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An Empirical Study on Situational Factor of ERP Introduction

Ki Heung Yim, MIn-Yeong Chong, Jong-Hei Ra

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.9-15

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In today's dynamic and turbulent business environment, in order to become globally competitive, many companies are trying to get closer to the customer and deliver value added product and services in the shortest possible time which demands integration of business processes of an enterprise, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is such a strategic tool, which helps the company to gain competitive edge by integrating all business processes and optimizing the resources available. This paper throws light on how ERP evolved, what makes up an ERP system and what it has to offer to the industries. The paper includes the role of ERP, perception of ERP value, ERP plan and direction. The author also argues checkpoints as a preview to ERP introduction.



리더십 유형과 직무태도간의 관계에 관한 연구 : 조직지원 조절효과를 중심으로

이선규, 이웅희, 조재원

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.17-25

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This study aims to examine the relationship between job attitude and leadership style perceived by employees in a hospital. This study has two purposes; 1) to investigate the relationship between leadership styles and job attitudes[Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention], 2) to verify the moderate effect of organizational support on the relationship between leadership style and job attitude. We examined the effect of critical leadership styles on the job attitude of employees in hospital organization. Hypotheses on four factors were tested for 7 hospitals. In order to test these hypotheses, survey questionnaires were sent to employees of hospital organization in Gyungbuk. As a result, the 185 available data were collected. Correlation analysis and regression had been performed and the results supported hypotheses. The results indicated that it was significant difference between each leadership style and job attitude. Also, organizational support was found to be positively moderated on job attitude.



지방행정혁신 확산을 위한 부서간의 협력증진에 관한 정책적 연구

이승희, 이홍희, 이성칠

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.27-33

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The purpose of this paper is to find an appropriate policy for local government innovation step by step. In order to accomplish this purpose, we considered the characteristics and situation of Gumi city. Specifically, we analyzed the win-win strategy of the department for the largest local administration innovation. Finally, we found that the chief executive's leadership and other strategies such as the adjustment of the innovation propulsion system are key factors. Also, Managing the resistance to change appeared during the process of local administrative innovation is important. The failure of the policy for local government innovation is caused by the failure to manage the resistance. Thus, for government innovation to succeed, correct information provision, comprehensive participation of public officials and effective management of resistance is necessary.



하이테크기업의 기술혁신지향성과 시장지향성의 성과에 관한 탐색적 연구

조남재, 오진욱, 정진관

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.35-45

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High tech companies' strategies are divided into four parts, Market Pull, Technology Push, Market-Driven, and Driving Markets. Market Pull strategy means to search market-needs, chances or new industries with technological chance. Technology Push means to create new market by new technology. While Market driven companies follow market changes, Driving Market companies make or change their markets. This study analyzes how companies recognize their market situations based on technology and which business inclination paths are selected for success. And we would like to know there are performance distinctions based on market differentiation strategies.



SCM 환경 하에서 재고보충주기 결정 및 통합 재고관리 모델 개발

김명훈, 안동규

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.47-53

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We consider supply chain which consist of one manufacturer, one distributor and N retailers for a single product. This paper determines inventory replenishment period of supply chain using heuristic method and propose order policy through re-coordination of inventory replenishment. Also, We develops inventory management model to calculate total cost of supply chain under assumptions of constant demand. The computational results show that the proposed inventory replenishment period and inventory management model is efficient.



주요 정보통신기반시설의 평가컨설팅 방법론에 대한 연구

이영로, 조재완

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.55-68

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It soaks but 2001 July information communication base step law enforcement and the Enforcement Ordinance are published to follow, in order to support the establishment of evaluation and protective measure in order the vulnerability analysis against the facility of the agency which manages an important information communication base hour opinion to designate information protection specialty enterprise. As information protection specialty enterprise being revealed evacuation laboratory back 12 enterprises from information communication department become designation as the consulting enterprise and they do an enterprise activity actively. It follows in diffusion of the IT and information reconciliation level the other side where our country belongs in the world-wide first group, the research against the disfunction plan of preparation comparison the fact that law it is come negligently all actuality. The network as it will give management coat fatal effect even at obstacle occurrence hour of instant for of case and IT facility of the cyber transactions which leads, in the future there to be to corporate management, there is a possibility the stable civil official of information Facilities for communications very seeing in the portion which is important. Present condition and important propulsion contents of information communication base step law enforcement after, against a vulnerability analysis of information protection relation field and evaluation consulting methodological application situation to sleep it researches from the dissertation which it sees consequently and it does.



