한국미용예술경영학회지 [Journal of Beauty Art Management]

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Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 (36건)



건축과 헤어 작품에서 나타난 조형 원리를 응용한 업스타일의 연구

김선혜, 이형숙, 송다나

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.5-14

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Modern society needs sense of value various person desire and sufficiency, Design emphasize a creative sense from a architecture , a fashion , a beauty art, a industrial design, a formative arts to real life because of application and variation at many field. Today satisfying various customers who want to have creativity and unique hair style and creating style which can value for individual’ s difference aim for creating hair up-du by applying ranges of architecture. To carry the research, literature and internet are conducted to gather theoretical information. Balance, repetition, symmetry and rhythm are applied to create four different hair up-styles. As a result, unique hair-style Even if expression is different, there are unity between the principle of formative and Hair art and hair style of making up now days in shop. It is consider that books and information of principle of formative are insufficient, in front of, special formative of study needs more.



아르데코 양식이 반영된 현대 패션과 헤어스타일의 상관관계 분석

서선옥, 박은준

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.15-28

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The art style in an epoch reflects an aesthetic value of the day and a general phenomenon of the age based on politics, economy, society and culture. In the early 20th century, Art Deco style in the wave of new change and innovation was born by fa11ing under the close influence of industrial change with an aesthetic value of the day. The style, which positively accepts new materials, form and aesthetic value with industrial development and advances in technology and the traditionality of the past at the same time, brought a remarkable change in a11 arts and fashions. It was a quest for functionality and simplicity under the stimulus of functionalism and born on the basis of industrialization and mechanization, whose aesthetic 、Talue is reinterpreted and evaluated in modern times to heavily influence the modern design industry. It found it necessary to do research in the state of no studies on the correlation between the two how this Art Deco style shows in fashions and hairstyles. Consequently, the purpose of this study is to inquire into Art Deco style recently shown in fashions and hairstyles with its attention on this, and make an analysis of correlation between them.



표현 요소에 따른 웨딩 메이크업과 헤어스타일 경향 분석 - 2000년에서 2010년을 중심으로 -

안금희, 노희영

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.29-39

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

A survey of 325 men and women aged from the 20s to 40s who were mostly skin care and hair design majors living in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province was conducted from June 21 to J uly 30 of this year and the result was used for statistics. A course of ‘acquisition of working techniques' (42.5%) was considered the most important lesson for Department of Cosmetology out of ways to improve cosmetology education courses but there were no significant differences according to majors (p> .05). About 31.1 percent of the respondents replied that ‘4:6’ is the most appropriate ratio between theory and training courses and there weren’t significant statistical differences according to majors (p> .05). Up to 91.1 percent thought that major segmentation Gntensive learning) and there were no significant statistical differences according to majors (p>.05). Regarding the most appropriate time for starting major segmentation Gntensive learning) , 33.1 percent of the respondents answered the first term of the third school year at four-year courses and there were significant differences according to majors (p<.05). Up to 48.0 percent of the respondents chose the first term of the second school year in two-year courses and there were significant statistical differences according to majors (p>.Ol).



광고에서 표현된 콘트라섹슈얼 이미지 연구

최소영, 김시내, 양은진

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.41-47

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

As women have became active in society, women have gotten out traditional society. As a result, contra-sexual phenomenon which is a new view of womanhood appears and a great change occurs in cultural side. Today' s women are more interested in social success and their life style than marriage and infant care. Because they gradually begin to pay attention in fashion, hair style, and makeup, this phenomenon affects coverall consumer culture. As new words are emerged such as working mom, gold-miss, and contra-sexual, women are interested in their benefit and culture. 80, many parts of media arouse the female mentality. This study analyzes how contra-sexual image is expressed in advertisement that is effective medium. 1 think this analysis is meaningly for styles seen in advertisement.



아로마 요법을 이용한 등 마사지가 뇌파 안정에 미치는 영향

박선영, 이나라, 권혜진

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.49-58

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

In modern complex societies to adapt to the mental, physical, and environmental exposure to stress and anxiety in addition to psychological causes musc1e aches, fatigue, weakness and leads to a variety of symptoms and illnesses. aromatherapy to relieve symptoms caused by these stresses, as well as disease prevention and treatment is an effective alternative therapy. Also apply aromatherapy massage parasympathetic influences on the multiple symptoms associated with stress relieving, stabilizing your body and mind gives, by relaxing the musc1es have an effect has been widely used. In this study, such as aromatherapy massage usmg a woman’'s brain to study the effect of stability on the aromatic oils are selected for those who have allergies to the experimental and control groups were divided into 2 times a week were 10 times management. Left in the experimental group 10.32, to 13.98 after the experiment Ct=-6.548, p<.Ol) , right brain test before the 9.97, after experimenting with aromatherapy to 13.33 and increased levels of brain was shown that after administrationCt=-6.895, p<.Ol), the left brain controls the experimental 10.10, to 12.83 after the experiment Ct=-4.467, p<.05) , right hemisphere before the test 10.40, to 12.40 after the experiment using regular oil, and management EEG readings were higherCt =-6.807, p<.Ol). After the experiment, the group conducted a survey that measured stress, the item ‘'insensibility to pain' show the highest 74.2%, using aromatherapy to manage the customer' s mental stability is considered more effective.



