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제23권 2호 (11건)

‘모성’ 연구—『음향과 분노』의 컴슨 가족을 중심으로


21세기영어영문학회 영어영문학21 제23권 2호 2010.06 pp.5-24

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 모든 이용자에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

An Examination of Motherhood: Through the Compson’s Family in The Sound and the Fury Mi-A Kim (Jeonju University) This paper aims to re-think ‘motherhood' as the ground to build up haman being's universal identity. In The Sound and the Fury, Faulkner shows the collapse of the traditional southern society through the Compson Family which falls to the tragedy caused by the absence of maternal love. A mother in the family is usually the creator of her children's world and exercises significant effects upon their attitude and interaction with the world. After all, a mother is a main prop of a family and society. But Mrs. Compson, the mother of the Compson Family, rejects her maternal role and withholds her love from her children. She is troubled with the discrepancy between her distorted image of the Southern lady and her reality and isolates herself from the outside world. Consequently, she damages her children's character and ruins their lives. Mrs. Compson's four children were spoiled and hurted by the desolation of their mother's motherhood: the idiot Benjy is sent to the mental hospital filled with despair caused by a lack of love, Quentin commits suicide who feels abandoned and refused by his mother and tries to impose the ideal of motherhood upon his sister Caddy, and Jason becomes selfish and inhumane, expeling the warmth of his home due to his mother's abnormal preference for him. Faulkner who always tried hard to get the answer about the question looking for the truth of literature and life constantly focused on researching the family. His affection of the family is connected to the interest in mothers and motherhood. Through The Sound and the Fury, Faulkner, eventually, tells the truth in human life, the importance of love, especially mother's love.


사회 권력과 인간 실존의 비극에 대한 비판적 고찰 —『시련』을 중심으로


21세기영어영문학회 영어영문학21 제23권 2호 2010.06 pp.25-50

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 모든 이용자에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

Critical Reviews in Tragedy of Social Power and Human Existence: Centered on The Crucible Ok-Ja Park (Chosun University) This paper is an attempt to discuss Arthur Miller, especially in The Crucible as a social tragedian, who has until now been studied and estimated mainly as a tragic playwright in critical areas and the history of the American dramas, especially the social background, which examines how Miller reflected tragic social aspects such as the Holocaust in Europe during World War Ⅱ and irrational McCarthyism in America in the 1950s in his works. Also, he has influenced modern American and European playwrights on the creative structures of his works, and especially extended the scope of themes to a number of social issues through many of his plays. Miller was influenced by not only Greek tragedies, especially Aristotle's tragedy but also the atheistic existentialists such as Sartre, Camus, and Foucault. However, he made much of not their theories, but human life itself. He established the idea that not ‘What should I know?' but, ‘What should I do?' is important in his social dramas. His main concerns about relationships between individuals and the modern industrial society make him more absorbed in political and social issues. As a representative of modern and tragic American playwrights, Miller has been regarded as a complex thinker because of being variously called as a moralist, a humanist, an atheistic existentialist, a feminist, a social psychologist and so on from others. Therefore, it focuses on the background of Miller's tragic thoughts about society and concentrates upon the tragedy of moral humanism. On a concrete level, it tries to decipher the source of Miller's tragedy, the background of psycho-social existentialism, and the distinctive features of Miller's social tragedy. Arthur Miller, one of the 20th century American authors, is a very important figure in the modern literary world. From his early works to his latest, he found topics in his neighborhood and published works with which many people can sympathize, based on his own experiences. He mainly focused on the relationship between humans and society, and was interested in exposing social irregularities. Therefore, he is valued as a representative social playwright.


페미니스트 드라마의 배경과 특징


21세기영어영문학회 영어영문학21 제23권 2호 2010.06 pp.51-71

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 모든 이용자에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

The Background and the Characteristics of Feminist Drama Jooeun Park (Shingu University) Feminist drama is the play by women, for women, of women. Feminist playwrights make the play out of women's ordinary experience in order that people can easily feel the female oppression. In feminist drama, women attempt to free themselves from their subordinate status in the patriarchal society, thus allowing them to seek their identity outside of those confines. In the second chapter, I studied roots and the background of feminist drama. Living Theatre, Off-Off-Broadway Group, Resident Theatres, Radical Theatre and Open Theatre have much effect on birth of feminist drama. In the third chapter, there are several characteristics in feminist drama, that is, the pursuit of female identity, the absence of men, the bonding of women, collective scripting and improvisation, the mother-daughter relationship, naming, transformation and domestic interior settings. These are presented in many plays. In conclusion, feminist drama focuses on the process of achieving female autonomous self with eight characteristics.


