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KMIS & Conf-IRM International Conference 2011 (89건)



Examining IT Outsourcing Service Continuance: An Expectation-Confirmation Model

Siew Fan Wong

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.1-8

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This is a research-in-progress paper that examines clients’ decision to continue engaging their current IT outsourcing vendors. It employs the lens of expectation-confirmation theory to evaluate how prior expectation relates to the evaluation of actual vendor performance, how expectation-confirmation influences client satisfaction, and how it leads to the decision of outsourcing service (dis)continuance. The theory suggests that positive confirmation and positive disconfirmation lead to client satisfaction and higher probability of outsourcing service continuance while negative disconfirmation leads to dissatisfaction and service discontinuance. Formation of expectation is a dynamic process as clients continuously updating their expectations based on new experiences. When performing expectation-confirmation evaluation, clients may refer to new expectations that are not present prior to relationship engagement but are formed during the course of the relationship.



Electric Car Sharing Service Using Mobile Technology

Jaeung Lee, Vijayan Sugumaran, Jungok Nah, Yong Park

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.9-16

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Millions of urban dwellers face difficulties owning a car because of congested and accidentprone infrastructure, sky-high parking fees, and high maintenance cost. The need for car ownership can be reduced by providing an efficient and effective car sharing system. In this paper, we propose an electric car sharing service system using mobile technology, which can be a substitute for fuel consuming cars. Our system will be helpful in saving the resources and the energy consumed in producing and owning cars as well as improving the quality of life in urban areas.



A Service System Design to Support Medical Tourism in South Korea

Hee sung Yoon, Sung woock Cho, Vijayan Sugumaran

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.17-29

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Healthcare costs are continuously increasing due to longer life expectancy and providing global healthcare services through medical tourism is not a new trend anymore. Several countries have well established programs and infrastructure dedicated to medical tourism. South Korea is attempting to become a major player in this domain by undertaking broad initiatives. The success of medical tourism is greatly impacted by easy access to two types of information, namely, medical and travel information. The National Health Insurance System in Korea collects huge amount of clinical and financial information from all hospitals. However, this information does not get used effectively in health and travel information systems to support medical tourism. In this paper, we develop a medical tourism service system that will promote information exchange and service delivery.



A Maturity Model of IT Service Delivery

Johnny Flores, Lazar Rusu, Paul Johannesson

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.30-39

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This paper presents a maturity model of IT service delivery that consists of maturity statements grouped on five maturity levels. The model is founded on maturity model properties and IT Capability Maturity Model (IT Service CMM). It was motivated by the interest and limitation of Nicaraguan Internet Service Providers in formalizing and assessing specific IT service elements. The model was applied to traceable information of the current status of IT service delivery in a Nicaraguan Internet Service Provider.



Improving a Method for Analysing Information Technology Service Strategy in Governmental Organisations in Nicaragua: Ex-post Analysis

Anayanci Lopez-Poveda, Lazar Rusu, Paul Johannesson

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.40-51

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IT organizations in early growth stages, i.e. using ad-hoc approaches for management, usually face more challenges than the regular IT organizations. The introduction of more strategic approaches suitable to their organizational limitations may contribute to deal with this situation. Previously, a method for analysing IT service strategy was presented and tested; this aimed to enable a staged improvement of these IT organisation using IT service management and maturity models. In order to improve the suitability to the context of this method, this paper presents an “after the event” evaluation procedure and its use for the improvement of such method. This is an evaluation from the perspective of the implementer, and improvements are suggested by the designer. The results provide relevant insights about the influence of the analysed context on the artefact suitability, which are used to suggest improvements oriented to provide value to its users.



Electronic Government in Brazil - Measuring E-Gov Appropriation by Citizens and Enterprises

Alexandre Barbosa, Juliano Cappi Winston Oyadomari, Ingrid Winkler

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.52-64

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The use of information and communication technologies, particularly those related to the consolidation of the Internet as a social and business networking medium, has led governments to move forward in enabling the e-government. The aim of this effort has not only been to transform the future of governmental public service delivery, but also to promote democratic participation. The literature shows that depending on how the e-government is implemented and advertised to society, its applications have economic, social and political impacts. E-government implementation may foster active democratic participation, but depending on how it is implemented it may also prevent citizens and enterprises from using it for social and economic development. Based on the theoretical concepts defining the e-government and supported by an empirical approach, this article discusses the results of a nationwide survey conducted by CGI.br/NIC.br aimed at assessing the use of the e-government by Brazilian citizens and enterprises.



