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    국제보건미용학회 [The international society of health and beauty]
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여대생의 메디컬 스킨케어 수용의도

오철현, 박신영, 석희수, 이용환

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제1호 2016.05 pp.5-17

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Various types of medical skin care are used to improve problematic skins. This study aimed to investigate female college students' intention to accept medical skin care so that they could solve their skin problems. A self-administered survey was conducted in 257 female college students in Busan. Frequency analysis, t-test, ANOVA, Duncan's post hoc test, and multiple regression analysis were carried out using an SPSS 21.0 program to analyze the data collected from the survey. As for the factors related to female college students' intention to accept medical skin care, they scored 3.45±0.46 for acception and 3.47±0.48 for intention. The acception-related factors included average (p<0.01), positive (p<0.01), and very positive (p<0.01) in terms of awareness of cosmetics and the intention-related factor was acception (p<0.001). Awareness of cosmetics affected acception, which then affected intention. It is therefore necessary to induce female college students to use cosmetics properly and provide reliable information so that they can become more aware of cosmetics and accept medical skin care.



전통 보문(寶紋)을 응용한 네일아트 장신구 디자인 연구

김채원, 손호은

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제1호 2016.05 pp.19-30

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Even though there are a lot of studies on traditional patterns, chilbo and balbo auspicious bomuns represent a good luck with symbolicity. These traditional patterns are still valuable in terms of their significance and symbolicity, but there have been few data on them. Therefore, this study is intended to investigate the followings The study results found the followings: First, according to analysis on traditional bomuns, even though they have auspicious meaning and symbolicity, their utilization in a modern manner has been poor. It was able to rediscover the auspicious meaning, symbolicity and aesthetic values of traditional bomuns through the production of nail art jewelry design. Second, an infinite possibility of creation was observed in nail art techniques in the expression of design, color and 3D styles during the production of nail art jewelry using traditional bomuns. It was confirmed that nail art techniques are as effective as general jewelry expression techniques. In other words, a possibility that nail art techniques would be used in diverse fields has been observed. Third, a medium’s role which can deliver the auspicious meaning and symbolicity of traditional bomuns to those who create nail art jewelry and those who put on the accessories and arouse modern people’s emotions could be expected. Fourth, it’s been possible to develop creative and affectionate cultural items with traditional bomuns and nail art design techniques. In addition, the development of cultural item design and possibility of creating added values through the customized production of jewelry and accessories for all people are expected. It is expected that this study would enhance the artistic value and creativity of practical nail art and develop new nail art jewelry fields through the re-interpretation of traditional culture after producing the jewelry and accessories and expressing the auspicious meaning and symbolicity of traditional bomuns with nail art materials and techniques. In addition, it is hoped that the study results would be the ground to spread the beauty of Korean traditional patterns around the globe.



20대 대학생을 대상으로 한 카올린 팩이 자가피부관리 인식과 행동 및 안면피부개선에 미치는 효과

허은주, 하명희

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제1호 2016.05 pp.31-40

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This purpose, the study experimented 27 college students in their 20s by applying the kaolin pack to them for 4 weeks. This study tested those students’ facial skin conditions at a hospital before and after the test and then surveyed them. Participants responded that problems of their skin like sebum, blackhead, pigmentation, blemish and hair follicle were decreased after the experiment. Respondents also found themselves doing better care behaviors in relation to the procedure of basic cosmetics application, how to use those cosmetics and how to use the face pack after receiving the self-skin care education and the experiment with the kaolin pack. They also revealed that self-skin care had a positive effect on skin improvement. Lastly, the pre- and post-tests of facial skin improvement showed that participants who used the kaolin pack have increased water content in the cheek.



미용분야 트렌드 교육 현황 분석 및 개선방안

김지현, 도주연

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제1호 2016.05 pp.41-52

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This research determined that there's a difference in recognition on trend education according to position and career, which was caused because the educators and trainees didn't recognize the necessity and purpose rightly. To minimize this, it is necessary to implement long-term manpower training of beauty treatment industry in government level by developing expert training program per area, and investing in facilities and budget in beauty treatment education institution and beauty treatment related education department, which are currently overcrowded. When investigating current trend education state, only limited a few beauticians are receiving trend education. It is necessary to prepare a system utilizing nationwide network through which isolated beauticians can receive immediate education about trend concept or season trend. In order to raise the effect of efficiency after trend education, it is necessary to prepare communication program in job for all employees to arrange the best service for the customers with craftsmanship by creating the atmosphere in the workplace, through listening and respecting the employees' opinion, not by director's dogmatic determination. This research determined problems of beauty treatment industry, and confirmed that beauty treatment field trend education is necessarily required. This research implies that regardless of age and career, beauty treatment industry employees are pioneering the path of difficult beauty treatment industry by actively investing in raising their capability, exerting efforts to improve their skill, henceforth, the future of beauty treatment industry is promising.



사회 심리적 건강이 피부건강관리행위에 미치는 영향

조용미, 석희수, 박신영, 이용환

국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제1호 2016.05 pp.55-68

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To keep the appearance beauty, it has been known that skin care is important and the management of skin health is helpful to relieve the stress. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of the socio-psychological health on the practice of skin care behavior. The survey with the questionnaires was performed in the subjects with 300 adult females in Busan from July to August in 2015. The obtained data was analyzed with t-test, one-way ANOVA, and multiple regression analysis, using SPSS program (version 21.0). The practice score of skin care behavior in the subjects was 65.13±12.95 points out of 100. Their distributions of socio-psychological health were 21 subjects in healthy group (8.3%), 173 subjects in potential stress group (68.1%), and 60 subjects in high risk stress group (23.6%). As the risk of socio-psychological health status was higher, the practice score of skin care behavior was significantly lower (p<0.001). Upon multiple regression analysis for the impact of socio-psychological health on the practice of skin care behavior, it showed the significance in potential stress group (β =-0.25) and high risk stress group (β =-0.31) (p<0.05). As socio-psychological health was poorer, the skin care behavior was not managed well. Therefore, it is required to relieve the stress for the healthy skin management.



미디어에 나오는 시대별 헤어에 관한 연구 - 황진이를 중심으로 -


국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제1호 2016.05 pp.69-79

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This study compared the hair style of "Hwang Jin Yi 'representation in the media by age and place a significant contribution to the development of the media in the form of a hair style of the future" Hwang Jin Yi "or parasitic material. 1969 Works' first love Hwang Jin Yi "is to have the hair that view in the form of a somewhat well-groomed hair of parasitism, the work of 1980" Hwang Jin Yi "is estimated to be the first teuremeori used in the media, decorated with flowers the difference has to leave. "Hwang Jin Yi, play yard, 1996, the basic characteristics of a classic head shape but the difference was used the first time the whole picture and ahyam. "Hwang Jin Yi" in 2006, this technique was added to the end of the skein, the media came out of the gache teuremeori very gorgeous hair types that can be called parasitic. "Hwang Jin Yi" in 2007 using modern and unique texture to the hair stand a media that was very gorgeous hair form. You can not change the nature seen as a result of the above basic type of hair is a classic, as the era of development can be seen that by adding a modern sensibility to textures, various holders of the skein to be more colorful.



논문 투고규정 외


국제보건미용학회 국제보건미용학회지 제10권 제1호 2016.05 pp.81-93

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