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Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 (15건)



모공각화증의 피부 증상 및 상태에 따라 외향적·심리적 불편함에 미치는 영향

김태희, 김보람

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.7-16

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This study aims to figure out individuals' external and psychological problems according to keratosis pilaris's progress on skin and its symptoms, and it also aims to provide primary data for the people whom are suffering from keratosis pilaris in their daily lives but cannot treat it right and well due to lack of information. The results of this study can be summarized as follows. In Seoul area among the 60 grown-ups who answered they are having keratosis pilaris age group of '20~24' comprised 21.7%-the highest persentage. 80.0% of this sample group took a shower a day, and 63.3% answered their average showering time was more than 10 minutes and less than 30 minutes. Having examined their skin condition, we found the papule appeared on their arms mostly -65.0% the highest. And the papule's major symtoms are 'having rough skin texture(M=1.67)', and 'having a number of papules grouped together in a spot(M=2.00)'. People 'having pains(M=4.92)', and 'having itchy reaction(M=3.27)' were relatively small. About the external problems people answered 'having goose bumps is killing me in my daily life(M=3.68)', and 'goose bumps keep me from buying clothes from time to time(M=3.67)'. And about the psychological problems people answered that comparing with other people 'my goose bumped skin is one of my demerits(M=4.13), and 'if my goose bumped skin is exposed I feel uncomfortable(M=4.12)', and 'before I go out I care about how my goose bumped skin would look like in front of other people(M=3.88)'. People also answered that 'if I can have better skin with cosmetic products, I am willing to use them(M=4.45)', 'I think my skin can be improved if I try to make it better(M=4.30), 'If my goose bumped skin could be better I would become more confident(M=4.28)'. From this we have found that people all have strong will to improve their skin and if more effective treatments are proposed later on then this study could be used as important primary data for providing information. We consider further research study should be undertaken.



무점포에서 이루어지는 여성 소비자의 화장품 구매행동

이애리, 김유진, 김효경

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.17-24

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The research which it sees the cosmetics market activation was turning out gradually with industrial development cosmetics and it was subdivided and mass media etc. it led and the cosmetics which is various was introduced to the moderns, introduction and global competition and on-line of the Channel converter time which is various with 1996 after that, home shopping and the visit marketing, wool passing the media of same nothing store form appear, it started. The research which it sees the domestic modern girl examined the nothing store form by use actual condition in the object, each nothing store form by on-line, home shopping and the visit marketing, mobile etc. it analyzed in about the cosmetics purchase use actual condition which leads, it analyzed in about the information by word of mouth intention which it follows in re-purchase intention and the satisfaction which it follows in nothing store type by satisfaction and nothing store type by satisfaction. According to research result, first, it appeared with the fact that the buyer whom in the use actual condition where each nothing store form by domestic feminine 1 person purchases cosmetics above 1 it purchases with on-line is many. It appeared with the fact that second, in the week use actual condition of each nothing store form by domestic woman the week buyer is many with on-line. On-line in third, nothing store form by cosmetics purchase type, it purchased the fundamental cosmetics mainly plentifully from home shopping, and home selling from mobile with the fact that it purchases the hue cosmetics mainly. After fourth, nothing store form by purchasing the result which examines the conduct which it follows in satisfaction, from the re-purchase intention in compliance with a satisfaction will be wool appeared with the fact that it affects biggest. Also it appeared with the fact that from the resultant home shopping which tries to know the type by satisfaction affects in information by word of mouth intention the satisfaction affects most on a large scale in information by word of mouth intention. The suppliers who engage to a hereafter cosmetics industry will join in, the mobile shopping which operated to a nothing store form by purchase satisfaction and a re-purchase effect most on a large scale and currently the mobile purchase environmental tendency which is advancing and not only mobile with different nothing store form they will carry and to lead it will plan the marketing strategy which is effective is the possibility of decreasing an affirmative effect in the re-purchase which it follows with the purchase satisfaction of the consumers in purchase satisfaction and information by word of mouth intention etc. purchase conduct the fact that. To succeeding research nothing store form by according to the quality which is concrete it presents the quality of the consumer who is subdivided and purchase conduct and the VIP who is concrete with the consumer purchase satisfaction which it follows in him it researches about purchase unsatisfactorily it researches and is various more and the research which is detailed gets deceived but route it is it expects.