불꽃 이미지를 표현한 업스타일 연구

박주연, 김진선, 박은준

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.59-68

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

As creative expression and individuality become an important part in the modern generation, hair design is pursuing for a new style which can be combined with an artistic and aesthetic elements. Accordingly, a new approach for hair design is indeed required, so 1 newly introduce flame, which is a part of nature, as a hair design motif in this paper. The paper made a research on Image, symbolism, plasticity of flame , and furthermore , to express plasticity of flame as a Up Style hair, concepts, types and techniques of Up Style were fully researched. Based on these researches, image of flame has been reinterpreted in a general perspective and made a piece of work according to the reinterpretation. After the research, 1 recognized there are unlimited and creative technical ideas in hair design creation using Up Style. Also, by completing a formation using Up Style, 1 tried to meet modern people’' s aesthetic desire and diverse individuality.



음악적 감성을 시각화한 헤어아트

김슬기, 박재홍, 박은준

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.69-76

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Today, as the boundaries of formative art have been abolished, the interaction among different territories of art , even beauty art , has become more harmonious, and the creatvity and artistry of formative arts have been influenced heavily. As the variety of visual arts has been given more meaning, hair art that emphasizes formative art has led to many creative attempts. This study is attempting to see the feasibility of the visualization of the sculpture based on previous researches which are expressed sculpture out of acoustics. This study is trying to suggest more creative formative style of hair art synesthesially by forming visually in hair art transforming acoustics factor to sculptural factor. Through Russolo ’' S “"Intonarumori" , Nam J une Paik’' S “"the more, the better" ’'Kandinsky' s “"Improvisation19, Improvisation30" , Paul Klee’' S “"Rhythm" , and more, it could be resulted from creating hair art by visualizing of the sculpture out of acoustics confirming the fact that sculpture is made of acoustics. This research study which used guitar music as the subject matter, the first piece of work “"To resonance my Soul to mind" , through the earphones was born the second piece “"To Go Crazy for Music" , and listening to music of a different sort was work(C) “"the Notes are Dancing" was created. To express Artpieces (A) , (B) , (C) as Hair art, a human' s face (my face) was employed, and so were music-related material such as guitar strings, ear phones, music notes were put to direct and express the hair. The sensibility of the acoustics as the matter is creating the artist’' s mental image of the art piece, many pieces in the area of the hair art as well as many formative artpieces will be produced with musical sensibility, and music becomes motive for hair designers to create more innovative artworks, and they are expected to produce a plethora of artwork.



성인여성이 인식하는 미인의 안면비율과 평균계측비

오수나, 오인영

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.77-88

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

In this research, we selected and observed the features of facial ratio of female entertainers that worked in early 1990s and late 2000s who recognized by adult women as ‘'beauty-face’' . Participants were 189 women living in Seoul and Kyung-gi area, and they are interested in beauty-related blog and other website. And we measured and calculated average facial ratios of 10 female entertainers with their pictures (1 picture for each). As result, women with ages of 40s recognized that actress who has ‘'beautyface' in late 2000s have short ‘'middle face ’' and ‘'lower face' compared to actress of late 1990s, and they have wider ‘'Endocanthion -endocanthion’' but shorter ‘'Cheilion -cheilion’' . These factors make them to look younger. Moreover. they have short and narrow lower jaw and this is one of typical features of young-looking face. Therefore, the ‘'beautyface' that thought about women has the factors of young-looking face. This is because ‘'young-looking face ’' became the ideideal of beauty face in our society and it reflected to women’'s awareness of beauty-face.



