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제3권 제1호 (9건)

혁신관리에 있어서 장애와 저항의 극복방안

이승희, 노규성

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제3권 제1호 2005.06 pp.9-25

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The purpose of this study is to explore conquest plans of the barrier and resistance in innovation management. In addition, this study is to describe the model of innovation resistance that reflects adoption process stages and identify the factors that drive the resistance of consumers and the barriers. Whenever organizations try to plan and implement some kind of innovation in organizations, they confront the resistance and barriers in many ways. By understanding innovation resistance and barrier, organizations can not only design better innovations but can develop strategies to reduce resistance and conquer the barriers. Thus they accelerate innovation. Also, these results indicate that people resist innovation strongly when it betrays their value, needs and beliefs or when they felt the pressure on self-conviction and mental risk, loss, and lack of knowledge. Understanding the factors that drive the innovation resistance and barrier has important implications for both theoretical development and managerial action.



e-러닝 전문인력 양성 기반 문제점 및 개선방향

김신표, 노규성

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제3권 제1호 2005.06 pp.27-44

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Nowadays, demand for human resource for the e-learning industry is rapidly increasing along with the expansion of e-learning market capacity. However. there are numerous difficulties in expansion and industrialization of e-learning due to insufficient supply of human resources to meet the demand. Therefore, the goal of this study is to present various policy directions that can supplement the supply or e-learning manpower. Overall contents of this study focus on presenting the long-term directions for fostering of human resources for e-learning industry. Among these, role of government policies for fostering of human resources for e-learning industry is being particularly emphasized because e-learning industry is still at its infant stage.



전자신용보증 제도의 전략적 활용과 B2B e-Marketplace의 활성화

이금룡, 심상렬

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제3권 제1호 2005.06 pp.45-73

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In 2001, e-Credit guarantee system was introduced by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund(KCGF) to extends the credit guarantee services for the purchasing amount on credit in the B2B e-Marketplace. It combines both the merits of bill of exchange and credit card and eliminates the uneasiness related to the unpaid accounts due to the non-facial e - Marketplace. The purpose of this paper is to empirically analyze both the causal relationship and influences among theoretical variables by the structural equation model(SEM). e-Credit guarantee system can be a good strategy for promoting B2B e-Marketplace. The level of application of e-Credit guarantee system is attributable to both the characteristics of B2B e-Marketplace and products. The cost reduction or saving in purchasing procedures, production and stockpiling will be possible through e-Credit guarantee system. The close linkage of financial institutions with the enterprises based on e-Credit guarantee system will further promote B2B e-Marketplace in Korea.



Knowledge Extraction from Academic Journals Using Data Mining Techniques

남수현, 김홍기

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제3권 제1호 2005.06 pp.75-88

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최근 우리는 인접학문 간 그리고 학계와 산업계간의 연구협조가 점차 증가하고 있음을 보아오고 있다. 이러한 현상은 특히 학술저널 간 지식의존성을 촉진하는 계기를 제공하고 있다고 할 수 있다. 본 논문의 목적은 관련저널 간 지식상호 의존성을 규명하고 저널지식의 구조화를 위하여 연관성 (association), 군집화, 링크분석 등 데이터마이닝 기법을 적용하는 방법론을 제시하는 것이다. 제시된 방법을 통하여 기대되는 점들은 1) 논문의 기본 속성인 키워드, 저자, 그리고 인용데이터를 통합하는 규칙 집합을 통하여 논문지식검색기능의 향상, 2) 키워드를 기반으로 관련 저널 간 그리고 저널내부의 군집분석으로 지식동향 파악, 3) Kleinberg (1999)의 권위와 허브 개념을 인용데이터 분석에 활용하여 기존의 양적 평가 기준인 영향력지수 (impact factor)의 문제점을 보완하며, 4) 특정 논문이나 저널의 지식파급과 관련한 영향력을 산출하는 잠재적 지식파급 지수를 제안하는 것이다.