Investigating the Factors for Adopting Enterprise Systems : A Cross-Cultural Study

Yujong Hwang

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.65-69

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Enterprise systems are gaining interests from both practitioners and researchers because of their potential linkages to organizational and individual user’s productivity. However, there are few papers that investigate enterprise systems management and implementation issues based on the end users’ perspective with the cross-cultural mechanisms, although currently the enterprise systems involves end-users with the different cultural backgrounds. Thus, this research-inprogress paper applies enterprise systems adoption issue to the cross-cultural end user perspectives based on the innovation diffusion theory, self-determinant theory, and Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.



The impact of smart phone usability on group task performance in a university environment: media synchronicity perspective

Shina Kim, Anat Zeelim-Hovav

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.70-76

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As the usage of smart phones increases, the characteristic of social interaction is changing. The purpose of this research is to investigate the impact of smart phones on the performance of communication and task-performance in temporary virtual teams using Media Synchronicity Theory (MST). „ccessibility‟is added to the model since it is a unique feature of smart phones. Task complexity moderates the positive relationship between media capabilities and performance. The familiarity of the media also influences the communication performance. This project is set to empirically test MST in a university setting. Consequently, this study provides opportunities for future research about smart phone‟ usability in virtual team projects and global organizations.



P2CP: A New Cloud Storage Model to Enhance Performance of Cloud Services

Zhe SUN, Jun SHEN, Ghassan BEYDOUN

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.77-87

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This paper presents a storage model named Peer to Cloud and Peer (P2CP). Assuming that the P2CP model follows the Poisson process or Little’s law, we prove that the speed and availability of P2CP is generally better than that of the pure Peer to Peer (P2P) model, the Peer to Server, Peer (P2SP) model or the cloud model. A key feature of our P2CP is that it has three data transmission tunnels: the cloud-user data transmission tunnel, the clients’ data transmission tunnel, and the common data transmission tunnel. P2CP uses the cloud storage system as a common storage system. When data transmission occurs, the data nodes, cloud user, and the noncloud user are all together involved to complete the transaction.



Competitive Action in Diffusing of Internet Technology:Implications for Local Vendors Defending their Turf against Multinational Incursion

Peijian Song, Cheng Zhangm, Zhe Qu

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.88-97

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This paper explores the extent to which diffusing Internet technology products is a function of the competitive actions of local online vendors and their respective multinational challengers in emerging electronic markets. Drawing on the perspectives of competitive technology diffusion and Austrian firms‘ market process, we developed a set of hypothesis concerning the characteristics of competitive actions that local vendors implemented and the impact of these actions on the dominance of Internet technology products in electronic markets. We then validate the model with longitudinal field data from two pairs of Internet technology products in the search engine and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) electronic market. Our findings suggest that diffusing Internet products can be predicted by the dynamics of specific market-oriented actions. Such a pattern supports the conclusion that local online vendors have significant local advantage in fast-growing emerging markets. We also examine the policy implications of our results, especially with respect to how competitive action can help local online vendors defend their turf against multinational incursion.



Globalization of Korean IT Companies: Opportunities and Strategies

So-Hyun Lee, Georgia Elaine Bryan, Heddy Gildas Boulingui Wakpo, Joon Koh, Saurabh Singh, Hee-Woong Kim

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.98-111

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The main focus of this paper is to analyze the current IT industry and to provide relevant strategies for Korean IT companies (such as Samsung SDS and LG CNS et al.,) which want to go global. This paper first addresses an overview of the IT Industry. This research examines the major players in the IT industry, the critical success factors (CSFs), as well as the opportunities that exist in the industry. This study also analyzes Indian IT sector, finding out some important factors that have had an impact on their success in going global; then, overview of the Korean IT sector and assessment of Korea IT companies - particularly Samsung SDS and LG CNS - are provided and discussed. Finally, the study suggests a couple of relevant strategies to Korea IT companies for exploiting the opportunities for globalizing their market. Some practical implications of the study findings as well as future directions for the companies are also discussed.



