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Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 (16건)



고등학생의 진로성숙도와 향후 진로방향과 직업선택에 관한 연구 - 미용고와 일반고 비교 -

권해미, 황선주

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.7-18

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This research aims at refocusing the current career awareness of beauty high school students compared the thoughts and attitudes about career and career maturity of the beauty high school students and the general high school students. For this, this report researched career maturity of high school students, studied their career paths and career choices. Currently, the author carry out a self - survey targeting high school seniors in Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi, and Chungcheong from July 28, 2014 August 27. Second, in the investigation of major choice motives, 27.05% of the general high school students and 42.15% of the beauty high school students responded said 'I selected my major according to my talents and aptitudes', and 29.11% of the general high school students and 9.96% of the beauty high school students responded said 'I selected my major by the periphery encouraged (parents, teachers, seniors, friends)'. Third, in the investigation of differences in career direction depending on majors, the general high school students tried to go to the university regardless of the majors, on the other hands, the beauty high school students tried to go into beauty related field. Thus, to raise beauty high school students' course consciousness and let beauticians have the professionalism, true feeling feature of their career and pride as a beautician, more systematic and professional training courses are required. besides it is necessary to invigorate career education and career counseling programs to enable to do the correct selections after entering the universyty and getting a job. I suggest that we try to help the advancement of beauty education to foster the beauticians.



국내외 화장품 브랜드 로고디자인에 관한 연구

이유정, Yi Lee

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.19-29

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As the range of international cosmetic markets is getting more expanded, even the domestic markets, the technology of cosmetic products has been developing as well. Therefore, it does not mean anything to have only equipped with technology. As following the aspect of above, the importance of design is on the rise to strengthen to make differentiation from the competition in the field. Thus, current issue on brand logo design, it has been thoroughly investigated and compared with the colors and types of brand logo in domestic&international cosmetic markets. In this study, Domestic and international cosmetics brands were each 6 pairs targets. With the subjects with above brands, It has been analyzed the colors using Munsell Conversion and the logo types as components of typography. As the result, first, logo design of the domestic brands are generally exhibited colorful and various forms of logo design. Second, the logo of the international cosmetics brand was generally feeling somewhat stressed professionals using the black color. Third, Compared to the logo of the domestic cosmetics brands and international brand, the domestic cosmetics brand name includes the story and meaning, on the other hand the name of international cosmetics brand simply use the name of the founder. Also the domestic cosmetics brand feels gorgeous by many colors, on the other hand the international cosmetics brand feels modern using an achromatic color. As you see, there are a lot of different things between the design of the domestic and the design of the international. This study is expected to be utilized as a basis for the cosmetics brand logo design marketing.



남자대학생의 신체관리행동과 신체이미지 인식이 외모만족도에 미치는 영향

우송주, 이은희

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.31-41

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This study is to figure out the effects of male university students' body management behaviors and body image perception on appearance satisfaction. To achieve this, a survey was empirically carried out to 369 male university students living in Seoul and capital area. The results of this study were summarized as follows. Taken as a whole, male university students were interested in body management behaviors such as hair, fashion, diet and skin care, but they still had a low perception of their body management at real expense as major consumers. In other words, they had a perception of the problem of lookism, but they had a tendency to make steady efforts for the preservation of ideal body as the younger generation in 20s sensitive to fashion like media or social changes. With the improvement in economic



레이저시술 사후관리를 위한 화장품 사용에 관한 연구


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.43-51

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This study has purposes to provide a preliminary data for the improvement of future cosmeceutical cosmetics industry and a suggestion for the direction of correct cosmetic selection, after the patient with more than one laser treatment has been divided into two groups based on the experience whether the cosmeceutical cosmetics has been used after the treatment, and the difference of using post-treatment cosmetic in accordance with the frequency & period of laser treatment has been defined. The survey has been conducted for the period of Jul 21, 2013 - Aug 15, 2013 at 4 dermatologists selected in Seoul area. The frequency of using cosmeceutical cosmetics in accordance with the frequency & period of laser treatment has shown a statistically significant difference, and the consideration of chemical substances on purchasing the cosmetic in accordance with the frequency & period of laser treatment has shown a statistically insignificant difference in both groups. In case of the difference in the recognition of frequency of laser treatment & the importance of post-treatment after the treatment, the group with more laser treatments has shown higher recognition & post-treatment importance than the group with less laser treatment regarding the precautions about the received laser treatment & laser treatment method, and has also shown a higher satisfaction regarding the cosmetic for post-treatment of laser treatment according to the frequency of laser treatment.



