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제7권 제2호 (11건)

정부부처 혁신브랜드의 중요도 - 성과분석을 중심으로 한 브랜드 관리 전략

김연정, 박기호, 곽원섭

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제2호 2009.06 pp.1-12

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This study explored which the component factors on innovation brand to building an organizational culture of government. The innovation brand perception of organizational officers are in order brand awareness(recognition, discrimination) and brand loyalty(identification, ease of memory, meaning diffusion, the reaction of customer needs), brand salience, brand knowledge and brand innovation. The result of Importance-Performance analysis are as follows. We can see that Brand loyalty have Quadrant I meaning good management implementation. Brand Knowledge have Quadrant II meaning concentrate improving. Brand Uniqueness have Quadrant III meaning improving. And Recognition, familiarity and salience have Quadrant IV meaning low relative importance and high performance. The Quadrant IV consider the cost and benefit of brand management.



지방자치단체 정책품질관리(PQC) 시스템도입 방안에 관한 사례연구

이홍희, 이승희, 노규성, 조재완

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제2호 2009.06 pp.13-20

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Most recently, development and publication of the ordinance and the manual of policy quality management is spreading the recognition of quality control in the public sector. The purpose of this study is to introduce the system of quality control for local government's policy. So we suggested lessons drew from the case study(Daegu metropolitan city, Gumi city) on current introduction. To successfully introduce the system of quality control for local government, we have to gain agrement for the new system, of introduction, secondly prepare the new system, lastly manage PQM with flexibility.



2007개정 교육과정 분석을 통한 중학교 컴퓨터 교육과정 개선

하태현, 신동숙

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제2호 2009.06 pp.21-33

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The aim of this study is to find out problems between the '7th National Curriculum' and '2007 Revised National Curriculum' that would initially apply from 2009 and then to suggest better ways to improve computer education in Middle schools. A survey was carried out with a questionnaire. Based on the result, a comparison was made and a suggestion has been derived: Firstly, the computer subject should not be treated as a rival to others anymore, rather it should be considered as an essential subjects. Secondly, teachers who take computer subjects as their major should be allocated to middle schools. Thirdly, computer subjects should be taught systematically from elementary and be continued throughout in order to promote the level of the computer science education. Fourthly, the advantages of computer utilisation should be taken into account to layout the computer curriculum that is practicable and learner-centered. Finally, teachers should recognise the main aim of computer education and teach computer subjects to be useful in education. Though the revised version is not perfect the more the curriculums are revised, the better they might be expected to be developed. Consequently, whenever the newly revised computer curriculum emerges, the defects should be identified and addressed in order to achieve the aim of the computer curriculum.



한국의 IT 산업 경쟁력과 IT 활용 수준 분석


한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제2호 2009.06 pp.35-41

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The information technology, in the digital economy era, does a very important role not only for the country’s administrative management innovation but also for the business and for the everyday life. Specifically, the e-business for the company or organization is defined as "using the Internet and IT, rescheduling of business process management activities to increase productivity and efficiency and to create new business opportunities." Thanks to the Korea’s recent efforts, overall level of informatization and digitalization is able to receive high praise. But the e-business readiness (e-readiness) level is still expected a lot of room for improvement. In this paper, I try to analyze the informatization level of Korea’s by the EIU’s e-business readiness index and IT industry competitiveness index, to prepare a full-scale e-business era of global competitiveness through any preparation that could do to improve the situation from the analysis of statistical data.



Empirical Investigation on Factors Affecting User Satisfaction of E-Government Service

Hee-Yeop Joo, Jeong-Hun Park, Chang-Su Kim

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제2호 2009.06 pp.43-50

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인터넷의 사용증가는 전자정부 서비스 성장의 주요한 촉매제 역할을 하고 있다. 이러한 전자정부 서비스의 증가에도 불구하고 사용자 만족에 대한 실증적인 연구는 시작단계이다. 본 연구에서는 실증 분석결과 전자정부 서비스 만족에 영향을 미치는 6가지 요인을 도출할 수 있었다. 즉, 전자정부 서비스의 구성(formation), 기능성(function), 신뢰성(reliability), 시각성(visibility), 효율성(efficiency), 그리고 지속성(substantiality)이라는 요인이다. 본 연구는 전자정부 서비스를 기획하고 구현하는데 주요한 지침으로 활용될 수 있을 것이다. 그리고 본 연구의 실증분석 결과 도출된 전자정부 서비스 만족에 영향을 미치는 6가지 요인은 한국의 전자정부 서비스의 향상과 정책에 주요한 시사점을 제공할 것 이다.