미용실 프랜차이즈 선택 속성별 중요도와 만족도

임영근, 박계희, 주용영

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.25-35

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Its purpose is to provide the necessary increase in operating peuraenchayi salon marketing information to find the selected property and look after their guests salon franchise beauty salon franchise Satisfaction of this study is to identify the characteristics and distribution of the franchise salon guests. Were analyzed using SPSS 20.0 for the final 443 questionnaires aimed at men and women of wealth in Seoul and Gyeonggi area of data collection. First, the demographic characteristics of the surveyed units 20-30 and unmarried women appear was the highest, was the highest attended college / month average is less than ₩ 2,000,000 ₩ 1,000,000 graduation study. Also know the beauty salon franchise Utilization of the results of investigation two months time, junoh hair, the introduction of a friend or work colleague, a visit period to visit salon franchise term motives are used for more than one year to less than 3 years hairstyles this was the highest average spending amount for January 5-100000 won. Second, the "quality of service workers (4.17, 1st) I've shown a high priority was a technology franchise salon (197 people 44.5%) ranked the importance salon franchise and select Properties. Third, find a salon franchise and select Properties satisfaction the results with the quality of service workers (4.07, 1st), select Properties satisfaction've shown me the importance and priority sunwieul know the results, like "technology of the franchise salon (197 people 44.5% was) the highest. Fourth, examining the importance and satisfaction with the results and select Properties salon franchise, showed significant differences only in technology, diversity, service quality items. This is believed to be improved through measures that can help to improve coping skills for that room service and a visit to the importance of the service quality and technology salon franchise beauty salon workers use customers.



배우자와 자녀의 외모 인식과 미용서비스 선호도 및 만족도

박정은, 박명희, 김윤선, 권은실, 지승운

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.37-53

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These days, families are nuclear families. Likewise, sense of individualism stands out notably, and nuclear families that are relatively independent focus on individuals’ happiness and self-realization. As such, interest in the external appearance, occupation, school life, hobby and lifestyle in general among the family members is increasing. External appearance determines the overall everyday life in the modern society. Accordingly, this study seeks to analyze the difference in the perception of spouse and child, who are family members, towards external appearance and to study the preference for and satisfaction level towards beauty treatment service. When the difference in the spouse and child’s preference for beauty treatment service was examined, both the two groups manifested high preference. The two groups produced low scores when it comes to the satisfaction level regarding use, oral tradition and overall satisfaction level when the difference in the satisfaction level of spouse and child towards beauty treatment service was examined. In case of re-use, two groups produced low scores. As such, use of beauty treatment service does not merely affect oneself, but also even the spouse and child. As such, it is necessary to develop increasingly structured strategy to increase customer satisfaction level and to create profit by identifying individual customers’ diverse needs.



샴푸 브랜드 케라시스의 마케팅 분석과 신제품 개발 연구


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.55-66

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Consumption tendency becomes various as go as industry develops and change occurs in way of life of consumers. Should develop by brand that marketing strategy that satisfy desire of consumers and becomes differentiation of enterprises to make in subsidiary company's continuous guest can be required and catch seat on heart of consumer because various brand unique value and characteristic. The research which it sees from hair product market rise tax of market share and sale misfortune part in the shampoo brand a research around the child who is visible with the fact that the mote which the low-end brand stamp helping brand child is burnt despite in the consumers is indistinct the Kerasys of the enterprise selected the Kerasys brand in the marketing analytical object and from 2014 June 2nd until 2014 July 31st it executed. Around the child enterprise site and the Kerasys that, cafe of blow of cis site, on-line site and search site, the Internet newspaper article, other academic society and dissertation, it did not catch and books etc. to lead it collected the Kerasys brand investigations, STP analyzes, SWOT analyzes and 4P analyzes of the cis it led and an investigation analysis it did a data. Analytical result other competition it bought with base and after setting the marketing strategic direction which is discriminated, the marketing strategy which is detailed it follows in 4P and a product expansion and a new product proposal it did. Respects a new product proposal at the time of research analysis investigation the product which is selected from 2002 after that until 2014 is shampoo and special care product and the style ring product of Kerasys brand which come out.