Examining the Revised Technology Readiness and Acceptance Model of the Intention to Use Mobile Internet Service: Comparative Analysis of Korea and China

Jong Chul Oh, Sung Joon Yoon, Namho Chung

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.112-129

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As recently mobile Internet has spread with the expansion of diffusion of mobile communication, the interest in mobile Internet service has been increased and thus since a few years ago studies related to mobile Internet service have started. This study intends to widen the understanding through an academic consideration about Technology Readiness Index (TRI) theories that are the core of this study. And this study intends to explain the influence factor of use of the technology, mobile Internet, on the basis of the concept of Technology Readiness and Acceptance Model (TRAM). In particular, this study intends to clarify the understanding about Technology Readiness (TR) and technology acceptance by dividing the four dimensions of TRI that were considered as the problems of TRAM, that is, optimism, innovativeness, discomfort and insecurity largely into the positive TR (optimism and innovativeness) and the negative TR (discomfort and insecurity). Finally, this study intends to add the hedonic motive among the behavior motives of human beings that were passed over in Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as a perceived enjoyment variable and to thereby inspect the influence relationship. And more, this study intends to review the difference between countries through the inspection of TRAM on the basis of the characteristics of mobile Internet users in Korea and China and to thereby more clearly explain the influence of technology acceptance following the TR of individuals academically. In addition, this study intends to provide a suggestion to practical aspect of enterprises in relation to the advance and spread of new technologies into the Chinese market.



Research in Information Technology Service Management (ITSM):Theoretical Foundation and Research Topic Perspectives

Narges Shahsavarani, Shaobo Ji

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.130-145

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In information systems (IS), Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) has become a popular research area among IS and management researchers as a result of industry push and the development and advancement of research in service sciences. From academic perspective, a growing number of papers have been published addressing many aspects of ITSM issues. This paper presents the results based on a study of comprehensive review of publications in ITSM over the past decade (from 2000 to 2010) with the objective of answering the following research question: what is the current state of research in ITSM, from theoretical foundation and research topic perspectives. Our findings suggest that 1) there is generally a lack of theoretically driven researches; 2) the field is still developing with a growing number of published papers dealing with the development of concepts, constructs, models, methods and implementations for theory development; 3) ITSM performance issues, justifications, and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) topics are among the most popular topics of research.



The Role of Systems Support & Maintenance in Business Process Innovation

Ammar Rashid, William Y. C. Wang, Felix B. Tan

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.146-155

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There are an abundance of studies on examining the pre-adoption use and impact of information technology on organizations. In recent years, post adoption studies that relate to technology usage after it has been adopted, have started to appear in various research outlets but its scope remains limited. A great majority of these studies examined the post adoption related issues from technical perspective. This paper is an attempt to draw more attention to post adoption stage from a management perspective, and to define and present an initial set of factors that are likely to be involved in achieving business process innovation at the post adoption stage. In this paper, we present and explain antecedents of business process innovation having its basis in innovation dynamics literature. In sum, academics and practitioner contributions and implications by this research is also highlighted.



Cloud Computing in the UAE Context:An institutional perspective

Wenshin Chen

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.156-160

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This proposal seeks to understand how the local industry perceives and practices cloud computing in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) context. Despite global interest of cloud computing, no empirical study has yet examined this growing phenomenon in the UAE. Drawing from an institutional perspective, the proposal argues that the emergence of cloud computing will create isomorphic pressures and eventually urge, if not force, the local industry to reshape its IT service model. A mixed research methodology is proposed to first gain an in-depth understanding of issues faced by local companies and next survey collective perception and practice of cloud computing in the UAE as a whole. Potential implications for practitioners and researchers are discussed.



Influências Institucionais e Estratégicas em Decisões de Arquitetura de TI: estudo de caso em empresa de telecomunicações

Chen Wen Hsing, Cesar Alexandre de Souza

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.161-172

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Information Technology Architecture can be understood as a set of policies and technical choices that reflects integration and standardization requirements for assisting enterprise business strategies. The aim of this study is to analyze its management and to examine the influences on IT architecture decisions by viewing it through the lens of institutional theory and strategic choice theory using case study methodology in a large telecommunications company. Institutional influence can be the result of an external action or the output of something embedded within the formal organizational structure whereas strategic influence is related to voluntary behavior of managers. Results show that these two types of influences act together. The strategic ones are more mentioned during interviews whereas the institutional ones, particularly mimetic ones, appear in decisions related to innovation and uncertainty.



