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남성의 화장품 구매 실태에 관한 연구

이규호, 곽승준, 이나겸, 김병관

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제11권 제1호 2017.05 pp.5-13

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As the social culture that takes the appearance of male and female as their abilities spreads and ideal male image changes in the intensive competition society such as nowadays, this study was willing to investigate the status of purchasing cosmetics by male. It analyzed the male knowledge of cosmetics, purchasing status, 3 factors of satisfaction, age and academic career, difference analysis along occupation and how the knowledge of cosmetics influences on purchasing status using factor analysis, analysis of variance and multiple regression analysis. As the results of analysis, it appeared that the factor of cosmetics-using satisfaction shows the significant difference in age and academic career and the factor of cosmetics-knowledge does so in academic career. It also appeared that the factor of cosmetics-knowledge influences on status of purchasing cosmetics and using-satisfaction with very high positive (+) strength at the level of p<.001 and showed the results that using-satisfaction gets lowered as cosmetics-knowledge gets higher.



20대 남성의 헤어스타일 선호도 및 이성의 헤어선호도에 관한 연구


국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제11권 제1호 2017.05 pp.15-24

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It is the act to receive the favorable feeling of social life and intersexuality to enhance appearance and to enhance the self - esteem of oneself. Hair styles are very important in determining goodwill not only in interpersonal relationships but also in the first impression of heterosexuality. As a result of analyzing the influence of the hairstyle on the first impression, it is shown that 60% in the study of Kang Tae-in (2009), but 80% of the result of this study shows that the proportion of the hairstyle image increases as the age changes. Men in their twenties who are sensitive to fashion are more likely to favor a thick brown long wave and a see-through bang that can appeal to femininity, and they are also more likely to have heterosexuality. I studied the thoughts on the hairstyle of the twenties who lead the current trend of hairstyle of the present age, and I recognized the female hairstyle that I prefer, and I am more active in participating in social life by enhancing the self-esteem as well as employment, And I want to be helped to become a positive social member.



미용사의 직무스트레스와 피로도와의 관련성

정애리, 정미향, 이원숙, 이용환

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제11권 제1호 2017.05 pp.25-35

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There are researches in various fields of occupation between job stress and the chronic fatigue but just a handful researches on the hairdressers. The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between job stress and chronic fatigue among hairdressers. The study performed the survey on 174 hairdressers in Busan from June to July 2013 with a structured self-administered questionnare. The obtained data were analyzed with Student's t-test, one-way ANOVA, and multiple regression analysis by using SPSS program (version 12.0). Mean job stress level and the fatigue level of the hairdressers were 2.27±0.27 and 4.45±1.02, respectively. Comparing the fatigue level according to the general characteristics, the group with less than 1.5 million KRW of monthly average salaries showed the highest level of 4.70±0.96. In addition, comparison of job-related features showed that the fatigue level of the hairdressers with less than 10 years of career is 4.58±1.02 and significantly higher than the other over 10 years of career and the staff showed the highest fatigue level of 4.75±0.98 (p<0.05). The job satisfaction showed the highest fatigue level of 4.98±0.87 without satisfaction (p<0.05). The factors related to the chronic fatigue of the hairdressers were the career with less than 10 years, less than 10 hours of working time and high job stress. The job stress of the hairdressers shall decrease to prevent the chronic fatigue of the hairdressers and it is judged that the autonomy in their works shall be sufficiently provided for the hairdressers to fully exert their capabilities.



살롱 매뉴얼 효과성에 대한 연구


국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제11권 제1호 2017.05 pp.37-44

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In order to accomplish the purpose of the study, the psychotherapy Beauty Cure manual is developed and the manual effect according to the procedure result is examined according to the psychological state. We hope that the results of this research will serve as basic data for helping the customers visiting hair salons to manage their periodicals and to increase their sales and to create opportunities to include psychotherapy in the beauty industry.



뇌파촉진마사지와 아로마 요법을 적용한 뇌파 변화 연구

차은숙, 김병관, 곽승준

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제11권 제1호 2017.05 pp.45-52

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It was experimented if Brain Healing Therapy(BHT) and aromatherapy that was developed based on academic theory of cranis sacral therapy that is brain therapeutic exercise influence on brain wave targeting the female whose ages are between 30 and 40 having huge stress physically and psychosocially. Neuro harmony, PCDK07- 07012 was used as brain wave monitor and it was investigated if the statistic relation between test group and control group has the significant meaning regarding homogeneity evaluation for each index through t-test. As the results of carrying out paired-samples test against the change of brain quotients between test group and control group before and after implementing massage, it was recognized that brain healing therapy that applies aroma relaxes brain tension status more than brain healing therapy as it supports the increase of α-wave and also influences on psychological stability as it affects balance status of brain.



아동복지시설의 미용서비스 현황 및 만족도 연구

전다솜, 도주연

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제11권 제1호 2017.05 pp.53-67

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Currently, There are 1,849 children living in 22 Child welfare facilities in Busan. However, considering the number of children, there are insufficient beauty service providers and volunteers for them, and the government does not have enough budget to support the children living in welfare facilities. For that reason, in study, Survey will be conducted to find out current status and satisfaction about beauty service given to them. After analyzing the status, relevant problems will be examined and practical ways will be researched by the government to improve beauty service for the children. Based on the research, infrastructure and collaboration system for beauty volunteer service for the children at welfare facilities will be establish.



논문 투고규정 외


국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제11권 제1호 2017.05 pp.69-81

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