여대생의 외모관심도와 만족도가 비만, 관리인식에 미치는 영향

최원진, 박경희

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.67-74

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study investigated the effects of female university students’ appearance interest and satisfaction on perception of obesity and management and obesity stress targeting 211 female university students who are 20 to 29 years old and live in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do from Jun. 10th, to 30th, 2014. In the results in the study, there are most persons in their 20s who think that they get fat and should be slimmer and they are under stress due to obesity as body types have found to get fat(39.8%) and stress due to obesity has done to be yes(43.6%). It has found that appearance interest has the positive effect on perception of obesity and management and appearance satisfaction has the negative effect on perception of obesity and management. It is thought that various programs which can improve appearance satisfaction should be developed and approaches which consider stress due to obesity, that is, even psychological parts, not thinking that it is just the physical problem in these results of the study. However, there could be problems in representativeness of the sample in this study because partial female university students were selected as the subjects and it has its limits to grasp differences between objective and subjective body types. Therefore, more systematic studies should be done targeting female university students in various areas in next studies.



장미꽃을 모티브로 한 웨딩 업스타일 연구

한민경, 한연옥, 권기형

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.75-87

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The consumer-oriented industries and the consumers that price sensitivity of the 21st century is the rapid development of wedding. If you want to group by pinpointing the emotion most beautiful bride with a wedding over a lifetime can lead to a competitive high value-added industry. Anger works if the hair is part of the body will have a memorable wedding is such a special make-up, dress, up-style, head dress, while expressing emotion and beauty products, but the bride wedding. The food that you will add to the interpretation of figurative meaning with a variety of roses as wedding flowers and love that special time of the wedding of the bride in a variety of design requirements to express the beauty of the bride. Wedding up-style design made just roll specialized techniques, ring technique, braiding techniques by combining appropriately the elements of nature and rose flower hair piece that appears in the image of the work produced. The study was only wedding up-style jyeoteumyeon done extensive research into the limitations of the present study is the follow-up study to the veil, dress, makeup, jewelry.



재취업여성의 미용진로준비 실태연구

김수정, 신수정

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.89-99

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study is to analyze the career preparation status of the females in their 30s to 50s who are taking beauty education courses for re-employment and to provide fundamental data for employment and career consultation to beauty education organizations. For this purpose, females in their 30s to 50s who are living in Seoul and Gyeonggi area were targeted and the survey was conducted to 355 females who are taking hair, skin and nail treatment courses at vocational school, female center and beauty school from May 20th, 2014 to June 20th, 2014. Totalof 300 survey results were analyzed excluding 35 results which are either incomplete or done by single females. From the analysis, the most chosen purpose of re-employment was ‘Self-development’ answered by 140 people (46.7%), difficulties in seeking employment was ‘raising children, housework’ answered by 114 females (38.0%) desirable employment form was ‘personalshop’ by 108 (36.0%) and preferred placement service organization was ‘beauty treatment school’ by 137 (45.7%). Positive relations were shown among the career interrupted females who are married and in their 30s to 50s depending on the age, educational background, major field and education organization. There fore, it is suggested to provide fundamental data and basis of employment and career consultation service based on their characteristics to increase satisfaction rate of beauty treatment education center and their credibility. It is also expected that various follow-up studies will be made for the females studying beauty treatment for re-employment.