항공사 여승무원의 화장품 선호도에 관한 연구

이채원, 김정현, 권혜진

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.89-99

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

A survey was conducted to research the preference of cosmetic products of 120 female ‘'A’' Airline international flight attendants with their current working and skin conditions. This survey wants to help the appearance of flight attendants by reforming their skin conditions and allowing the flight attendants to be in control of their own image. 39% of the flight attendants acknowledge that they posses combination skin type. Major cause of this type of skin is due to lack of moisture in the cabin of the plane. Most flight attendants are using moisturizing products since they are familiar and knowledgeable with the specific type and use of the cosmetic products. Most flight attendants are buying and using foreign brand products and 42.7% of the cosmetic products are purchased at Duty Free shops. The reasons for purchasing the products at Duty Free shops are due to convenience and lower price. Based on the results of the survey, it is imperative that flight attendants must find a different method to improve the appearance and image of their skin in order to better serve the Airline customers.



효과적 문양에 따른 업스타일 디자인 연구

공세미, 지효진, 진용미

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.101-114

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The desire of the human beings to be beautiful. Along with the development of the beauty industry, such desire has been realized more systematically than ever. The various beauty-related fields have been developed a lot as they are closely connected with each other, and the hairdo design, in particular, has shown a number of remarkable achievements for it is easy to try with many different designs. Among the many hairdo designs, the up hairdo is frequently applied for a special day and event while it can be also enjoyed in a daily life. For the up hairdo, the length of hair does not matter since it is simply done with hairpins and hair-bands. By tying or braiding hairs, the up hairdo, feeling com for Table and beautiful at the same time, conveniently offers people a sense of beauty and purposefulness. Nowadays, a more number of people, living in the world with various foreign cu1tures, are interested in Korea' s unique beauty. With the changing phenomenon, the importance and originality of the tradition has come into the spotlight and for this reason, Korean patterns are believed to be highly useful as the basic material of Korean cu1ture products. However, since there are few researches on designs with such Korean patterns applied, this study has planned and created four designs by itself to comp up with a new up hairdo design. While this special project of the study was carried out based on various Korean patterns including a floral design, a scroll, a cloudlike pattern, and symmetrical designs, it finally brought about the hairdo which felt both modern and classical.



단청문양을 이용한 네일 아트 디자인 연구


한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.115-126

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The interest in traditional assets has been increasing rapidly day by day in modern society. Especially, Korean traditional design which is distinctively ethnic is considered to be a mirror of our nationality, lifestyle and an outcome of cultural activities and creative civilization as well. Focused on Dancheong design, 1 researched and developed the nail art as one of new formative arts involved with realistic artistry and aesthetic pleasure by modifying traditional beauty and aesthetic element for modern sensibility and introducing geometric patterns and color sensation into nail art design using Dancheong with intensity of color contrast, majesty and stability of perfect symmetry in comparison with Korean simple and subtle beauty. This availability of Dancheong thereby generated a new dimension of nail art design by expressing it creatively with traditional and modern beauty in perfect harmony.



비례의 원리와 질감 테크닉을 응용한 헤어디자인 연구

권혜지, 김태숙, 진용미

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.127-142

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

In modern times, the concept of beauty treatment is accepted as a form of artistic expressions to deliver our own emotion and imagery. In order to grow as an specialist suited for the high -quality beauty culture era, the systematical process to make beauty as study is required in the perspective of designing activities. Thus, in this study, the viewpoint of design is grafted onto hair and 5 haircut works, applying the proportion among the design principles, have been produced, based on the theoretical study on hair cutting. And then the concept of texture out of design elements have been applied. As a result producing 5 works, it had been identified that the weightiness and the movement of forms and haircut design could change according to the selection for the proportion and the expression of texture in the development process of hair, and diverse cutting designs were available by using this. Through this study, the basic data for hair design based on design principles is provided and, as a result, the foothold for creating new design, thorough the introduction of practical development process. At the same time, this study is expected to contribute the development of the hair design field.



한국 전통 기와를 응용한 펌 패턴

서예지, 김경숙, 박은준

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.143-154

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

In modern society, beauty is considered one of the most valuable aspects of people. Especia11y hair-style, is one of the most important ways to represent one' s personality and image. This means that a variety of hair-styles are very important and keeping up with the latest trends has also been popularized. Even though customers always want to try new, the beauty industry always proceeds with similar designs. Thus, the appearance of new designs are extremely necessary for the industry. “"Gi-Wa" is the name of a tile which is used in ancient Korean-style building. The "Gi-Wa" tile contains aesthetic and symbolism of traditional korean design and this unique pattern of Gi-Wa can be used in beauty industry. So this research tries to apply the pattern of Gi - Wa to new perm design. First of a11, this research started with the theoretical basics of Gi - Wa such as the history of Gi - Wa, kinds, shape and pattern and it also researched the concept of hair-design and the concept of perm-design. Consequently, this research came up with three unique works. The inspiration for these works came from the pattern of Korean traditional tile Gi-Wa. The first design idea come from vine-patterned Gi-Wa this work uses circled patterns and pin-curls. The second design came from the overlapping part of Gi-Wa so the work is completed with zig-zag winding. The last design got a motive from traditional Korean houses with Gi - Wa roofing. It contains diagonal line winding and quarter circ1ed pattern. The perm designs in this research are a11 applied to the same haircut style so a wide variety of hair-design elements might not be seen in this research. The needs of contemporary customers has becomes more diversified and individualized. Therefore, a variety of research into haircut, color and length are necessary to satisfy the contemporary customer' s desire.



