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Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 (12건)



1인 미용실의 재교육현황

전미란, 진용미

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.7-14

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This study aimed to understand these channels that one-man salons would use for retraining or reeducation, areas which the salons would pay the greatest attention to as well as improvements that should be made as priorities. In order to achieve the research goal, the study conducted a survey targeting one-man salons in Korea and divided the retraining areas into technical training, hair science theory education and other training fields which the salons would have the highest interest in. The study then used a statistical package program SPSS 21.0 to carry out a frequency analysis. The findings of the analysis reported that as for the technical training, the one-man salons get help from academies or personal seminars but, the majority of the research participants answered that training costs are expensive. In terms of the hair science theory education, the study confirmed that most of the one-man salons visit colleges, graduate schools and personal seminars for the education. 69.3% of the research participants were satisfied with the education but as for the rest of the participants, they ended up not being satisfied because they failed to keep up with classes. When it comes to the fields with the one-man salons’ greatest desire for education, the study came up with hair science, chemical theory and heat perm. As far as this study understood from the results, the one-man salons are very much determined to learn both of heat perm through these charged classes but not through free-of-charge ones in professional educational institutes and personal seminars, which would help the salons to get high added value, and this difficult hair science theory that would lead the salons to ways to repair hair that has been damaged by frequent chemical treatments and other various causes which was hardly observed in the past. Regarding the improvements to be made, the research participants were the least pleased with the expensive training costs which was followed by the unsatisfactory training contents as well as how the participants cannot catch up with the classes only quickly. In the light of that, as an idea to solve such complaints, this study suggests that other follow-up researches should discuss if there are systems that the one-man salons can use as support from governments, Korea Beauty Industry Society and others. In addition, the study hopes that what it had offered as the research findings are used by retraining institutes as basic references that would contribute the institutes to how they design programs in consideration of characteristics of the one-man salons and, that will in the end encourage the one- man salons to eventually secure their positions as professional salons.



Hair Pack과 LPP 제품의 처리가 손상모발에 미치는 영향


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.15-24

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Hair treatments with hair pack and LPP types were repeatedly processed for 3 times and permanent was repeated consecutively for 3 times. And changes in the cuticle layer were observed using an electron microscope to find the effects of hair treatments on the damaged hair. Then, elongation and tensile strength were measured and the following results were obtained. First, the control group with no hair treatments showed a mild degree of cuticle status but the cuticle was extremely unstable with almost half of it falling off. In hairs with 2 and 3 consecutive treatments with permanent showed loss of most cuticle layers and some of them even had holes. Especially, the 3 time treatment group showed extremely severe damage with exposure of cortex from cracks. Second, cuticle layer was somewhat maintained on the hair surface after one time permanent operation with hair pack processing. However, cuticle layers were not clearly seen after second and third permanent operations with damages such as holes. Third, cuticle layer after one time permanent operation with LPP processing was maintained. Looking at the surface of hair with 3 repeated processing of LPP, observation of damage was not observed at low magnification but rough and split surface was found in high magnification, different from first and second processing. Fourth, However, tensile strength and elongation after 1, 2 and 3 consecutive permanent operations with a hair pack and LPP processing were found to be 199.9, 102.2, 102.7 and 58.0, 58.4, 61.1, and 101.4, 100.2, 100.0 and 60.6, 59.8, 58.0.



곡선의 조형원리 디자인을 응용한 업스타일연구

김명옥, 최유희, 왕혜림, 이승원

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.25-33

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As a research on up styles that would apply curves’ formative principles-based designs, the study assumes that as one of the visual arts, this activity to describe one’s own originality by making changes in a form of hair using constant physical strength is similar to hair- style presentation methods in relation to elements and principles of the formative arts, and that is why the study has decided to develop its research from an angle of the formative arts. As for the theoretical discussion on up styles with curves’ formative principles-based designs applied, this study searched for references and data in previously-conducted theses and on the Internet and as referring to pictures, the study analyzed characteristics of images which helped the study with its investigation. With curvy sculptures applied as motives, a total of six new hair designs were created. The first work was inspired by Ahrang Tower at Chupungnyeong of Yeongdong in a romantic way and in regard to the second one, another sculpture at Gwanghwamun Gate was the motive, and the work was processed with some graceful touches. The third design was made with a sculpture at a county residents’ square in Haenam applied as a motive, and it feels stable. In terms of the fourth work, the study designed it out of an environmentally-symbolic sculpture in a sophisticated way. The study added future-oriented airs to the fifth and the sixth with a landmark sculpture at Incheon International Airport and a formative structure by Frank Gehry applied as motives, respectively. While proceeding with its research, the study was led to the beauty of up styles as transforming the curvy sculptures into the creative pieces of work, and the study also suggests that other follow-up researches into up styles that would use the formative principles of different topics should be continuously carried out.