미용실 소비자의 특성에 따른 퍼머넌트 웨이브 선호도 - 웨이브 풍성도를 기준으로 -

신미숙, 박계희, 이기명

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.53-64

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This study examines the general characteristics and differences in preferences permanent wave hair types to pinpoint a permanent wave design for the general characteristics of consumers and hair types, contributing to miyongin the proposal to broaden the scope of hairstyles and basic materials accordingly provides to this purpose, and the results were as follows. General characteristics are 40-50, the average monthly gross income is more than 1 million won to 200 million won, the most common occupation was a housewife, salon use frequency is once every 2 months to 3 months and expenses during the five permanent wave treatment 10000-100000 won less than the highest. I know the results of your hair type, hair length short, medium hair, medium brightness dyed wool, moryang are usually damaged hair damage degree shift highest. In addition, the results of the age difference and career preferences determine the permanent wave showed a statistically significant difference, hair dyeing condition, the hair was a significant difference in the extent of the damage. In other words, the social environment, and also the hair damage michimyeo a significant effect when selected hair, a high consumer perception of hair condition due to the chemical treatment was found that is not a great recognition for the other hair type, such as hair type. Forward the interests of the consumer lifestyle for hair health and hair styles associated with a wide range of hairstyles, not only to speak Proposal in the beauty field with various hair types and is considered related to the study design would require permanent wave.



미용종사자의 감정노동과 직무소진에서 사회적지지가 미치는 영향

한옥임, 박해경, 이정란

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.65-75

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This study is beauty service workers emotional labor and burnout the social support on study the impact of the future development of the beauty industry and human resource management to provide the necessary information and scientific data that purpose. Targets who major in Dept of Beauty service workers were set working in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do area. Ninety-nine data which collected through questionnaire was analyzed by SPSS 20.0 and applied analytical methods were factor analysis, reliability analysis, frequency analysis, multiple regression analysis. Within the relationship of emotional labor and job burnout, supervisor support and colleague support were shown to have a statistically significant negative (-) moderating effect on emotional exhaustion and reduced personal accomplishment but did not have a statistically significant event on depersonalization. Through demonstrating the moderating effects of social support on emotional regulation behaviors and job burnout for beauty service workers, this study proposes the importance of social support as a measure to alleviate job burnout for beauty service workers. Accordingly, the results of this study will be helpful in human resource management in ways that alleviate job burnout for beauty service workers and increase organizational profit.



미용학과 헤어 전공자의 전공만족도가 직무만족도에 미치는 영향

한소리, 채수기, 김민

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.77-89

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We aimed to investigate the effects on job satisfaction have major impacts satisfaction of Dept. of Beauty Arts Hair majors study. Targets who major in Dept. of Beauty Arts Hair were set working in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do area. Ninety-nine data which collected through questionnaire was analyzed by SPSS 20.0 and applied analytical methods were factor analysis, reliability analysis, frequency analysis, multiple regression analysis. The research results showed that the influence on job satisfaction of Dept. of Beauty Arts Hair majors' major satisfaction has significant influence. Among the job satisfaction factor, all factors affected major satisfaction except salary satisfaction factor. It can be seen that, I'm sure and satisfy on my major, regarding my job as important, enjoying task, thinking as getting recognition in workplace and satisfying on position, working environment, service environment. It was found that Dept. of Beauty Arts Hair major's major satisfaction had affect on job satisfaction. We can see the importance of choosing major that satisfaction in workplace grows as major choice satisfying. As salary and major satisfaction hasn't significant influence, it seems to be that people do not choose major having salary in mind. Therefore, based on the results of studies, if you are trying to create an fostering environment in which guaranteed future system rather than salary and in workplace, it will be able to help encourage employee's work satisfaction.



배우자와 자녀의 외모 인식과 미용서비스 선호도 및 만족도


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.91-107

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These days, families are nuclear families. Likewise, sense of individualism stands out notably, and nuclear families that are relatively independent focus on individuals’ happiness and self-realization. As such, interest in the external appearance, occupation, school life, hobby and lifestyle in general among the family members is increasing. External appearance determines the overall everyday life in the modern society. Accordingly, this study seeks to analyze the difference in the perception of spouse and child, who are family members, towards external appearance and to study the preference for and satisfaction level towards beauty treatment service. When the difference in the spouse and child’s preference for beauty treatment service was examined, both the two groups manifested high preference. The two groups produced low scores when it comes to the satisfaction level regarding use, oral tradition and overall satisfaction level when the difference in the satisfaction level of spouse and child towards beauty treatment service was examined. In case of re-use, two groups produced low scores. As such, use of beauty treatment service does not merely affect oneself, but also even the spouse and child. As such, it is necessary to develop increasingly structured strategy to increase customer satisfaction level and to create profit by identifying individual customers’ diverse needs.