스파테라피스트의 직무 만족도가 건강에 미치는 영향

김수정, 이인희

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.155-164

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study is aimed at understanding correlations of influence of spa therapists' satisfaction with their job on their health through their satisfaction with their jobs and the reality of their health and helping establishment of a desirable working system based on it. Through results of the study, 1 could know about spa therapists' general satisfaction with their jobs and health. The findings also indicate that their work ethic and pride and personal relations within companies which are mental parts are very important elements for healthily conducting their jobs and proper working environment and facilities are important. In conclusion, it can be said that spa therapists' satisfaction with their jobs and working environment greatly affects their job stress and health based on correlations among their satisfaction with their jobs and health.



인천 공항 면세점내 화장품 브랜드의 현황 및 마케팅 전략

김수진, 신세영

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.165-174

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study focuses on the cosmetics area, which has the highest usage and the most active marketing strategies in the duty-free shops and investigated the cosmetics brand status and the differentiated marketing strategies in current Incheon International Airport duty-free shops. The methods include literature search by collecting the domestic and international published studies and others as well as the tourism statistics reports that are related to the topic and the status and the marketing strategies were analyzed based on the Lotte Duty-free Shop and Shilla Duty-free Shop that possess the cosmetics brand in Incheon International Airport duty-free shops. The results are summarized below. First, the cosmetics shops in Lotte Duty-free shop and Shilla Duty-free shop have 48 and 53 brands respectively. Lotte Duty-free shop had 41 foreign brands along with 4 domestic brands and Shilla Duy-free shop had 42 foreign brands and 11 domestic brands. Also, there were many brands that have not been entered in the general domestic shops, which show that the competition for the entrance is fierce. Second, the price section among the marketing strategies has been divided in 6 ways. They are the usage of departure gates per airlines, utilization of the membership system, no interest service and discounts of the affiliated cards, marketing through newlyweds, events for pre-paid cards and the events for different amounts. Third, the product area can utilize the methods of selling the larger packages of same products as the general shops as duty-free products at a cheaper price or creating event products, such as travel package products and gift package products to elicit the purchase of the customers. Fourth, the sales promotion is also encouraged in multiple languages, which enables the sales employees to learn foreign languages for the global sales of the company.



미용 종사자 교육 정도의 소비자 인식 여부에 따른 헤어스타일별 적정 시술 시간 만족에 관한 연구

임지현, 김동표, 박은준

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.175-184

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The structure of industry in Korea has been changing to that of service industry. The quantitative growth of service industry raises competition among service enterprises but does not yet reach qualitative improvement. In this environment in which service industry undergoes quantitative growth, qualitative enhancement of beauty industry employees who can provide customer satisfaction and customer impression services is recognized as the crucial core factor in the development of beauty care companies, and in that beauty industry, too. Thereupon, in order for the beauty care companies to provide information and academic data that can satisfy customer' s eye level by establishing service strategies, this study divides consumers into those who recognize the educational degree of beauty industry employees and those who do not with the questionnaire method and examines the satisfaction with the operation time by hairstyle according to the recognition on the educational degree of the employees. As a result, about the sex ratio of the study subjects, females were more than males. And the jobs included specialized jobs, office jobs, students, independent businessmen, and salespersons in order. Their monthly income was mostly from 2 million to 3 million won, and those with high income over 4 million won were quite rare. Among the subjects, the married were more than the unmarried. Regarding the level of education, most of them were attending or graduating from college or attending graduate school or higher, and those graduating from high school or lower were quite rare. It is considered that this is correlated with the social trend of high -level education. Regarding the consumer recognition on the educational degree of beauty industry employees, the recognition group (that recognizes the educational degree of beauty industry employees) was more than the non-recognition group(that does not recognize the educational degree of beauty industry employees). About the satisfaction with the operational time by hairstyle according to the recognition group and non -recognition group, the recognition group was more than the non -recognition group. With regard to the satisfaction with the optimal operation time by hairstyle between the recognition group and non-recognition group, the male permanent style showed statistically significant difference in shadow perm and the non-recognition group did so separately in shadow perm and shaggy perm. And the female permanent style indicated significant difference in the hot perm style’s magic, setting, and digital, and the general perm style’s texture, baby, and ro11 straight. Socia11y, they think much theoretical education is needed for permanent styles. Male' s cut-style, up-style, dry-style, and dye-style did not indicate significant difference. The result is inferred to be drawn from misinterpretation that both the recognition group and the non-recognition group related it with sensual expression rather than theoretical education, so it is thought that this does not affect the operational time. In conc1usion, consumers do not spare their investment to manage their personal value and image once they have security and influence socia11y. Thus, it is deemed that if beauty industry employees who have completed proper education right for their consumer' s value and ability enhance their value by delivering their value and capacity to their consumers properly, this wi11 lead to the increment of sales and the increase of faithful costumers as we11.