마르크 샤갈의 작품에 표현된 조형적 특성 분석을 통한 네일 디자인 연구

이주혁, 이유나, 임희경

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.35-44

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Today nail art is simply fingernails, toenails Do not really manage to raise the nail of people receiving stress management and their being used as a means of self-expression that can express your personality. That is today's nail art fashion, beauty was a part of and further enhance the personal charm can increase the good feeling through them, and has a big role in the self-satisfaction. Fashion, beauty nail art place to catch a variety of designs and this area is expressed in the concept of a planned theme nail art and has been developed with various designs are required for this look. These social requirements are simply nail in the design or configuration works not only as a coloring being affected by social and artistic zeitgeist, and it also has a big role to play in exploring and trying new design foundation. In this study, only the centuries have passed since we produce nail design based on work analysis exploring the emblematic nature as the work of a magician Marc Chagall's color being talked about even now motif of looking at the transition course of his life and works and works . Marc Chagall works were a total of four works were selected on the basis of analysis of the design magazines, books, Web sites, papers relating thereto prior to selecting a motif. Themes and lines appear in the Selected works motif, cotton, color analysis was divided into grasp the characteristics of color through color distribution, color analysis to analyze the formative characteristic configuration of the original design was shown to work was the design. Production method works with colors, geometric patterns, cotton, inspired by the lines of gradient nail art techniques, flat art techniques, hand-painting techniques, and creates works using a UV gel technique. The results of this study different techniques and colors contained Chagall's work was creative nail design based on the future We expect a high quality variety of nail design has created hope.



마크 제이콥스를 통해 크리에이터가 작품에 영향을 미치는 영감에 대한 연구


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.45-50

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In a rapidly changing world spanning the current information era, the creator, who creates something within the world, expands the creator’s role in various areas in our surroundings, including art and academics as well as medicine and industry. Especially in the areas of art and design, the creator can create unique creations according to his or her inspiration. Among such creators, Marc Jacobs, who was in born in New York, got involved in the fashion industry at an early age, equipped with a brilliant sensibility and passion, and made great contributions to increase the sales of Louis Vuitton after becoming its chief designer and changed its image by creating It Bags which thrilled people. Then he founded his own brand‘Marc Jacobs’ and became a fashion icon to the whole world. The study, by the example of Marc Jacobs, inquires into the definition of the creator and where creators get their inspiration to create. Therefore, the study conducted documentation research including internet data and articles, and researched the characteristics of the grunge look and granny’s look. The results revealed the source of Marc Jacob’s inspiration to be the help of various acquaintances and the background to his birth. Creators go through pain to create, though they receive inspiration from various areas. On this basis, the unending passion and effort of creators were confirmed to be the source of their creativity.



미용전공 대학생의 라이프스타일에 따른 뷰티프로모션 연구

박미경, 임희경

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.51-58

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This study is about the difference between preferred beauty and appearance management behavior depending on the lifestyle of college students in Beauty Arts major and I tried to get any helps to make marketing plans targeted on Beauty Arts major college students. The research was targeted Beauty Arts major college students of in and around - Seoul and 440 set of question pages were used and analyzed by SPSS 21.0. The results of this study are as follows: First, the sophomore students were revealed and those who spend the money range of over kw100,000 under kw150,000 for their appearance expenses and they think about body shape control very importantly and are interested in out beauty since they were middle and high school students. Second, the life styles are separated by three types which. The data of question pages backs up 58.7% and Cronbach's α shows 0.699, so this result is quite reliable. Third, those three types of group are showing the difference clearly.



아르누보 양식의 특징을 모티브로 한 헤어 커트 디자인 연구

허주영, 어수연

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.59-67

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study aims to present artistic and various designs which takes smooth curves, asymmetrical structure and naturalistic and feminine elements shown in Art Nouveau form as motif. When it comes to study method, a total of three works of hair design has been designed produced by analyzing image characteristics of Art Nouveau form through considering previous research or data on internet and applying curve glyph of Art Nouveau. Conclusions obtained from this study are as follows. First, Art Nouveau form is a new decorative art shown in crafts, paintings, architectural fields, etc. ranging from the late 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century and a new art trend aiming the recovery of artistry and beauty which were destroyed by the industrial revolution. Characteristics of such Art Nouveau form can be summarized into a fantastic tone of bright and soft pastel under the influence of Impressionism by the organic curve structure of nature and it is found that the design with this motif can be fully reinterpreted into creative contemporary sense. Second, characteristics of Art Nouveau have been utilized as the motif of many creative activities in the modern hair designs and these are used in various design representations by giving vibrant and strong transition effects in hairstyle through the creation of design and selection of Art Nouveau form and color in the haircut which is the foundation of hairstyles. As the suggestion of future study, a study which can produce interesting feeling onto an actual model by splendid color contrast and asymmetrical structure of Art Nouveau form’s characteristics through the expansion of style, will need to be done.