블로그 이용행태에 따른 미용 블로그 인식

최지아, 박혜연, 백정원

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.109-118

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This study presents ways to identify the using patterns of the blog. beauty blog is recognized as an analyzing factor in this study to present ways of utilizing efficient information based on basic data. First, as the result of Demographic characteristics, average monthly income of less than 500 thousand won who was 20s unmarried of female that was graduated university to showed a high percentage. Second, as the result of blog using pattern, searching directly for usage route, more than six months for usuage period, one to five times a month. In the case of using time, from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and collecting information has the highest percentage for reason of using blog, and accessing to makeup blog was the highest. Third, factor analysis and reliability analysis was conducted to determine the level of satisfaction measurement and utilization and beauty blog recognition, Named as 'advertising' and 'commonality', the two factors were derived significantly. Fourth, according to the accessing path, other factors and reliability factors also showed the highest average. Website was the least reliable. According to the blog using path, average of 3 months was the highest for blog advertising factors, and less than one month showed a relatively low average. According to the degree of connection, average of once a day showed the highest for the advertising factors and the reliability factors. All advertising factors and reliability factors, according to the blog using, for more than two hours was the highest for the average utilization.



비비안 웨스트우드 해체주의 패션에 나타난 메이크업 디자인 연구

장병초, 서귀예라

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.119-126

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As modern society respects individuality, opens and is getting verified, people became to pursue the things that are more stimulating and individual. In such a stream of times, women’s desire to express one’s individuality and beauty continued to the development beauty-related industry as well as fashion industry, which enabled women to depart from the standard pattern of the time during the time when women’s advancement in society was oppressed. As recent fashion industry is also sensitive to diversity and pluralism, and is active in such a tendency, deconstructive mode is forming a mainstream. Thus, this study analyzed a make-up technique expressed as pluralistic deconstructionism through the works shown in the collection of Vivienne Westwood, a representative English fashion designer and leader of deconstructionism avant-garde fashion. As a result, this study found that difference-applied make-up has the harmony of the east and the west, harmony of the future and the past, oriental feeling etc. Intertextuality-applied make-up was expressed as a type of mixing mode through texture and color, female masculinities or make-up that both genders are mixed up. In uncertainty-applied make-up, irregular ambiguity, disharmony of intended blurredness or the feeling of intentional incompleteness was expressed as a type of make-up. Deviation-applied make-up expressed make-up through deconstruction of centrism by breaking unity using a line, denying mathematical completeness through transformation of the shape of eyes of lips or expressing eye make-up asymmetrically. To sum up, Vivienne Westwood fashion show was attempting a diverse, daring and deconstructive make-up, which shows another communication that inosculates the past, the present and the future, not simple transformation or destruction.



소셜커머스 이용행동에 따른 헤어서비스 추구혜택과 서비스 불만족 및 평가차이

노여진, 박계희

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.127-139

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study will study the benefits sought hair services and service dissatisfaction and evaluated using difference in social commerce action, object of the present invention is to provide a basis for marketing and the result is as follows. Social commerce is the buying and the experience of many, that's why the price or discount level, often using social commerce company Kupang, Timon, Wemakeprice order to purchase items were mainly found most relevant products. Hair also social commerce service benefits sought-dimensional seek convenient, economic pursuit, pursuit trust, four levels of service to pursue, unsatisfactory service skills shortages factors, two of the post-treatment anxiety, hair-service evaluation is a provider satisfaction, service satisfaction, I know the results of the buying experience that is convenient to pursue collective action using the differences in social commerce, but no difference according to the perception that the presence of more highly. Showed dissatisfaction is higher in the group that knows the social commerce hair services, assessments have been shown to increase awareness in the community who do not know the social commerce hair services. The study concluded that social commerce through hair services over dissatisfaction with services technology factors were lack of post-treatment anxiety. In other words, are needed social commerce services for a variety of hair services. Also build trust for the content, rather than just convenience to emphasize aspects of social commerce, if you release a variety of products from many vendors hair services social commerce market will grow more than the present.



신사임당의 작품 <초충도>를 모티브로 한 네일아트 디자인 연구

이주혁, 김민경, 장병초

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.141-151

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Cultural industries of modern society are greate effect on the world, according to the passing of time each country has commercialized a variety of content based on the country's culture. Recently, Nail industry is being considered as a component of total fashion that can represent the personality of the consumer rather than a simple coloring hands and feet. The social and cultural elements and Nail industry growth, it is necessary to develop a diverse and creative designs that can meet the needs of customers in the design elements of the Nail art. In this study, the Korean aesthetic expression in the 16th century and early stratification unique painting style called one factor that so inspired by the work of Sinsaimdang with excellent workmanship Nail subdivided into the development of the industry and main perpose is develople of Nail design. Chochungdo works were selected for a total of four books about him, the preceding paper, we analyze the design and selection based on the motif. Were prepared for each piece illustrated image was produced a total of four works by Nail art techniques. Creative Nail design for this study based on the paintings of Korea's traditional aesthetics were contained We expect accordingly forward a variety of high quality Nail design to get out.