중년여성의 캐비테이션 초음파 관리가 복부비만 개선효과의 비교연구

강수림, 김지현, 이은희

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.101-110

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The ultrasonic cavitation management of middle-aged women The Comparative Study of the improvement of abdominal obesity. Ultrasonic cavitation management epigastric women, waist, lower abdomen, weight, body fat, BMI, body fat, WHR was a decrease. Thus, in terms of management of abdominal obesity and body to be effective in terms of health care, respectively. Today, a serious metabolic disease that causes abdominal obesity is emerging as the study was started to improve. Study of women ultrasonic cavitation management proved effective in improving abdominal obesity. Ultrasonic cavitation is the official basis for the development of obesity management is likely to be.



크리에이티브 및 헤어바이나이트의 변천

유지혜, 이윤미, 강재준, 권기형

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.111-119

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Along with the civilization advancement there are increased human desire for beauty and to fulfil self-satisfaction. This have significant meaning in hair design as a art and creative attempts are made. Various color became popular and as all colors are allowed commercially it show rapid change and color contrast, gradation and indentation have accomplished three-dimensional effect and harmony and dynamic and intense design was sought. This have led the beauty industry's professional segmentation and advancement and increase in professional beauty competitions. Areas like Creative or Hair by night in National or International beauty competitions are not a practical area applied in work such as cut or perm, it is a beauty area that creates design factors based on sense of art and ability to create. Therefore this paper aims to study the changes and development of Creative or Hair by night from the 1900's to date by studying relevant national and international documents, Internet sources and photographic evidences. Through this study Creative and Hair by night's development can be actualized and could confirm advancement of originality and creativity. Further I expect more in-dept research could be carried ou for more creative design..



한국 민화(民畵) 모란도(牡丹圖)를 모티브로 한 헤어아트

한연옥, 강재준, 한민경, 권기형

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.121-132

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Information Age has evolved into the modern world and to thereby improve the living standards are much higher modern interest in popular culture and art. Hair art artistic expression of a variety of materials and methods to change with practical application and has been developed into a salon-style and genre of the arts of hair beauty. The excellence of Korea folk to notify the application with peonies motif painted on most folk in traditional culture of Korea is represented by a simple emotion and humor hair art material that symbolizes beauty and purpose of this study. Hairdresser, as well as lead to the interest of the consumers of hair art and artistic aspects of the representation of diverse academic practical terms, is generalized to assist the development of beauty culture. Research methods through previous research to investigate the concept of folklore and literature and, displayed a kind of folk flower painting, molding characteristics, characteristics of peony painting art concepts and expression method of hair and hair peony painting interaction of folk art the work produced by this motif by choosing any of the four kinds of peony flowers, and then analyze the relationship . It was found that it is possible to present a plastic consistency principle was to represent artistic dimensions, can be seen as a result of this study, that is. Because it lacks the reality principle, and based on the theoretical modeling books and information that you need yet is considered more professional and scholarly research in the future.



헤어 재교육 실태와 재교육기관 교육 만족도에 관한 연구 - 피봇포인트, 비달사순, 토니앤가이를 중심으로 -

김형은, 주용영

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.133-141

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The purpose of this study is to find out the current hairdressing training and satisfaction with global retraining institutions in order to provide basic data to improve hairdressing retraining and satisfaction with the retraining institutions in an effective and efficient way. The data was collected from 300 copies of questionnaire completed by hairdressers working in Seoul and Gyeonggi region, after a pilot survey. Then, it underwent frequency study using SPSS 17.0, crosstabs, ANOVA, and Duncan test as the posteriori test, and the result is as follows: First, in terms of demographic characteristics, most of the subjects were women in their 20s, studying in or graduated from a vocational college, and with monthly income between 1 million KRW and 2 million KRW. Second, the study on the current status of hairdressing retraining showed that the subjects wanted retraining to improve their skills and wanted it at the workplace or professional institution, between one and three times for cutting, coloring, perm, and scalp treatment, with sufficient time. They gather information from acquaintances. Third, in terms of satisfaction with hairdressing retraining institutions, Pivot Point training was most satisfactory in terms of trainers, curriculum, and practice. Also, many subjects said their understanding of relevant books and relationship with colleagues improved, which suggests professional training institutions and workplaces will need to develop practice-based training programs and invest in research and publication of relevant books. The author hopes the research to activate retraining will continue based on this study.