A Adoção da Tecnologia SMS na Prestação de Serviços Públicos: A perspectiva do governo

Diego K. de Queiroz, Beatriz B. B. Lanza, Maria A. Cunha

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.173-182

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In Brazil, there are over 202 million mobile phones. The adoption of Short Message Services technology (SMS) shows up as an alternative very efficient, easy and inexpensive to provide public services. This project aims to investigate the adoption of SMS technology from the perspective of government. The research project began researching the applications of technology in Brazil and abroad, and also studied the Hospitality Metaphor that was used as a theoretical structure. Then, a script was drawn up and four interviews were conducted with employees, in management positions, which were responsible for government projects to use technology in the state of Parana, Brazil. Using Atlas.TI, eleven networks were generated in graphical form, to organize the ideas that emerged from the interviews. Among the results, the demonstration of the experiences with government applications of SMS technology and also its adoption according to the Hospitality Metaphor. Thus, the following theoretical dimensions were identified: “learning by doing”, "technology drifting", "emotions / feelings”, "dubious character" and "reinterpretation of the actor" and also other relevant aspects: purpose, challenges, advantages, uses, actors’ accommodation to the technology, participants in the adoption and acceptance.



Teleconsultation Technology and Its Benefits:In the Case of Public Hospitals in Malaysia

Nurazean Maarop, Sukdershan Singh Hazara Singh, Khin Than Win

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.183-194

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The ultimate objectives of this study are to describe teleconsultation activities and explore the benefits of teleconsultation technology in the context of public health care environment in Malaysia. The materials of this study were based on an exploratory mixed method studies involving semi-structured interviews with key informants and questionnaires survey of health care providers to obtain information about existing teleconsultation activities as well as to uncover the benefits of teleconsultation technology. The notable benefits from teleconsultation implementation were further discussed. The findings confirmed that teleconsultation service has improved health care delivery in the underserved areas to consult with specialist. One of the important insights gained from this study was that the store-and-forward teleconsultation was found acceptably feasible and have provided great assistance in the emergency setting. Overall, the results of this study can be used to promote teleconsultation as an effective means in delivering better health services. In respect to theoretical development and future work, the categories that were generated from these studies may be used for the development of perceived benefits and usefulness measurement tools in exploring acceptance and adoption of teleconsultation technology.



The Impact of Information Overload on Decision Quality in the Web 2.0 Environment: A Cognitive-Emotional Dichotomy Perspective

Jihun Park, Jae-Nam Lee

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.195-201

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Most information overload research has been done in cognitive load contexts and predominantly focused on normative decision-making process. This study suggests the need to divide information load into two dimensions: cognitive load that is found in prior research, and emotional load as a new dimension. The emotional dimension can affect the information overload that results from the prevalence of the Internet. The present study aims to find a new factor or dimension of information overload and its impact will be examined.



Women in ICT Project Management and Society:Snapshot of a decade and a conduit for sustainable progress

Chandana Unnithan, Bardo Fraunholz

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.202-211

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In the past decade, the power of pervasive Internet has permeated global businesses, as the world became interconnected. During this momentous decade, the proportion of women working in the information communication technology (ICT) industry as project managers increased, triggered by the opportunities presented by this brave new networked world. This trend posed new complexities in organizations and resulted in some significant changes in the societal composition. This paper provides a snapshot of the progress of women project managers in the ICT sector over the past decade, their challenges and the approach of some businesses to address these, leveraging on opportunities presented by emerging or evolving technologies. The research reported in this paper synthesizes literature reviews, previous research and a cross-sectional global survey that was conducted in 2010, within ICT sector that sought perceptions of women who work in the ICT sector regarding the constructive role of organizations and ICTs in their progress over the decade.



