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제8집 (10건)

공익사업용지 취득ㆍ보상제도의 문제점 및 개선방안

박필, 성주한

한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제8집 2013.12 pp.7-27

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In order to protect the property rights of the people as well as contribute to the efficient implementation of public works, as a result of the issue deduction and improvement seeking of the acquisition and compensation system of land for public works in Korea based on the jurisprudential approach and analysis of current situation of the application of the legal system, are considered in the following ways: First, the specific enumeration of public works is required for stringent control over compulsory expropriation. Second, the legal fiction of recognition to public works is minimized to urgent works. Third, local governments have to provide public workers with proper land entry authorization to prepare for public works. Fourth, the closing periods of business (from three months to two years) are provided for in the law. Fifth, the upward adjustment of resettlement funds are required. Finally, the establishment and implementation of a living measure is institutionalized on a basis of the law.



공모형 PF사업의 활성화를 위한 제도 개선방안에 관한 소고 - 건설회사의 입장에서 -

이종규, 서진형

한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제8집 2013.12 pp.29-54

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The latest construction industry status shows a downward trend. Construction companies are positively promoting public-private partnership project financing business(project financing of competition) to overcome the current situation. Public-private partnership project financing business is expected to obtain synergy effects by combining the experience of institutions from residential land development and the experience of private institutions from construction experience Thus it carries the advantage of uniting the public nature of public institutions and the technological capability and the capital strength of private institutions which maximizes the value of the business. However, there are some difficulties. The purpose of this study is to research the problems of construction companies on promoting public-private partnership project financing and find a solution to them. As for the difficulties of public-private partnership project financing business, firstly, the public nature of public institutions are becoming more commercialized and secondly, there are no standardized confederacy basis in the process of selection a business proprietor, so every project offers different standards and conditions. Thirdly, when selecting a business proprietor the construction company that offers the highest land price is picked. Eventually, construction companies compete to pose higher price and it only results in rising land price. Other than that, various problems, such as increase in working expenses and qualification limit for participating enterprise according to public institutions, are being discovered. As a solution to these problems, there is a need to set a standardized selection base, and give more points to development course, development idea and such rather than land price so that even if their capital strenth is weak, small and middle businesses with good initiatives can participate more and also, we can present diversification of business models as a solution



관리처분계획인가 단계의 주요쟁점 및 개선방안에 관한 연구


한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제8집 2013.12 pp.55-73

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Management disposal plan members to get their share of buildings and land how much, how much dues to be paid, the settlement amount is received after the completion of maintenance business, including how much prior notice as members to be specific about the rights of stake holders. Duty information about the standard that determines the best interest of the members, and therefore to the success of such projects is an important step to the left and right. However, for this to apply for membership to the sale of the notice period, such as the approximate contribution of very short period called the maintenance of large scale projects in the area of the property of the members that appraisals accurately virtually impossible, and also of the business performed after the completion of the war for the right combination of the right or the right to adjust the conversion process by subjects in the sale scheduled to land or buildings for sale and land as estimated amount by existing land owners. Buildings or other rights of the specification and the liquidation of such an overview of the methods or listed as missing by one vote, and then submitted to the General Assembly members market. military as authorized by the war and its contents prior notice to the owner of land, including many cases. The problem is the market makers.Military union is also planning to apply for a management disposal about the formal examination, which is the only car through a procedure. States let's dispose of the administration of the plan can not be done any drugs, even the will, the damage will be attributed to the union intact. Because of this, such a resolution of the general meeting of members of the management and disposition of claims null and void as well as the management plan is the plan for the disposal of the General Assembly resolution null and void as lawsuit is causing serious problems, sleep in, and also authorized management disposal plan when the cash liquidation provisions like Article 44 of the standard uncertainty due to the incorporation of a combination of existence itself, and the resulting confusion and cause difficulties in doing business in the sleep though, after all these problems in the process of maintenance projects delayed promotion of business and union members is a crucial factor to the burden hanba, each of the above issues is required for institutional improvement.



부동산입지의 이론적 고찰

권호근, 장민영

한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제8집 2013.12 pp.75-102

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This study aimed to examine the contents and characteristics of the geographical location theory of the real estate as a means of the systematization of the real estate science. As for the research methodologies, this study adapted an exploring methodology through various literature surveys including books, research papers and articles, and this study consists of 5 chapters. It is significant to suggest both oriental and western geographical location theories comprehensively. 1) While the western geographical location theory suggests regular models by simplifying theories through various hypotheses, the evaluation items and application process are simple. 2) It is not sufficient to analyze such simplified aspects in the contemporary society. 3) The existing research methodologies have limits to apply those geographical location theories to the real situation. 4) The oriental geographical location theory has a lack of theoretical systematization and is not sufficient to converge both western and oriental theories altogether.



부동산중개 공제서비스 만족도에 관한 연구

임동진, 이종혁, 김재운

한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제8집 2013.12 pp.103-136

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Article 1 of Act on Realtor’s Service and Transaction Reports on the Real Estate prescribe legislative purposes of the law such like guiding and bringing up real estate brokerage soundly, and contributing to national economy by settling up transacting principles of transparent real estates. And Article 30 of the same act stipulates subscriptions on mutual aid system or insurances for obligatorily guaranteeing liability on damages or service warranty setting like depositing to the courthouse before registering and opening real estate brokerage so as to prepare for cases of property damage occurrences to transacting parties owing to brokering activities of real estate agents as a mandatory law. As aforesaid, service guarantee setting of real estate brokers is to make preparations for unexpected transacting accidents and thus the brokers joined in the mutual aid system operated by Korea Association of Real Estate, and thus soundness of the mutual aid and stability of the aid funds could be said as having its importance. As the result of analyzing necessity of mutual aid system, positive answers were majority, but most respondents expressed negative answers on the operating type of mutual aid system. Also, considerable numbers answered that establishing any separate corporation besides Korea Association of Real Estate or management by financial companies is necessary as the system’s operating subject. This means that most subscribers of mutual aid system sympathize with institutional necessity of the system in one hand, but they recognize problems from operational, business aspects in the other hand. Therefore, government shall endeavor for arranging improvement plans that can satisfy consumers and mutual aid subscribers in respect of fitting to soundness and stability of real estate mutual aid system afterwards in addition to Korea Association of Real Estate as a mutual aid operator.



