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Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 (12건)



미용 기업의 웹사이트 구성요인이 고객 행동들 간에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

이옥현, 진용미

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 2010.09 pp.5-16

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This research aims not only to enhance the reliability of the results compared to the existing studies in Beauty Company’'s Web Site, but also to find out the influences that website elements have on customer satisfaction, loyalty, re-visit intention and e-performance. The study on the website elements, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and re-visit intention were empirically tested. The results are as follows First, website elements influence customer satisfaction. Second, customer satisfaction influence loyalty and re-visit intention. Last, loyalty influence re-visit intention. The research result to have proved the hypothesis by experiment is as the result of having analysed the Beauty Company’'s Web Site elements influence relations on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and re-visit intention.



아르누보 양식의 특징이 나타난 현대 헤어스타일 고찰

서선옥, 김현정, 임지현, 박은준

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 2010.09 pp.17-26

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Almost everyone has a desire to look beautiful. and while the preference changes with the times, aesthetic instinct is immortal. Recently, a radical change in environment has diversified the desires of people who try to pursue a human life, and the entry of women in public affairs and extra in their life have increased the wishes for youth and beauty. There have been advances in hair style, which satisfies these desires, by reflecting realistic history and the state of reality to undergo various changes. The hair design reflects moral culture and the trend of the times of the age as living culture, which is closely related to human with clothing. So the hair style of an era is based on common cognition of fashion of the age, and it affects human life of the age. Style of art in the period of transition from modern times to contemporary times, art nouveau had a great efect on architecture, painting, clothing, accessory, furniture, handicraft and hair style. Art nouveau, which follow a new value and ideal of beauty, features aesthetically various and organic curve and asymmetric design, feminine curve, creeper pattern and linear form, and represents soft curves in hair style, as new art in which is going to reject repetition or imitation for the art of free individuality, and return to underlying conditions in all organic life of nature. For the characteristics of art nouveau style, the feeling of romantic, elegant, exotic mystery and grace, and the freedom and flexibility of curve were expressed, respectively, and could be also expressed at the same time in modern hair style. Such characteristics of art nouveau style have been variously used to contribute to the production of beautiful hair style.



페미니즘에 나타난 헤어스타일과 복식에 관한 연구


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 2010.09 pp.27-35

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The most interesting and attracting subject for artists from the ancient to the modern times is expression of human body. Hairstyle, with costume, plays an important role in affecting human appearance and delivers personality, age, social position, and perceptive thought, It serves as not only general mode showing appearance but a significant clue forming impression like costume, having been a symbol to deliver something to others. Also, hairstyle reflects a social aspect of the time because it is changed based on culture of the time and desires of human psychology seeking for new thought. Costume, as an environment that is most cl0se expressing both internal characteristics of the wearer and environmental factors surrounding him/her. Throughout the long human history, females had to be inferior to males in order to intensify the male superiority there has been the history of suppression of females in which females has been controlled by males in social institutions, laws, and their behaviors. In the re-evaluation on the existing values in the world at large since l960s that awakened a sense of sovereignty of women that had been idly bound to the existing interests and created a trend of culture, feminism. In this context, it can be said that hairstyle and costume express the most basic sexuality and self-identity and that feminism and hairstyle is inseparable that cannot be overlooked. in order to understand in feminism, hairstyle, and costume are reflected are reflected in various forms, the author in this study reviewed literature, previous researches, the internet materials, and collection magazine.



아르데코 양식을 응용한 헤어 퍼머넌트 웨이브 디자인 연구 - 기하학적 문양을 중심으로 -


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 2010.09 pp.37-43

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Styles of art to express in each times came in to the world by influences socio-economic conditions, a change of moral values and a cultural situation at that times. In addition, the art forms have continuously changed and developed by them. A purpose of this study is to express in a individuality and beauty. So the styling direction method that hair designers apply the permanent wave technique shows the individuality and beauty effectively than the result of a original design. We finished four permanent wave works as we used a conventionalized pattern and a geometric motive of Art Deco after we had investigated preceding paper, research materials and understood the history background, characteristic of the Art Deco. The conventionalized pattern and the geometric motive of Art Deco shed new light on the hair style through this study. So from this study, the technique of Art Deco should establish as the one of the art form. Moreover, we hope that various subsequent study and creative works will be study steadily by people.



선과 면을 활용한 헤어 스타일링 연구

양미숙, 유애진, 박상국

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 2010.09 pp.45-52

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Hair design, to create various forms of emphasis should be placed on line and plane. Typically, when hair design, and any good thinking head line goes to the specific. In this study, researchers obtained the conclusion follows. First, the line is felt in the body, as well as a number of objects or landscapes can be found at the lines can represent a variety of hair styling design. Second, the hair styling lines on the side of the head to enhance three-dimensional plane and three-dimensional flat surface shape was found to be harmonious. Third, (l) feel a straight line, without creating any volume to plummet like a specific line of a static feel, (J) to the hair feel the end of the straight line curves gently into the create a volume to plummet into the curves like a specific line, combined to make me feel the static, (C) to create a soft volume curve falls vertically, like a bow puts a specific line in a dynamic sense used to express that we found. (0) 0 Curl is a round circular. Using mainly the brush roll and the roll diameter torque to cl0se the two wheels can be expressed. (S) using curl brush roll on roll diameter, and two-wheel torque to cl0se half the depth to give the wave given femininity and softness can be expressed in more mature look. Fourth, the hair designer, hair styling to make his thinking side of the line and the experience of the plastic zone may have to be conducted actively, hair styling aspects of the previous paper, the wonder of this part or not as a result of this study, the width of a hair styling for those who can help to broaden the reference is considered to be.