20대 여대생의 체성분분석이 비만인식과 비만관리프로그램에 미치는 영향

이미나, 김경란, 신수정, 이나라, 이채원, 최은주, 이인희

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.185-195

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Obesity Prevention Research to provide basic data for that purpose is management preferences of the Center on Obesity Management and Girls’Students awareness of obesity and weight management exercise to know the rating on the preference of the management study. The average height 162.05cm, 53.62kg, and the mean weight, BMI and a ‘standard’in 87.5%, percentage of body fat a ‘standard’, respectively. For obesity perception ‘standard weight' and ‘overweight’40.0% respectively. To exercise that degree of awareness of exercise are ‘walking’is 35.0%, the awareness of obesity control center obesity is mainly used for body ‘skin care' was the most common. Body satisfaction ‘face ’of the highest satisfaction. In this study, because some universities selected female college students on a sample representative of the problem can be somewhat of a study of various ages should be studied continuously. Also, obesity increase the reliability of determination is necessary to use research on effective weight management program should be continued.



신화 속 여신을 주제로 한 헤어스타일 분석 연구 - 그리스 · 로마신화를 중심으로 -

박정민, 이윤현, 양은진

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.197-210

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The human birth and the origin of human are relevant to the myths. Korean history has its origins based on the unique Korean myths, called the Dan -Gun myths, as this myths contain critical information about the human history and how it has been changed. Each country and races belong to the different myths and gods (神) exists on the myths. Today' s fashion and cultures are influenced by European fashion and cu1ture in many ways. In the case of Europe, the history has evolved based on the myths from B.c.. Through the myths, we can understand the religion, culture, costume, hair styles and ornament in specific period not just the history of mankind. In this historical fact, myths have had a impact on basic elements of culture and fashion. The current culture can be inferred from the Greek and Roman myths, important historical documents in the study of mythology. Regarding hairstyles based on the Female Goddess' s features , appeared in the ancient myths of the goddess. This case study aims to Greek and Roman myths god' s costume and accessory etc. from 1997 to 2010. According to that period of hairstyle. Therefore, this study emphasizes on characteristics of ancient goddesses with notable hairstyles and provide basic data to the application on the current women' s hair styles.



자연의 유기적 형태에 나타난 디자인 원리 - 업스타일 제작을 중심으로 -

박도현, 진용미

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.211-220

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Today' s ready-made trend and mechanization don' t satisfy each consume' s individuality and needs. Since 2003, people have been increasingly turning to nature and considering eco-friendliness and environment. In line with this trend, formative principles in images of nature have been found and applied to up style. Up style was regarded as a special style for Hanbok (Korean traditional dress) or wedding but now is commonly used in semi -up style and general styles. As a part of expressions to show individuality, this shows one’s own style. Therefore, this study manufactured total 4 up styles applying organic patterns of nature and formative principles, found out the design to complement weak points of each head due to different starting points able to obtain head volume, and divided styles. Through this, the purpose of this study is to manufacture the design that is suitable for consumers and complements weak points of different heads. If color is added to the design point based on organic patterns, there occur dynamic expressions. This work was designed by focusing on the practical hair design but the work with strong artistic factors seems to be a good data for Hair Art formative work as well.



파란색을 적용한 메이크업 이미지와 색채 특성

이혜정, 신세영

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.221-234

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study classified make-up images applying blue color which is widely used in various fields including illustrated books, fashion shows and advertisement by each type and analyzed color characteristics by each image. As for studying methods, conceptual definition of blue color, and color image and symbolism was clarified through references, and color characteristics were clarified by each image through case study of images used in make-up in each field. Cases of make-up were collected focusing on illustrated books, fashion shows, and cosmetic brand advertisements since 2003, and total 36 kinds of data were used to clarify color characteristics, Study results are as follows. First, blue color belongs to the range of 7.5BG~ 10PB of Munsell Color System, has both positive and negative images, and its images can be classified through painting. Second, color characteristics were analyzed by classifying images of make -up cases applying blue color in three areas. As a result of classifying images applying blue color in illustrated books, it was expresses as an erotic image, and color characteristics were light and soft, had a low chroma and high brightness. Blue color was expressed as a kitschy image in fashion shows, and color characteristics were pale and light, having a low chroma and high brightness, or light grayish and dull, having both low chroma and brightness. In the advertisements of cosmetic brand, it was expressed as a feminism image, and color characteristics were pale and light, having a low chroma and high brightness, or light grayish and grayish, having both low chroma and high brightness, or light grayish and grayish, having both low chroma and brightness. Also, high-brightness and high-chroma was used with vivid tones.