The Effect of External and Internal Social Capital of IS project team on Project Success: Multilevel Approach

JinYoung Han, Anat Hovav

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.212-219

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Knowledge sharing (KS) and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) among project team members are crucial for project success. The IS project team is a temporary organization and has to produce outcomes in a limited time. We investigate how internal and external social capital (SoC) influence KS and OCB within a team and how OCB and KS affect project success. We also analyze the relationships between the three SoC dimensions through multi-level approach. A statistical testing has not been complete. We will explore both HLM6 and MPLUS for multiple structural equation modeling and introduce a comparative analysis of each set of results. We expect the results of the research can provide project managers with insights on how to encourage project team members to share their knowledge and build teamwork more efficiently.



Multicriteria Analysis for Evaluating Knowledge Management Effectiveness in University’s Administration

Santoso Wibowo, Pramila Gupta

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.220-232

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This paper presents a multicriteria analysis approach for evaluating knowledge management (KM) effectiveness in the university’s administration. A framework is presented for identifying important properties to be considered in the KM evaluation process. A fuzzy multicriteria analysis algorithm is developed for evaluating KM effectiveness in the university’s administration. As a result, the KM effectiveness can be properly assessed in a simple manner and effective decisions can be made for improving the KM implementation in the university. An example is presented for demonstrating the applicability of the proposed multicriteria analysis approach for effectively addressing the KM problem in real world settings.



Continuous Knowledge Contribution Behavior in Business Online Communities

Kamarul Faizal Hashim, Felix B. Tan Antonio Diaz Andrade

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.233-239

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An online community’s (OC) long term success depends on its members’ willingness to stay and continue using the OC. Continuous use of an OC is closely related to knowledge sharing activity. However there is a limited understanding of this behavior especially within business online communities. This paper proposes an integrated approach combining motivational, sociological and technological perspectives to model this behavior. The model is grounded in Expectation- Confirmation Theory and the antecedents of this behavior are predicted using Expectancy-Value of Achievement model and Technology Acceptance Model.



IT Governance: On the way through developing and integrating effectively

Sureerat Saetang, Abrar Haider

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.240-246

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For modern businesses with high levels of technology, IT governance frameworks with guidelines reflect the responsible actions of the Board and executive management and also maintain the organisation‟ fit and well-being. However, these responsible groups must ensure the organisations are in a risk-free situation and avoid negative influences which may affect organisations. IT infrastructure is the key factor for organisations, as a result of changing business tasks and integrating business activities, in order to work effectively with more returns. The literature has discussed the potential of businesses to employ IT to enable organisations to integrate job functions with IT resources, without boundaries, to avoid problems, and minimise risks. Therefore, organisations can employ an existing IT infrastructure and combine it with new technologies, new systems and applications, and the skill and competency of employees, to use new technologies smartly and proficiently. Thus, these relevant issues raise the significant question of IT governance in organisations and IT domains, due to the need to control and manage processes and resources within and across organisations. This paper proposes to examine the most appropriate solution for Boards, to align strategy and operate organisational integration by effectively implementing IT infrastructure and IT resource management within organisations.



The Construction of Client Organizations and Contract Structures in Outsourcing within Dynamic Contexts

Jae Yong Lee

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.247-259

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This explorative study investigates how bureaucratic public sector client organizations deal with information technology (ITO) and business process (BPO) outsourcing in terms of internal management. Through contextual and micro-level analyses, the research found that client organizations appear to work at transforming outsourcing-related strategy, contract structure, and their own organizations, which are interrelated, in the context of five IT governance concerns: strategic alignment, delivery of business value, performance management, risk management, and control and accountability. The paper provides rich data on how the organizations decomposed and recomposed existing bureaucratic structures and processes. Contrary to expectations, explicit distinctions, such as cultural disparity and differences between ITO and BPO, did not sufficiently explain the core phenomena regarding outsourcing and client organizational change. Instead, institutionalized human behaviors were strongly involved with these processes. Overall, the research supports Kallinikos‘s formal organization perspective for explaining outsourcing as an enabler of organizational change, and provides an enriched outsourcing configuration framework for disaggregating and studying, and for practitioners helping to manage, outsourcing arrangements in depth.