대구 도심의 변화와 역사ㆍ문화 활용에 관한 연구

이재환, 신민식, 김병춘

한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제8집 2013.12 pp.137-156

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This research is study for a status of the space of Daegu center chiefly and its utilization. City has its own identity. Daegu, also is long history city and has his own identity. However, the historical space of Daegu did not get much attention, and the historical main area were destroyed without any doubt. Therefore, we should be interested in the change of the main space of the city. And can preserve the historic space of the city through such an interest. This process would be the recognizing anew for the history space of the city. I will hope that such a study process is utilized as new methodology in the downtown area policy establishment.



토지이용규제가 지가에 미치는 영향

김학환, 정승영

한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제8집 2013.12 pp.157-169

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The land regulation be classified into three categories in Korea. This research focuses on analyzing the effects of land-use regulation on land price and the change of land price. it is found that the zoning regulation on land have negative or positive effects on land price in the empirical analysis. Especially, the land-use regulation in agricultural land and forest land have greatly effects on building density. This result shows that regulation policy has large impacts on the real estate value.



부동산거래 정상화대책 검토


한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제8집 2013.12 pp.171-192

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The first real estate measures by the Park Geun-hae administration was announced last April 1st. The ‘4.1 Real Estate Comprehensive Measures’ contains the highest-level measures among all real estate measures in history, with 46 detailed measures, such as tax exemption for housing transaction normalization, support of purchase funds for public housing, and decrease of housing supply. Furthermore, additional measures were announced on August 28th and December 3rd. While some are positive that the above measures will somewhat be helpful in the normalization and vitalization of the real estate market by enhancing anticipatory demands, some are negative that such measures are simply a short-term shock tactic to increase chronic effective demand because the essential issue is the improvement of real economy and it is difficult to wait for such improvement. Suppliers and consumers sell and buy goods in a general market, however, the real estate market exhibits different characteristics with the general goods market. Among the characteristics exhibited by the real estate market are that price determination may appear to be irrational and to lack objectivity based on incompleteness of the market, the market generally exhibits the characteristics accompanying the real economy, and the market has a close correlation with the population and number of households. Thus, there is a need to review the economic trend in detail and to understand the mid-to-long term population movements. Therefore, this Research will first review the economic trend and population movements and then review the government policies and implementation progress of the real estate transaction vitalization methods.



부동산시장 환경변화에 따른 부동산서비스산업의 개선방안에 관한 연구


한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제8집 2013.12 pp.193-225

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The local real estate service industries has not been counteracted to the environmental change of real estate market influenced by the globalization and various domestic factors. There are only few studies of the direction of changed academically and how to elastically overcome the confronted challenge. This study purpose to raise the social issues based on the study of structural real estate market change for the past, present and future since there are no strategic preparation for the real estate market change confronted. There are two important event for the past that has affected to the local real estate market. The one IMF crisis had been caused by domestic economic factors the other Subprime by US economy. For the future, FTA with EU and US will influence the local real estate market and make difficult to predict the change. Local real estate service employees has been lacking the ethical consciousness and retraining of their specialization that are required to be a professional and have a global competitiveness compared to the multi-consulting companies in terms of investment, brokerage, and asset management. Particularly integrated real estate service companies are needed to develop further. To develop the real estate industries, the role of real estate professional and leader will be reinforced to contribute to the society that comply with the rule of ethical consciousness and global competitiveness. Particularly a various license system for real estate professional are need to adopt and have an administrative system.



A Study of Investment Factors of USA Real Estate - With focus in Southern California and Korean investord -

Chung, Sung-Ki, Lee, Jong-Kyu

한국부동산경영학회 부동산경영 제8집 2013.12 pp.227-248

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이 연구는 캘리포니아에서 한인 투자자의 부동산 투자 결정에 영향을 미치는 요소를 조사하 여 투자 결정과 어떻게 투자의 방향을 제시에 관한 각 요소의 상대적 중요성을 검토하였다. 부동산 투자자를 위한 환경에 관한 가장 중요한 거시적 요소는 이자율과 부동산 투자에 적용 되는 법률 등의 요인이었다. 미시적 요소는 대출 조건과 세금 공제이고, 전체적으로 투자자가 매우 중요하다고 인식하고 있는 것으로 평가되었다. 부동산 투자 제한에 대한 요소는 환경 규제, 지대, 법은 금융 위기에 이어 부동산 투자를 제 한하는 가장 중요한 요소로 간주되었다 . 부동산 유동성의 정도는 가장 낮은 것으로 평가했다. 부동산은 다양한 종류의 대형 투자를 수반하기 때문에 투자자의 주의 관심이 있어야 합니 다. 부동산 투자의 증가를 촉진하는 정부의 부동산 규제, 은행의 대출 조건, 경제 조건, 및 세 금 등 많은 점으로 고려하는 것으로 나타났다.


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