헤어디자이너 교체 후 서비스품질이 서비스가치와 고객만족 및 재방문의도에 미치는 영향 - 헤어디자이너 교체 경험이 없는 집단을 대상으로 -

박재홍, 여이주, 김수정, 임수빈, 서예지

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.143-154

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study is to find out the effect of service quality that service value, clients' satisfaction and reason of the revisit after changing hairdressers. The purpose of this study is to provide research data and inform to customer about service improvement for human resource management and to help establish marketing strategies. As a result of the effect of service quality after changing hair dressers was to appear the beneficial influence that clients' satisfaction and intention to revisit. After finding out the effect on the value of service after hairdresser replacement; the quality of the service was the most significant factor of clients satisfaction. The service quality is divided into Five things that Responsibility, Confidence, Corporeality, Reliability and Sympathy and Customer satisfaction is divided into Two things that Technical satisfaction and Service satisfaction. First of all, A study on the effect of the value of service on the quality of the service, the value of service was influenced by same pattern when the quality of the service to customer is increased as Sympathy, Responsibility, and Confidence. Second, A study on the effect of the client's satisfaction on the quality of the service, the technical satisfaction was influenced by same pattern when the quality of service to customer is increased as Confidence and Reliability. In addition, A study on the effect of the client's intention to revisit on the quality of the service, the confidence of the service effected the quality of the service, clients' satisfaction and intention to revisit with good beneficial. In other words after changing the hairdresser, the quality of the service is affected by revisiting the beauty parlor on the value of the service and client's satisfaction. Therefore after changing the hairdresser, base on the research results, if we improve the quality of the service, it is considered leading customer to revisit with clients' satisfaction.



헤어미용실 종사자의 유니폼 인식이 고객지향성에 미치는 영향

여인자, 김귀옥, 김혜진

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.155-166

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The emphasis on uniforms in the service industry results from the fact that customers recognize the external appearance of employees including the uniform as part of the service. Therefore, this research examines the impact the awareness of uniforms of employees working in hair salons according to the characteristics of the employees on customer orientation. It was revealed that uniforms are recognized to be a crucial part of the job of employees working in hair salons, thus impacting the satisfaction rate in their job performance and customer orientation. To analyze the relevant data, 489 valid samples among people working in hair salons in Seoul were analyzed in terms of general characteristics revealing a correlation between factors such as the awareness of uniforms of employees working in hair salons and customer orientation. The more symbolic uniforms in the awareness of uniforms of employees working in hair salons were shown to have significantly direct relationship on customer orientation. The above results confirm that differences exist in the awareness of uniforms according to the characteristics of employees working in hair salons and customer orientation, and that the kind of uniforms act as an essential factor in individual satisfaction and work efficiency. The above research results indicate that a design of uniforms of employees working in hair salons in consideration of functionality, symbolism, efficiency and aesthetics will be effective and produce satisfying results in customer orientation.



헤어살롱의 촉진서비스품질과 지각된 가치가 재구매의도에 미치는 영향

이보람, 황금빛누리

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.2 통권 22호 2014.09 pp.167-176

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The purpose of this study is to increase the service quality of promotion in the hair salon. It will help to provide the service of promoting a better quality of the beauty industry in the future. This study provided the theoretical basis, and based on the study of literature in order to analyze the impact on repurchase intention of promoting hair salon service quality and perceived value for the empirical investigation without limits from 20 50 each age group was up by more than a hair salon that uses the survey. Survey were analyzed using SPSS 16.0 program employs 199 part 1, except insincere or incomplete parts of a total of 200 questionnaires distributed wealth from 1 March 2014 to 30 June 2014. As a result, The monetary value that is perceived by the others and experience the discounts and the discounts never experienced a hair salon, most people, most were using a relatively simple program, such as the promotion of the points earned or Morning Minute. Marketing research will also need to take advantage of a discount coupon and discount affiliate, earn points program of promoting preference for hair salon services and partnership discount coupons, earn points higher had know that an increase of the repurchase.


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