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제32권 제1호 (6건)

친환경 그린 멜트의 품질 및 적용성에 관한 연구

하영백, 서동일, 서종만, 구철회

한국인쇄학회 한국인쇄학회지 제32권 제1호 2017.12 pp.1-13

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ECO-friendly of printing materials has been widely studied in the fields of ink, paper, and dampening solutions, but research of hot-melt has hardly proceeded. In this study, the performance of Eco-friendly Green-Melt was evaluated by carrying out experiments on absorbency, flexibility, adhesion, cold resistance. We got the following results. The quality of the existing hot melt and the ECO-friendly green melt showed almost the same level for the basic properties, absorption and freezing stability. As a result of the carbonization, it was found that the Eco-friendly green melt exhibited superior performance compared to the conventional hot melt due to the uniformity of the product, the impurity content.



스크린 인쇄판의 구조 및 형태에 따른 인쇄 품질의 영향에 관한 연구


한국인쇄학회 한국인쇄학회지 제32권 제1호 2017.12 pp.15-26

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If a screen printing plate with integrated meshes and patterns is manufactured by using the electro-polishing method and the open ratio of the screen printing plate mesh is constant and the aperture ratio is at least three times the conductive ink ingot size, we think that it is possible to do. The effect of mesh aperture ratio on print quality was examined through comparative experiments. Compared to the conventional screen printing plate, the screen printing plate of the electro-forming method had a good print quality. It is considered that the screen printing plate of the electro-forming type which can adjust the aperture ratio according to the user's purpose can solve the disadvantage of the ordinary screen printing plate, and the application for the solar cell can be expanded.



국가직무능력표준(NCS) 기반 인쇄분야 국가기술자격 설계 방안

윤종학, 김재해, 소기호, 박계영

한국인쇄학회 한국인쇄학회지 제32권 제1호 2017.12 pp.27-45

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This study is briefed the national competency standards(NCS) which developed through occupational map analysis in printing fields and the national technical qualifications which were Engineer Printing, Industrial Engineer Printing and Craftsman Printing. And the question for skill test of printing fields was developed by comparing NCS and guideline for question-making. Finally the new system of technical qualification based on printing NCS was designed.



교과서용 인쇄판 제작의 품질 안정화에 관한 연구

이상현, 하영백, 서동일

한국인쇄학회 한국인쇄학회지 제32권 제1호 2017.12 pp.47-64

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Recently, the development of various media images has led to the height of the reader's eye level, which is higher than the eye level of readers of printed matter. It is a situation that is doubling. Moreover, in the textbooks for students, design elements and photograph elements for visual educational effect obtained from the previous reading-oriented editing are inserted, and the color quality is more important than ever. Therefore, in recent years, textbooks also require the application of a color management system, which is applied to general commercial printing, and there is an urgent need to standardize the production of the printing plate as a starting point. In addition to the development of computer, the production process of the printing plate is changing rapidly with the new manufacturing method of CTP(Computer To Plate), and the CTP takes up most of the production cost of the whole printing plate. However, according to the CTP light source and the photosensitive material, various kinds of methods are used. In the case of the thermal method, which is mainly used in the main printer, the exposure time and development conditions are different according to the manufacturer or product type, The results tend to be significantly different. Therefore, in this study, we tried to find proper exposure range of CTP equipment and proper development speed and temperature of developing process through field experiment. In addition, we tried to confirm the stability of the CTP plate which is being used at present by carrying out the chemical resistance test on the chemicals used in the printing process. The results obtained from this study are aimed at building standard data for stable supply of standardized quality materials to high quality book printing, further stabilization of the quality and standard setting of the printing plate through securing basic data. I want to.



원지 특성과 표면 처리제 도포량이 인쇄용지 물성에 미치는 영향


한국인쇄학회 한국인쇄학회지 제32권 제1호 2017.12 pp.65-79

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In this study, effects of base paper and pick-up weight of sizing agent on the physical properties of impregnated paper were investigated. Bulk and wet strength of base paper were changed, and pick-up weight of sizing agent were controlled by changing solids contents of sizing agent and squeezing pressure after impregnation. It was found that increase of bulk caused increase of strength by high pick-up weight of sizing agent. Especially, folding endurance of impregnated paper had a almost linear relationship with pick-up weight of sizing agent. Wet strength of base paper was related with that of impregnated paper.



사단법인 한국인쇄학회 정관 외


한국인쇄학회 한국인쇄학회지 제32권 제1호 2017.12 pp.81-97

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