일반적 특성에 따른 Deep-cleansing 제품의 선호도 조사

이주현, 지주리, 김금란

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.235-247

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The purposed of this study with the subject of deep-cleansing products selection and usage are to examine the skin conditions of individuals according to skin types and type classifications in oder to understand if people are selecting and using deep-cleansing producst correctly and present common relation through a more signification verifications. Namely, the correlations with each demographical element on the selection standard on deep-cleansing products were analyzed, and the relations on using suitable products according to skin typse and conditions was analyzed by using SPSS CStatistical Package for the Social Science) WIN 17.0 program. In regards to the preference of deepcleansing products enzyme, scrub, gommage and AHA, it was revealed that it affects the dry type skin, oily type skin and problematic skin but there were no meaningful differences. To analyze the effects of deep-cleaning products preference on skin condition, stepwise multiple regression analysis was conducted. The result showed that among four types of deep-cleaning products, only Alpha Hydroxy Acid was adopted as predictor variable. In regards to the differences in purchasing deep-cleaning products according to general characteristics, the percentage was the highest at 31.7% with recommendations by the sales clerks on deep-cleaning products. As for the responses according to types of jobs, the responses by office worker, purchasing of deep-cleaning products based on their own decisions was the highest, and in the response by sales & service personnel, purchasing based on the recommendations by the sales clerks was the highest, and meaningful differences were shown according to types of jobsCx 2 =36.104, p<.OOl) . It would be necessary to increase the effect on the correlation between deep-c1eansing products and skin improvement, as well as conduct periodic and long-term analysis on various cases in the future. It would be also necessary to continue the studies on the specific organic nature on various deep-c1eansing products.



건축물을 모티브로 한 펌 디자인 연구

차우정, 이옥현, 진용미

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.249-260

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The natural human desire on Increase of awareness of beauty and improvement of quality of life is urging to develop design related fields. All things that human beings have created are related to a design and these designs are divided into various fields. Among them, hair design is the field to meet the needs regarding human personality and beauty and they have to be studied in many angles because a new hair style emerges every moment. There was leading research to bring a new hair design with the motive of natural organic and geometric forms in terms of Hair Design, but there was no leading research studied by perm design with the appearance of buildings. Thus, four works were produced with the characteristics of the exterior of buildings in this study and plan of these creative works is meaningful because it makes the study possible regarding perm pattern even with various kinds of materials and motifs when studying perm design related. The work made these results changes of thickness of the wave according to the change of Lot size in the same perm pattern and the change of location of volume according to change of perm pattern in the same Lot size and wave direction according to the winding direction. 1 want various perm patterns to be studied to fit the customer’s face shape practically. However, limitations of this study was that change of perm design could not be identified according to various cut types because work was made with only one cut form and 1 want perm design research should be performed according to various cut styles as a subsequent research.



스마트폰에서 나타난 뷰티애플리케이션의 다양성에 관한 연구

윤숙영, 임희경

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.261-274

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

New smart phone products are pouring into the market every day, leading us to question the fundamental reason the smart phone niche took off and were able to maintain their explosive rate of growth in 3-4 years? If ordinary cell phones were tools of communication, smart phones are data-centered pocket PCs. In addition to numerous and varied applications, increasing numbers of businesses are dealing exculsively in ads for smart phones. If, in the future, other similar products such as tablet PCs and smart TV s are launched, communication with the consumer will be ever more diversified. While until recently speed was king in connecting to c1ients, in the future it will be more important to offer a more entertaining, utilitarian, and unique service than the next provider. Businesses and corporations will have to be ever more “smart" in their approach to marketing communication in order to keep up with the advent of these smart phones. In keeping with the “smart revolution" of the times, this paper will look at the variability of the applications currently available on the beauty market. Brands are increasingly turning to applications to market their products, but these are either less than satisfactory to the customer in many ways, or without a significant presence in the consumer awareness entirely. Therefore, in this highly competitive applications market, an application must offer useful content, entertain, be continuously updated, and pique interest to induce the user's participation in order to succeed. Also, an application must hit the perfect balance between the skills the smart phone can offer and beauty in order to go beyond mere novelty to a consistently useful fixture to the consumer.



