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넷 중립성의 경제적 특성과 시사점


한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.1-11

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In this paper I examined economies and implications of “Net Neutrality” and Internet Freedom. It is argued that mandating Net Neutrality would be likely to reduce economic welfare. Instead, the government should focus on creating competition in the broadband market by liberalizing more spectrum and reducing entry barriers created by certain local regulations. In cases where a broadband provider can exercise market power the government should use its antitrust enforcement authority to police anti-competition behavior. To assure Net Neutrality, it is needed to make sure of fair competition and to facilitate flexible prices. Especially it is needed to invest consistently to the sector of Network.



비자발적 IT 사용 환경에서의 기술 수용모델(TAM)에 관한 연구

문형도, 김준우

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.13-24

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Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) has been a basis model for testing technology use. Post researches of TAM have been conducted with the updating the TAM by adding new independent variables in order to increase the explanatory power of the model. However, the problem is that different independent variables have to be required to keep the explanatory power whenever adopting particular technology. This might reduce the generality of the research model. Thus in order to increase the generality of the model, this study reviewed the previous researches and collected the independent variables used, and regrouped them into three basic independent constructs. New research model was designed with three basic independent constructs with three constructs selected for the involuntary information technology usage environment.. Finally, this study concluded that new technology acceptance model could be used to explain the use of new technology without any adding new particular independent variables.



OLTP서버 성능측정 및 규모산정을 위한 벤치마크 기준에 대한 고찰

나종회, 최광돈

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.25-33

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Historically, performance prediction and sizing of server systems have been the key purchasing argument for customer. To accurate server's sizing and performance prediction, it is necessary to correctness guideline for sizing and performance prediction. But existing guidelines have many errors. So, we examine the benchmarks of performance organization such as SPEC and TPC. And then we consider to TPC-C and TPC-E benchmarks for OLTP server's sizing and performance prediction that is a basic concept of guidelines. Eventually, we propose improvement of errors in guidelines.



금융권 핵심 PMO 기능과 운영형태에 관한 연구

이재범, 이재철, 장윤희

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.35-47

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The IS project is getting more and more complicated and large-scaled. Many researchers and practitioners are interested in the IS development methodologies, automated tools and techniques, TQM to decrease project failure, and to increase IS performance. But, in spite of such various efforts, the latest Standish Group’s research indicates that the project scale is bulkier than 1~2 year ago and IS development project’s batting average falls from 34% to 28% at the same time, proceeded project is increased, and project discharged arrives to 15%~18%. According to a research, success possibility increased by 37% after a year of PMO introduction, and increased sharply by 62% after 2 years and by 65% after 5 years. This research has a goal to survey how the PMO function and operation type affect the IS project performance in the financial industry. I determine nine independent variables and three dependent variables from previous researches. The results of this study are that the four core functions of PMO have relationship with project performance. But, technical support function does not relate with organization performance. Among the four core PMO operation types, three types have an effect on the IS project performance except the perfectionist type.



유비쿼터스 생활영어 체험학습장 교수-학습 모형 개발 연구

백현기, 김수민, 강정화

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.49-60

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The aim of this study was to develop a model for teaching-learning by applying Ubiquitous at a learning experience field, in which connect characteristics of both ubiquitous application learning and experience learning, making use of them. A literature survey of concepts was conducted, with the main areas to find out relationships between ubiquitous application learning and experience learning. Experience learning by applying ubiquitous learning methods maximizes its efficiency of experience learning in considering ubiquitous learning methods's characteristics of dynamic, interaction, sharing. Also it makes communications through positive participation and active interaction, and leads to a process of internal examination. The research data suggests that critical factors of experiencing learning applying ubiquitous are acquiring information and memory, information integration and exquisiteness, emotional and social activity, producing activity, help activity.



정부출연 연구기관의 지식관리 성과 측정모형 개발을 위한 탐색적 연구

정택영, 정해용, 최광돈

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.61-74

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This research reviewed previous research related to Performance Measurement Models of Knowledge Management (PMMKM) in order to integrate their findings with more recent research and construct a new PMMKM. This new hypothetical PMMKM consists of an input sector, a process sector, an outcome sector, and an infrastructure sector. Each sector has three measurement items with the exception of the infrastructure sector which has two. Empirical analyses testing the overall performance model validity of the hypothetical PMMKM were favorable. However, it show be noted that the “share process” and “utilization process” items in the process sector merged into one single item. The same is true with the “individual outcome” and “organization outcome” items in the outcome sector found one single item. The study’s results reveal three implications with respect to performance. First, there are derived integrated performance measurement sectors and items based on overall management process of knowledge management, which can be practically applied to the government related research entities. This became apparent after extensive review or previous theoretical studies related to the public sector and private sector. Second, weighted performance measurement of knowledge management using AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) Analysis makes it possible to propose PMMKM in government sponsored research institutes. Finally, measuring performance to management knowledge, as shown in this study, will prove useful for inside and outside experts who propose specific guidelines and methodologies for knowledge management at government sponsored research institutes.



브랜드 마케팅이 기업 및 브랜드 이미지, 구매의사결정에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

임기홍, 전용진

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.75-82

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The purpose of this study is explore the effect of brand marketing on the circulation structure factors as corporation image, brand image, and purchase intention and to clarify the causal sequence model in mobile phone corporation The results confirmed the suggested hypotheses. In addition, the analyses showed that effects of both brand marketing-related variables and the circulation structure factors as CI (corporation image) and BI(brand image) and PI(purchase intention) are mediated by the other variables. Based on the findings, the study showed that the effect of brand marketing indirectly on the purchase intention is mediated by corporation image and brand image in mobile phone corporation.