헨리 제임스의 「대가의 교훈」 다시 읽기 —심미주의 비판의 관점에서


21세기영어영문학회 영어영문학21 제23권 2호 2010.06 pp.73-90

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 모든 이용자에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

A Re-reading of Henry James’s “The Lesson of the Master” Hung Kuhn Cho (Sunchon National University) This paper examines Henry James's criticism of aestheticism in “The Lesson of the Master”(1888). For a long time most of critics have considered St. George's advice to be that of Henry James on the basis of James's biography, considering it as Modernist aesthetics of alienation or as a expression of ideology of patriarchal system. But we cannot evaluate the ultimate value of this work within this frame. We can grasp James's criticism of St. George's stance as an aesthete only when we discuss the work within the context of salvation of society through art in the late 19th century. Then, we can see through St. George's statements about the renunciations of artists for the perfection of art and recognize him as a spokesman of aestheticism. Even Paul has some preconceptions of aestheticism and, thus, falls a victim to St. George's advice.


『록산나』에 나타난 드포의 글쓰기 전략 —‘감금’과 ‘탈출’의 이미지를 중심으로


21세기영어영문학회 영어영문학21 제23권 2호 2010.06 pp.91-111

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 모든 이용자에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

Daniel Defoe’s Writing Strategies in Roxana: From Captivity towards Freedom Yoo Jin Choi (Hanyang Women’s University) Roxana demonstrates a narrative that subverts the patriarchal order and the gender roles the English society inequitably oppressed upon women. Infantalized by the legal, social, and economic dependence on their husbands, women in this period were defined merely as wives and as mothers. Defoe, by presenting four plot strategies, reconceptualized and reconfigurated the concept of woman as a mere body that was pervasively held in the society. These are the four strategies the writer used in the text: First, he identified the patriarchy with folly; Second, he disguised Roxana as a mere body by donning her an identity of whore and slipped her into the patriarchal society; Third, he endowed Roxana with a voice and let her throw harsh criticisms upon the patriarchal institutions; Last, by employing a fantastic narrative into the text, he deconstructed the patriarchy and provided freedom to women in the eighteenth century England. As literacy rose rapidly in the eighteenth century England, a great number of printed books and periodicals were published to satisfy the public's need. Defoe, who knew well enough about the sentiment of the century and the needs of the reading public, as well as the growing number of women readers, incorporated the scenes and spirits of the masquerade into his novel, Roxana, which convey subversive powers that divert and threaten the taxonomy of the society.


그림동화를 사용한 어린이 영어 학습 —실제 수업을 통한 방법 모색


21세기영어영문학회 영어영문학21 제23권 2호 2010.06 pp.113-135

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 모든 이용자에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

Picture-Storybook-Based English Learning for Children: An Exploration for Classroom Implementation Jae-Young Choi (Hongik University) This study reports on learning behaviors of child learners of English as a foreign language in a picture-storybook-based English class. For this study an experimental English class was created and conducted for 11 months with 2 kindergarteners and 3 elementary 1st graders. Using a qualitative study method the classes were observed for the learner behaviors and recorded in fieldnotes. The fieldnote data were analyzed for behavioral patterns of the child learners. The result shows that the child learners seem to have much difficulty focusing on English input given as stories even with their understanding of the story content. For individual learners with specific learning styles and ability levels, the whole language approach seems to provoke negative reactions of avoiding the input. On the other hand, the child learners seem productive in meaning-centered processing of smaller chunks of input such as the dialogues in the stories. Also, the children show positive learning reactions to communication practice using patterns extended from the content and dialogue patterns of the stories. Based on the result, a suggestion is made for classroom activities. More classroom trials of picture-storybook-based child English classes are also suggested along with future research in the topic.


Coleridge's Conversation Poems : Romantic Likening and the Vision of One Life

Hongki Kim

21세기영어영문학회 영어영문학21 제23권 2호 2010.06 pp.138-154

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 모든 이용자에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

Coleridge’s Conversation Poems: Romantic Likening and the Vision of One Life Hongki Kim (Kwangwoon University) In his conversation poems, Samuel Taylor Coleridge is looking at how a part can be related to a whole. In his two conversation poems, The Eolian Harp and This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison in particular Coleridge explores the mysteries of the One Life postulating visible things in nature are a symbolic text in which he can read figures of Romantic likening. Nature in Coleridge's episteme does not only provides its physical beauty but its encounter with the self transposes him to a cosmic communion with the mysterious order of the One Life. Subject and object participate together in the Coleridgean Romantic organicism and his poems are a record of the soul's adventures among Romantic metaphors.