빗살무늬토기의 문양을 이용한 펌 디자인 연구

오별, 주영주, 정민화

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.275-283

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

In the rapidly changing modern society, the design of Korean patterns is applied in diverse fields and re-interpreted and its subsequent research on practical and creative design using such patterns are being briskly done. Thus, this researcher is intending to do a perm design using the geometric and abstract patterns manifested in toothcomb pattern earthenware which is an index relic typical of the Neolithic age. This research looked into the concept of toothcomb pattern earthenware and characteristic of its patterns, and looked at the concept of perm design, and sorts of perm winding patterns, on the basis of which, this research made the perm design created by applying toothcomb pattern earthenware into the tree works together with the explanations. Produced three works of perm design using the motif of J ari pattern, lattice pattern, horizontal straight line pattern and brain pattern. Research results are as follows. First, the result showed that work 1 can create a good effect on the perm of customers who don' t want form any volume on the back and side, but a little volume on the top while Work 2 can create an effect of giving cute and lively feeling by dint of elasticity, richness and volume; in addition, Work 3 was found to have an effect of giving natural also elegant feelings by strewing volume on natural curl. By conducing the procedures of the three perm designs, this research was able to draw perm effect. With the application of the three designs to actual perms, this researcher was able to draw diverse designs by grafting the traditional patterns in the past onto design, Through such a process, this researcher reached a conclusion that there needs to be incessant research works that can provide the beauty treatment industrial sites with diverse motives, and that can draw originative ideas later.



효과적인 피부 질감 표현을 위한 메이크업 도구 사용에 관한 연구 - 파운데이션 브러시를 중심으로 -

정현영, 이솔, 이정민

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.285-292

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Since the middle of 2000, due to the increasing level of interest towards such global issues as well-being and health, the so-called baby-face make-up has become a hot topic. As a result, the tone-based make-up pattern has been changed to the one based on the skin expression. In terms of make-up, the skin expression is not a basic stage for the tone-based make-up any more. It is currently regarded as the most important stage. Therefore , the make-up manufacturers are showing a high level of interest in the development of make-up products and tools which are suitable for various kinds of skin expression related to the baby-face trend. In particular, the specialized foundation brush makes it possible to apply foundation lightly on one' s face and leaves shine behind. Therefore, such a tool is suitable for the moist and natural skin expression. The objective of this study is to analyze the effective use of specialized foundation brushes with various shapes, consider the effective method of skin expression and provide related information. As a study method, in order to exclusively analyze the effective brushes for individual foundation products , three foundation brushes and four foundation products with the highest level of preference in the market have been chosen for the in -depth interview and investigation with the group consisting of seven specialists. The contents which have been revealed through the in -group interview have been organized. As a result, it has been found that Foundation Brush A made of techron with round edges and a high level of elasticity is suitable for the use of Liquid Foundation A and Liquid Foundation B with a high level of moisture. Even if it looks similar to Foundation Brush A and makes it possible to adjust the amount of moisture which it absorbs, the soft-typed Foundation Brush B made of techron with the texture of easy cracking based on too much moisture is the most suitable for the use of the general-typed Liquid Foundation B which is not too watery. Foundation Brush C made of techron and natural materials with round edges shows a flat shape on the top. Since it makes it difficult to adjust the amount of foundation and shows a covering power when it is applied, it is the most suitable for the use of Cream Foundation B which is the solid kind of foundation with a high amount of oil. This study limits the subjects of the analysis to the group of make-up specialists. As a result, it is difficu1t to generalize the results. It is necessary to increase the sample subjects of the analysis and carry out a study on the utilization of various make-up tools other than the foundation brush.



이집트시대 미용문화에 관한 연구 - 헤어스타일 및 헤어장신구 중심으로 -

오주영, 최선주, 김옥준

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.293-299

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study inquires into the forms of beauty culture and hair accessories in the age of Ancient Egypt and purposes to reconstruct the hair styles of Ancient Egypt and present basic materials for creating art. In conclusion, most of the men in the period of Old Kingdom shaved their hair and put on wigs. W omen braided their hair long and their ears were covered with it. In the period of Middle Kingdom, men wore soft and naturally waved wigs and women’s wigs were decorated with comb. real flower and golden crown. Hair style and decoration in the period of New Kingdom showed the most splendid form. Men and women used to put on hairband and tied their hair with a variety of forms. As a person of low standing put on the kerchief made of patch only, it indicated the difference in their social status. A variety of hair accessories and jewels were used to decorate and colorful wigs were put on in this age.