소비자의 주유소 재방문의도에 영향을 미치는 요인에 관한 실증적 연구

이선규, 이웅희, 김영형

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.83-92

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This research investigates the present situation of petroleum market and the potential strategy which help gas station obtain competitive advantages. Specifically, this research chooses five factors (product quality, service, price, multi-function, easy entrance) which are believed to be extensively related to repurchasing intention. The findings are as follows; First, four factors associated with gas station choice (product quality, service, price, multi-function) are related to repurchase intention except easy entrance. Second, sex and age have moderating effects between factors and repurchase intention. To keep and preoccupy new customers, the administrators of petroleum industry and gas station should establish sales/administration strategies considering these above.



유비쿼터스 헬스 비즈니스 모델 연구 - 시장 세분화 분석 중심

김민철, 하태현

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.93-102

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Recently, concerns regarding ubiquitous health have been on the increase according to development of ubiquitous technology and growth of health industry. This study suggested a necessity for market segmentation for the creation of new markets of ubiquitous health business under this background. This paper also analyzed possibile health service industry with characteristics of customers by making an analysis of market segmentation. It was grouped into 4 parts by factor analysis and cluster analysis with raw data collected, the results showed that they would be main potential ubiquitous health service industry. However, some are not significant in statistics, which means that since ubiquitous health industry has not yet been experienced, it probably shows uncertainty about its favour. Finally, the study suggested that a future study should build up more detailed market segmentation data with continuous supplementation.



상수도 자동 검침 시스템 구축에 관한 연구 : 부산 기장군과 김해시 사례를 중심으로

서창갑, 박영재

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.103-111

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In this paper, we introduce automatic meter reading system for tap water. The system is composed of automatic meter, router using RF and CDMA network, and data server. This system will easily extend to fire detect, gas, and electric charge meter system. In addition, this system will be used to monitoring a water leak and human which live in solitude. Proposed system is installed at Gimhae-City and Gijang-gun. As a result of the automatic meter reading system for tap water, The leak of water and complain of user is decreased. But The building cost is still an obstacle to expand into entire city.



Console Wrapper를 활용한 C언어 학습도구 개발

최숙영, 황규덕

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.113-122

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The majority of programming education in the learning place attaches importance more to grammar, memorization of the imperative sentence and explanation of the program language itself than the specific way to use the target language. In addition, it is mainly used to teach theoretical knowledge based on the text. Consequently, current programming education has not interested learners in the programming learning and has not improved their ability in programming problems of the real world. We therefore developed a learning tool of C-language, which is based on the Console Wrapper. The purpose of proposing the learning tool was to make the programming education break from the typical theoretical learning and to let learners be interested in the programming education. By using the dynamic screen instead of the static console screen, the learners could enjoy learning the program. As a result of this study, we could know that the programming education using our learning tool is more effective than the typical C language programming education.



온라인 게임 서비스품질이 고객만족도와 충성도에 미치는 영향분석

김현종, 이충수

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.123-135

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The considerable progress of IT industry has changed the industrial structure and lifestyle of our society. One of the remarkable fields of IT industry is online game industry. It showed rapid growth for the past decade. But in recent years online game industry faced with the limit of its growth for a number of reasons. To overcome such situation, online game companies should improve functions of game and analyze their customer’s needs for sustainable growth through increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The purpose of the study is to investigate and evaluate the factors of online game service quality and the relation of customer satisfaction and loyalty. SPSS 14.0 and AMOS 7.0 are used for experimental research. Through reliability and validity test, service quality factors influencing the customer satisfaction are appeared to be 5 latent variables(reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, tangibles). In addition, by structural equation model and covariance structural model, the result showed that empathy is the most influenced factor to customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction has positive effect on customer loyalty. The results of this research have important implications for explaining an mechanism for service quality of online game, customer satisfaction and loyalty and they might provide operational guidelines to the online game service company.



미디어 융합 환경 하에서 창의적인 콘텐츠 생산그룹의 구성에 관한 연구

김중규, 이창훈, 장영철

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제3호 2009.09 pp.137-146

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This paper aims to propose a framework of content creating group with creativity under new convergence environments. The framework is built based on content concept hierarchy(deep/ surface) relating with the creativity of group members. The diversity of group members(potential creativity) decrease and change into creative abilities in one unified view at each content concept hierarchy in time. To do this, three methods of building a creative group(interaction-base, direction-base, hybrid) are proposed. Cooperating processes and operators are designed to promote creative abilities in the content producing group. These cooperations are considering new media convergence industry's job road map(IPTV) and fundamental content attributes(semantic, narrative, discourse). In the framework, creative content is produced with the help of member's cultural openness, media richness and synchronicity, hierachical adaptability on dissimilarity. Deep level creativity of cognitive semiotics on moving image content is composed of psychological, transformational, situational creating abilities in the structure of group members. Designing analogy, metaphor, symbol operators help members to traverse deep structure of content concept hierarchy. Our framework has strong points to relate fundamental content deep structure with structure of content producing group and to induce creativity on cognitive structure of human being.


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