Services, Processes and Routines:Literature review and implications

Brian T. Pentland, Elaine Yakura, Harminder Singh

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.260-271

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Service management involves building new services by combining and recombining processes and routines. In this paper, we examine the ontological and epistemological perspectives that inform our understanding of the chunks of functionality that are being recombined. Based on a review of 367 influential articles, we identify two very different sets of assumptions about the nature of processes and routines. We discuss the implications of these divergent assumptions for service management.



Switching Behavior in Social Networking Sites:Exploring The Philippine Case of Friendster vs. Facebook

Stephanie B. Polinar, Hong Joo Lee

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.272-277

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One of key issues for online service providers due to the increased competition is “churn” or customer movement in and out of the marketplace. Although many studies were conducted to study user‟{s switching behavior on various online services (web browsers, blogs, etc.), only a few studies were made regarding the switching behavior of users in social networking sites (SNSs). Considering the widespread use of SNSs around the world and the sudden shift of Filipino SNS usage from Friendster to Facebook, this paper examines five possible factors that should affect the user‟�s intention and behavior to switch from one SNS to another. An exploratory interview was done to 15 Filipino students to create ideas for possible factors affecting SNS users and scales from previous studies were used to make the survey questionnaire. A pilot test was then conducted to 20 Filipino students and appropriate modifications on the items were made from the results. Finally, the survey was distributed online through Facebook messages and emails.



The Role of Transparency and Feedback on the Behavioral Intention to Reuse a Recommender System

Januel L. Hebrado, Hong Joo Lee, Jaewon Choi

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.278-286

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The problem of choosing the right product that will best fit the consumers’ tastes and preferences also extends even in electronic commerce. However, e-commerce was able to create a technological proxy for this social filtering process that is called online Recommender Systems (RS). RS act as personalized decision guides, aiding users in decisions on matters related to personal taste. It has the potential to support and improve the quality of the decisions consumers make when searching for and selecting products and services online. However, most previous research on RS has focused on the statistical accuracy of the algorithms driving the systems, with little emphasis on interface issues and the user’s perspective. This study identified transparency and feedback as some of the possible ways to effectively evaluate recommender systems based from the users’ perspective. Thus, the goal of this research wants to focus on examining and identifying the roles of transparency and feedback in recommender systems and how it affect the user’s attitude towards the system.



The adoption of Web 2.0 by luxury fashion brands.

Niels Bjørn-Andersen, Rina Hansen

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.287-300

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This is a longitudinal study of the extent to which luxury fashion brands have struggled with the dilemma of on the one hand interacting with fans and customers online, while on the other hand retain the exclusivity, surprise, and innovation hype of the brand. We have developed a framework for assessing websites and social media sites of luxury fashion brands. We applied the framework in three empirical studies in 2006, 2008 and 2010. Our findings show that the observed luxury brands have increased their adoption of social and interactive digital Internet-based technologies since 2006. We also document some of the most interesting uses of Web 2.0 technologies fashion brands for creating an immersing and innovative environment online. While some brands like Burberry has gone „he full Monty‟ others like Prada has not had a functioning web-site since 2007, probably disappointed about their first attempts at „etting their feet wet‟early on. The findings have theoretical relevance in the shape of the 8C framework, but it should also have relevance for practitioners, as it might function as a checklist for creators and management of fashion brand websites.



Privacy Concerns of Users for Location-Based Mobile Personalization

Rakib Ahmed, Shuk Ying Ho

한국경영정보학회 한국경영정보학회 학술대회 Service Management and Innovation with Information Technology 2011.06 pp.301-311

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With the proliferation of mobile technologies many firms have started using the mobile channel to advertise their products. To reduce the amount of irrelevant broadcast, locationbased mobile services are employed to attract users’ attention to relevant mobile content. Compared with web-based applications, location-based mobile services can achieve a higher degree of personalization than web-based personalization due to the fact that mobile devices are carried by individuals anywhere and anytime. However, it also leads to higher concerns for privacy. This paper investigates users’ privacy concerns for location-based personalized mobile services. We look at four data management approaches and develop four hypotheses to examine how these approaches influence users’ privacy concerns when using locationbased personalized services. Our findings show that providing notification regarding information collection, access to the information, choice, and security reduces users’ privacy concerns. Our findings provide empirical evidence to the practitioners and location-based personalized service developers, to consider various aspects of data management to ease users’ privacy concerns. This increases the marketability of location-based mobile services.


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