21C O.M.C 헤어월드 여성개인종목분석 - 수상작품 중심으로 -

권기형, 김관옥, 박선민

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 2010.09 pp.53-60

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The Beauty Contest Festival is greatly conducive to devel0ping beauty artists' technique and creativity, and brings about mental, physical and creative function as well as emotional function. Accordingly, the Beauty Contest Festival allows beauty artists to possibly display a skill, by which new technique or color, theme, design and originality become theme. The newly-created trend through beauty contest comes to create a new style. Amid this change, the O.M.C Hair World initiated diverse changes in hair fashion. This had great influence upon the whole of beauty and fashion industry. Especially, this contest led to being devel0ped many hair tools and to greatly contributing to devel0pment in the hair beauty industry and the cosmetics industry. The biggest performance is what people’×s recognition on beauty industry, the image and stature of beauty artist are changing positively and what beauty came to emerge fairly as the art field amid the world. There are several international hair design competitions and many national beauty contests now, centering on the Hair World Championship. Many beauty artists are desired to join with having interest in Beauty Contest, to exert artist’®s creativity, and to be conducive to devel0pment in the beauty circles. This researcher hopes this study to be helpful even if being a little to the creative work activity in many hair artists, who are performing the work activity. More researches are desired to be progressed by being reinforced enough materials on this in addition to theoretical accumulation on the whole items of Hair World after this.



현대 헤어디자인에 나타난 아르데코 양식

이혜진, 양은진

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 2010.09 pp.61-67

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

20th century, the Art Deco style has been appeared in Confused with social change and innovation. this Art have exotic and vibrant colors and simple geometric features. In this study, shown in modern hair design, art deco style by looking at the art of the past rather than simply stay in the past is reconstructed in a modern style and how the future was to explore the evolutionary direction. First, the art deco features of the historical background and the formative learn, since 2000, focusing on the design of the hair if l studied appeared. The results typically showed a variety of styles from the collection of bob cut hair and a modified Permanent, Shingle addition, using reagent feathers could be a glimpse at the Art Deco style. Therefore, the above studies and a variety of creative hair design, research and hopes to contribute to the development.



업스타일의 기법을 이용한 퍼머넌트웨이브의 연구 - 브레이드 패턴 중심으로 -

최선주, 진용미

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 2010.09 pp.69-79

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Design has developed continuously in order to fulfill the constant human desire for novelty and to meet the needs of the customers. Among the designs, hair style of braiding has developed since the ancient times. Rather than the physical functioning of the up-style, it was started in order to maintain a long-form of hair. From the primitive hair wave styles during the early Egyptian times when they used mud, we were able to achieve permanent wavers through Charles Nessler’®s chemical treatments. Afterwards, until the modern times, many techniques, tools, and designs have evolved. But the customers always want new and more intensive inflammatory curls and want to achieve and maintain natural curls that look as if it was unworked. In this research, in order to meet the endless desire of the customers of new and convenient needs, we’×ve tried 5 different designs using up-style braid techniques. Among the 5 methods, we have created different forms, volume, and curl to examine the process and consequent wave of the derived process. By watching the process of this research, if all works considered to be a different genre are shown in different sides to the world like the Mbius Stripll , actually everything in the world are connected to one another. Therefore, by escaping from the bias heterogeneous thoughts, our aesthetics arts has to be demonstrated, established, and understood as body art, body science, and comprehensive art study that are more in-depth like it can explain the body, and the shape and chemistry, and even human emotlOns.



옵아트가 표현된 헤어스타일과 헤어아트에 관한 연구

서선옥, 박은준

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 2010.09 pp.81-88

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Hair style has been developed through various expressions and ways due to advance of culture with improvement in standards of living. It varies from epochs and nations, and forms or patterns of personal face as a way of decorating the body. The hair style of an era is based on the common perception for the fashion of the age, and has a influence on human life. This study attempts to integrate op-art of a strong expressive effect as an image under the visual-perceptual illusion with only form and color into hair art, to suggest new hair art techniques, because op-art results from eye’ts physiological things as a trend of abstract art in l960s, and has a strong shape, which is simple and regular on the basis of design phenomenon through it for its psychological response. This study is regarded as there’äs a chance that the image of optical effect will create the various and new beauty, and the hair art applied op art will widen the sense of art aesthetic and recreation to contribute to the advancement of creative and fantastical new hair art.



로마시대의 미용문화 연구

김광숙, 하성현

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 2010.09 pp.89-95

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study which sees leads and social background of Rome time develops and beauty culture leads and is researches the toilet rack alcoholic beverage which at that time Romans are excessive. Society of Rome tries to observe from the background which is cultural, Hellenism with base Etruia, Egypt etc. Also being the possibility of knowing from periodic situation of Rome which accommodates with various cultures. Therefore, the purpose of the study is to find out newly recognizing under beauty culture of Romans through Social background of Rome time.



미용실내 서비스교육과 고객만족도의 관계


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 4 No.2 통권 9호 2010.09 pp.97-103

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The domestic beauty industry is being more segmented and getting larger. Beauty parlors that belong to the service industry should provide more customer-oriented service instead of merely trying to improve necessary skills or survive the price competition. The purpose of this study was to prove the relationship of service education to customer satisfaction in beauty salons that were more marked by fierce competition than any other part of the service industry. Literature review was implemented to serve the purpose. Service education enables employees to cope with every kind of change triggered by changing customer needs to perform their service duties in a successful way, and that was found to be closely related to customer satisfaction.




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