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Vol.9 No.3 (9건)



The increasing role of exercise rehabilitation

Khae-Hawn Kim

한국운동재활학회 JER Vol.9 No.3 2013.06 p.337

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Review Article


Aging, exercise, and extracellular matrix in the heart

Hyo-Bum Kwak

한국운동재활학회 JER Vol.9 No.3 2013.06 pp.338-347

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Aging is characterized by a progressive impairment of (a) cardiac struc-ture including fibrosis and cardiomyocyte density, and (b) cardiac func-tion including stroke volume, ejection fraction, and cardiac output. The cardiac remodeling involves loss of cardiac myocytes, reactive hyper-trophy of the remaining cells, and increased extracellular matrix (ECM) and fibrosis in the aging heart, especially left ventricles. Fibrosis (i.e., accumulation of collagen) with aging is very critical in impairing cardiac function associated with increased myocardial stiffness. The balance of ECM remodeling via ECM synthesis and degradation is essential for normal cardiac structure and function. Thus an understanding of up-stream ECM regulatory factors such as matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMPs), tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β), and myofibro-blasts is necessary for gaining new insights into managing cardiac re-modeling and dysfunction with aging. In contrast, exercise training ef-fectively improves cardiac function in both young and older individuals. Exercise training also improves maximal cardiovascular function by in -creasing stroke volume and cardiac output. However, limited data indi-cate that exercise training might attenuate collagen content and re-modeling in the aging heart. We recently found that 12 weeks of exer-cise training protected against geometric changes of collagen ECM in the aging heart and ameliorated age-associated dysregulation of ECM in the heart, as indicated by up-regulation of active MMPs as well as down-regulation of TIMPs and TGF-β. This review will provide a sum-mary and discussion of aging and exercise effects on fibrosis and up-stream regulators of ECM in the heart.


Original Article


Treadmill exercise inhibits apoptotic neuronal cell death with suppressed vascular endothelial growth factor expression in the retinas of the diabetic rats

Eun-Sang Ji, Il-Gyu Ko, Jung-Wan Cho, Ronald W. Davis, Gwang-Yon Hwang, Yong-Seok Jee, Baek-Vin Lim

한국운동재활학회 JER Vol.9 No.3 2013.06 pp.348-353

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Diabetic retinopathy is one of the most important microvascular compli-cations in diabetes, and it is the major cause of visual loss. Physical ex-ercise is known to ameliorate the symptoms of metabolic syndromes such as diabetic mellitus. In the present study, we investigated the ef-fects of treadmill exercise on vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression and apoptotic cell death in the retinas of streptozotocin (STZ)- induced diabetic rats. The male Sprague- Dawley rats were randomly divided into three groups (n=10 in each group): control group, STZ-in-duce diabetes group, STZ- induced diabetes and treadmill exercise group. To induce diabetes in the experimental animals, a single intra-peritioneal injection of STZ (50 mg/kg) was given to each animal. The rats in the exercise group were forced to run on a motorized treadmill for 30 min once a day during 1 week starting 6 weeks after STZ injec-tion. In the present results, VEGF expression in the retinas was increased by induction of diabetes. The numbers of caspase-3-positive and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP nick end labeling (TUNEL)- positive cells in the retinas were also enhanced by induction of diabe-tes. Treadmill exercise significantly decreased VEGF expression and suppressed the number of TUNEL-positive and caspase-3-positive cells in the retinas of diabetic rats. In the present study, we have shown that treadmill exercise might alleviate the progression of diabetic retinopa-thy through suppressing VEGF expression and apoptotic cell death in the retinas of the diabetic rats.



Treadmill exercise alleviates short-term memory impairment in 6- hydroxydopamine-induced Parkinson’s rats

Han-Sam Cho, Mal-Soon Shin, Wook Song, Tae-Won Jun, Baek-Vin Lim, Young-Pyo Kim, Chang-Ju Kim

한국운동재활학회 JER Vol.9 No.3 2013.06 pp.354-361

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Progressive loss of dopaminergic neurons in substantia nigra is a key pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease. In the present study, we investi-gated the effects of treadmill exercise on short-term memory, apoptotic dopaminergic neuronal cell death and fiber loss in the nigrostriatum, and cell proliferation in the hippocampal dentate gyrus of Parkinson’s rats. Parkinson’s rats were made by injection of 6- hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) into the striatum using stereotaxic instrument. Four weeks after 6-OHDA injection, the rats in the 6- OHDA-injection group exhibited significant rotational asymmetry following apomorphine challenge. The rats in the exercise groups were put on the treadmill to run for 30 min once a day for 14 consecutive days starting 4 weeks after 6-OHDA injection. In the present results, extensive degeneration of the dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra with loss of dopaminergic fibers in the striatum were produced in the rats without treadmill running, which resulted in short-term memory impairment. However, the rats performing treadmill run-ning for 2 weeks alleviated nigrostriatal dopaminergic cell loss and alle-viated short-term memory impairment with increasing cell proliferation in the hippocampal dentate gyrus of Parkinson’s rats. The present re-sults show that treadmill exercise may provide therapeutic value for the Parkinson’s disease.