데이터베이스 유저 인터페이스를 위한 유저 모델 기반의 대화 시스템

박수준, 차건회, 김영기, 박성택

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.69-76

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This paper presents a study on the introduction of User Model-Based Dialogue System. Also we present a plan-based Korean dialogue system as a natural language database user interface for product search. The system can be characterized by its support for mixed initiative to give user more control over dialogue, employment of user model to reflect user's preferences, alternative solution suggestion if there is no product matched exactly to user's requirements, handling circumlocution which frequently occurs in dialogues. The user modeling shell system BGP-MS is adapted for the system. The system provides for a user-friendly database user interface by managing dialogue intelligently. By its implementation and test, it has been shown that the user model-based dialogue system can be utilized effectively for product search.



정부산하기관 CEO의 혁신행동에 대한 탐색전 연구 : 솔선수범을 중심으로


한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.77-89

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The purpose of this exploratory study is to analyze the modelling behavior of public type quasi-government sector CEO, The results of this study on the 100 CEO is as followes: 1) Such behavior as pointed by government is more frequently practiced by CEO of the quasi-government sector. 2) The general level of modelling behavior by CEO doesn't meet the general expectations in spite of the many efforts of the CEO, Lastly, the summary and implications of this study is followed.



시스템의 관리수준에 따라 태도와 기대가 성과에 미치는 영향


한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.91-100

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The purpose of this study is to confirm whether user attitude and expectation make a significant difference on the system performance according to management level of IS. The management level is defined as a evaluation of IS and project management. Field research was employed to empirically investigate the relationship among the variables. The finding of the study can be summarized as follows. The positive attitude has a favorable effect on the system performance. But high expectation shows low performance under the strict evaluation.



중소기업 기술혁신 활성화 방안 연구

이승희, 노규성, 김혜경, 박래규

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.101-116

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The purpose of this paper is to suggest field-oriented policy of regional innovation support system. To accomplish this purpose, we examined the status quo of technical support, performance satisfaction of consumers and practical issues. The key factors influencing core technical innovation of small and medium firms are development fund, R&D employees, experimental instrument, technical information, protection of intellectual property, subcontracting and so on. To make sure of practical effect, therefore, it would rather necessary to implement policy support linking government and supporting means on the ground of needs of small and medium firms than specific method such as funding.



주택평형별 거주자들의 정보화 이용 패턴 차별성 분석 : 주택관리공단의 영구ㆍ국민 임대주택을 중심으로

고종문, 김신표

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.117-130

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This paper examines whether there exists discrimination of the information usage pattern between tenants of permanent and temporary public rental housing in Korea. Moreover, we focus to examine on that matters between two groups, 7~12. pyeongs and 11~24 pyeongs that indicate permanent and temporary public rental housing respectively. The results derived in this paper can be summarized as follows: there exists statistical significance in using computer, internet, communication and broadcasting, on the other hand, insignificance in using satellite communication and telephone between them. The implication of this results shows that as widen income gap, also widen gaps in using computer and internet between them. Thus government public rental housing policy should focus to make narrow income gap to diminish information gap between those groups.



이러닝 활성화를 위한 이용자의 이용 동기와 만족도에 관한 실증적 연구

백현기, 하태현, 강정화

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.131-140

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This paper studies characteristics of e-Learning users' motivation, attitudes and satisfaction. For this purpose, surveys were conducted of university students who choose e-Learning as one of main learning tools. The research found that stable service and proper service charges were critical to the loyalty to e-Learning service. It also showed that both quality and quantity of contents were very important factors to e-Learning growth.



공공기관 인터넷 사이트의 행정서비스 품질 평가에 관한 연구 - 오프라인/온라인 비교분석

김학희, 김경준, 박정희

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제5권 제1호 2007.06 pp.141-157

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Due to the development of Internet and networking technologies, it is much more easier to get in touch with public service through the web services such as tax, travel information, getting a job, etc. In order to measure the quality of official government web sites, we are to test the difference between the web quality of the government sites and the offline feature of the same official service by means of customer perspectives. The resulting of this study show that the quality of official web site has been improved so far though such areas as privacy, security needed to be updated. Especially the web interface or contact point of the digital media should be reflected customer's need so that the online materials may be quickly updated according to the request of client's.


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