안토니오 가우디 작품의 특성을 응용한 업스타일 연구


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.69-78

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Material wealth is seen as a result of rapid economic growth characterized by advanced industrial society in modern society, which stimulates the human desire aesthetic, creative, and unique beauty needs. To meet the beauty and the basic instinct that demands representation of the unique personality, different method to be applied to the figurative expression, hair design, their personality and beauty watching referred to means occupies a large proportion in expressing to meet a variety of needs for this assignment was carried out. In this study, Antonio Gaud's work motive, confirm the applicability and relevance for its structural properties the research by analyzing the application, up-style designed on the basis of previous studies, and creative hair design creation and direction of the new up-style design development it was to present. Examines the birth and growth background and works of the resulting Antonio Gaud in this study, and the association of the formative and the formative and hair design appearing on the construction works, to analyze the previous studies and literature, can be applied to the hair design confirmed that the possibility was, finally, the results produced work done, Antonio Gaud's architectural work formative, apply a variety of color scheme, the application of flexible nature of the change, it was confirmed that it is possible to provide many ideas on up-style design. In this paper, this appears formative and artistic work of Antonio Gaud in the construction and food will be helpful in developing the idea of the infinite hair design, in the future will have more work and research required for the development of a variety of hair design.



자연의 유기적인 곡선의 형상을 응용한 헤어스타일 조형연구 - 아이론, 블로우 드라이기법을 통한 제작을 중심으로 -


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.79-87

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This research aimed at researching diversified and organic change of hair curling shape applied with heat, moisture, technical part, visual part, by adding visual factors and applying hair science in hair design field. In the main part, this research produced 4 types of works and derived conclusion expressing visual part of beauty with the motif of natural shape, analyzing each work with design principle, and adding technical parts to the analyzed contents after explaining the concept and characteristic of organic curve shape of the nature. In each work, the researcher utilized simile, metaphor, and abstract techniques, and realized elegance, beauty, grace, massing, naturalness, pleasant rhythmical sense, refreshing feeling, and ladyishness, etc. by adding technical part. The research results imply that it is possible to observe 'organic curve' of nature and reflect natural shape on hair design. Also, that hair design could activate new hair design stream with curling technique with new shape by applying visual beauty function and science. Based on the above content, this research intended to provide creative motif to hair designer and prepare an opportunity to form a new trend of salon style.



프랜차이즈 미용실 이용실태에 따른 프랜차이즈 미용실 인식 및 만족도 차이


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.89-100

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study is by looking out a franchise hair salon recognition and satisfaction, provides a basis for effective marketing plan for the franchise salon visit customers through it. Data collection was analyzed using SPSS 21,0 and 258 questionnaires living in Seoul and Kyunggi, the result is as follows. First, the survey results to know this, university education and 20-30 with unmarried women. Second, a franchise hair salon this result franchised salon visits give out the Utilization are once a month, and mainly preferred attending part to the introduction of acquaintances, selected by less than 1 year period of use is motivated because the quality of service, favorite brand appeared to juno hair. Third, know the beauty salon franchise result of this awareness level, was drawn to three factors, this result was obtained by single factor determine the level of satisfaction franchise hair salon. Fourth, the franchise salon using a franchise hair salon recognition and satisfaction out of this result franchised salons recognize the differences in status 'reliable' is the first franchised salon visits Flyway, usage period, choose motives, in favor reason statistically significant difference in showed, 'comfort' the extent of moving the franchise hair salon hair salon franchise recognized, selected motive, no significant difference was in favor of reasons. In conclusion, hair salon franchise has got good skills and awareness in the pleasant interior designer, If you provide quality services to customers in the designer's skills it can further increase the efficiency of the franchise beauty industry.



헤어살롱의 번들가격할인 프레이밍이 경영성과에 미치는 영향 연구

박경아, 양은진

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.101-108

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In spite of the efficiency of the bundling strategy, there is insufficient research in beauty industry. This study investigated whether the bundle framing product improve profitability. The hypothesis that the bundle framing strategic product sales compared to the single-product rises total sales, product price, treatment price, number of sales, price is proved by difference before and after and analyzed by SPSS. As a result, the strategy appeared effective in all five areas. This strategy also contributes in increasing customer satisfaction, it can be an effective alternative to enhance the added value.



헤어샵 종사자의 직업몰입과 이직의도에 관한 연구

여이주, 어수연, 박은준

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 9 No.4 통권 27호 2015.12 pp.109-118

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Members of personality, assertive personality distinct generations and today has a choice job is very important and growing importance of occupational commitment with the continuous efforts and interest in my career. These social changes with the cosmetic industry is growing rapidly while the increases jyeoteuna interest in the profession of hair salon professionals, the situation does not reduce the high turnover so far. Thus, the importance of corporate involvement of employees increased hair salon emerged as an important topic that has become necessary to reduce turnover and a systematic strategy to organize employees. The purpose of this study was to present a variety of ways, depending on the approach of the general characteristics of our employees to study for a degree of professional commitment and turnover of hair salon professionals. Surveyed in this study was set up to target a hair salon workers working in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, in June 2014 16 since July 15, 2014 until the investigation has been carried out by deploying a total of 750 questionnaires 736 add-final. It was used to analyze data. Implication in accordance with the present findings. First, employee recruitment and training, selection, reduction in turnover through institutional arrangements such as placement, Second, performance levels to increase the occupational commitment of the employees in the lowest position and compensation measures take third, It can present such clear provisions promotion and advancement failure retraining system.


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