BSC 기반의 조직효과성 평가 성공 사례 : 스칸디아 보험회사

권상순, 박지환

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제2호 2009.06 pp.51-62

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Most studies of organizational effectiveness previously done, have measured financial performance such as productivity, efficiency or subjective performance such as a commitment, satisfaction, and turnover intention of employees. However, these measurements have limitations to evaluate a organizational effectiveness in recent knowledge information era because evaluation of organizational effectiveness in knowledge-based society needs measurements in various aspects such as financial, customer, internal business process, and learning and growth. The purpose of this study is to overcome these problems and to introduce an appropriate system for evaluation of organizational effectiveness under knowledge management paradigm. In this paper, we suggest a Balanced Scorecard(BSC) as a new measurement standard of organizational effectiveness in a knowledge information era. The balanced scorecard is designed to help firms that have historically overemphasized short-term financial performance. When measuring organizational effectiveness through Balanced Scorecard(BSC) suggested by Kaplan and Norton[31], it is to present the measurement indices that can cover the limitation of the past evaluation indices of organizational effectiveness.



특허가치평가 요소에 관한 연구

김영기, 박성택, 이승준

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제2호 2009.06 pp.63-70

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It is well known that in the knowledge-based economy a firm's intellectual property including patent is crucial for its competitive advantage. In industrial economy, tangible assets such as land and equipment have been of critical importance for a firm's competitiveness. However, as the paradigm shift to the knowledge-base economy is being accelerated, intangible assets such as intellectual property are considered to be more influential for a firm to be competitive. The valuation of intangible asset is as necessary as that of tangible asset. In particular, reasonably accurate valuation of patent which represents a firm's technological competitiveness seems to be of great importance since (1) it is essential for a firm's patent strategy development, (2) it can activate the technology market, and (3) it is necessary to evaluate a patent's technological contribution when multiple patents are used to develop and commercialize an innovative product. Unlike that of tangible asset, the valuation of intangible asset is very difficult. In order to figure out a value of patent it is necessary to use a number of appropriate valuation factors. In this paper, we surveyed various valuation factors presented by previous researches and several technology valuation organizations to find a set of common valuation factors considered to be of more importance.



인터넷 중독이 학교생활 적응에 미치는 영향

유병혁, 김수민, 백현기, 강정화

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제2호 2009.06 pp.71-81

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This paper studied the impact of Internet addiction on school life adaptation of high school students. We searched the literature on Internet addiction for such research and analyzed the impact that Internet addiction has on school life fitness. The SPSS statistics program was used for Internet addiction factor analysis and the analysis was carried out through the structure equation model. The family relation, individual relation, school relation and friend relation factor were deduced to Internet addiction as a result. It was revealed that the individual relation factor among Internet addiction factors had an influence on school life fitness. It is expected that this research will prove helpful in providing preventative education for Internet addiction



교육용 웹 사용 성과에 영향을 미치는 요인에 대한 연구


한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제2호 2009.06 pp.83-91

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This study aimed at improving our understanding of education-related Web usage for schoolwork and research in universities. This study found out a list of factors that influence the usage of education-related Web sites by Korean and New Zealand university students and suggested the features of those factors. These findings will enhance further understanding of factors associated with Education-related Web usage and the relationship among attitude, intention to use, and performance, which could help web practitioners design and develop education-related Web sites to promote web usage and attract university students into their web sites.



비디오 샷 검증 시스템


한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제7권 제2호 2009.06 pp.93-102

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Since video is composed of unstructured data with massive storage and linear forms, it is essential to conduct various research studies to provide the required contents for users who are accustomed to dealing with standardized data such as documents and images. Previous studies have shown the occurrence of undetected and false detected shots. This thesis suggested shot verification and video retrieval system using visual rhythm to reduce these kinds of errors. First, the system suggested in this paper is designed to detect the parts easily and quickly, which are assumed as shot boundaries, just by changing the visual rhythm without playing the image. Therefore, this enables to delete the false detected shot and to generate the unidentified shot and key frame. The following are the summaries of the research results of this study. Second, during the retrieving process, a thumbnail and keyword method of inquiry is possible and the user is able to put some more priorities on one part than the other between the color and shape. As a result, the corresponding shot or scene is displayed. However, in the case of not finding the preferred shot, the key picture frame of similar shot is supplied and can be used in the further inquiry of the next scene.


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