Extended Hyphens : The Space Between the Virtual and the Real in Sung Rno's wAve

Bomi Yoon

21세기영어영문학회 영어영문학21 제23권 2호 2010.06 pp.155-170

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 모든 이용자에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

Extended Hyphens: The Space Between the Virtual and the Real in Sung Rno’s wAve Bomi Yoon (Yonsei University) The ever-changing world in the 21st century calls into many questions on where an individual stands, mostly on who I am and where I belong. Globalization, transnationalism, capitalism, mass consumption, and mass media have affected the people of this era by blurring the boundaries formerly set to divide and define one's place in society. The quest for realizing the location of an individual is more evident in today's literature than any other form of art and more relevant to minority groups such as Asian-Americans compared to mainstream majorities. Since the very beginning of their history, Asian-Americans faced ceaseless struggles to identify themselves. However, identity is becoming more complex due to the ever-changing structures of borders (nation, ethnicity, race, and gender). In examining this fluctuating social structure and identity politics, the protagonist, M, in Sung Rno's wAve, depicts an acute awareness of the fluidity in the hyphenated identity. Rno's play offers an insight into the hyphenated identity that provides a space liberalized from tenacious limitations and boundaries constructed by external-social, political, and legal-and internal-virtual versus real-influences. By incorporating Bhabha's theory of hybridity and Third Space, the hyphen between the Asian and American is no longer a division but an elongation that exists in the inside and out, at times in-between the fissures of virtually imagined space and reality. Thus, the notion of identity evolves to a concept that embodies multiplicities in an individual living in the incessantly changing transnational culture where hybrid forms prevail in the both the virtual world and reality. Rno and his work provide a means to break away from insufficient fixation and find an individual-oriented, authentic identity.


Scrambling and Its Relation to Focus

Jung-Min Jo

21세기영어영문학회 영어영문학21 제23권 2호 2010.06 pp.172-196

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 모든 이용자에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

Scrambling and Its Relation to Focus Jung-Min Jo (Sunchon National University) This paper examines the Korean sentence stress patterns in both canonical and scrambled sentences and shows that nuclear stress falls on the most deeply embedded XP in the base position whether the sentence is scrambled or not. Hence I refute the claim made in Ishihara (2000) that scrambling is an operation that gives rise to the focus set which is otherwise unavailable. Consequently I maintain Saito’s early observation that scrambling is an optional syntactic operation with no semantic effect as far as focus semantics is concerned. Scrambling is not motivated by focus since the nuclear stress doesn’t change in both scrambled/unscrambled sentences, and sentences with different word order don’t give rise to a different focus set. Also I discuss some discourse-pragmatic factors which should be taken into consideration in sentence stress assignment and claim that the sentence stress patterns deviant from the one predicted by the NSR are not really counter-examples to the NSR. Finally I propose the account of the NSR in Korean for both canonical and scrambled sentences in the phase model in Chomsky (2001).


The Effects of Online Peer Feedback with TrackChanges and Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication

Ho-Jung Yu, Hohsung Choe

21세기영어영문학회 영어영문학21 제23권 2호 2010.06 pp.197-214

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 모든 이용자에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

The Effects of Online Peer Feedback with TrackChanges and Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication Ho-Jung Yu (Jeonju University) Hohsung Choe (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) This study examined the feedback types that students focused on during one peer feedback session with TrackChanges in MS Word and the interactions that the students made in synchronous computer-mediated communication (SCMC). For this study, we investigated 10 university EFL students who were highly proficient levels of literacy in English. They were asked to use the tool of TrackChanges in constructing feedback on student writing and then to hold online conference with an online chatting tool. Data sets included peer’s written commentary with TrackChanges and transcripts of online conferencing. The findings indicated that the students focused primarily on the feedback types of wrong word, style, verb errors, sentence structure, and content. Also, they clarified their feedback in SCMC, although all of the feedback types guaranteed the subsequent revision. The implications of this study were discussed.


A Study on Teaching English Reading through the Communicative Approach and Cooperative Learning in a Middle School of China

Yu Xu, Hwa-ja Lee

21세기영어영문학회 영어영문학21 제23권 2호 2010.06 pp.215-237

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 모든 이용자에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

A Study on Teaching English Reading through the Communicative Approach and Cooperative Learning in a Middle School of China Yu Xu (Qinghai Normanl University) Hwa-ja Lee (Sunchon National University) The subject of this dissertation is a research project in Qinghai Normal University No.1 Attached Middle School, to confirm the assumption that CA and CL will achieve a better result than traditional teaching in such a culturally, economically, academically deprived and multi-national area as Qinghai. During the half-year research project, the communicative instructional model was applied to reform traditional teaching, incorporating cooperative learning experiences. In the 2003 research project, the questionnaires, exams, performance records and the interviews of the students and the teachers indicate that teaching reading through the Communicative approach and Cooperative learning in a middle school in China can achieve a better result in improving students’ four language skills and developing their communicative competence. A follow-up study in 2009 was also conducted to trace the impact of the 2003 project, which was radical in English education in remote areas at that time. The result of the 2009 study was the same as the research project done in 2003, shown in data collected from questionnaires, paper interviews and classroom observation. So that the Communicative approach and Cooperative learning are still seen as crucial and important to English teaching, it must be pointed out that students will become more skilled in reading, listening, writing and speaking English if CA and CL continue to be used.

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