문화콘텐츠산업정책에 관한 연구 - 정책공동체(policy community) 연계방안을 중심으로 -


한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제3권 제1호 2005.06 pp.89-113

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The primary purpose of this study is to suggest the governmental strategies for enhancing the capacity of the culture technology industries. By reviewing the past relationships between the government and industry in the process of industrialization, we have arrived at some of the lessons about 'positive' or 'negative' effects on the relationships. The newly revised government and high-technology-based industry relations should be reformed in order to make the industries efficiently operated and competitive especially internationally. We have suggested a conceptual framework for the relationship by considering the policy community in consideration of the characteristics of the industries. The policy community is consisted of four dimensions. each of which, we considered were specifically, (1) research institutes for collecting data, market analysis, and gathering informations for the industries, (2) financial institutions, (3) professional groups for advising and sharing the technologies to the industries, and (4) education institutes for providing skilled personnels. Because these policy community does not effectively interrelate each other, we suggested that government should play pivotal roles in connecting these four dimensions of the policy community. The policy networking is necessary for the industries to be more effectively work together. The roles of government then provide some of the ways in which the policy community working interactively. By way of conclusion, we suggest some of the ways in which the government make the industries much more productive and competitive in the world markets.



文化콘텐츠企業 價値評價를 위한 割引率 決定에 관한 硏究

김인철, 주형근

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제3권 제1호 2005.06 pp.115-148

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This study is intended to suggest a more reasonable and practical method of estimating discount & capitalization rate for valuation of closely-held culture content business, that is, to modify the Buildup Summation Model(which is recommended for the closely-held business by the NACVA) by adopting the weighted ratings in the CT Project Investment Evaluation of the Korea Culture Contents Association to risk factors of the Buildup Summation Model. This method is ease to apply for closely-held culture content business and has advantages in applying the weighted rates based on the characteristics of respective culture contents. And it can make up for the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) which shows generally low discount rates.



이동객체의 궤적에 대한 연속 최근접 질의에 관한 연구


한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제3권 제1호 2005.06 pp.149-163

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Researches for NN(nearest neighbor) query which is often used in LBS system, have been worked. However. Conventional NN query processing techniques are usually meaningless in moving object management system for LBS since their results may be invalidated as soon as the query and data objects move. To solve these problems, in this paper we propose a new nearest neighbor query processing technique, called CTNN, which is possible to meet continuous trajectory nearest neighbor query processing. The proposed technique consists of Approximate CTNN technique which has quick response time, and Exact CTNN technique which makes it possible to search accurately nearest neighbor objects. Experimental results using GSTD datasets shows that the Exact CTNN technique has high accuracy, but has a little low performance for response time. They also shows that the Approximate CTNN technique has low accuracy comparing with the Exact CTNN, but has high response time.



웹 환경과 연동된 중소쇼핑몰 물류관리시스템 구현

김의창, 최세현

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제3권 제1호 2005.06 pp.165-182

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Development of integration management system needs to operate and manage internet shopping mall for customer, sale, product, stock, account management. The purpose of this paper implements of small shopping mall logistics management system as a plan to raise efficiency of management of the Internet shopping mall which was a representative business form of electronic commerce. Logistics management system operates an Internet shopping mall, progressed with the aim of construction of the management system that systematizes a member, a product, a stock, customer management, and can efficiently manage a total stock grasp and the amount of transaction of a product based on Web by real time.



구조화된 학습부진아 진단 자료의 입력을 위한 온톨로지 개발

하태현, 백현기

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제3권 제1호 2005.06 pp.183-194

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This study is aimed at building up an Ontology to solve the discrepancy of terminologies between teachers and students by showing, through Ontology, the knowledge for diagnosis of underachieving students. Also this study makes it possible to infer the diagnosis based on information of these underachieving students. In addition, while a general Underachieving Students diagnosis system shows special diagnosis, this Ontology system helps users obtain correct concepts through this knowledge based system, and suggest building an Ontology to extend unclear conceptual knowledge to clearer ones.


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