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거시경제변수가 주택가격에 미치는영향에 관한 연구

고필송, 박창수, 엄수원

한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제1집 2010.06 pp.7-32

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The purpose of this study is to analyze that macro-economic variables determine the impact on housing prices. For analysis, Regional home sales and macro-economic variables from 1998 to 2009 since IMF were used. Stability for time series data was verified through the verification of stability. Grandeur casuality analyzed the relationship between each variable and the influence and then the numerical analysis model was constructed. The impulse response analysis in VAR models were conducted, the following results were obtained. First, the analysis results of correlation shows that the consumer price index, KOSPI, Composite index of housing prices leading to the correlation coefficient was higher than 0.7. Second, the analysis results of Granger casuality shows that there is a Granger causal relationship between the consumer price index, KOSPI, Composite index of housing prices leading and Regional home sales. However, corporate Bond yields were opposed. Gangnam region is not a two-way Granger casual relationship between corporate Bond yield and Regional home sales of the Gangnam. Third, the research is analyzed that the housing market was showed a positive reaction to KOSPI, Composite index of housing prices leading, and corporate Bond yields`shock: on the other hand, react positively to the CPI's shock for a while, but soon it react negatively to the CPI's shock. Fifth, the impulse response for all variables occurred across the two-time impulse response effect when 1st shock response in the mostly 2-3, 2nd mainly in the 3-8 primary difference was the largest analysis of reactions. Sensitivity to the impact of the size of the reaction was in order Composite Stock Price Index, Composite leading index, consumer price index, corporate bond yields. Finally, Gangnam region was most sensitive to the impact of macroeconomic variables, but Gangbuk region and the metropolitan city was a slow response.



도시형 생활주택제도 개선에 관한 연구 - 원룸형주택의 건축기준을 중심으로 -

강병기, 윤창근

한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제1집 2010.06 pp.33-54

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This study is to develop some complementary measures of construction codes of one room type urban living homes which is in great need for relieving small size housing demands from city residents. Through related literatures and construction laws reviews, 4 indicators and measurement scales for evaluating urban housing systems has been developed, that is, safety, convenience, amenity, economics. Through a questionnaire study, a variety of interest group were responded for current construction codes and recommended to ease up some compulsory clauses of entrance gates of residents and parking lot requirement and emergency exit ladders. Also this study propose some incentive measures of total construction area rations when the concurrent constructing lots are side by side.



물권행위의 무인성과 등기의 공신력


한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제1집 2010.06 pp.55-68

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The main problem of the theory is concerned the nature of the reality right action. The theory opposes though it is the distinguished family the problem about. The theory presents the appearance of the transaction to main evidence about these problems. But they do not present the real appearance of the transaction. In this paper studied the problem, that the nature of the reality right action. And the power of the registration of the notarial act does not exist. The safety of the transaction is threatened because it is same. The nature of the real right deed must be interpreted consequently according to the safety of the transaction. General people does not know, according to the making up question to investigate which. The power of the notarial act of the registration does not exist. The time which reality right action is done, and that the nature of reality right action. Reality right action consists of the thought expression or in full form. Reality right action is composed of the thought expression and form to be legal format. This paper concluded reality right action is done to the thought expression only. This paper was survey the question of real dealings to get solution about this issue. The author concluded the refers the result of the survey, and that reality right action is done separate with the credit deed. The next question, Reality right action is affected the effect of the cause action or not. The writer make an investigation into the confrontation of the theory and investigated to be actual of the transaction. As a result, Reality right action is concluded which it was not affected at the reason deed. We take stance that the nature not to take the influence for the safety of the transaction.



미국식 부동산전문교육의 도입 방안에 관한 연구


한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제1집 2010.06 pp.69-96

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The purpose of this study is to review the professional education program of real estate from US to adopt into Korea that support real estate industry and improve the quality of real estate service. In the US, there are more than 20 certified real estate education program in specialized field such as residential and commercial transaction, land development, appraisal, foreclosure, green building, e-Pro, network, performance management, organization etc.. Korea and China have a similar experience to adopt professional education program such as CCIM, CPM, CIPS from US. However, there are difference in terms of organizing institution concentrating in one institution in China that makes further development of their own professional education. The institution takes advantage of holding several education program. On the other hand, in case of Korea, most of education program are scattered to several institution that could not generate synergy effect. At the same time, we need to develop our own professional education program that certify the qualification. Therefore, the level of real estate service will be improved and will have international competitive edge that specialize the real estate industry.



