의 이전을 중심으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.171-184

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The special law for the preservation and development of the ancient capital has been declared in July 21st 2011. The 4 major ancient capitals of the three kingdoms period (B.C.57~A.D.668) which are Buyeo, Gongju and Iksan of the Baekjae dynasty and Gyeongju of the Shilla dynasty were designated as the 4 major ancient cities. The places where the old palaces and temples are selected as the special preservation area and the outskirts of the area is selected as the historical culture environment area these places are lead by the government with systematic management. This study is about the basic investigation related with architectural features for the relocation of the Buyeo girls high school and Buyeo library which are public educational facilities in the historical culture environment area in Buyeo. The contents are including the related laws, current state of the Buyeo ancient city, basic planning for the ancient capital, the architectural character of the Buyeo area for the planning and conducting surveys with related people for the relocation project of the facilities. The study will be studied with detailed basic investigation for the object to perform a proper investigation of the project which is based on the identity of Buyeo which is the ancient capital of Baekjae and adapting the traditional features to modern architecture.



피터 줌터의 건축특성에 관한 연구 - 청소년기 성장배경의 영향을 중심으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.185-192

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Peter Zumthor is an architect of extreme slowness as a result of incredible exactitude. Unbending and fundamental, he has recourse not so much to the claim of art, as to a far more fundamental responsibility for "correct building". It hand-craft above all and follow the exact idea of the architect. Peter Zumthor's designs are always milestones as well as basic and unique statements on the architectural potential of a place and a task. This also applies to the Thermal Baths at Vals. The new thermal baths stand alone half sunk into the earth; it is detached from the existing hotel complex, only being connected to it by an underground passage. A monolithic stone structure, which arouses the impression that the rooms and uses are bourn out of some sort of labyrinthine plan. The architect's statement by way of explanation an architecture which renounces formal integration into the existing buildings in order to bite more deeply, to suggest what seemed more fundamental to us in connection with the task in hand; namely, to place the thermal bath in a particular relationship with the primal strength and geological substance of the mountain scenery and the impressive relief of the topography. In the concept of the Thermal Baths at Vals, Zumthor wanted to implant a fundamental architectural message. The facts that utilization and marketing, however, show clearly that this architectural concept too can be devastated by consumerism. The Thermal Baths in Vals recognizably lives by the special, internal strength of the architect.



대도시 폐교시설을 활용한 재가노인복지시설의 공간구성체계에 관한 연구

허성훈, 이종국

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.193-201

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These days in Korea many social problems are caused by industrialization in the past several decades, one of this problem is aging society. Problems of age raises its head among other social problem which occurs inevitably from industrial development. Korea have been making rapid growth in economics. but on the other hand, The social welfare level is still insufficient. This proposal aims to make a study of expansion and improvement of the old people´s welfare facilities by remodelling closed schools which are the bad effect of economic growth. but it is cheaper re-using abolished buildings which is a property of the nation and protects the environment too. In this study ,We examine the present conditions of old people's welfare institutions and research a factor of remodeling for welfare facilities. Then we will verify remodeling-possibility which is concrete and working by using the product of this study.



CPTED에 의한 학교범죄예방 시설계획 - 광주광역시 초등학교를 중심으로 -

김영오, 김태용

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.203-215

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Elementary school safety were not dominant concerns when most of our current school facilities were designated. Perhaps school safety was not a pressing issue and ranked lower on the list of priorities that drive school design. But, because there had been an increasing number of child sex offenses designing safer school emerge. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design(CPTED) helps us to understand how the physical environmental affects human behavior. It also has been applied with considerable effectiveness in making school sites safer and more secure in recent years throughout the developed nation. But the country is the initial level. The survey include 30 enhancing safety elementary schools at Gwangju city. After carefully studying and analyzing them, create a checklist. The three primary approaches to consider in this regard are (1) the appropriate use of school security technology (2) employment of school resource officers; and (3) use of CPTED principles and technigues. Used in combination, there three approaches can be effective in reducing the probability of a child sex offenses. This safer school technology must be used in schools across the country soon.



그린캠퍼스 조성을 위한 대학 시설의 설계 연구 - 수성대학교 휴먼케어센터를 중심으로 -


한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.217-224

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Recently severity of ecological adaptaion and climatic due to global warming grows larger. Because of this, many nations and bussinesses are making an effort to reducing CO2 emissions and developng renewable energy. Especially, America, Europe, Japan and advanced countrys prepared for environment problem a great while ago. Consequently, systematic correspondence to the global warming at the aspect of energy consumption is also needed in Korea. From the analysis result of ‘Statistics of Energy Consumption’ published by Green Korea in 2007, energy consumption increment of domestic universities was higher as many as 3.7 times than 22.5% of the whole energy consumption increment in our country. New constructing of energy consumption in Universities. The opinion the the possibility of causing energy waste and efficiency reduction is raised by increased buildings of universities has been propounded. That is, universities should practice.



Responsive Learning Environment in the Gifted and Talented Classroom

Koh Sungran

한국청소년시설환경학회 청소년시설환경 제10권 제4호 통권 제34호 2012.11 pp.225-236

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"Responsive Learning Environment in the Gifted and Talented Classroom". 22.2 (2012) Adaptive and responsive classroom environments play a profound role in learning outcomes of general education students, let alone gifted and talented education students (GATE). Gifted students have pronounced individuality and educators must plan for their unique educational needs. This study is based on survey responses from GATE class teachers in the U.S. Based on their judgment, four suggestions are made. One is the Responsive Learning Environment Model (RLEM), which means that the physical learning environment is the foundation of all learning environments. The other is that students' seating arrangements are an important element of the physical learning environment and should be changed on a regular basis in the GATE classroom. Another is to integrate school curriculum with technology based on its pedagogic effectiveness. The last is to provide cooperative learning experiences for the gifted students.


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