The effects of core stability strength exercise on muscle activity and trunk impairment scale in stroke patients

Seong-Hun Yu, Seong-Doo Park

한국운동재활학회 JER Vol.9 No.3 2013.06 pp.362-367

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The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of core stability-en-hancing exercises on the lower trunk and muscle activity of stroke pa-tients. The control group (n=10) underwent standard exercise therapy, while the experiment group (n=10) underwent both the core stability-en-hancing exercise and standard exercise therapy simultaneously. The standard exercise therapy applied to the two groups included weight bearing and weight shifts and joint movements to improve flexibility and the range of motion. The core stability- enhancing exercise was per-formed 5 times a week for 30 min over a period of 4 weeks in the room where the patients were treated. For all 20 subject, the items measured before the exercise were measured after the therapeutic intervention, and changes in muscle activity of the lower trunk were evaluated. The activity and stability of the core muscles were measured using surface electromyography and the trunk impairment scale (TIS). The mean TIS score and muscle activity of the lower trunk increased in the experi-ment group significantly after performing the core stability-enhancing ex-ercise (P<0.05). The results of this study show that the core stability-en-hancing exercise is effective in improving muscle activity of the lower trunk, which is affected by hemiplegia.



Relationships between lower limb muscle architecture and activities and participation of children with cerebral palsy

In-Hee Ko, Jung-Hee Kim, Byoung-Hee Lee

한국운동재활학회 JER Vol.9 No.3 2013.06 pp.368-374

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of the structure of skeletal muscle of lower extremities on function, activity, and partici-pation of children with cerebral palsy. The subjects were 38 hospitalized patients and 13 infants with normal development. The following clinical measures were used for assessment of activity daily living and func-tional level of gross motor: Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS), Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM), Wee Functional In-dependence Measure (WeeFIM), International Classification of Func-tioning Child and Youth (ICF CY). Muscle thickness and strength of knee extensor and ankle extensor were collected using ultrasonography and manual muscle tester. Following the results of ICF CY evaluation for body function, activity, learning and application of knowledge, communica-tion and environmental factors showed a decline (P<0.05). Significant differencesin the thickness of muscle was observed according to the GMFCS level, thickness of knee extensor and ankle extensor of cere -bral palsy (P<0.05), and clauses of self-care, activity, mobility, ambula-tion, communication, and social acknowledgement (P<0.05). Following analysis, results showed negative correlation in the thickness of muscle, muscle strength, major motor function, daily activity and participation; the score of ICF-CY was shown to decline due to the high score for dif-ferences in thickness of muscle, muscle strength, WeeFIM, and GMFM. The thickness and muscle strength of lower extremities affect main func-tions of the body and improvement of muscle strength of lower extremi-ties may have positive effects on social standards such as activity and participation of cerebral palsy.



Characteristics of upper limb muscular strength in male wheelchair tennis players

Hyo-Bin Moon, Seung-Jae Park, Al-Chan Kim, Jee-Hun Jang

한국운동재활학회 JER Vol.9 No.3 2013.06 pp.375-380

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The purpose of this study was to identify the characteristics of muscu-lar strength in upper limb and to present the preliminary information for development of sports injury prevention program and exercise rehabili-tation program in wheelchair tennis players. Participants were 12 male wheelchair tennis players. Muscular strength was measured in shoul-der and elbow joints with isokinetic dynamometer. Ipsilateral (IR) and bilateral (BR) balance ratio were calculated with isokinetic strength at 60°/sec. As a result, extension strength (ES) was significantly higher than flexion strength (FS) (P<0.001), and IR in both sides and BR in ES were maintained within normal range whereas BR in FS was lower than normal range in shoulder joint. In elbow joint FS was significantly higher than ES (P<0.05), and IR and BR were lower than normal range. Consequently, the different tendency in IR between shoulder and elbow joints and lower IR and BR in elbow joints could be the characteristics in male wheelchair tennis players. It is suggested that flexor strength- ening program in nondominant shoulder joint, extensor strengthening program in both elbow joint, and flexor strengthening program in non-dominant elbow joint should be introduced for male wheelchair tennis players.



The effects of health perception on living health belief, living satisfaction and wellbeing-oriented activities according to swimming participation with middle-aged women

Bo-Ae Lee, Deuk-Ja Oh

한국운동재활학회 JER Vol.9 No.3 2013.06 pp.381-388

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This study aims to examine the effects of health perception on health belief, life satisfaction, and wellbeing-oriented activities according to swimming participation with middle-aged women. First, the subvari- ables of health perception, health interest and health concern, did exert significant effects on the subvariables of health belief, perceived benefit and perceived disability. Health interest and health concern also showed significant effects on the subvariables of life satisfaction and wellbeing-oriented activities, exercise orientation and hobby orienta-tion, as well. Second, the subvariables of health perception, resistance and sensitivity, indicated significant effects on the subvariable of health belief, perceived disability, and they also showed significant effects on life satisfaction, too. Also, resistance-sensitivity had significant effects on the subvariables of wellbeing-oriented activities, mental health ori-entation and hobby orientation, too.



Tuberculosis of testis and prostate that mimicked testicular cancer in young male soccer player

Young Sam Cho, Kwan Joong Joo, Chil Hun Kwon, Heung Jae Park

한국운동재활학회 JER Vol.9 No.3 2013.06 pp.389-393

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Staphylococcus infection was the most common organism found in in-fection of athletics, and tuberculosis (TB) was rare. Although genitouri-nary tuberculosis (GUTB) was the most common subtype of extrapul-monary tuberculosis (EPTB) in the past, it was recently reported to ac-count for less than 0.5% of all patients with EPTB and 1.5% of all patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). And, there are few cases reported about concomitant tuberculous infection of testis and prostate. Pubic pain is a common symptom in soccer player and its cause can be diffi-cult to determine. A 25-yr-old male soccer player presented with per-sistent pubic pain of unknown origin. Incidentally, right testicular mass was detected on physical examination. Computed tomography revealed a multiple enlarged retroperitoneal lymph nodes. Under the clinical di-agnosis of a right testicular tumor, right radical inguinal orchiectomy was performed. And prostate biopsy was performed due to elevated serum prostate specific antigen (PSA). Pathologic examination confirmed con- comitant TB of testis and prostate.


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