부동산거래사고에 대한 민・형사책임과 보장제도

정지욱, 서진형

한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제1집 2010.06 pp.97-118

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The trade of real estate in Korea is concluded on the basis of the private contract between the parties of sales/purchase of real estate without thorough verification, thereby resulting many disputes after establishment of contract, which impedes the liquidity of real estate market. Since the scale of accident in the trade of real estate becomes tremendous due to increased investment to real estate and preference in real estate and the fraudulent method is developing delicately these days, the property loss and mental damage are expanding to social issue beyond the individual dimension. However, the state is unable to set the fundamental countermeasure to prevent this problem. Thus, this dissertation checked problem of accident in the trade of real estate through relevant law and literature as well as interview with relevant staffs and presented the improvement method. It was divided into short-term task and mid-term and long-term task in the viewpoint of system. Analyzing the trend of judicial case of court these days, the responsibility for mistake due to the victim's negligence of obligation in the trade of real estate is recognized to considerable extent. Thus, it is required to recognize that the person himself is responsible for trade of real estate. Since risk in the trade of real estate cannot be completely eliminated only with the effort of the party of trade to avoid the risk, it is essential to promptly legalize the deficient system and to prepare solution by making coincident opinion through social discussion on the systematic improvement.



부동산중개업자와 변호사간의 업무영역의 충돌


한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제1집 2010.06 pp.119-135

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The business of real estate brokers and that of attorneys-at-law are very different. The former focuses on brokerage acts, which are to assist and mediate so that legal acts such as transactions between the parties can be done easily. Thus they are regarded as de facto acts by the precedents and accepted theories. Meanwhile, attorneys-at-law represent their clients in suit-related acts and claims for administrative measures and handle general legal affairs. The problem is that both real estate brokers and attorneys-at-law try to expand their business areas for various reasons including service expansion, in which case a clash is inevitable between their business areas. This study reviewed the precedents of actual cases in which there were conflicts of interests between real estate brokers and attorneys-at-law or the business world of real estate brokers and that of attorneys-at-law and accordingly clash of their business areas. It examined the backgrounds, developments, and meanings of such conflicts between the two business worlds around real estate auction, legal affairs related to the opening and registration of real estate brokerage offices by attorneys-at-law, real estate brokerage by attorneys-at-law, legal counseling, and handling and indication of legal affairs.



부동산중개서비스 품질 개선방안에 관한 연구

이국철, 박지연

한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제1집 2010.06 pp.137-156

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This study intends to develop quality improvement strategy of real estate brokerage services which is critical to survive in the fierce real estate services markets. We investigated related prior literatures and analyzed current real estate brokerage services markets. In addition, a questionnaire study for various groups of interest was conducted to find out some guidelines and implications to improve the service qualities. As a study result, satisfaction level of user groups was quite a low comparing with real estator's own thought. For increasing service levels, professionalism, reliability, problem solving ability should be upgraded utmost. More in detail, market analysis ability, custom relationship management, administrative procedures, transaction safety areas should be in need for its prolonged substantiality in the domestic real estate services market.



우리나라의 해외부동산 직접투자의 결정요인에 관한 연구


한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제1집 2010.06 pp.157-182

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The following patterns can be confirmed when analyzing investments made by Korean companies and individuals in overseas real estate. First, Korean investors give great consideration to the rate of return when making direct investments in overseas real estate. Major determining factors in their overseas real estate investments are socio-economic stability, portfolio perspectives of financial and property assets, and the exchange rate. Second, economic motives are given priority over non-economic motives when Korean investors make direct investments in overseas real estate. This means that direct investment in overseas real estate is motivated by the possibility of economic gain, whereas non-economic motives, such as using the property as a place of residence, are less important. Thirdly, the more income investors have, or the more funds investors hold, the greater are their motives for overseas direct investment. These motives can be categorized into economic and non-economic motives. A surplus of investment funds was statistically significant as an economic motive for overseas investment. Factors inside a company, such as a preference among top management for overseas investment, and protection of family interests among individual investors were statistically significant as non-economic factors. Investors' academic backgrounds, gender, and age were, however, all statistically insignificant in this study.



중복등기에 관한 소고


한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제1집 2010.06 pp.183-203

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Takes one paper principle of the real estate of real-estate registration legal one of our countries. Therefore, the double registration does not occur. But, in compliance with the cause of the various branch the double registration will be able to occur. Solve like this problem with the theory for to be a procedural law opinion, an substantive law opinion and a compromise opinion, these is to relationship which is opposed each other. Has which one theory and about duplication registration solves a problem, is not easy. he right of ownership preservation registration which about, the case which has the double registration of the identical person registration holder of a title deed to the real estate which is identical in compliance with one paper principle of one real estate does after does with invalidity, the case where the registration holder of a title deed is different first the grudge where the cause of the registration which does is not invalid, the registration which does after must do with invalidity. About double registration to the time when sees the first Supreme Court all the member agreement body judgment there was a compromise opinion and an substantive law opinion. Supreme Court all the member agreement body judgment of recent times about the real estate which is identical the case where becomes the double registration which differs the registration holder of a title deed, the grudge where the cause of the registration which comes to do first does not become invalid, later the registration which comes to do is invalid, means that also the registrations of the after that are invalid. This thinks burns the judgment which encounters. Conclusively, the double registration must solve as supreme court ruling in compliance with the various branch laws which are maintained. When and, about double registration the dispute occurs and the lawsuit is proposed in the court of justice, the court of justice in compliance with a Supreme Court all the member agreement body judgment must solve.


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