현대의 광고메이크업에 나타난 트렌드 색상 및 이미지의 경향에 대한 고찰 - 맥으I 2006-2010 년 홀리데이 컬렉션을 중심으로 -

배민희, 임희경

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.301-309

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

People of modern society have been having increasingly interests in beauty, perusing effective hairstyle, makeup, c1othes, and accessories. In a11, makeup is the most influential in terms of determining one' s overa11 look and image make it the oldest method of expressing beauty. Today' s makeup persuades individualism and interests and trends tend to change yearly. The featured cosmetic ads are the best examples of changing trends of women' s image and values. In addition, in the 3 elements of expressing makeup, color is individuals’most important method of making various changes or emphasizing or creating new ideas. The purpose of this research is to analyze the modern advertisement makeup campaign of MAC Holiday Co11ection, accumulating data for overa11 color coordination and color make up image for creating various looks. In result of advertisement makeup' s color and image does not use trendy colors to present various colors and express genuine complexity. Also, in Holiday Co11ection advertisement makeup' s image analysis, various images are presented and instead of emphasizing one, it offers various image expressions for today' s modern women.



대중매체를 통해 표현된 헤어스타일 연구 - 웰라 프로폐셔널즈 트랜드 비전 2010-2011 년을 중심으로 -

김시내, 정유심, 양은진

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.311-318

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The show of sensibility consumers whom mass media developed by caused common people to feel like having gorgeous fashion to respect contemporary trends, as well as much more interesting how to set up total image formation and beauty design of caring themselves which are having confidence in their minds than before. Recently in 21st century, we have faced with a variety of communication age which is caused by the development of mass media. Among them, hair magazine is a important thing leading hair trends, providing amused beauty information, and show contemporary beauty trends, and taking a great role or forming some cultures. Now, beauty trends are globalized by the rapid development of information and technology concerned, like mass media, internet and soon. The period of changing the trends have a tendency to getting shorter then ever. After all of these trends periodically repeated times in the past with a sense of the hair that it is reinvented to suit the flow is a factor. Therefore, this study of how the years 2010-2011 Wella Professionals Trend Vision appeared to work by limiting the study to investigate the flow of each period is to c1ean up.



TV드라마 속 콘트라 섹슈얼 패션 스타일 연구 - TV드라마 로열패밀리 마이더스를 중심으로 -

신성진, 박미정, 양은진

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.319-327

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Policy, economy, society, culture and art are changing according to the stream of times to affect conventional social concept, customs and fixed idea. Mass media is effectively used in changing conventional and social concept, customs and fixed idea and plays a role to examine the stream of a certain times quickly and to advise new information to the public effectively. There is a big difference in position and role of the modern women from the past. The image of modern women is shown as strong, aggressive and active, which has been changed from the fragile and passive image of the past. Such a femininity is frequently exposed to the mass media as time goes by the values of the public has created the social terminology called contrasexual. Visual characteristics of women with this contrasexual tendency are usually shown in mass media. As a contrasexual fashion, business look that expresses sophisticated appearance of the modern women, noble look that is beloved by the rich and displays a modern dignity, royal look that shows intelligent and luxury and luxury look that presents dressiness. As a beauty style, hair and makeup are controlled in maximum to show c1ean and c1ear appearance and professionalist while accessories indicate reliability by means of peal that has neat and luxury image. This study found out contrasexual phenomenon shown in mass media and examined visual characteristics in beauty sectors.



화장품 브랜드 키멜으I CRM 전략을 통한 고객관리 사례분석

김인영, 이정민

한국미용예술경영학회 한국미용예술경영학회지 Vol. 5 No.1 통권 11호 2011.06 pp.331-340

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Since imports in all areas opened in 1986, the profits of renowned foreign brands, which possessed strong brand power compared to domestic brands, increased dramatically in cosmetics market in South Korea. Recently, the competition between cosmetics companies is becoming more intense due to internationalization of domestic economy and rapid internationalization. In order to overcome such difficulty, domestic cosmetics companies have actively made use CRM strategy, utilizing of database of their brands' target consumer class, to improve relationship with consumers. The importance of CRM strategy is rising in cosmetics market, in which the continuous attention to consumers' actions, as means of increasing the brand profitability. Thus, by dividing the successful case of CRM strategy of Kiehl’s, a cosmetics brand with 160 years of history which has shown continuous growth since they joined domestic market in 2004, into quantity strategy, for having new clients wired, quality strategy, for making its consumers faithful, and a strategy targeting its potential clients and analyzing specific cases, 1 intended to give a hint to marketing strategy of domestic cosmetics brands.


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