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미용종사자의 직무만족 및 직무성과에 관한 연구

허혜순, 도주연

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제2호 2016.11 pp.5-20

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In cosmetology management, there can never be too much emphasis on the necessity of the study of manpower management. In the case of cosmetologists, as they find greater satisfaction in their profession providing services by focusing on interpersonal relationships, they will become more responsible in their work. In addition, job satisfaction has an effect on personal health and social functions as well as the quality of services. For cosmetologists, it is essential to improve the quality of cosmetology services that are directly related to the sales of a beauty salon in fulfilling their duties. Even though they continue to work hard to maintain a close relationship with customers with the goal of achieving their personal and organizational goals, they may not be satisfied with their job itself. Therefore, this study investigated cosmetologist job satisfaction and job performance and found the following: First, according to an analysis of demographic characteristics by beauty shop, a statistically significant difference was observed in age, marital status, education and major. In terms of type of business, a significant difference was found in field of work, length of service and work hours. Second, according to factor analysis and reliability analysis between job satisfaction and job performances, the results were reliable. Third, a significant correlation was detected between job satisfaction and job performance. Fourth, as factors influencing job satisfaction were higher, job performances increased.



네일살롱에서 사용되는 페디파일에 대한 미생물 오염도 분석

이보라, 도주연

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제2호 2016.11 pp.21-37

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To keep nail care services safe and sanitary, nail salon managers and workers need to pay a close attention. However, nail care tools are exposed to a human contact and humidity so that they are basically vulnerable to bacteria proliferation. A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails which have a high possibility of the inhabitation and proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, it could be the source of potential contamination and infection. Many nail salons have recommended customers get their own pedicure file. Even so, it is hard to tell that these personal pedicure files are safer and more hygienic than common pedicure files. This study investigated if the personal pedicure files are more hygienic than common ones through a bacteria and fungi test and identified the type of bacteria through DNA sequencing when they were found.



남성의 피부지식 및 관심도와 남성전문 피부 관리실 의식도의 관계

이현주, 장은영, 이용환

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제2호 2016.11 pp.39-49

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Recently the male beauty market is growing due to the consciousness change on the men's skin care center. The objectives of this study was to research what effect the men's skin knowledge and concern had on the consciousness of the men-specializing skin care center. This survey was conducted to subjects of 200 men in their 20-50s living in Busan from November to December 2015 by using a self-administered questionnaire. For analysis of collected data, frequency analysis, t-test, ANOVA, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis were conducted using SPSS program (ver 21.0). The skin knowledge of the subjects was 69.9±19.2 (out of score 100) and the skin concern degree was 24.6±8.6 (out of score 50) and the consciousness of the men-specializing skin care center was 14.2±3.1 (out of score 18). To examine the impact factors on the men-specializing skin care center consciousness of the subjects, as a result of conducting the multiple regression analysis, the skin concern degree was relevant (p<0.05). Since the men's skin concern was related to the consciousness of the men-specializing skin care center, the men's skin concern should be heightened for the activation of the men-specializing skin care center.



A Study on the Characteristics of Leisure Activities in Silver Generation - Focusing on Game Users -

Ae Kyung Kim, Mi Ra Seo, Yun Kyoung Oh

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제2호 2016.11 pp.51-57

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The analysis of the characteristics of silver generation game users, the silver generation game user demographic characteristics and game status, first, it is women who mostly use games, silver generation game users are in their 50's, and most have high school graduate or higher. It was also seen that seniors with spouses were very much more likely to game and showing that allowance budget did not affect if they gamed or not. Therefore, most silver generation game users are women in their 50's who live with their spouses with education level over high school graduate. Second, the silver generation game status, most use their PC game at home and games are used during leisure time. It can be seen that for game use complaints include hardware and program for PC, internet connection problems, game addiction worries, and neck and shoulder pains that result from strained postures. Therefore it is seen that the status of silver generation gaming is that due to lack of skill with devices and programs, they enjoy games at home where place and cost does not affect them, rather than at PC cafes and other outside places. It can be seen that rather than because of habit and for fun, the silver generation use games to satisfy their boredom during their free time



퍼머넌트 메이크업 눈썹 디자인 선호도 및 만족도 연구

손주연, 허혜순, 권태일

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제2호 2016.11 pp.59-70

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Appearances have a profound effect on social communication, and of them, eyebrows are important elements in creating the first impression, so much so that they are dubbed the roof of a face. Therefore, people put makeup to improve their weak points or to emphasize their strong points. With the development of industries and women of today involved in frequent social activities, semi-permanent makeup became their preference in order to pursue natural makeup (as if no makeup) to save time more effectively to prepare for work. With this in mind, the researcher initiated the study to find out the preference and satisfaction of eyebrow design of modern women undergoes semi-permanent eyebrow makeup treatment. The result is as follows: The study conducted a survey on 100 women in their 20s and 40s with experience in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup treatment. For the general characteristics of the study target, recognition of permanent makeup, eyebrow design preference, image recognition, and makeup satisfaction were surveyed in order to discover the recognition and satisfaction of the makeup treatment. Most respondents were single, and housewives accounted for the majority of the occupation group and the majority of their monthly income was between KRW 2 million and KRW 3 million. The majority of respondents expressed that they want to receive the semi-permanent treatment at a specialty shop (57%) and the treatment to be performed by makeup experts (72%). In the eyebrow design preference, the majority of them chose the basic type (47%). After the treatment, a high level of satisfaction was demonstrated.



2016년도 봄 유행 아이섀도우 색상에 관한 연구

우미옥, 이나겸

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제2호 2016.11 pp.71-80

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In the results of analyzing the 2016 spring trendy eye-shadow colors of domestic low/middle priced cosmetics brands, The Face Shop had lots of red and orange eye-shadow colors, and then yellow and violet colors. Overall, the color tone was like vivid tone, hight-brightness, and high-chroma, which was shown as bright and vivid color. Innisfree eye-shadow found lots of orange and red colors while they were evenly shown in diverse tones. In case of Missha eye-shadow, there were colors like orange, purple, red, and yellow in the order while the color tone of orange, purple, and red colors was diversely and evenly shown. Itsskin eye-shadow showed the highest frequency of red and orange colors, and then it was followed by yellow and purple colors. Mostly, there were lots of warm colors while purple group colors were found in vivid tone. Nature Republic eye-shadow mostly showed red, orange, and violet colors, and then it was followed by warm colors such as yellow, red, and purple in the order. Etude House eye-shadow showed the highest frequency of orange, purple, red, and violet colors while mostly showing warm colors. Therefore, the 2016 eye-shadow colors of domestic low/middle priced cosmetics brands showed the high frequency of warm colors, and among them, vivid orange and red colors were evenly found in all the six brands, and diverse colors/tones. Among the representative spring colors, YG and G were not much found in this period. As the biggest characteristic, YR showing vividness, high-brightness and high-chroma was the most representative color.



논문 투고규정 외


국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제2호 2016.11 pp.81-93

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