얼굴형에 따른 현대여성의 헤어스타일에 대한 연구

김대호, 김선혜, 주용영

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.153-163

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Demand of aesthetic is considered as crucial aspect so the hair-style and face is also considered as determining entire outfit. Preferred hair style creating female’s beauty depends on the current trend and can have effect on the image of face. Face shape and hair style is strongly related. Therefore, hair style can be easily changed so can rectify face-shape thus can be used as means of expressing oneself. Facial image also has huge influence on determining people’s look. The aim of this dissertation is to examine and analyze different hair styles which fit various facial shapes. Six different facial shapes are categorized and according to each facial shapes, celebrities are chosen as sample in this report. Domestic and international academic journals, various references, fashion magazines and internet are employed as methods of study to examine facial shape and hair style As a result of study in categorizing of suiTable. hair style to facial shape, although the wants and preferences of customers in hair style are key factor, it is necessary to create new hair styles in order to make up for the weakness as well as highlight the strength Also, this dissertation mainly focuses on female facial shape and hair style. Therefore further study for male hair style is required.



여성신체장애인의 외모관리행동이 우울 및 자아존중감에 미치는 영향

정순용, Pruchaysan Boonchaisuk

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.165-177

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This study aimed to investigate the effects of appearance management behavior of disabled women on depression and self-esteem in order for their happier life and furthermore invigoration of beauty industry. The collected data from the survey was analyzed with 237 valid samples and the results were as follows. In regard to appearance management behavior, make-up, diet, hairstyling, and fashion managements were lower than normal standard, though the group of age of 30s showed higher interest on appearance management behavior than other age groups. The group whose education level is not exceeding high school graduation marked significantly lower appearance management behavior score than higher education level groups, while employed groups had higher appearance management behavior score than unemployed group. However there were no significant differences according to type, degree, or duration of disability. Skin-care and make-up behaviors had negative effects on depression, and diet behavior had positive influence on self-esteem. So to speak, even disabled person could lower depression or increase self-esteem through appearance management behavior.



호안미로 회화를 응용한 젤 네일아트 디자인 연구

이보람, 이양희

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.179-187

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This beautiful woman is four days into the universal property industry who want to stimulate their appetites and emotions, and is developing day by day. In order to meet the demands of becoming a beautiful and distinctive personality of the consumer representation manicure is trying a new variation on the beauty industry in a variety of patterns and unique color representation reflects the trend from color to paint. This study formed the life and work of Joan Miro background, features paintings, colors and patterns, such as the literature review and internet search, picture seek to learn the characteristics of the data collected in the work world through such a motif in the work of Joan Miro four days was applied to re-interpret the art design. Colorful hues selected four representative works of surrealist Joan Miro time shown in the work with points, lines, reflecting the figurative elements of the face Recently gel used largely in a nail salon to salon combines the characteristics of the art techniques ,into a design that can access easily to the flat art and three-dimensional art were presented. Work organization is expressed using the colorful and decorative embossing pattern of three-dimensional art easel with flat Art 2 points 2 points. Sensory reconfigured to work with these works of art jungli expect steady development and research can take place in a variety of art was figurative nature of the yarn and color design through utilization consists actively reflect on nail designs nail art designs.



화학적 손상모의 열 퍼머넌트 시술 시 EM 처리 효과

이정란, 한옥임, 이순희

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 8 No.3 통권 23호 2014.12 pp.189-201

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

In this study, EM, which has a low pH of 3.4 and a great antioxidant effect on controlling free oxygen radicals’ oxidation, and contains amino acids and organic acids nourishing hair, was used for the various treatments (non, pre, after-treatment, permanent solution add, and pre&permanent solution add&after-treatment) for damaged hair(permanent & dyeing) in heat permanent wave procedures to compare and analyze wave shapes and physical(wave formation rate, tensile strength, and elongation) and morphological(hair thickness and cuticle changes of hair). The results showed that adding EM to permanent solution has better effects in heat permanent wave procedures than EM non-treatment does. This indicated that EM’s properties, a low pH and a powerful antioxidant effect, play an instrumental role in inhibiting the oxidation of residual oxygen free radical and preventing protein loss by nourishing hair with various minerals, organic acids, and amino acids. Therefore, this study presented that adding EM into permanent solution in heat permanent wave procedures of chemically damaged hair is effective in minimizing hair damage and side effect and improving hair.


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